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Verizon CFO: “Unlimited” is Just a Word and It’s Going by the Wayside

Verizon’s CFO Fran “ShamWow” Shammo sat down for a chat at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Conference today to talk about the state of Verizon’s financial business. This is the first time we have heard from Shammo since his company launched Shared Everything data plans, so naturally, we were dying to hear what he had to say about them. 

According to Shammo, more people than they expected have moved onto shared data plans. He said that he believes that the first batch of adopters made the move to shared because they think they can optimize their plan and save a little money. The interesting note to this point, is the fact that they were expecting to see some dilution as people save money, but in reality, there was even less than they expected. Basically, that means that the shared data plans that they spent an entire year fine-tuning, are certainly fine-tuned to make money.

The second topic that stood out to us was his mention of the number of people moving from unlimited data to shared data plans. Again, Verizon was surprised at the number of people making this move. Shammo believes that unlimited is just a word, that people don’t care about unlimited data and that they all assume that they use more data than they actually do. He is under the impression that people are realizing the benefits of shared rather than unlimited, hence the reason for them to make the change.

My reaction – these people don’t have a choice, but to switch to shared data. Sure, Verizon has told us that we can buy phones at full price if we want to keep unlimited, but very few will actually do that. Instead, people will continue to buy subsidized phones, which then forces them off of their unlimited plans and onto shared. You can’t tell me that Verizon is surprised at this move, they knew this is what would happen. I’m not buying for a second that people are generally requesting shared over unlimited. I don’t know how many ways we need to break this down, but for today’s data-driven world, shared data benefits very few.

The last topic had to do with the plans themselves and how Verizon will continue to make money off of them in the future. Shammo essentially admits that the plans are perfect. Since users are attaching more devices than they had planned, they are seeing them have to buy up in data bundles already, something only making his job even easier and the company more revenue.

I think you all know how I feel about shared data plans, and this interview essentially reaffirms my desire to never switch to one.

Your thoughts?

Via:  Verizon | Engadget

  • No way I’m going to shared data. And if forced to will make a change in carrier really fast.

  • Chuck Finley

    You can have my unlimited 4G LTE data when you pry it from my cold dead Galaxy Nexus.

  • I don’t care if I have to keep my Galaxy nexus forever as well if it means keeping my Unlimited Plan. But, I guess Unlimited doesn’t matter that much to me according to him.

  • SD_Scott

    I use around 6-9 GB a month in data. So pay an extra $200 upfront for an unsubsidized phone or $60-$90/month for data for two years… Tough choice.

  • gorkon

    What a load of bull mess…..

  • dfuckingblock

    Unlimited until I die.

  • I will never, EVER, change to shared data. I’m the only person on my line and I love having the piece of mind knowing I don’t need to monitor my DATA along with my MINUTES (which I rarely ever use anyhow).

  • Kernschatten

    I really think it’s about bandwidth.
    All those iPhone 5 users with their first taste of 4G.

    • Data != bandwidth
      They need to sell by bandwidth speeds..

  • paul_cus

    Unlimited is just a word. A very important one.

  • Michael_NM

    “Customer loyalty” is just two words. Mine is also going by the wayside.

    • Jon Gee

      Yep, I have three more for Verizon. “Hello, T-Mobile…”

      • will bartlett

        is t-mobile actually 3 words though?

    • Definitely feeling the same way.

  • King of Nynex

    I read this earlier today. What a joke. I’m gonna be unlimited for life.

  • Brock Fletcher

    You can upgrade with another phone on your plan say a basic phone with a smartphone than switch it over to your number and cancel the data plan

    • jahsoul

      *looking at my $8 dollar Samsung A310 that I use just for this purpose*

    • watchthesky

      Wondered if this would work.

  • Cowbrains

    HAH! Not I! I have bought my last four phones purposely outright to make sure I will keep my unlimited.

  • Ethan

    For $30/month, unlimited data is not “just a word”- I use my phone all day, and even on WiFi when at home, use about or upwards of 20 GB/month. If I was on a shared plan, that’d be costing me $150/month for 20 GB plus extra for any overages. I don’t see why I would EVER get off unlimited, even if I had to pay full price for a phone: I’m saving $1440 on my phone bill every year by staying unlimited.

    • RoadsterHD1

      That’s identical to me. Yeah I’m buying my Quad-core at full pop.

      • Nicholassss

        at that point you buy full retail and and still save 700 odd bucks, phone companies think we’re idiots, i’m pretty certain.

  • Hayden Bridges

    If people are buying unsubsidized phones to keep their unlimited plan, why not get Straight Talk or Virgin Mobile? I’m on Straight Talk, came from VZ, and I’m using a Galaxy Proclaim.

    • Adamania

      No 4G LTE..

      • T-Mobile HSPA+ is faster than you think and they’re offering truly unlimited data.
        Straight Talk isn’t really unlimited. Virgin Mobile won’t let you bring your own phones and they’re Sprint, and Sprint is Sprint.

    • Why would you pick a Galaxy Proclaim over the Nexus????

