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Tuesday Poll: By the End of 2012, Which Phone Will You Own?


Over the last several of months, we have seen more high-end phones announced than in any time period I can recall over the past couple of years. Samsung started things off by releasing the Galaxy S3 and will follow that up with the Galaxy Note 2. Motorola dropped the RAZR M and RAZR HD on us. LG and Google gave us the Nexus 4. And finally, HTC is preparing to sell the DROID DNA, the world’s first 1080p phone.

So my question today is, which of these phones are you going to own by the end of this year? We know that many of you are planning to upgrade to something in the coming weeks or during the holidays. What will it be? And if you don’t plan on picking up one of these new ones, feel free to choose “Other” and then let us know in the comments. We also included the Galaxy Nexus because I know that many of you aren’t ready to give it up yet.

By the End of 2012, Which Phone Will You Own?

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  • S2556

    GS3 and loving it with AOKP.
    Ill consider doing insurance then sell that one as bnib to get what ever is coming out spring 2013 from htc samsung or who ever else joins in

  • Still under contract, so stuck with the GNex.
    I want the Nexus 4 though.

  • steven sullivan

    Great poll, I hope this means continued developer support.

  • Adrian Fishler

    i’ll be rocking my droid 4 until a Motorola Nexus comes out =)

  • Sam

    DNA. It should be here by lunch tomorrow.

  • Pedro

    I’ll be buying a nexus 4 early next year. On contract with VZW through 2013 with the G-Nex (and D2 and D3 for the ladies), but I’ll try all the pre-paid operators to see which works best. Adios Big Red.

    • I thought about that, but honestly, the network has me hooked. Its super-strong no matter where I’ve traveled, and their LTE service is expanding more rapidly than any other carrier. That said, by the time my contract is up next year, the landscape could look very different.

      • Pedro

        In Houston, I should have pretty decent signals for GSM. Oil/gas companies everywhere; they all use AT&T for worldwide capability.

        When I travel, I’ll grab the GNex and the N4. When my wife travels, she’ll grab her D2 and the N4. I’ll spend $500-$600 to figure out what works best, but I’ll make that up first half of 2014 in monthly fees. Add a few months if you take into account the difference between a subsidized VZW phone and the 16BG N4.
        I don’t use 60BGs of data a month (more like 4GBs for the three accounts combined). Lack of LTE isn’t a big deal, since WiFi is always included at home and on the road.
        Battery life for the N4 is my biggest concern. Non-removable battery, and Kellex shows it’s about the same as my highly tuned GNex. We’ll see what happens when imoseyon does his magic.

  • No love for the D4?

  • Christopher Moore

    As a current owner of a Gnex I still give it street creed but for me I’m going with a Note 2 on Verizon. It terms of hardware and features it is the phone to beat. The HTC DNA is a close second but due to the lack of SD card slot and removable battery it’s below the Note 2. And I can’t think about the Nexus 4 because it’s not on Verizon.

    My Nexus might have seen it’s last custom ROM flash before I sale it next week. It sure was nice having a fully unlocked phone and having Jelly Bean hours after it was announced was priceless. Best phone I’ve own but the Note 2 is calling my name.

  • Bionicman

    Nexus 4 would have been great on Verizon but I’m not changing carriers for 1 phone. So right now i’m looking at the Galaxy Note 2 and its amazing features. The fact that it shares so many features wife my wifes GS3 and more importantly the awesome battery life (no more 2-3 charging a day!). The Note2 is not going to make me miss my GNex.

    • Bill Ratliff

      I agree.. I am just waiting for some real world feed back on the note2.. and for some to hit craigslist. But I will miss the dev support but honestly android has come so far there isn’t much I need. I am running stock rooted 4.1 right now.

    • Bsody

      Not that money is really a problem, but if you are in the same boat as me, can you justify buying the note2 outright to keep unlimited? Im on the fence.

      • Bionicman

        yikes probably not to be honest. thats a lot of dough. shiiit 299 is a lot of dough and i dont like paying that much haha hmm i dont use more than 4GB so i probably wouldn’t be heartbroken if i didn’t keep unlimited by i do like not having those kinds of restrictions. good question!

