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Contest: Win a Klasden Levanaus Backpack From Spigen and Droid Life [RAW] (Updated: Winner Picked)

The Reader Appreciation Week momentum isn’t stopping yet, folks. Let’s give another amazing item away! How does a $90 Klasden Levanaus backpack from Spigen sound? Let me just say, that I have the blue version of this bag and absolutely love it. In fact, it’s now my overnight bag, work bag, and everything-in-between bag. It has more pockets than I can count, a swanky faux fir inside, fits perfectly on your back with its extra padding, and comes in a variety of stylish colors. When traveling, I’m able to pack my 15″ Macbook Pro, a change of clothes, toiletries, a 2nd or 3rd phone, chargers, flip flops, tablet, headphones, and snacks into this sucker. It seriously is a great bag. 

To see the rest of the colors, check out Spigen’s site. They are also on Amazon.

Who wants this beautiful bag in red?


Update:  Our winner is Brandon J., who plans to put his 13″ Macbook, headphones, iPad, and cables into the bag. Congrats!

Prize:  1 (one) Klasden Levanaus Backpack in Red

How to enter:

1.  Be sure to “Like” this post on Facebook. (Button on left side of post.)
2.  Feel free to +1 it on Google+ as well.
3.  In the comments, give us a rundown of the gadgets you would use to fill this bag.
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Today at 4:00PM PT, we will choose a winner from the comments.

  • the jaglion

    my macbook, phone, books, and foooooood!

  • Andrew Vanderwall

    iPad, food, change of clothes, extra battery, change, newspaper/magazine, kindle, and more food to top things off

  • Oh there would be much to store with this bag… Galaxy Nexus, Transformer Prime, Hp Pavilion, Hp touch pad, Belkin travel charger and Jlab4 earbuds

  • Samsung Galaxy S3…iPod….laptop…..and of course the charging cables.

  • -Laptop & Charger
    -HP Touchpad (Dual boots Android of course)
    -Change of clothes (because you never know)
    -Charger for Galaxy Nexus (Cuz I gotta have one at ALL times)

  • kingblake99

    With all my android devices

  • Bennett Schwaller

    MB pro, Toshiba Thrive, Droid X, Xbox 360……is there anything else you need?

  • Adam F.

    I’d fill it up with my laptop, and my school books 🙂

  • Would fill with my Asus G50v, my Asus transformer, my charging cords for each, my zaggsparq, and my always reliable galaxy nexus!

  • I would put my Galaxy Nexus, Transformer Prime (with the dock), headphones, chargers, and my books for school. I want this bag!!!

  • Xoom, nexus, and laptop of course!

  • Andrew

    I’d put in my Samsung Series 9 laptop, my Kindle Fire, and my Sony NEX-C3 camera.

  • MB Pro, Nexus 7, chargers, and toiletries required when going overnight.

  • HP Envy laptop, Nexus 7, Klipsch s4a headphones and various cables/connectors.

  • The bright red would make it tough to miss! I could jam my MacBook, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Tab (10.1) some portable drives and other goodies. Maybe a few Red Bulls as well 🙂

  • GatorHands

    I would fill it with my 15″ Macbook Pro and Kindle Fire.

  • My laptop and tablet and every other electronic accessory I can find!

  • Charles Sinicki

    Xoom, Chromebook (beta release), Flip Cam, HDMI cords (for Xoom and Flip Cam), Mini Tripod (for flip)

  • My laptop with my power cord, gaming mouse, mouse pad, HDMI cable, headset, USB>Micro USB to connect droid devices and snacks to keep me going

  • Doug Plowden

    I would carry my camera and my crappy Compaq lappy in this bag. I need a new bag sooo bad too!

  • Laptop, kindle, iphone 5, & my new droid 😉

  • @motcher41

    My new Asus laptop could use a nice backpack to travel in along with the charger and muse etc. Charger for my nexus and spare battery too. Someday my nexus 7 when I can get one or win one 😉

  • cmiram

    It’ll get my HP laptop, some textbooks, food, water, prime, external hard drive, headphones, too many cables, and my phone charger of course!