    • Jim McClain

      whats a galaxy proclaim? lol

  • Renegade Nole

    Did verizon change where your plan changes if you renew your contract? When I got my Nexus in Dec lastyear it didn’t change my plan.. They said as long as you don’t add a line or change anything .. If so that sucks. I would pay the extra couple of bucks and buy the phone outright then lose unlimited data

    • William_Morris

      It was part of the scheme, anyone “renewing” their contract with Verizon after a certain date (which I believe was back in June or July) was automatically forced to choose between their individual tiered data plans or the new “share everything” plan but ‘unlimited’ data service is now a thing of the past for them. T-Mobile and Sprint are the only ones with unlimited services now, and I have heard rumors from a few sources (read: hearsay) that Sprint’s will be gone in the near future.

      • Renegade Nole

        I’m about sick and tired of Verzion’s crap … If I didn’t travel for my job I’d go to sprint

  • Jim McClain

    well I am on unlimited with my gnex, my wife is on a sub account with her GS3 and gets 2 gig , and my bill is less than hers

  • If the shared data plans were ACTUALLY designed to save people money by allowing to share their data among multiple devices, it would be awesome. But it’s not. It’s significantly more money, so people are only doing it when they have to (or when they decide they really would rather suck it up and pay a little more per month rather than go off-contract and eBay a phone)

  • Jackson

    Lol I’m basically buying full price for life and plus I like it because it really makes me research my next buy more and test out the devices etc.

  • sc4fpse

    Unlimited is more than a word — it’s a lifestyle.

  • zorak19620

    Tell you what Verizon, how about you give us a choice between two options, the unlimited priced at $30 like it was, or the shared plans, and lets see if customers really care about unlimited data.

    • Considering that my Unlimited Data plan is $29.99 and the lowest shared data plan at 1GB is…$29.99…

      • tomn1ce

        The lowest shared everything data plan is 1GB for $50…don’t know where you got that $29.99 from….

      • zorak19620

        Hint Hint, that was sarcasm I was using. I was pointing to the fact that the price hike for significantly less data was stupid and overpriced.

      • actually is 50.00

  • Jim McClain

    well one things come to mind, if everyone really isnt using that much data,why not let me keep it,what makes the difference

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    Unlimited reasons why Verizon is a wallet vampire.

  • Based on my calculations and those of several Verizon employees trying to talk me into a shared data plan, my bill will go up significantly if I change over. At this point I’m thinking that our phones will probably be just fine for the next three years or so – we’re a year into the contract now. I’m also thinking that my tablet’s line will be canceled when the contract expires, if not sooner. My eldest child will be ready for a phone about the time our smartphones are ready to shuffle off the mortal coil, we’ll see what Verizon has in terms of contracts then.

  • T4rd

    The data plans themselves aren’t that bad, IMO. It’s the $40 “access fee” for smart phones. That’s straight retarded. This added to the fact that they don’t let you choose a cheaper plan with less mins and/or texting. Why must they force unlimited mins down our throats? No one uses that many mins anymore. They did the exact opposite of what most people want; took away unlimited data and forced us to get unlimited mins, when in reality the tiered min plans and unlimited data are what people were happy with to begin with.

    It’s time to start voting with your wallets people. If they force you off unlimited data when your contract is up, take your business elsewhere if you can. I’m hoping Sprint and T-Mobile have a nice LTE market when my contract is up in December 2013.

  • intersellarmind

    i consume 6-12 GBs in a month (netflix, youtube, google music, USB tethering)… if i switch to a shared plan i’ll be spending more money over the course of the 2 year contract than if i buy an unsubsidized phone and keep my unlimited.

    interestingly enough, i tried to buy a SGSIII full retail when my gnex bricked. The store refused to sell me one. Then, an “authorized” retailer said they were discouraged from selling at full retail and even if he did have the device on hand to sell to me, it’d be at $800.

    I hope VZW realizes the only thing keeping me from jumping to AT&T (especially with a probably unlocked note 2 heading to AT&T) is that word “unlimited.”

    • I had this told to me as well… As I stood at the counter with money.

      • Interesting…

      • Ernie

        What’s stopping you from buying one at the month-to-month price, then canceling that plan and using your phone on your existing account?

    • Go Hawkeyes

      I had zero problems buying two of them at full retail on the Verizon website and retain g unlimited data.

      • zepfloyd

        This. I never understand why everyone complains ‘the rep said or told me…” 90% of everything you’d ever need to do in dealing with Verizon you can do online. It’s faster and less hassle.

        • Go Hawkeyes

          I often go into the store to look at a device and play with it. I tell the clerks that I’m just looking and that I don’t need their help. Then I buy online and have it in two days. Simple as pie.

    • AT&T isn’t any better IMO. Crappier network with policies that are just as bad. Sprint or T-Mo is where I would jump immediately if they took away my unlimited.

      Edit: oh, and if everyone doesn’t realize; data consumption will grow as we get more powerful devices, and in general this has been the trend with data(software, media, etc.) since the creation of the digital computer. Soon, someone using 15gb a month will be “light” use. Don’t expect the price for usage go down though.