  • ajm135

    hox+ will be my phone at the end of the year.

  • turfgrass64

    by the end of tomorrow I will own the DNA!

  • Detonation

    Enjoyed my Galaxy Nexus for a while but got bored with it and picked up a Razr Maxx instead. Should be good with that until mid next year when the next wave of new phones come up.

  • Justin W

    Bought the Nexus 4 and am never going back to a non-Nexus device.

  • Yagermeister

    I’d go for the LG Nexus 4 in a heartbeat over my Galaxy Nexus IF it was on Verizon but since it’s not…staying with the GNex

  • darkknezz

    Optimus G FTW S4 Pro What What

  • Kevin Rees

    Enjoying my note2…I got sad though as I keep hearing cm support is, and will always be, weak due to the cpu. Although, most of the features I really like require TW framework but I like options and Im a fanatic flasher and long time cm’er

  • RaptorOO7

    Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon, had the Galaxy Nexus and I’m sure its still a good phone I just want expandable storage and a HUGE screen to boot.

  • Michael33704

    Size matters….Galaxy Note 2

  • Brittany N

    unfortunately my upgrade isn’t until May so I’m stuck with the rezound unless I get some money to by the note 2 full retail ; (

    • Michael33704

      Ask Verizon for an early upgrade…they just might do it….

      • Brittany N

        I tried a couple times with customer service Maybe ill give it a try in an actual store

  • Greyhame

    Would have been interesting to see this poll include the Optimus G. Even though LG got the new nexus, they still get no love! Haha.

    • Honestly, the only reason the N4 is on the list is because its a Nexus device. The rest are either available on or exclusive to Verizon. This site is still focused on Verizon devices, though it has grown past Verizon in terms of Android-related news.

      • Greyhame

        “..though it has grown past Verizon…”

        Right, which is why it would’ve been interesting to see the Optimus G =]

        • “This site is still focused on Verizon devices” considering its a device-related question, the only new LG device on Verizon, and lets face it, that phone was DOA.

          • Greyhame

            Definitely DOA. And yeah bro, I know this is a VZW-centric site. STILL, it would have been interesting…………..

  • Guest

    Still think most of us are original OG Droid users who have another year of the Gnex

  • Gnex owners represent!!

    • jak_341

      A year later, still the undisputed best Android phone. It is iconic!

      • Battery life sucks, EVERYTHING else is amazing. I like the N4 better, but it’s not available on Verizon.

        • PhoenixPath

          Signal. Signal sucks too…

          …and the screen. Well, it doesn’t actually “suck”, per se, but we’ve all seen better.

          • dont forget the camera, sucks too.

          • renGek

            to me all cell phone cameras suck, Don’t care even if its GS3 or HTC, nokia, iphone. They all suck.

            A camera phone that sucks less still sucks so I don’t really care either way what kind of camera is on my phone as long as it functions in scanning QR codes and snapshots of notes that I file somewhere. But if I actually care about a picture I will always use my SLR. Always have and likely will until I die unless they figure out how to cram a f2.8 nikkor 70-200mm into a cell phone with ergonomics for photographers.

          • LiterofCola

            And the design

      • joejoe5709

        Best all around. That’s for sure. It’s rare to see someone holding a phone that I’m truly envious of.

        • Bsody

          I agree. I mean i love seeing all the GS3s popping up, but the note 2 is the only phone that has had me interested lately. I really cant justify an upgrade from my day 1 GNex.

      • LiterofCola


  • I sold off my Gnex last week for an S3. The former was honestly looking long in the tooth with all the outdated specs and terrible radios. I threw a custom ROM on this bad boy and I love it. Amazing camera and the screen is incredible. The radios are the best I have experienced in a phone thus far.

    • Greyhame

      …hmm…… I’m getting a tad bored. Just honestly do not know if I could stand the physical home button and backwards hardware buttons. Why Sammy? Why?!?

      • ERIC REED

        Agree with the boredom…may have to give the new Windows line up a try.

        • Greyhame

          WHOA, let’s not get crazy now!!! Hah, kidding. For whatever reason, Android holds too much of my <3 to try windows. But the Lumia cameras are awesome… too bad they won't give Android a try. Maybe I will have to expand…

          • Bill Ratliff

            I have two friends that are windows phone users.. They are really interesting. If their app support was better I would probably give it a try.. I too like my Android but its nice to change every now and then.

