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Wednesday Poll: What Would It Take to Get You to Buy the LG Nexus 4?

On Monday, after Google announced the LG Nexus 4, we asked the DL community if they were ready to buy one. Almost 70% of readers said “No” for a variety of reasons. The lack of LTE came up quite a bit, the lack of removable storage and the limited internal storage were there as well. Most of you are Verizon customers, so the fact that the phone won’t work on their network was also a big negative.

If there was something that you could definitively change though, that would get you to pull the trigger, what would it be? Would it need to be subsidized on Verizon? What if it had LTE, but was only available on AT&T? You tell me.

What Would It Take to Get You to Buy the LG Nexus 4?

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  • bakdroid

    Put in LTE. Allow to run on Verizon. Make it $99 on contract. Have it built by someone other than LG!

  • mastershake21

    I’m still rockin the gnex with LTE. Verizon want’s phones with LTE they have spent millions on the new towers they are not going to push a phone without it. and the storage sucks my gnex has 32gb with extended battery it lasts all day if they could remake the gnex with a bigger battery and slimmed it down like it is with the stock battery it would be perfect.

  • Removeable storage would be nice. I don’t need it on Verizon (price gougers with no unlimited data plan), I don’t need LTE (3g / HSPA [or whatever] is fast enough for when I’m not on WiFi, and more internal storage will make the device cost a lot more than including removable storage.

  • Morlok8k

    the poll should have had check boxes, not radio buttons! I would have selected all of them!

    • Morlok8k

      oh, and a physical keyboard…

  • Derek Haneman

    My Verizon contract is up in Nov, so I’m probably just gonna take my number to a diff carrier and pick this up. So tired of Verizon lagging behind and never having any decent phones (minus the GS3). I live in the Seattle area, anyone in the area have any suggestions, ATT/T-mobile?

  • Something else = Negate Nexus ETF, add LTE, Verizon.

  • Alan Paone

    It needs to be on sale so I can buy it. and the camera needs to be at least as good as my One S.

  • pd240

    Kellex – You should do a story to help current Verizon customers look at moving to nexus 4. I have been looking into it over the past two days and couldn’t believe the money I would save. Even with the ETF.

  • Have it made by someone other then lg. After the update nightmares and software/hardware issues I’ve experienced first hand after going through 9 g2x in a month and all where defective, I simply will not buy the nexus 4 just because its made by lg.

  • Getting it but having no LTE was a big letdown but hopefully T-mobile’s coverage isn’t to bad. Anyone know if LA have good speeds in that city?

  • Wonder how much of that 42% for VZW were the same people complaining that Verizon took the “Nexus” out of the Gnex? Everybody and their grandma said it wasn’t a true Nexus unless it had speedy updates and no bloatware. Now the majority want it back on Verizon? Have you people learned nothing? I’m with @google-0004942750d7ca5ba25c15e03fd0f642:disqus on this one. Ditching vzw for pre-paid as soon as possible

  • Pedro

    Verizon signal in Houston is just too damn good to pay an ETF. I don’t use LTE enough to justify it being a deciding factor. At work, I’m happy to get a 3G signal inside. Outside, I get 4 bars of 4G. At home, it’s all WiFi.
    I may buy one next summer to see if ATT or T-mo prepaid plan would work for me. I’d love it if either worked.

  • CodeToJoy

    Can I get a Put it on Verizon* option?

    *and cut Verizon out of the update process

  • wh1te_mag1c

    I want a massive battery in Nexus phones now. 2100 mAh probably won’t cut it. After the gnex, I was something close to Razr MAXX’s battery, than the GNex’s. It’s just common sense. I want my smartphone to be more.. portable.

    • Tyler

      This would be one of my cons with the Nexus 4 as well. The HD Razr MAXX is the same thickness with same screen size, CDMA, GSM, and LTE radios, and a battery 50% larger. I realize the 4 comes with more silicon but it seems like they could have done better here.

  • Jackson

    See just by this they would easily make half a mill or more putting it on verizon wtf!!!

  • Rob

    Lte is big but not a deal breaker, kick of expandable storage is what kills it for me. Mr duarte and google have made awesome strides in improving Android, but when are they going to learn we aren’t easily fooled. Lack of removeable storage is about getting us to use cloud storage

  • I am very sure that I cannot live without a home button now that I have one on my S3. CM10 , 32GB SDCard, and Inverted apps is keeping me so very happy with my current phone.

  • You should have another option … “Put it on Verizon with LTE” … then I’d consider buying one, but I’m really loving the battery life of my MAXX and I don’t want to give that up.