      • JS629

        At current prices the standard 15gb plan of the future will probably run you 200 bucks a month…which is absofuckinglutely ridiculous.

    • What I have found interesting (since “migrating” to share everything) is that I am using more data. This is because I am acutely aware that I am paying more for my data tier; I don’t like paying for unused services.

      So while the move was meant to protect their available spectrum by throttling power users (previous users allegedly using their $30 unlimited plans to provide all their home data needs; including gaming) I tend to think more users will parallel my behavior.

      I have long been a VZ fan but now feel my loyalty waning because I feel as if the corporate vision of the individual user has undergone a shift to more of an adversarial point of view.

      • DeathfireD

        My loyalty to VZ went out the window when they stopped giving loyal customers discounts on new phones (ie. store credit towards a new phone) and instead give new customers free or very very cheap phones. If I’m forced to switch to shared everything plan before my 2 year contract is up I’m ditching VZ for T-Mobile.

        • OldPerson1234

          Absolutely! 100% agree.

    • joe

      It’s up to the sales rep for a third party like walmart, target, radioshack etc. They dont get commission for outright sales. At one point i had a rep that hated outright purchases and refused to allow us to sell phones outright; but several reps both in the past and present have been far more accommodating.

      It’s not a Verizon policy, just a result of working on commission.

      • dwaynaz

        Honestly, corporate sales reps don’t make any commission on full retail phones, nor do they make any commission when you come in and buy a phone with no accessories. If you’re going to buy a phone w/ no accessories you might as well just buy the phone online get your instant rebate and then bring the phone in the store once you get it to get it all set up. Honestly you’re going to have a less frustrating experience for both you and the rep that you’re working with.

        • TheDrunkenClam

          Yeah they try and push those accessories pretty hard. I went OG Droid, Droid X, Thunderbolt, then GNex and each time I would have to tell them a million times I hate cases and screen protectors, I like my phone naked. I’ve worked several commission jobs, and respect that its how they make their money, but if I don’t want somethkng, I’m not going to buy it. And they can deal with it.

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          Not me, I’d buy it in the store still. If you are really worried about some retard that works there not selling you the phone by itself, go ahead and say you want some accessories with the phone. When the employee is ringing you up and asks you to pay, look in your wallet and go “Shoot! I thought I had more than I actually do, I guess I can only afford the phone today, but can you please hold the accessories for me, so I can come back later and buy them, are you allowed to hold stuff like that for customers?”. Even if you are paying with a credit or bank card, just all of sudden remember that you just paid your rent, or whatever bill works for you, and that you only have enough you are sure for the phone, and if try to buy more than the phone, it will overdraw your account, and you’ll have to pay a big fee.

          I’d never recommend lying to anyone like this, but if you are dealing with someone of the corrupt persuasion like this, sometimes it’s okay to stretch or bend the truth when they are being really hard to deal with. And it’s very unlikely that after they have gone to the trouble of getting you rung up and setting up your phone, and with other people around, that they won’t just sell you the phone. Because with everything being normal besides their stupidity of not wanting to sell to a paying customer, I mean they do not have much they can say at register at that point. Especially if politely press them about why with your account in order and you have the money to buy, that they won’t sell to you all of sudden.

    • abqnm

      This has to do with commission. They don’t get their commission when you buy phones at full retail. Only contract activations get them paid, so they will try to hold on to them for those customers, especially with hot-selling devices like the SIII. For full retail it is best to buy from the website.


      Oh yeah they basically feel well theres no commission in it for them so why bother selling u anything at retail cost . As far as average data i couldnt agreen more i mean why the crap would i wan’t to pay triple nearly what im paying now just to line some beuracrats pockets, ha screw that crap.

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        Hell, I just wouldn’t leave the store until they sold me the phone, haha. You have to be firm and strict with Verizon employees, they are like children. Go in there and place firm handshake to the person who wants to “help” you, making sure your hand is on top of the shake. And just be like a polite robot. Give them just a few words letting them know your intentions, and don’t let them deviate the discussion away from your goal. If they try to and keep asking you questions or keep recommending something you are not interested in, well politely but firmly keep repeating yourself in a calm manner.

        If they become a-holes and say they won’t sell you a phone, well remain calm and polite, but up your firmness, and say without causing a scene but making sure other people in the store hear your polite but firm question, “You mean you have a phone in stock, and I have enough money to pay for it. But you are not going to sell it to me? Why exactly won’t you sell a customer a phone in this store?”. If you’ve remained polite and calm, but have upped the tone of your voice so it’s very firm and the people around you start to pay attention. Well, it puts the Verizon employee in a very awkward spot with all of these other potential sales listening to what is going. Mind you once again, this isn’t to cause a scene and throw a tantrum to get your way like so many child-like adults do in our society. This is simply letting them know that they can’t just shoo away because they won’t get a commission.

        And actually, if it was just a regular employee that was being asinine to you, i would politely but clearly ask to speak to the manager immediately, and repeat your questioning as to why they won’t sell a paying customer a phone. You pay their salary, you deserve better than just being turned away because the employee is horrible at their job. Just never lose your temper, it gets you nowhere. If you get angry and start yelling, well you no longer have leverage with the other customers listening because they will ignore you or think you are nutcase. And it also gives the store incentive to ask you to leave, or at the very worst, call the police.