          • ERIC REED

            I’m not loyal to any platform, using an iPhone 5 currently, so it wouldn’t be to hard to switch over!!

      • Mack

        Other than price, that’s why I picked up a G-Nex over an SIII.

  • gnex owner

    wow surprising results since i am a gnex owner and i am excited to buy something new. I will miss it being a nexus greatly though.

  • ddevito


    • Please turn caps lock off.
      Thank you.
      My eyes.

      • geedee82

        Please turn douchebag off.
        Thank you,
        CAPS LOCK

    • LiterofCola


  • JamesU513

    check this out…got this from Fail Blog – Apples stolen ideas…

  • Ibrick

    *insert joke about DNA in my hands*

    • awwwww… beat me to it 🙁

  • bratliff

    Galaxy nexus for now.. Until used note 2 start hitting craigslist, or Motorola nexus.. Hope to see Google wireless in 2013/14.

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Already enjoying my nexus 4

  • DroidXFanatic

    Droid X. lol, this bad boy is still going strong and treating me well. Screen is still flawless, best reception I’ve had on a cellphone with the newest radio. Plenty of roms still. Life is good 🙂

    • What are you running on this? Mine’s getting awfully laggy these days (though I am on stock still).

      • DroidXFanatic

        Liberty 3V2.0. Pretty slick rom. Great battery life and almost all AOSP. Everything works as well.

        • Uh oh, what’s “almost” mean? Any comparisons to CyanogenMod?

          • DroidXFanatic

            Almost as in only the dialer, contacts, & camera are Blur. Not as customizable as CM but has CM lock screens, CM toggle widgets in the notification bar.

      • Liquid ICS is fantastic. Currently running on my DX.

    • Kyle

      I agree my Droid X has been a pleasure. Ready, however, to try a Note II and divorce Verizon in the process.

      • DroidXFanatic

        My contract is over January so I’m sorta on the same boat. Thinking maybe Nexus 4 on T-mobile or Galaxy Note 2 on Sprint. Hard to let this X go though cause it’s in such good condition. Decisions decisions….

  • sdny8

    Every phone since the s3 has some sort of compromise to it. While no phone is perfect I am not going to shell out retail money for a phone that isn’t better than what I have now (gnex) in every way.

    • Mack

      Galaxy SIII is still a compromise, for me anyway.

  • Likely rocking the RAZR until my contract runs out Q3 2013. Of course, if I see a good deal on Swappa/Craigslist/eBay for one of the new RAZRs (M/HD/HD MAXX), I might jump.

  • AK

    All depends on whether or not Google decides I am worthy of a Nexus 4… still in limbo here.

  • Daniel

    Still waiting on a new Motorola qwerty slider, preferable a Nexus Droid, that would be my ideal phone in so many ways

    • To keep the refresh cycle in-tact, the D5 should be released in January-February. Likely a 4.3″ HD screen w/ S4 like the rest of Moto’s new line-up.

      • john

        i think it will be either a 4.3 qhd or a 4.5 hd. Haven’t seen any moto device with a 4.3 hd screen yet.

        • Ah, I thought I remembered the ATRIX HD was 4.3″, but you are correct, it is 4.5″.
          Ya know, on second thought, the D4 will likely be a slight redesign on the Photon Q, but I’ll admit that would be a pretty big disappointment, even if it was released with JB.

  • John

    Threw a 3800 mAh battery in my gnex and couldn’t be happier. In contract until end ofnext year .

  • Bob O’Daniel

    Already have the One X, but eyeing the Lumia 920’s screen, camera, and .NET development platform (I’m more a .NET than Java dev) right now.

  • Just don’t see any of those phones dethroning my GNEXSEX… DNA was looking good, but its not a Nexus device so no go… GNEX FTW

  • QQpayne

    Retiring my well used Gnex for an HTC DNA, honestly excited for the upgrade.

  • SD_Scott

    I might cave and grab a DNA though… Kind of worried about only getting 16gb

    • tomn1ce

      You mean 11GB….

