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Thursday Poll: Rooted or Non-rooted?

It seems like we ask this all of the time, but it has been over a year since we last asked the DL community if their phone is rooted or not. So today, let’s do it again. We like to stay on top of the trends here on the site, and this is one of the more important ones.

What’s interesting, is that the last time we asked, most of you had a single-core phone that was running a custom ROM. With almost all phones now sporting a dual-core processor, we don’t need to go that detailed – all we need is a simple “Rooted or non-rooted?”

And as always, we’d love to hear from both parties on this. If you continue to root your phones, tell us why. If you choose not to, we’d also love to know why.

Rooted or Non-rooted?

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  • Kerry Davies

    I have a nexus that rooted and DNA that i want to root but cant. I love my DNA and I dont really want to change it. I would love to get rid of that stupid notification that tells me im connected to wifi. I realize im dumb and need it to tell me that im connected to a network, but its wasting space and insults my intelligents.

  • EC8CH

    I’ve got more rootz than Levar Burton.


    Rooted because once one it able to get rid of vzw crap bloatware, a device usually runs worlds better than it did before. Plush the freedom to use wifi tether without repercussions to my hearts content.. damn money grubbing bastard ass company lol

  • surprised to see that 35% (time of posting) is non-rooted.

  • Stock firmware filled to the brim with bloatware equals a slow device. Root all the way.

  • Michael Benvenuti

    I am rooted because I don’t expect anything less than admin rights on any device that I own.

  • iceburgh

    NonRooted. I was till the OTA update hit my G3 and I lost it. I wasn’t sure if I could get root back or not using the same meathod as before. I will think about it again when Verizon puts out the JellyBean update for the G3… IF they put it out. Maybe then I’ll learn how to flash ROMs.

  • I have three android devices, all rooted

  • Corey Foltman

    Rooted VZW GNex (AndrewTheCashews Unofficial AOKP 4.2.1)
    Non-Rooted Nexus7

  • lol why are you all with verizon if you hate them?

  • Krunk

    non-rooted, because I want a job (companies which require smartphones on enterprise would not approve, and I’d have to get a lame ass BB or iSheep)

  • timothee

    Because the Incredible 2 still hasn’t been updated to ICS and I’m running Jelly Bean flawlessly.

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    My Droid DNA does not have root… yet.
    If I have to wait for updates, hopefully the developer community will come through and I’ll be able to see what stock Android looks like on five inches of 1080p glory.

    The last time this poll was taken, I either owned the Samsung Droid Charge, rooted with a custom ROM, or I had just gotten the Motorola Droid Bionic. Ah, how far we’ve come.

  • CapnShiner

    I root mainly for 2 apps: 1) Titanium Backup 2) Tasker. Other benefits are great as well, such as free tethering on my unlimited data plan and full access to the file system. I would like to be able to try out some ROMs but the only devices I have/had are a DX and a DX2. There is no stable build of CM for DX or DX2 (that I know of) and I haven’t found any other stable ROMs either. If anyone knows of any good ROMs for DX2, please let me know.

  • ZookMechanic

    that’s the first thing i do to all my phones…i’m always tweaking apps, overclocking for games, and getting Verizon’s crap apps off of them.

  • donebrasko

    #1 reason to root? It has to be something that you absolutely can not do unrooted, titanium app and data backup. Tether also but waiting on foxfi to catch up to jellybean then it wouldn’t be necessary.

  • subiedude85

    Rooted to run 4.1 on my razr. I think I would have smashed it to pieces if it wasn’t for dhacker and hashcode0f. Bravo gentlemen.

  • Galaxy Note 2 not rooted. Too soon and the stock experience is just fine with FoxFi and ApexLauncher.

  • svenEDGE

    I’m not rooted only because I just got my VZW GNote 2 last week and haven’t had the time to root yet. Will be rooted very soon.

  • Rooted, but hardly use any root apps or need the root access. Mainly just Titanium Backup or Root Explorer if I really need something. And only rooted cause of custom ROM

  • I have the original Spectrum, and was about to root it when they finally came through with the ICS update. Now, my phone is running SO much better, I see no reason to root. However, if I COULD root the Spectrum on ICS, and there was a really good Jelly Bean rom available for it, I might reconsider.

  • Rooted both my LTE XOOM and Rezound. If I didn’t I would still be on Eclair and Honeycomb the way Verizon updates things… lol

  • umgoblue80

    Non-rooted because I don’t know how to root it and I don’t want to brick my phone

  • Jedivolfan

    I have the Thunderbolt and I was tired of waiting on ICS officially so I had to root.

  • Drome

    I cant as i use my phone to receive work emails. My tablet is rooted and romed though.