  • frankandsimple

    People who use more than 2GB data per month don’t have real jobs or are kids, or are downright losers in real life who are NOT doing what they are supposed to be doing.

    • workerbee

      Really.. your maturity and intelligence shows with broad sweeping statements like that.. I happen to be an engineer.. work 40-50 hrs a week. have to kids. and I am married.. I use 8-10 gigs per month and I don’t stream anything or tether..

      • frankandsimple

        you don’t stream, you don’t tether.. and you use 8-10gigs per month? Are you sure you are an engineer??…
        Come on admit it.. you are slacking off of work! LOL

        • workerbee

          I don’t use wifi cause LTE is faster.. everynight I download a podcast.. usually once per month a rom.. rest of the time is surfing DL, google news etc.. I don’t play games so its dem internetz…. lol

    • Droid4LifeDawg

      What a freken idiot!

    • Chris Hollenbeck

      You sound bitter….maybe you should watch a movie on your phone to take the edge off.

    • T4rd

      Lolwut..? You’re severely confused there.. people who have good jobs often travel a lot, hence are away from WiFi and use a lot of mobile data (like me). When I’m away for a week or two in a hotel or temp housing and don’t have WiFi, I tether with my phone. Also, if you don’t have a job, then I don’t know how you could afford a $100+ month phone bill and still take care of yourself or anyone else.

      • Exactly. I’m a traveling consultant and I use my phone for tethering. If I’m on a customer site for a week, I average 5 to 7 GB per WEEK. This is just doing my normal day to day work on a site where the customer does not offer internet service to contractors or as often is the case, they only allow web access and I need to use VPN for many resources on my corporate network. The hotel thing is another good point, also airports. Most big airports don’t offer free wifi, so why should I pay to use their wifi, when I can tether? As an example, at Detroit Metro (the closest hub airport to me), I get 30Mb down with LTE.

  • They got me on the thunderbolt, the worst phone ever made, so I might have to bite the bullet and buy the LG at full price and use it til the Sun stop shinning.

  • On my second phone since shared started, would rather spend more money paying for a full priced phone than give shamwow another dime

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    Willing switch! “From my Cold dead hand”

  • Aaron Fredricks


  • Meanbean

    I dont like the fact they screw you if you get a corporate discount.. the discount only comes off the data not the line fee they found a way to even screw people with discounts.

  • MafiaMM

    Are you KIDDING ME? Surprised by people moving to Shared Data plans. Uhhh from what I know, you DON’T have a CHOICE to stay in your current plan if you make a change. You’re FORCED to go into a Shared Data Plan. This guy needs beating.

    • nightscout13

      Ya he’s kind of a d*ck. As if people had a choice or something…..

    • Speedyrulz8

      You don’t have to switch to shared data of you upgrade, but you do have to switch to tiered data. There is a workaround though somewhat, if you upgrade another line then manually switch the phone to your line you keep unlimited. Unfortunately that also means you will have at least one line with tiered data, but if it’s a basic phone then that’s perfect.

      • Perfect example of the fascist government we have. Combining Government and Corporate interests over the people that ultimately keep them in business.

        • TheDrunkenClam

          Dude what are you talking about? How is the government involved in this?

      • watchthesky

        if you switch it back to a basic phone can you just cancel the tiered data plan then?

  • Ryan Scott Miller

    My data usage for the past 3 months: 15.9 GBs, 12.8 GB, 14.2 GB. I use a lot more than YOU think Shammo!

    • Buckoman

      What could you possibly be downloading that takes up more than 12 GB a month?

      • nightscout13

        For me, streaming my songs from Google Music takes 3GB alone. That’s not counting internet surfing, and in-app data usage.

      • I use over 10 a month, between downloading ROMS on the go; spotify, and google now….

        Edit: and wireless tethering fo free!

      • Dude, I used over 45gb last month. I use my phone for everything.

        • Pedro

          Someone LOVES his pr0n!

        • I’ve used upwards of 90GB at one point.

          • El_Big_CHRIS

            I’ve only used about 30 gigs. Now I have to match you

      • genesiscouper

        Well when your ISP(Verizon dsl) in your house only offers speeds that are less than. 1mb if you want to d.l something in this life time you use your unlimited data on 4g.

    • frankandsimple

      thank you! Guys like you are the reason unlimited plans die.

      • iPhone>android

        No it’s people like me who use 56-125gb a month 😉

        • Nicholassss

          When i got a letter from verizon i thought 48 was bad, i have yet to jump over 50, i need to get o your level. haha

      • will bartlett

        you are such an idiot.

      • abqnm

        Progression of technology and streaming media is the reason unlimited plans die. If anyone is at fault here, it would be Verizon for offering “unlimited” plans to begin with.