  • T4rd

    I’ll keep my Gnex on Verizon for the forseeable future. I’m considering trading it for a Verizon GS3 though since I seem them for around $350 consistently on Craigslist and I should be able to sell my Gnex (in perfect condition) for at least $200 w/ accessories.

    I would definitely like a Note 2 if I could get one on Verizon for less than $400 somehow.

    DNA’s screen doesn’t make up for bad battery life and limited storage, not to mention it would be too expensive off contract since it’s so new.

    Nexus 4 is not an option for obvious reasons =(.

    I won’t buy any Moto phone on Verizon either for obvious reasons (mostly encrypted bootloader).

  • Craig Pardue

    It won’t let me vote 4 times… :-/

  • WalkerNA

    Droid Charge, for the loss!

    • Nexussucksandyouknowit

      You know these polls are a joke! Of course the mindless Nexus Fanatics are going to vote for the Nexus what did you expect? This is not indicative of the real world (general consumers) where the Nexus does not even register a “blip” on the radar or show up on a poll! The “I-nexus” are worse than the “Isheep”.

      • It’s not that we’re mindlessly voting Nexus. We’re stuck in a 2 year contract, so we won’t be getting a new phone (off contract) by the end of 2012. That’s why most people will have a Nexus at the end of the year.

        • droidbeat

          I got my GNex day 1 on Dec 15. Love it. But, I have to have the DNA, so I bought it at full retail price. With the pace of mobile tech change, there should be 1-yr contracts that are subsidized accordingly. 2 years is like two lifetimes in mobile years.

          • SA_NYC

            TOTALLY agree. And related to this, I would really, really like to see tech sites stop reflexively reporting the with-contract “price” of handsets. That is not the price. Full retail is the price, from which a discount may generally be garnered in exchange for something very valuable, i.e., a two-year commitment. Especially on sites like Droid Life, many of us aren’t going to be sticking with the same handset that long, so can we please start with the actual price as the default…pretty please Kellex? (Hint to Kellex: Here’s the chance for you to start a new trend in tech reporting.)

        • michael arazan

          I have a Gnex, with another 14 months on contract, but its going to take me a few months to save up for the Note 2 full price, which means by Feb of 2013 just in time for my B-Day I might have the Note2, hopefully Verizon will release it by then, or I’ll get a tablet.

      • Matt

        I must have missed where this claims to be statistically representative of the population. Which phone ‘should’ be the vote leader, general consumer?

        • Bsody

          …what you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

        • itznfb

          I must have also missed when we cared about the general consumer….. and obviously Nexus fans aren’t anything like iSheep.
          iSheep defend Apple to the death when Apple F’s up. Look at the Nexus fans bashing the hell out of Google right now. When Android related muck ups happen Android fans call it out with painfully realistic rage. While iTards take drugs and pretend it doesn’t happen.

      • Terrance Steiner

        You do realize that this is an Android enthusiast website? Of course there will be a higher Nexus user base than the general population. The poll is not statistical analysis of the general consumer population. It is a measurement of the readership of this site. What this poll really tells you is not that is is full Nexus fanatics, it tells you that most of the readership is still under contract with the phone they bought a year ago. If you consider a Nexus devise to be so horrible that I must ask what do you consider a good devise?

        “If you want the truth to stand clear before you, never be for or against. The struggle between ‘for’ and ‘against’ is the mind’s worst disease.” – Zen Master Sent-ts’an circa 700CE

        • LiterofCola

          It’s not that serious breh!

      • did you type this on your Blackberry?

      • Stephen Ingram

        Jesus, what an idiot.

      • areffes

        The question was put out to DROID Life readers, so i doubt anyone is thinking that the results in any way reflect the general public. That was never even implied, so thanks, and buh-bye.

        Also, the Nexus equivalent of isheep would be N-sheep, not i-nexus. The “i” pertains to Apple.

        • michael arazan

          Apple should sue him for calling it an “i-nexus”, would be the first lawsuit i’d approve of from apple.

        • LiterofCola

          People who still use “buh-bye” should be hung from their pretentious little pigme toes.

      • dafuq

        I-nexus? what does that even mean?