  • Person

    I have a Droid X and am kinda scared to root because I don’t wanna brick my phone. I heard the bootloader can’t be unlocked. Is it even worth it then? Do you guys overclock your phones?

  • Rooted because of Wifi tether and AdAway.

  • Johnny Rodriguez

    because I can!

  • Justin Kos

    Ad free android, and enough said

  • wm snyder

    rooted; options,updates and better performance.

  • r0lct

    If I could backup apps without root then I might not bother. Not losing my game progress for a warranty replacement phone.

  • Rooted only because I have VZW Galaxy Nexus. I bought it due to wanting a Nexus and speedy updates. I have been disappointed, so I rooted. Thankfully Bugless Beast gives me a vanilla Android exp.

    • Bugless Beast is still on 4.1.2 for Toro… and Pete will likely drop support soon in favor of his new Nexus 4. Good riddance, really – Toro does not deserve the Nexus name. Verizon should never (and likely will never) hold a Nexus device again.

      • In our area,if you want coverage your choice is VZW or Altell. Lesser of two evils..

  • Robert Kuhlman

    As much as I hate waiting for updates with Verizon I feel that the S3 is such a great phone that I have not rooted it. Any other device I would definitely be rooted. I’ve had every android phone I have ever owned rooted except the S3. Well done Samsung!

  • quiklives

    Root ALL the things! Rooted GSM GNex on T-mobile, rooted Nexus 7. Retired rooted VZW Gnex, retired rooted Droid X, rooted Acer Iconia A500 handed down to baby brother in law, rooted Nook Color handed down to friend’s 10 year old daughter.

    These days, my devices are rooted to run ROMs that give me a few extra options/customizations. It’s not the necessity it used to be, but it’s an awfully nice option.

  • monkey082506

    Rooted because I don’t like limitations. My device… My rules!

  • Jag28co

    Rooted because i don’t want to wait to finally release jelly bean 2Q next year for my S3

  • Kevin Rees

    Rooted. Simply because I can.

  • umataro42

    I didn’t get a Galaxy Nexus to not root it, especially on Verizon.
    I’m still on stock Rom, I rooted to use the root only apps like Titanium backup, stick mount, set CPU, and the extras from nova launcher.

  • Justin W

    Non-rooted Nexus 4 as my daily. I still have my Bionic rooted, but it’s not my main phone (especially since it is no longer connected to VZW’s network, he he). I haven’t (at this point) had time to do it. I honestly don’t see a need until I find a good ROM that I want (probably CM 10.1 or AOKP), but I’m open to other options.

  • kixofmyg0t

    Wow a lot of people have a RAZR M.

    That’s awesome!

  • Mark Mann

    rooted droid razr, was on stock til about two weeks ago, running wizzed bean cnv right now, waiting for a stock motoblur jb rom to come out…i rooted, because why not?

  • Droid_Dude

    Just rooted my VZW GNote 2 not two hours ago. I’m going to stay stock though, only rooted to get rid of crap apps and to get a WIFI toggle in my pulldown.

  • boybert

    Rooted D3 so that I can run CM9. Stock isn’t terrible, but CM9 is much cleaner and speedier. Camera doesn’t work perfectly (no video, no barcode scanning) and other things are kind of wonky, but it’s OK to me. Eyeing the RAZR M, which I probably wouldn’t bother rooting.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    I am rooted and not on Verizon. I am rooted because I love to be able to experience all that Android has to offer. I have an OEM phone (the GS3) and I can be ASOP today and run Touchwiz tomorrow. Or I can run a hybrid of both. I am running Touchwiz now but I have the 4.2 camera installed as well. I did the same thing when Jelly bean was announced and got Google Now long before my phone had 4.1

  • sporttster

    Rooted, Razr Maxx. Not sure why. No ROMing. But I’m rooted….

  • paul_cus

    Non-rooted. Haven’t had any reason to.

  • carluverdrm2004

    I’m not a tinkerer by any means, but I rooted my g-nex to have the latest version of android. Loving bugless beast.

  • Alain Lafond

    I have a Galaxy Nexus, and for me staying with my provider’s crap is very hard to imagine.
    As for now, Videotron is still on hold with 4.0.4. Imagine…
    Then I rooted to go on and take advantage of the new things from the new upgrades of Android.
    More than that, when 4.2 went out 2 weeks ago, I upgraded… But as my phone was rebooting from time to time randomly, I installed back CyanogenMod 10.
    When I root I get more control and the feeling of crarrying a real Android phone. Before I had a Videotron phone…

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Non-Rooted because Google has done the software right on my G-Nex as is.

  • kkloster

    not rooted with a GSM Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile. can tether, updates come pretty fast, never felt a need to root.