    • Adam Brandt

      thanks for helping destroy unlimited

      • I’m in the same boat I use easily 18gb a month. I work for a phone company installing and repairing lines and I need something to get in contact with workers dispatchers and keep me entertained on the road (I sometimes drive over 3 hours from job to job), so anything other than unlimited is not acceptable to me.

        Also for people saying “thanks for destroying unlimited”, they offered it and I paid for it so yes I’m going to take full advantage of it. It’s like going to a all you can eat buffet and eating one plate. They advertise to bring you in with the all you can eat and some people can just eat more. Yes, some people do get ridiculous like in the 100gb or so but like before they came to VZW for a reason the UNLIMITED had they not offered it they would have gone somewhere else where they could get what they need.

        • Nicholassss

          EXACTLY! i signed in to a contract giving me unlimited data, so i use unlimited data. I’ll be real, i’ve gotten up to 48gb, verizon sent me a letter asking very kindly if i wouldnt mind using less, but they never once blamed me for network issues or the end of unlimited data. Its all a money thing. the average user uses probably so little that pople like us are just blips on the network.

          some of you people who arent at “power user” as you think might be mad at me for this, but if you switched to shared, who’s fault is that?
          i dont mean to seem abrasive, but I just want to stress the point that I’m taking advantage of what I pay for.

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        If you honestly believe that is why they got rid of unlimited and came out with share-your-money plans. Well, I have bridge that is for sale if you are interested? Seeing as everything is about data now, it’s logical to assume they are going with what has the most incentive for them to make money, of course not factoring in customer loyalty at all.

      • OldPerson1234

        Hey! That’s what he bought No Limit! Can’t blame some one for using what they paid for.

  • Me: “My Verizon contract is just a piece of paper, and Sprint seems to treat its customers better.”

    More at 11.

  • Capt.D

    If it gets forced upon me….goodbye Verizon!

  • Greg Morgan

    Apparently Verizon executives are about as smart as their customer service/sales reps…

    • nightscout13

      Well, this IS ShamWOW we are talking about here, I don’t think he even finished high school.

    • WickedToby741

      They don’t have to be smart. They’re already rich.

  • Bewara2009

    My life depends on “unlimited data” that’s how important My unlimited data to me is so don’t say its just a word!

    • You’re life DEPENDS on it??? Do you understand what thatword means?? My life depends on being able to breath and get oxygen to my body. Retard.

      • Bewara2009

        its a saying I suppose you never heard of it. and of course I know what it means you douchebag.

    • dwaynaz

      So that means you use about 2 GB a month?

      • Bewara2009

        Nope I use more than that…

  • Josh Pennington

    I made the switch from Unlimited data to Shared Data because my wife uses quite a bit of minutes and text messages her phone. Doing the math (and checking it like 10 times to be sure), we were able to save about $30 a month by switching to the shared plan (removing the added cost for tethering helped that a ton).

    I started out with the 4GB plan just to be safe and made sure that when I was at home or work I had Wi-Fi turned on.

    For the first two months we used a total of 500 MB total each month. I am probably going to move it down again to 2 GB.

    I will not pretend that this was average, but for me, this ended up working out well.

    • Only thing I don’t get about this logic is the tethering. Because it’s not like they are just giving you tethering for free. They are letting you use the data you already bought and hoping that you tether so that you gobble up that data.

      This is just a guess, but you must not tether all that often, right? Otherwise, you’d be crushing by that 500MB mark you said in about an hour’s time.

      Just curious.

      • nightscout13

        Exactly. About the tethering.

      • Josh Pennington

        She barely used it. She only wanted it for when she needed to meet with a client somewhere that didn’t have WiFi. It really only gets used 1-2 hours a month.

    • I don’t understand how this works… With Friends and family numbers and mobile to mobile my family uses literally 150 minutes a month…that is with me using my phone for work as w. I data on the other hand… I could easily use 2gb a day. In no way will share plans ever save me money.

  • fixxmyhead

    fran “shamWow”. am i the only one that cracked up

    • nightscout13

      You don’t rememebr the ShamWOW guy? Well he’s the one in charge of Verizon Finances now. I saw him inside a JCPenny once when he first started out with ShamWOW

      • fixxmyhead

        yea i know who that guy is his name is Vince

  • Hayden Bridges

    The truth is that Verizon’s so called “unlimited” data plans are not truly unlimited and they’ll cut you off if you exceed a predetermined cap

    • nightscout13

      Top 5% get throttled, but not cut.

      • tyler cole

        Still only get throttled on 3g under certain conditions.

      • Hayden Bridges

        Throttling was what I meant but I thought it was the top 2% on VZ and 5% on AT&T.

        • nightscout13

          Here is a short explanation. It’s top 5% and only during congestion.

    • I’ve hit over 45gb. No cap yet.

      • Hayden Bridges


    • DJS

      True. But at least you won’t be charged an arm and a leg for going a byte over on data that you or may not have received.


    • Really? What’s the cutoff?

  • flkdsjfaoewjdfsk

    waiting for verizons big push for HD video chatting or instant HD video uploads…when some verizon video bloatapp comes along…then we’ll see how great ‘shared plans’ are

  • PhillipCun

    How is Shared capped data better than Unlimited? LOL He must be an iPhone user.