        • Rafa Sandoval

          lmfao, apparently to be a fanboy you must have an “i” in front of it…. god i hate apple x)

      • Bsody

        So you came to an android blog, with a very specific following, to call bs on a poll meant for that audience? That makes sense if you dont think about it…

      • Rambir

        Errrm. I have a nexus s and have had a nexus one and I bash Google all the time. Right now, I’m pissed off about not getting 4.2 on my nexus s. Surely its not that much of a change or a massive improvement on 4.1.2? Also all of my friends are I sheep and want to kill me every I time I slam apple. I also like the windows phone 8 device and am deciding whether to get a galaxy s3, one x+, droid RAZR i, HTC 8x, Nokia lumia 920 or a nexus 4 for my upgrade, so unlike I sheep, us ‘i-nexus’ folk are impartial to a completely new device.

    • cooksta32676

      Droid Charge….the last superamoledPlus screen. Poor resolution… but the best color pop ever.

  • Croq

    Droid RAZR MAXX HD – have it, love it! Will be my friend for 2 more years… 🙂

  • tyguy829

    not giving up my galaxy nexus and its LTE so fast. maybe next fall….

  • daniel walker

    Gnex still best phone out.

    • Only because it’s on Verizon. The N4 would be the best if it were on Verizon.

    • I still think most of us were OG Droid users when we first started reading this site an still have a year left on our Gnex contracts

      • phekno

        I’m not, I was stupid and got a Bionic. Worst. Decision. Ever.

        • delta504

          I feel for you, I did too. FYI Bionic are still going on eBay for $160ish on up, so get you a good deal on a Gnex and sell the Bionic if it’s in ok shape. Just sold my wife’s and mine after jumping on the sale Verizon had on pre-owned Gnex.

          • phekno

            Yeah, I’ve thought about getting rid of it. It’s got some scrapes on the top two corners, so it’s not in great shape. I’ve seen some GNexs on Craigslist going for $250 in very good shape. This Bionic is so awful, I’d be tempted to just shell out the $250.

          • George Davis

            As a fellow Bionic user I would recommend doing a factory data reset if you haven’t already. Seems to help with 99% of issues like yours on ICS. Mine runs surprisingly well.

          • EC8CH

            Used VZW G-Nex’s in good shape go for between $180 and $250 on eBay… I’ve been doing some shopping recently 😉

          • brando56894

            That’s exactly what I just did!

        • john

          you will get some jelly bean soon, so i wouldn’t be so mad. At least you aren’t stuck with a dead-end imposible to finish cm9 rom on a droid 3 like i am

        • masiv

          Bionic here. Working fine. ICS is smooth for me and battery is so-so. Nothing that makes me want to spend more $$$. Nothing out there is worth the price of “upgrading” IMO

          • phekno

            I wish I could say the same. I’m on ICS, and this thing is slower than ever, and has a really irritating high-pitched whine whenever I listen to music.

        • auglove3rd

          Safestrap to a CM10 ROM. Jelly Bean is almost perfect on mine. The only thing I don’t like about it is that there’s no Webtop, but if you don’t use Webtop, you’re fine. The Bionic is still a solid phone, reset yours and maybe some of your issues will go away.

      • Psyko

        I’m still an OG Droid user. I refuse to abandon my keyboard and none of the successors have really done anything for me.

        • kato

          upgrade to the droid 4 you wont regret it..ive had all the moto phones with keyboards on verizon and the droid 4 is by far the best

        • auglove3rd

          Do you want my OG Droid dock, battery charger and six batteries?

        • FAL_Fan

          I love my OG, but I have owned an LG Ally (sucked), OG, D2G, D3, and D4. The D4 Has the best keyboard out there, period! Mind you, when it was on gingerbread it ran rather quickly, but the ICS update slowed it down so I flashed over to AOKP and now it runs fairly smoothly. The stock system should be fine though if you are upgrading straight from the OG. You have held out this long though, so I suggest waiting until march to see if Motorola has any Droid 5 plans…I, on the other hand, am jumping ship and going to the Note 2. The sensitivity and size of the screen make typing just as easy as using a physical keyboard…plus is having quad core and an actually good camera/screen that the Droids have consistently lacked.