  • I think I’m going to get it. I love stock Android on my G-Nex and Nexus 7 enough to take the VZW ETF hit and switch to T-Mobile. I’ll buy it unlocked so that I have options if the T-Mobile network lets me down. The LTE connection on my Galaxy Nexus kinda sucks, so I don’t think I’ll be losing much going to HSPA+ at 42Mbps.

    If nothing else, it will be interesting. And now I’ll be without a contract and free to go with the device I want, not the network I’m stuck with.

    • James Monday

      I’m in the same boat. VZW coverage has been decent, and I’ll probably miss it sometimes. But realistically I’m on Wifi 90% of the time anyway. Plus LTE issues – hanging when switching between LTE and 3G, spotty signals, and battery, battery, battery – made it less of a factor than I would have thought. The monthly savings will be huge, even if I buy a new phone each year. I’m just hoping coverage on the T-Mo $30 prepaid plan won’t be horrible (but as the post above states, without a contract I can always switch back.

      Even more importantly, I just want to support the model Google is pushing. I’d LOVE to see the big carriers lose their death grip on the industry, and this seems to be a good start.

      • I made the switch to T-Mobile when they first announced that unlimited data would be going away on Verizon. Because really, why hang around at that point? My bill is quite literally half what it was on Verizon. Unlimited data, minutes and texts. Sure the signal isn’t as **~~MAGICAL**~~ but it’s nowhere near as bad as Sprint or God forbid, Metro. Also, when its fast its FAST. I have the GS3 now but I think I’ll sell it for an N4. If only because I’m praying the battery life on the N4 is actually great.

    • yarrellray

      Trust me you will be very fine on Tmobile and it’s HSPA PLUS 42MPS network it simply works with no hitches. And yes you will have unlimited data at it’s highest level..

    • Dain Laguna

      if tmobiles network (and certain youtube vids) speeds are to be believed, i think id prefer the battery life over the lack of what is ultimately spotty lte.

      I get it may be a gnex reception issue, but my droid razr, while it seem to enjoy 4g over a more widespread area, seemed to take much longer than my nexus to switch off from 4g to 3g.

      like others i spend most of my time in wifi….and if vzw’s meh 3g is enough to stream google music and the occasional youtube video, hspa+ should be awesome.

      i usually can make it through an entire day with my gnex, but this week i’ve been training for my job in charlotte, and the schedule has totally changed my routine and its painfully obvious how ill equipped my gnex is to deal with even half a day with lte on.

    • brando56894

      I’ve always thought that T-Mobile was horrible in NJ since my roommate at Rutgers NB in 06 had T-Mobile and he always complained about how much it sucked. I just checked the coverage map and in my city (Vineland, South Jersey) it has “Very Strong coverage” which is a hell of a lot better than the 1-2 bars I get from Verizon. Also now in New Brunswick T-Mobile apparently has “Excellent” coverage. I may actually consider switching next year when my contract is up.

  • Ravi Rao

    I was originally disappointed with the Nexus 4, but now I think I’ll be making the switch to a TMobile value plan with a Nexus 4.

    I currently only get 3-4 Mbps down on Verizon LTE, and the cost of Verizon is way too high to justify those speeds. Saving $60 a month on a family plan is so much better for the near future. I can go back to Verizon later if needed.

    That being said, I wish these N4’s had more storage.

  • Verizon would have to cancel my unlimited data plan.

  • nightscout13

    VzW FTW!

  • dqw

    Only said put on Verizon because I don’t want to pay the etf to get out of my contract. I will not be signing a new contract with Verizon until some changes (ignore rest chrome fail)

    some changes. I really don’t

  • chrispy513

    I was devastated to find that there would not be a Sprint version. I don’t even care about LTE because they have valid arguments on why they omitted it (plus I almost never use the LTE on my gnex anyway), but at least give me the option of giving you my money!

    • Simon Belmont

      I’m in the same boat. I just want a Nexus 4 on Sprint.

      I don’t even care if it has LTE. I’d be happy with the better battery life on 3G on Sprint.

  • Ben

    how about a verizon LTE option, but of course it can’t be on verizon anyway without LTE. It is really shocking that they dumped LTE though when my year old GN has it. I understand their concern, but seriously you want to compete with the iphone then dumping LTE wasn’t the right move. I predict overall this phone will be a dud as far as sales.