    … Or believes we are all as dumb as iPhone users.

  • Captain_Doug

    I’d be okay with all this… if when we bought phones outright, our monthly bill would go down accordingly. If I buy an unsubsidized phone, I don’t wanna pay the same monthly bill.

    • Derek Ross

      Could not agree more. It makes no sense that if VZW subsidizes $400-$600 for a device on your contract that you shouldn’t see a comparable percentage taken off your bill each month if you buy the device outright.

      • The $400-$600 taken off the phone price is an incentive to sign a contract, not an incentive to buy a new phone. Why would they take a comparable percentage off your bill if your not signing a new contract?
        BTW, verizon has offered people $100-$200 credits for people that sign a new contract and don’t upgrade their phone.

        • tomn1ce

          I’m not sure who would do such a retarded thing. Instead of taking the credit I would just pick up a phone and sale it for more then that and keep my old phone. I’m assuming anyone who fall for that is not in their right mind when they sign that new contract with nothing to show for.

          • sport

            I’m just sticking with my Razr Maxx till it’s either dead or I go to T-Mobile’s unlimited service. NO way I’m doing shared data, period.

          • Hogasswild

            I switched to T-Mobile. Very happy so far and saving $70 a month for three lines. You can save even more if you pay full price for your phones. T-Mobile is the only provider who charges you lower plan rates if you pay full price for your phone. I’ve gotten over 15mbps fairly routinely which is just as fast as LTE ever was for me. LTE may be the future but its still not faster than HSPA+, and it doesn’t kill your battery like LTE does. Maybe LTE will be faster in 2-3 years but Ill be onto a new phone by then.

          • righton planning to head there once my contract is over

          • sdny8

            Ditto. I hope my gnex makes it til t mobile builds a network in upstate ny

          • Deltaechoe

            Just FYI, you aren’t forced to buy from the verizon retail outlets. There are many places where you can buy the phones outright for less than they sell at VZW/BB/ect. (cough cough internet cough cough)

            Anyway, as was said earlier, they aren’t going to subsidize your monthly bill if you buy the phone outright. The only reason they subsidize the phones is to lock you into a contract that makes them WAY more money than they are losing by subsidizing a phone. If you don’t sign a new contract they aren’t going to give you any “savings”

          • tomn1ce

            I know that vzw is not forcing you to buy from them. I’m just making a point that there will be those who will fall for that. I’m looking to buy my next phone at full price withing the next 2 years or when my G-Nexus stop working. All that to keep my unlimited plan.

        • 4n1m4L

          Ever looked at how cellular plans work over seas? I don’t think you have.

          • michael arazan

            with all the great phones still coming out this year, I’ll be happy in another year when my contract is up and buying an SG3 at a 1/3 of its price or a newer nexus at a 1/3rd of its price buy next fall, if I want another phone, it’ll just be for a better processor and a lil more ram.

        • RW-1

          The contract is to ensure that you are paying off the phone you got at subsidy. The plans suck period – bill for data used, like a utility, do you pre select how much electricity you use each month? Water? Home internet?

          • Fattie McDoogles

            The only problem with that is they would probably charge you more that way. I wish it was like Japan where they have realistic data caps for realistic prices. 50GB for $30

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Thank the Lord we do not pay our utlities that way. But it’s funny to me that you mention Internet, because at one point in time I do remember paying for Internet by my usage. When I was in middle school, or it might have been when I was a freshman in high school, I do not recall the exact time. But having at home Internet access was a brand new thing! Yes that shows my age, but I’m only 33 now, and believe it or not, you’ll be that age one day as well hopefully. But at the time, having this service, well technically I did not have it, my friend Arron had the service. But the only Internet service I remember being available was AOL, and you actually did pay for the service by how much you used, as horrifying as that sounds. I’m almost positive it was by the minute, and I remember giving my friend my lunch money because we would skip school and go to his house to use this newfound technology, and I’d give him money for time we would use on his computer. And I think the only thing we did was use the AOL chat room, and I don’t actually remember there being anything else you could do.

            But that was true anonymity back then, haha. There were no government hawks, or large companies like Google, tracking everything you did online. I suppose there might have been a few more services besides AOL that you could subscribe to and pay by the minute. And I’m sure there might have been something else besides chat rooms. But today it would be unthinkable to pay by the minute. Maybe I souldn’t even mention that, the cable and dsl companies might read this, and think it would be a great idea to start charging by the minute :O.

      • 4n1m4L

        Ever looked at how cellular plans over seas work? I dont think you have…

      • Michael Quinlan

        What makes no sense to me is that some people are willing to pay full retail for a new phone in exchange for being allowed to keep unlimited data for an unspecified period of time. The hidden down side to being out of contract is that the carrier is under no obligation to continue providing the services you’re accustomed to at the price you’re accustomed to paying. If you pay full retail for a new phone today (thus not renewing your contract), you could find yourself being forced off your unlimited data and onto a shared plan next month.

