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Thursday Poll: Rooted or Non-rooted?

It seems like we ask this all of the time, but it has been over a year since we last asked the DL community if their phone is rooted or not. So today, let’s do it again. We like to stay on top of the trends here on the site, and this is one of the more important ones.

What’s interesting, is that the last time we asked, most of you had a single-core phone that was running a custom ROM. With almost all phones now sporting a dual-core processor, we don’t need to go that detailed – all we need is a simple “Rooted or non-rooted?”

And as always, we’d love to hear from both parties on this. If you continue to root your phones, tell us why. If you choose not to, we’d also love to know why.

Rooted or Non-rooted?

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  • Daniel Sanchez

    Rooted all the way

  • aQuickBit

    Rooted: Vicious Jelly Bean on Verizon Galaxy Nexus

  • Chris Pinola

    literally the only reason i’m rooted is because I have a vzw gnex and i’m sick of waiting on them to push out updates. titanium backup, adaway, and Franco.kernel updater are the only root apps that i still run these days.

  • Jim McClain

    I also have a Galaxy Nexus, which is a total POS when its stock, but root it and its great, you should root if you want to, but with a gnex you have to, the difference is like night and day with a gnex

  • Bill Hamm


  • Rooted, for life.

  • Doan

    When my subsidy is ready, I’ll buy whatever device has the best overall hardware specs. If it’s a Nexus, I won’t root. If it’s not a Nexus, I’ll root.

    • KleenDroid

      If it’s a Nexus you will have to fight yourself every moment of the day to keep yourself from rooting 🙂

  • KreeTerry

    I root to stay up to date and for free tethering. Custom roms and the features they bring are just a plus. BTW how awesome are the 4.2 aokp nightlies?

  • Just rooted my DX last week in hopes I could flash a ROM that would make things a little more snappy and not make me feel like I needed to “settle” on one of the new phones that are out now (I feel like each falls short in at least 1-2 areas). So glad I did. Liberty v3 2.0 rocks.

  • DoGood

    My Verizon Gnex is rooted to get the updates through 3rd party roms. My Nexus 7 is not rooted… haven’t found a single reason yet to root that device. It does what I want.

    • KleenDroid

      I tried not to root my 7 but couldn’t make it even a couple days.

  • Motoguy

    I root so that I can enable mobile hotspot for free!!!

  • Glen

    Rooted most of time. Had to do a factory reset to clear a text message problem. So am waiting for Verizon to drop official Jellybean before rooting again and installing a ROM incorporating Key Lime Pie features. Hopefully the 14th rumor is true (last phone was the DROID 2 warranty replacement for OG DROID and had to wait for 11 months to get GB).

  • cherry919

    I rooted to get the 4.1 update on my GS3. I wanted Google Now. I also added a wifi toggle and tethering of course. I’m running a stock rom. It’s great to have options.

  • WPNX

    33% not rooted…huh..well what do you know? Rooted..safestraped and running custom JB ROM on my OG Razr..who the hell needs Verizon for updates?

    • gp126904

      Same here with my OG Maxx, running CM10 and while it still has some kinks it is much better then waiting for Big Red to send me some Jelly Bean goodness.

    • I was weary first of rooting my Droid Razr but Matt’s Utility made me change my mind! It was as easy as hitting the number 2 on my keyboard and enter…3 reboots later and Root Privileges Obtained! I literally had an AOKP JB ROM installed using Safestrap within 30 minutes! The Droid Razr is a true performer once running JB! I just ran AnTuTu and with no overclocking I was able to obtain a score of 8,313! That beats the Galaxy Nexus running an official JB build! Now benchmarking scores don’t tell the whole tale but this device is speedy in everyday use and if I use it lightly it can run for almost an entire day before needing a recharge (normal cycle is about 4-8 hours with wifi tether running sporadically).

  • 1. Backup
    2. ROMS

  • Rooted running paranoid 4.2! with the tablet ui

  • JamesU513

    No need to root, my GNEX has Jelly Bean so I’m happy and I have FoxFi so no need to root for tethering. Nexus 7 doesn’t need anything, updated from Google.

    I tend to get obsessed over new things so I just don’t want to get all OCD on playing with ROMS and such.

  • Nayners

    Rooted, stock, Nexus 4. Enjoying updates straight from Google. Screw you Verizon. Jerk.

  • eck79

    Not rooted because I couldn’t restore root after OTA 4.1.1 update for RAZR HD. Will be fixed soon, though.

  • Right there with everyone else who has a Gnex on VZW

  • Diablo81588

    Very surprised how many people don’t root. I root to use safestrap mainly for nandroid backups and being able to try new ROMs occasionally. That and tethering.

  • Denvertoad

    Droid Razr Maxx – rooted but not rom’d. First phone I haven’t swapped ROM’s on. This one’s good enough stock. All the prior, DINC TBolt, needed root to use. Android come a long ways.

