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Wednesday Poll: What Would It Take to Get You to Buy the LG Nexus 4?

On Monday, after Google announced the LG Nexus 4, we asked the DL community if they were ready to buy one. Almost 70% of readers said “No” for a variety of reasons. The lack of LTE came up quite a bit, the lack of removable storage and the limited internal storage were there as well. Most of you are Verizon customers, so the fact that the phone won’t work on their network was also a big negative.

If there was something that you could definitively change though, that would get you to pull the trigger, what would it be? Would it need to be subsidized on Verizon? What if it had LTE, but was only available on AT&T? You tell me.

What Would It Take to Get You to Buy the LG Nexus 4?

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  • Tom Z

    Needs Verizon LTE and removable storage.

  • James Hill

    My Verizon contract to expire.

  • Zach Armstrong

    I would get it if it was on Verizon. The only reason I stay with Verizon is because they have the best coverage in my area.

    • Nathan

      Same here. 🙁

  • an observer

    3300 mah battery

  • I love the look of it, but my G-Nex is still in perfect condition and runs amazingly. I think I’ll wait for the next round of Nexus devices.

  • areffes

    Only way I’d buy this is if it were made by someone other than LG.

  • Raven

    E – All of the above.

  • Droid Burgundy

    IN order for me to even consider buying this there would have to be several improvements.. not just one :/

  • Turb0wned

    Thank god Verizon isn’t getting there dirty hands on this Nexus. Maybe the ones that are always talking about leaving Verizon should actually do it instead of being all bark.

  • VinMessina

    Lol, there should be an “all of the above” on this poll.

  • itpromike

    So wait now I’m thinking about using straight talk and grabbing the phone but what’s the catch? How does straight talk work? I buy the phone and then pop a straight talk SIM in and then…? Which network does it use by default, T-Mobile or AT&T? Does it use either or depending on signal bows it work? I really really want a N4 so any info would be appreciated… Oh and last question, is the N4 a global GSM device and have attends for both T-Mobile and AT&T or do you buy one or the other?

  • bigdav1178

    Maybe if they’d give a keyboarded option for a change I’d consider it.

  • I’d love to leave Verizon to get this, however, I live in Lincoln, NE and there’s no HSPA+ on any network here yet. Just LTE on Verizon (not on ATT either).. =/ I need to move.

  • baldypal

    Does anyone know if I can walk into a Walmart Straight Talk store with a galaxy nexus and it work?

    • Scott

      It’ll work.

  • baldypal

    el tee ee

  • Aaron Burroughs

    I swear the Android community is a mixed bag. They don’t like Verizon messing with there phones and wonder why they only made a HSPA+ version. They kept the cost low by making it only 16 gigs (yes there pushing revanue to the cloud). We all knew it would not have expandable storage already, if you thought otherwise I’d call you a fool. Google is giving you an amazing phone at an amazing price and you still cry about it? Hell the Droid charge is still more expensive then this off contract! You guys bitched and complained about the original galaxy nexus last year (when I 1st went on this site) and now you guys swear by it. Get over your minor gripes and enjoy (and be greatful) for what Google is doing for the wireless community, and technology as a whole! Geez

  • Andrew Jay

    To get coverage in the areas I need it there are two carriers to choose from. Both are CDMA, and Verizon has the better network. So for me to get the N4 it needs to be on vzw. I understand why Google opted out of LTE and I can’t fault them for it, I just hope the gNex is still being sold by vzw in early December when I’m due for a new phone.

  • Trey Mitchell

    d all of the above

  • yarrellray

    Pretty galling that customers on Verizon want this phone on Verizon. Wake the hell up people Verizon is the reason Google did what they did. So if you want this baby you GOTTA LEAVE PITIFUL VERIZON PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

    • ddevito

      you’re 100% right

  • A goddamned keyboard.

  • Andy Blystone

    I voted for Verizon, but only if it had Lte too!

  • c4v3man

    Technically “put it on Verizon” means “give it LTE”, since Verizon no longer carries new non-LTE phones.

