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Quick Look: Spigen GLAS Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S3 [Contest Too] (Update: Winner Picked)

Here we go with another tempered glass screen protector solution for your Samsung Galaxy S3, although this time it’s made by the folks over at Spigen SGP. As many of you know after checking out my quick first looks at the XGEAR tempered glass protectors for the GS3 and Galaxy Nexus, tempered glass is the ultimate form of smartphone display protection.  

Spigen’s version is called GLAS Premium and is 8-9H in surface hardness, which means it is three times stronger than regular PET film. It also should resist scratches from just about anything, including knives and keys. It has an oleophobic coating to resist against smudges and fingerprints. The touch screen should remain ultra sensitive, and the edges have been rounded ever-so-slightly to make it much easier on the hand.

Spigen trimmed it around the edges, so that almost all cases will be able to fit with this screen protector on your device, took into account the proximity sensor issues that many experienced with XGEAR’s original glass protectors, and even tossed in different colored Home button inserts to help with pressing after the protector has been applied.

Initial Impressions

I appreciate the fact that Spigen cut the protector short around the edges so that you can still apply most cases for extra protection. I’m also glad that they worked around the proximity sensor issue that was happening during phone calls on the original XGEAR version. I’m enjoying the slightly rounded edges so that it doesn’t feel too sharp in hand and also the home button inserts that make pressing “Home” much easier.

I’ve looked at a couple of reviews who mention that touch sensitivity is not optimal, however, I haven’t run into any issues. In fact, I pressed as lightly as I could throughout an entire email, browsing session, and normal phone use and it reacted to everything I threw at it. Over time, if the adhesive were to give way, I could see there being an issue, but so far, it works perfectly.

Lastly, you won’t find the grid of dots on this Spigen version like I did on the original XGEAR versions.

At $34.99 you may consider this to be too expensive, but there aren’t many other options. If you want a tempered glass screen protector on your device, you can either go with Spigen’s or XGEAR’s ($29.99). From what I have read, XGEAR has made changes to fix some of the issues that plagued theirs initially, however, Spigen appears to have added some extra tweaks to make this slightly more appealing (lack of grid, room for more cases, and button inserts).

Update:  After a full day’s use, I have had absolutely no touch issues with this protector from Spigen. In fact, it’s as good as it was the minute I applied it to the device. We’ll see how it holds up over the matter of a week or so, but so far, I’m enjoying the protection.

At this time, we are only seeing a white version available, so blue GS3 owners are out of luck.

Buy. ($34.99) [More info]



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Update: We have our winner! Their name is nyr2k2 and their story is as follows:

My car had blown a tire on the interstate on my way home from work one day. I got out to survey the damage, and decided that since my rim was now bent I should call AAA and get a tow. Reaching into my pocket, my phone slipped out of my hand, flew toward the other side of the car, and came to rest teetering precariously on a sewage drain cover. The phone was literally wobbling side to side, where the vibration from a passing car could easily have pushed it past the tipping point. Fortunately I grabbed the phone in time, but damn, it was harrowing.


Thanks for entering everyone!

Prize:  1 (one) Spigen GLAS tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy S3.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, tell us about the scariest time that you dropped your phone.
2.  Feel free to follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook.


Tomorrow at 12:00 PM PT, we will choose a winner randomly from the comments. Good luck!

  • lilcledix

    My scariest moment is every day because my 1 year old love to throw my phone off the bed

  • Chocolate Noodle

    I dropped it at the pool lol

  • Michael C.

    i put my phone on my lap and forgot about it so it fell on the ground

  • I had cargo shorts on and my droidx had a tendency to fall out of the pockets. One time it fell out right when I got out of the car and onto the cement ground of a parking lot

  • GamerGuy80

    I woke up to go to the bathroom and i use my phone as a night light to see where im going… and oops dropped it in the toilet….that sucks

  • There is not a sound worse than a smartphone hitting concrete. Luckily hasn’t yet happened with my S3.

  • stephen shavers

    I was working on replacing my siding for my old house. I was up on a ladder, and my phone slipped out of my pocket. Landed right on the corner. I was lucky enough to have a case on it so it survived.

  • My two year old tossed mine down the steps. Lucky for me, they were carpeted.