  • The only two apps in my approved SU list that I really use are AdAway and Solid Explorer. I don’t even know why I have BusyBox installed anymore.

  • My personal phone was rooted, but I only carry the non-rooted work phone (Bionic)currently. I did install the early ICS leaks, though.

  • You have to root your phone if you’re on Verizon at least, all of that terrible bloatware. My question is do you need to root tablets? I mean I have my Transformer Prime but I can’t really think of any I would do with it differently if it was rooted. I don’t see a need to run roms on minimal skins like the Asus UI or Moto UI.

    • KleenDroid

      I purchased a Nexus 7 a couple weeks ago and was also trying to decide if I really needed to root it. Especially since it was already running 4.2.1 which is the latest software. But then after a day i said to myself…. Hey it’s a Nexus and i an now r and running Clean ROM 3.0!

      • Yeah but besides the performance and extra customization with the ROM, is it really that different? I mean don’t get me wrong, I do love the feeling I get when I install a new ROM on my device, but it just doesn’t seem necessary to me.

  • Ibrick

    Rooted. Not sure I’d purchase a phone I couldn’t root.. Unless the carrier politics change that is. As long as carriers insist on wasting my storage and RAM with their bloatware I’ll root and remove it.

    In a nutshell; Updates, Bloatware, Tethering, I own it, I should be able to do whatever I want with it.

  • Daniel Clifford

    Would root but the tools don’t seem to like playing with Windows 8

  • JetBlue

    Rooted to get rid of bloatware since I can’t disable it since I have GB

  • PetiePal

    Honestly there’s no need on my Galaxy Note 2. The battery life is fantastic and since I’m not using ROMs backing up etc isn’t a big deal. The only thing I’d root FOR is CPU underclocking, which is again unnecessary. The wifi hotspot works just fine with an app for free.

    • PetiePal

      Also because a ton of the ROMs out there tend to have some features not working 100%, and I need my phone functioning as it was out of the box.

  • Tony Fortunato

    Rooted because I have a GS3 but I love the experience of AOSP.

  • stock, but looks like I’m gonna have to root since VZW stopped sending JB updates to the GNex

  • Jon Youngblood

    timely updates, more customizable, tethering…. it’s a beautiful world.

  • Adam

    Rooted so that I can use the latest OS through custom ROMs. And Verizon’s bloatware is ridiculous.

  • Ravi Rao

    Not rooted right now on my Droid DNA. I probably will eventually root, but haven’t had a reason to yet.

  • Can I vote rooted three times, once for each device?

  • Verizon sucks at updates. SUCKS!

  • Doow

    I’d love to get a link to figure out how to root my phone. I have a usa model s3 and damn near no technical experience.

  • Stephen

    Rooted- Faster updates and free tethering 🙂

  • Brent Cooper

    Wow. I’a surprised how many people have root. I used to want it but android has gotten to where is has most of the features that once required root access. What are some of the ones anyone roots for now? Mine used to be wireless tether but foxfi took care of that.

  • GNex on VZW, and rooted. Did it because of the update schedule and stability. Running Bugless Beast. and have no intention of going back. Better and more stable (for me) than stock.

  • Bob O’Daniel

    I’m not rooted because I’ve been leaning more and more on my phone for my business. My experiences with ROMs has been that while they are relatively stable and trustworthy, there’s always SOMETHING that isn’t working right. My phones in the past have ended up rebooting at inconvenient times and I can no longer take that risk.

  • Jose Antonio Quinones Jr

    Rooted, because I own a GNex and I refuse to have to wait 3 months for Verizon to approve of updates for a Nexus device.

  • Bigwavedave25

    If you tinker, you must Root. The only way to “feel in control” and have certain freedoms. Resistance is futile…

    With so many custom roms and “improved OTA-like” roms… how could you not wanna try them??? Not for everyone I guess though.

  • Rooted… because waiting for Verizon to push updates to my Galaxy Nexus takes longer than
    getting through a Saturday morning line at the DMV!

  • Wow! I’m surprised at how many people aren’t rooted. I’ve had a couple dozen Android phones over the years, and I can’t even imagine not having real access to my phone.

    • Andromedo

      I’ve owned every generation of Nexus, and the only device I ever felt the need to root/ROM was the VZW GNex because it didn’t have timely updates or unlocked tethering.

      Now that I’m back to a “pure” Nexus 4, once again, no reason to root/ROM.

      It’s not that I can’t, I just don’t have the need.

  • How else can I get timely updates on a VZW GNex?

  • I have never rooted my Razr Maxx, but now I am considering because FoxFi is no longer free. Any suggestions?

  • Gaurav K

    Rooted of course. Never thought I would be in this situation with Verizon’s updates. But then again, I’ll still root even if the updates were fast, just because I have a Nexus.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    As a tech geek enslaved in a Verizon Wireless contract, I have no choice BUT to root. I’d be screwed on updates if I didn’t.

  • Jason Hatherlee

    Rooted because Verizon is evil.