        • Fattie McDoogles

          No thats not how it works. I see your logic, but it actually works the opposite way. Every time you sign a contract you are forced onto whatever new service plan or agreement they offer. Its like a pro sports contract instead of like your cable company contract. You are agreeing to be with them under their terms for the specified time and in exchange they give you the discounted price of the phone. When you are out of contract. You get whatever today’s are and you keep them for as long you are willing to pay full price for a phone or find phones off ebay or craigslist. The only time you are forced to change plans is if you want a phone that requires a different service set up. Like if you went from an analog phone to a digital one.

          • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

            No, that’s exactly how is has the potential to work.

          • Tony Allen

            Verizon still has to console/notify you before making changes to your plan, at which time you’re free to walk.

          • Guest

            The issue pointed to by Quinlan though is that there is nothing preventing VZW from changing it on you, thus causing you to walk, irregardless of when you purchased the phone. So suppose you purchased you dropped $600 off-contract, paid full price, and they change Unlimited on you a month later. Now you have a device that is worth nothing as it won’t work on other carriers, and the only thing you can do is go with the Shared plans from VZW using the existing device. Alternatively, you drop an additional $150+ to get a new device with a new carrier, thus making the previous expense of $600 a waste.

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            If it still meant I was not supporting Verizon’s crooked ways, so be it. Plus, if it’s a new phone, there are most definitely Verizon customers that would buy the phone off of eBay, Craigslist, etc. Sure you won’t get your full investment back from the sale, but you won’t be out the full price, and that cost you have to eat, is once again worth it to me for not further supporting Verizon. Having convictions costs money sometimes. I’d rather be content with myself knowing I stand by something, than be a wishy-washy spineless automaton. Plus, at the end of the day it’s my money, and I’ll do with as I please, regardless if it makes sense to someone else.

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Oh and, for your information, “irregardless” is not a word in the English language. Yes it is commonly used by many people, and sadly accepted, and even some retarded dictionary editors and publishers, ironically enter it into their uneducated publications. But for all of those with a standard understanding of the English language, well, if you do not see why it’s not a grammatically correct word, I guess that is the reason you would choose to use it in a sentence.

            Basically, it’s this simple – if you would not use a double negative when speaking, then you would automatically bar the use of such a travesty to the English language.

          • D.C.

            Nor would any sane grammarian use the word “retarded.” But nice rant.

          • rruready

            You took all of that time to point out something, that no one cares about, in the comments sections of a post about “unlimited data”. I’m so glad I learned a grammar lesson on my favorite tech blog. It comes off as completely pitiful, not that you care (judging by the tone of your comment).

          • kkjdroid

            “Irregardless” is technically a word, but it’s considered nonstandard usage and is discouraged.

          • Im.an.idiot.too

            Antidisestablishmentarianism. You’ll find it in any unabridged english dictionary. It’s a double negative.

          • sgtguthrie

            This is EXACTLY the point I’ve been trying to make ever since VZW said “Just upgrade at full retail…”…. I’m T-Mobile bound when my contract is up with their new unlimited plans and a nexus 😉

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Exactly. They can get rid of my unlimited if they want, I know I’ll absolutely never, ever be changing to a shared plan. But once my contract is up, and if they get rid of unlimited, they have no legal standing to force me on to a shared plan, I will be walking away to another carrier in a heartbeat, without paying another dime to Verizon. And I could not care less what other carriers are like. I would leave Verizon and take less service from another carrier, on principle alone. That’s a word not many people can define in their lives. With the way Verizon has treated me, they don’t deserve another penny from my wallet.

      • Chalmers

        Why would they lower the plans because u purchased a phone full retail? It’s more of a wash if anything. They don’t benefit by a customer purchasing full retail. They want you in a contract so they can be certain that you are there and paying your bill for the next 2 years or you can just leave them at anytime and where do they profit from that?

    • majormudafuckinhun

      More people moved to shared data than they expected eh?? That’s what Apple said about the demand on the iPhone 5. Is there a correlation here??

    • You don’t have to stay on Verizon if you “don’t wanna pay the same monthly bill”

      • WickedToby741

        You do if no one else (except Alltel) has coverage in your hometown. It doesn’t matter how much money I’m saving if I just plain don’t have service.

      • JohnGaspardo

        Yeah i’ll just switch to one of the other pillars of choice in the phone industry. Oh yeah I forgot the telcos are operated via cartel capitalism and there is no meaningful difference between any of them… No phone for me I guess.

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          While I agree it sometimes seems as though the carriers are in collusion with one another, and Verizon isa piece of garbage on many levels to me. Capitalism isn’t at fault here, capitalism is what makes this country great, capitalism is why there are Android phones to begin with. But if you still disagree, well there are numerous socialist countries out there, that would be more than happy to have you as a citizen, so they can redistribute and give any money you have or earn, to everyone else in society, especially to the freeloaders who feel entitled to get something for absolutely nothing, and demand that they get their fare share even though they don’t put in their fair share of hard work or any work at all for that matter. All the while the people who are redistributing your money to the masses, well they sit on their big fat pile of cash, not giving away a single penny. So you can enjoy the great capitalism that this great nation was built on and which so many others emulate, with it’s pluses and minuses. Or we can throw you a farewell party as you leave to join a socialist or communist country.