  • middlehead

    Putting it on Verizon is obvious. I can’t switch carriers for a phone when Verizon’s the only one in my area with signal worth a damn. After that, I would probably put removable storage over LTE. I’m more likely to want more space than to need the speed when I’m near wireless a majority of the time.

    • yarrellray

      Sure would like to know where you live. Your in denial time for Verizon to die…

      • middlehead

        Denial nothing, I have direct and recent experience with both Sprint and AT&T phones; their signal is simply unacceptable and I very much doubt that T-Mobile is any better.

        I dislike many of Verizon’s practices, but saying that the entire organization needs to die is just ridiculous.

        • irrelevant

          Absolutely! I have the same situation here. I’d leave VZW in a heartbeat IF there were any other non-CDMA carriers with acceptable coverage.

          As for where I live, check the coverage for yourself – ZIP here is 44654 Availability of a signal only on the top of the hills does not constitute acceptable coverage.

      • squiddy20

        Says the idiot who judges Verizon’s entire network based on a tiny 10 mile radius of lower Manhattan in NYC. Sure would like to know where you got your (lack of) intelligence from.
        With Verizon having THE largest subscriber base of any carrier in the US, it won’t be going anywhere. You’re in denial if you think otherwise. Moron.

  • Yeah….like having the Gnex on VZW worked out so great.

  • Caleb Martin

    My answer to this poll is “yes”. Definitely would have to be on Verizon with LTE and either have more internal storage or include removable storage. Then again, I’m still not sure about buying a LG phone…

  • Danrarbc

    It might not stop me, but one way or another this needs more storage.

  • nexuschimp

    Verizon and lte

  • Rob

    Be able to get unlimited data at the same speeds I currently get from Verizon’s LTE.

    I just feel so locked to VZW because of the unlimited LTE data. It’s both awesome and sad at the same time.

  • Mike

    Already buying it

  • nicer hardware. a nokia 920 with android would killer

  • Al Chandler

    Really an unlock phone for 350/300 band new… talk about asking for to much.

  • docoorah

    Fire up WiFi calling and I’m in.

  • trav23

    i JUST got the gnex. and i have had bad luck with almost every lg product i’ve ever used, sooo..

  • I was really hoping to be able to get one of these as my wife’s contract is up this month, but no Verizon = No Sale.

  • Silver Veloz

    I’m still reeling from getting ICS on Bionic and with the “most likely chance” of us getting Jelly Bean also, I’m staying where I am for probably another year. But I do like to keep up on what’s out there and what’s coming. Thanks Droid Life.

  • newboyx

    $299 off contract, and able to run on the Sprint network.

  • Give it LTE, put it on Verizon, and allow purchase of the VZW variant through the play store at the same price as the GSM variants.

  • I dont plan on ever swapping providers or updating my contract for fear of losing my grandfathered data. ill stick with my Gnex on Verizon until i decide to pay full price for whatever Nexus eventually comes out for verizon.

  • This is one of those polls where I need to select multiple options: Verizon, LTE, and more internal storage. I’m fine without the SD card slot, but 16GB is just ridiculous.

  • Guest

    I’d like it on Verizon for one so I could keep my unlimited, but sadly that’s impossible with VZW douchebaggery. The real reason I won’t be buying this specific Nexus phone is that I just got an SGS3, so it’s a tad pointless to get Nexus 4. I’ll wait for the next one

  • it would take an internet connection on Nov 13th

  • nsnsmj

    Well considering most of the people who post on here are Motorola fanboys and Verizon subscribers, it’s not surprising 70% of them said “No”.

    • Bob G

      Exactly. It’s like asking a bunch of kids if they would like a lollipop……. but it comes from a stranger.

  • Put it on Verizon add more storage and removable storage with lte

  • john

    All of the above option?

  • fauxshizzl

    I plan on leaving Verizon as it is now to buy one. But in a perfect world, Google could sell both the GSM and CDMA/LTE versions in the playstore for the same price. Take VZ completely out of the picture as far as purchase, but still support their network bands.

    • Guest

      I am guessing VZW won’t play nice with that

      • Bob G

        You are correct. If they did, the Galaxy Nexus wouldn’t have been such a failure for Google.

    • Aaron

      I wish that were currently possible. Verizon has to let any device access their LTE spectrum by law but not there current 3G network which handles calls until VOLTE is launched. Even when that happens I’m sure they will find a way around it since they are Verizon and that’s what they do.

  • schmaltzy

    Where’s the “All of the above” button?

  • This is actually a reason for me to say screw Verizon and go prepaid without the hassle of bloatware and uncertain updates.