  • My crazily-thick laptop, my iPad (i know, i know, eww), my multiple devices and quite a few USB cables.

  • violator702

    Clothes, chargers, headphones, laptop, and Vita

  • Nexus 7, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE, Vaio laptop, ATH m50s headphones, Razer Tiamat Headset.

  • saucey

    I will just fill it with my Bionic lapdock, chargers, and a whole bunch of on-the-go snacks. thats about it

  • Anthony Timoti

    Probably my Y560 or my CR-48 and my phone

  • Ron

    My lenovo t420, acer a200 running CM10 :), htc vivd (work), motorola DX CM7.2, my klipsch s4 reference buds, and bunch of calbes power adapters oh and my logitech mx mouse. not a gadget but never leave home with out my Leatherman Juice s2!

  • twistedsyx

    Asus Gaming laptop, asus transformer infinity, power cables, and my headphones. 🙂

  • CGull

    Chromebook, ASUS Transformer, notebooks!

  • rodney11ride

    Gnex Batteries!

  • Hail

    I’d put my ridiculously sized laptop in there, my document holder, my manuscript, probably my bluetooth keyboard. It’d be awesome to carry all that stuff in one place!

  • I will fit it with,
    1. Laptop
    2.Samsung Galaxy S3 (if not in my pocket)
    3.School related items
    4.Chargers/Mophie Juice Pack
    5.Anything I would need!

  • Keyan X

    I would put my chrome book, nexus 7 nd a few chargers in it for use around school

  • Jeff Edinger

    I’d toss in my Nexus 7, HTC Rezound, both sets of Beats headphones, and either my work PC or macbook (glorified music holder)

  • stridakira

    I would fill it with my Asus ROG Laptop.

  • Jon the Teacher

    I am an English teacher in Memphis, TN, but I use technology in my classroom to make my lessons more thoughtful, interesting, and engaging for my students. That being said, I have a lot to carry with me everyday. I would fill it with my Macbook Pro, my Nexus S, my Nook Simple Touch, my Urbanears headphones (I need music while planning to drown out those announcements), my flash drive, and all my various chargers and cables.

    However, being an English teacher, I also need space for my old school gadgets like books, my student’s papers, pens, pencils, and my trusty Moleskine notebook (sometimes you just need to write something down; I hardly ever go anywhere without my Moleskine).

  • xzombiex66

    Nexus 7, galaxy nexus, Asus infinity, dell latitude, all of my chargers docks and screen wipes.

  • My Nexus 7 and bluetooth keyboard. And other stuff like headphones. I’ve been needing a new bag. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Scott Souder

    Nexus 7, laptop, maybe my intuos 4 if it fits.

  • bob

    i would fill this bag with nothing, just carry it around empty

  • aaeagle

    HP Envy, some books and hopefully soon a nexus 7

  • asus zenbook, asus transformer prime, notebooks pens lol

  • Acer 16″ laptop, Nexus 7, Pad of paper, Pens (I assume there is a place to put old-fashioned pens.)

  • Jerome Rhodes

    Hp Dm4 beats laptop, White beats, galaxy nexus, ipod touch, and most importantly ALL OF THE CORDS!

    • Jerome Rhodes

      and of course a hoodie, you never know when it might get chilly. be prepared

  • Asus 13 laptop, kindle, kindle fire, ipad and galaxy nexus and charging cords for all

  • I would put my mac book pro, my school book, my samsung tablets, headphones, my school papers, external hard drive and MY ISHEEP KILLER samsung galaxy s3 if not in my pocket

  • John Arnst

    I would put my Asus Transformer Infinity, Nexus 7, and some other random things in it.

  • devin stawicki

    I would fill it with my HP pavilion dv7 and my *cough*mackbook pro*cough* and my phone charger with my apad android tablet and my school crap. Lol.