      • Captain_Doug

        Sorry, you’re right. We should be complacent when policies are giving us less service for more money. Thanks captain obvious.

        • SolipsisticPsychologist

          Amen to that Doug. Plus, a smart phone is a luxury, it will never be a necessity. The world worked just fine before they came around, and if I must have a cell phone, well dumbed down flip phones are a bright alternative to taking whatever garbage the cell phone carriers are up to this week. You might “want” a smart phone, but I’d be truly surprised if someone could show me how it’s an absolute need. And if it is for business, well they either pay for it, or they pay you enough money to buy it on your own dime, and if neither of these apply, then it’s not a necessity for work.

    • Mike

      Doesn’t/didn’t T-Mobile offer this?

      • Captain_Doug

        yep, definitely thinking of making the jump. I’m pretty dead center in their coverage area so I shouldn’t feel the coverage hit too hard. Especially moving from Verizon 3G to T-mobile 4G.

    • abqnm

      I believe the reason they are doing this is that they plan to completely eliminate the unlimited plans in the near future and they want all existing unlimited contracts to expire so they can just get rid of the plan. So even if we buy a phone at full price, we will likely lose unlimited data completely within 2 years from when the shared plans took effect. As for the subsidy, I agree with the responses below.

    • Exactly, VZW excuse of why there is a monthly plan is because essentially its a rent-to-own a phone program. So if we fully own the device, the monthly bill should go down too

      • Zacharypt

        I understand this concept with companies like t-Mo who has for $0-$XX down and them $20/mo. But as far as I know the contract with verizon is to CHOOSE buying a phone at a SUBSIDIZED cost. No contract, no subsidy.

        • 2 of the major reason for a contract is to pay for the network and the phone. So if anything a discount or something. $10 off a month.

    • Hogasswild

      T mobile offers this plan but amazingly it gets little press. They even give you a 20 month interest free loan if you can’t shell out the full amount up front. Once the phone is paid off you pay $20. I’m saving $70 a month on three lines compared to what I paid VZW, and I have unlimited everything which I didn’t with VZW. After the phones are paid Ill save $130 a month. Pretty substantial IMO.

      • Captain_Doug

        Looking at that plan, it’d save me $70 a month for just me and my wife. $70×24 months=$1680. More than enough to buy phones outright and still save close to a grand a year. For a starving married college student, that just makes sense.

  • Verizon CFO: You are an idiot.


    Thanks a lot vz.. but ill keep sucking your data and buying galaxy nexi.. lol nexi.. at full retail if i have to because im not getting sucked onto your crap plans.. 🙂

  • Murphy

    Definition of UNLIMITED
    1: lacking any controls

    • Justin W

      Excellent definition – this is why VZW does not want unlimited. They can’t control anything about it, and that concerns them.

  • DJS

    Just one more way for Big Red to sell less service at a higher price.

  • “People switched when we forced them to, so they must love it!” Classic PR logic.

    • Marketing = guessing + liquor.

    • too true. It’s the same as Motorola saying everyone loves blur because people are using it on all their motorola devices. The semi intelligent person would realize it’s only being used because it is baked into the software.

      • abqnm

        Still with the blur hating? I thought we were over that. Of all the manufacturer customized adaptations of Android, I would gladly take blur. Of course, vanilla is obviously the number one choice.
        Edit: I am referring to only the new ICS blur.

        • you missed the point entirely.

          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Yes, yes he did. And it was a very good point that reflects what Verizon says, in showing how they are full of feces.

    • Jim McClain

      people left their unlimited cause they like tiered plans huh..kind of like saying that the jews didnt mind being gased in WW2 isnt it

      • UrSmawt

        I hardly think genocide is comparable to subsidized phone talking points. Keep the one liners on your blog.

        • As a wise man once said, bringing Hitler into a discussion is the quickest way to invalidate your argument.

          • summit1986

            Godwin’s Law 🙂

        • Jim McClain

          feelin a bit high and mighty are ya?

      • Guest

        Godwin’s Law just kicked in, yo. Thread over.

      • noc007

        Wow you got modded down quite a bit for that. I think it’s an accurate statement, though a bit extreme.

        I don’t want to be forced into the shared data and I’ll go as far as leaving to another carrier when VZW does try and force me.

    • JDub

      Sounds like my boss. Everyone is asking for raises, but they must be happy with what they are making now so…..no raises!

  • this guy needs to go. bring back unlimited.

    • WAldenIV

      I use far more wifi than I do 4G/3G. I think consumers just like to bitch about anything they perceive as a slight.

    • walden, i used to use more wifi, but my wifi at my school is basically useless, and extremely slow. so i have to rely on my 4g. taking away unlimited is awful

      • WAldenIV

        To be clear, I’m not saying I agree with him or that unlimited should be taken away. I know that the cell phone companies are trying to screw the consumer, not help them. Since people aren’t going over minute or message limits anymore they hope people will go over data limits so they get more money. I simple believe that many more people will wring their hands and complain when they are not at all affected by the change.