      • EC8CH

        That’s me you’re talking about!

    • Every other phone that’s looked better in some way has a fatal flaw: no LTE, worse battery life, locked bootloader, industrial “design” by Motorola, etc. There are phones that exceed the GNex in one area, but none are the full package.

      • I wouldn’t call the design of the Moto devices a “fatal flaw”. The locked bootloader on the non-Dev devices, perhaps, but not the design.

        • LiterofCola

          Beat me to the punch.

    • PhoenixPath

      …for modders on VZW, sure.

      For everyone else, there are a plethora of “better” phones.

    • LiterofCola


  • Jason Purp

    I’m pretty sure most Droid-Life readers are still content with the Galaxy Nexus, even though the Droid-Life writers are not.

    • JustTrollin69

      I definitely am, although I love change and that Galaxy Note 2 looks awesome. The bigger the screen the better for me, but I would definitely miss the awesome dev support. I would also loose my grandfather plan, as I wouldn’t buy that beast at full retail.

    • ToddAwesome

      Content and on contract. Boom.

    • ddevito

      it’s their job to review and give their opinions on the latest and greatest devices. But I agree with you about us readers

      • Think he was referring to the answers they gave to one of the questions in the last Q&A post.

    • Mack

      Very true. I just got one recently and this thing flies with the right kernel and Bugless Beast.

    • Christopher Moore

      I think a lot of people just can’t upgrade every year. I don’t even see 70% of the people wanting to upgrade from their Nexus unless they have spare upgrades on a family line or have the money to pay outright. The only phone on this list that might have a decent price used is a Samsung S3 but to me it’s not worth the money over a Nexus.

      • x2. I’m sticking with my Rezound until I’m eligible to upgrade again. Paying $700+ for a new phone each year is not my thing. I’d love to, but there’s other toys I’d rather spend the money on!

      • droidbeat

        One benefit to this phone only having 16GB storage is that the full retail prices is just $599.99 (not $699+). Good thing, since I couldn’t wait for August to upgrade and I paid full retail for the DNA.

    • j

      Contract or not, there is absolutely zero reasons for me to upgrade my GNex at this point. The hardware still runs android fantastically, it’s open as open as they come, and screen is still great to look at.

      • droidbeat

        Aside from a green tint on the white background, and a camera that could be better in low light. Also, it doesn’t have automatic text reflow (not at all in Chrome, and only if you double-tap in the Android browser). Volume is… not loud. Verizon’s delay of updates make Nexus somewhat less Nexus-like. I know, I’ve got one. Love it. But, resistance to Droid DNA is futile. 🙂

        • SA_NYC

          I have to point out that I’m pretty sure Chrome on the GNex does have text reflow with a double-tap. I just tried it to be sure. Although I’ll admit to not being the most technical user so it’s possible I’m calling it the wrong thing. Agree with you on the low-light camera thing.

      • SA_NYC

        I’m leaning the same way. Was itching to try something new but the more I think about the more I realize I really do love my GNex. Minus the awful battery life that is. And after I read the reviews of the battery life of the DNA, I decided the old beaut’ gets a reprieve. So I ordered two new spare GNex batteries. It’s got another 6-12 months in it. Thanks HTC for helping me see the GNex light.

    • Stephen Ingram

      I have an upgrade, and a galaxy nexus that I paid full retail for. I’m perfectly content until another nexus comes to Verizon. (Hopefully end of next year).

    • George264

      It’s 350 for ETF or maybe a little less. But if you want to keep your number it’s 650-750 for a new phone. Um. Yeah, a lot of people still stuck on GN. Although next year Nexus will be really popular if on Verizon.

  • jcorf

    As soon as I can get out of my Verizon contract, I’ll switch from my GNex to the Nexus 4.

  • I already have the Nexus, so no reason to upgrade just yet. And my wife just got the SGSIII.

  • I’ll probably still be on my current Motorola Atrix until after the holiday season. Once balance is restored to my bank account, hopefully I’ll be all over the Nexus 4.

  • mtmjr90

    I’ll own/use a Nexus 4 and my Dad will have my Galaxy Nexus:)