  • buckazui

    i wish it didnt say LG lol

  • If I didn’t have a contract I would more than likely get it

  • Simon Belmont

    I’m on Sprint, so I guess that could go under “Be on Verizon” since they’re both CDMA. I REALLY want the Nexus 4 on Sprint, and preferably with 32GB of storage.

    I think I am willing to jump ship to T-Mobile or Straight Talk for the Nexus 4. I still have a few months left on my contract with Sprint to decide though.

  • Clutchisback

    sprint with LTE and the phone is mine….

  • frankandsimple

    ability to dual boot with ios 6

  • J

    A notification light.

    • Nathan

      I’m pretty sure it has one in the same spot as the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Simon Belmont

      It has a notification light. It’s in the same place as the Galaxy Nexus’ LED.

      It’s an RGB LED. Any color you want is technically possible.

  • Alex Kirkpatrick

    It would have to be on Verizon, I have a Galaxy Nexus right now and there is 4G around where here but I haven’t ever used it except for a few times just to see how fast my battery will die. It seems to be far to fast to be worth the difference in speed.

  • Where is the “all of the above” option when you need it?

  • Trevor

    You need an “all of the above” option. If it had LTE and a microSD card slot (and if it was on Verizon, of course), I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  • chris125

    Put it on verizon and it would be a day one purchase for me. Lte and that are nice and I know are pretty much required on verizon but other than that it not being on verizon is the only thing keeping me from getting it.

  • umataro42

    It would have to be on Verizon, but more than that I would have to be able to keep my unlimited data and not have to make any contract changes, and I don’t want to pay that $30 upgrade fee they’re charging now.

  • Kerry Davies

    Dont upgrade current unlimited plan, buy phone from Google WiFi teathre Nexus 4 for signal problem solved, new phone

  • Why can’t i select more than one?

  • The only thing holding me back is that it isn’t Nov 13 yet.

  • sonicyoof

    Don’t like this non-removable battery crap…

  • Polls like this need a “No – I’m in the middle of a contract period” and/or “No – I recently purchased a phone” option. I’ve got a VZW SGS3 and have no intention of buying a new phone til this one’s at least 20 months old so I can get a new one subsidized, though if Google keeps up this trend of selling high-end Nexus phones at reasonable prices, unsubsidized, then I’ll likely wait out the 2 years and go prepaid or month-to-month postpaid.

  • beachlife

    Need to add another option to the Poll = Nothing!

  • NicholasMicallef

    It needs nothing more if you ask me but that’s because I can’t have LTE in my area anyway, I don’t live in the US and 16GB are enough for me and I have accepted the fact that MicroSD is dying.
    But if I had to choose anything I’d go with the only one which has any use for me: more storage.

  • sean

    Do nothing! I’m perfectly happy exactly the way the Nexus 4 currently is.

  • <— this guy

    quad core chip, LTE, removable battery and storage, a sick HD 1080p screen (bigger is better) a sick GPU would be icing on the cake.

  • roberthenderson

    Capacitive buttons option, remove onscreen buttons option, more on board storage, memory card option.

  • Mr_Bucket

    Give it to me unsubsidized on Verizon. I’ve got an unlimited plan and I’m not giving it up to save $100 up front.

  • The fact of the matter is that this phone, with no contract, is about the same price as a subsidized phone from verizon so I don’t think Verizon will sell it because people can retain their unlimited plan and not have the “incentive” of a subsidized phone to change plans. I may get it on tmobile at $299.

  • jeres88

    It would require the phone to be different altogether. I’m not going to buy a crappy LG phone.

  • Tyler

    This poll needed checkboxes so I could check on Verizon with more storage and LTE.

    • Trevor

      Same for me.

  • Droidzilla

    I’m actually glad that so many people dislike this. I’ll be totally hipster cool when I get it.

  • al brown

    yep, moto built, verizon LTE and 32g’s

  • gnex is serving me just fine!