  • i had my phone in my jacket pocket and rushed to the bathroom to take a wii and it fell in the toilet didn’t know what to do so i sat on the computer for hours Googling it and just ended up getting a new one and than my galaxy s3 my dad was holding it and i got mad so when he gave it back to me i snatched it out of his hand and it flew on the ground face down and cracked screen in half but was still useable.

  • krusty46

    It happened only yesterday. I was flashing a new ROM and I hate using the volume rockers with my Active case on. The moment I took the case off the phone dropped out of my hands and hit the floor face down. Thankfully all is well 🙂

  • 1. Off a Ski lift, near a 30 foot fall, unscathed, still dont know how i didn’t get water damage, i swear droid x’s were built to take a bullet

  • Aw man. I had my S3 sitting on my lap when I was in the car. I went to get out and it slid off my lap and towards the blacktop. I lunged with my foot, it bounced off my shoe and landed in the mulch. Whew…

  • J.B.

    I fell on my butt. Slid down a flight of stairs. Hardwood stairs. Phone was in back pocket….

  • I was sky diving and my phone feel put of my hand while I was taking pictures I never did find that phone.

  • I was in a rush one time and started driving off with my door open and my phone fell and I stopped just before I ran over it!

  • ahaltcj

    Few years ago I bought my first touch screen phone, an AT&T Tilt. That night was my friends 21st birthday. While running to catch up to some friends I saw my phone next to me as it had flown out of my cargo pocket. I stopped and turned around to find my phone on the ground without the battery or back cover. Luckily it only suffered a few scratches.

  • I’ve yet to drop my Toro. Or my Grouper. But my insouciant mother owns an SIII and she scares the hell out of me with it. She’s dropped it countless times when I’m around…

  • Christian Guarino

    My girlfriend was doing her nails and my S3 fell off the couch…face down onto one of those nail file dremel things. Picked it up saw a ding, then watched it spread over the whole screen! Come to find out the tips are some diamond substance, who knew?

  • T4rd

    Me and my friend went down to NYC to ride bikes through the city. Right after we got done riding through Times Square, his back tire blew out. So I started navigating to the nearest bike shop with my OG Droid. I was trying to ride with one hand steering and the other hand holding my phone out so I could see where to go. Of course someone darted out in front of us and we had to lock the brakes up, so I inadvertently tossed my Droid away and it tumbled across the street. It sounded and looked pretty bad. Even though I had a hard plastic case on it, it broke off, then the battery cover and battery went flying out. A few bystanders saw it and cringed while wincing the “Eeewwwwwww” sound. Fortunately there was no traffic and I was able to grab it quickly, throw the battery in and power it back up. Only thing it did was nick/dent a corner of the phone.

    OG Droid was/is a tank. Another time I was hosting a part with friends, playing a card game at our table and my clumsy friend who had drank too much knocked over a freshly poured Jägerbomb directly onto my Droid. I immediately wrapped it in a towel. It kind of messed with the touch input for a day, but after that it was fine aside from some sticky keys. I had to pull the keyboard out and clean it out to get it back to normal.

  • TJ Jarvis

    I dropped my Droid X on the chair of death in New Zealand back in early 2011! It was crazy and heartbreaking! Chair of death is where you’re tied to a chair while you bungee off a cliff.

  • Today was the first day I dropped my S3. It was very scary. Waist-high onto a carpeted floor.

  • wade

    getting out of the car after listening to music i throw the door open and jump out of the car jugle it a couple times and then bounced 3 times face down i pick it up and it was all good!

  • Dropped my phone while dirt biking. Backplate was broken but my screen was fine. Phew.

  • My scariest moment was almost dropping it a long distance to the concrete below, but saving it by deflecting it to a safe spot right next to me with my foot.

  • matt

    Off the roof of the car at 50mph. Still working.

  • Ethan

    Was on a first date and she didn’t have pockets, so she asked me to carry her phone and wallet in my pocket (not wanting to bring her purse). I stepped out of the car and felt it slide out of my pocket. She didn’t give me a second date….

  • Dropped my phone down a flight a cement stairs.

  • Gel

    Actually happened today that I was sitting on my school’s football bleachers and my phone fell out of my pocket and fell through the bleachers falling a good 15 feet into rocks.

  • in a fit of anger slammed gnex on counter broke finger phone was fine but battery had a nice indent of my finger..closest to scary drop I have had..

  • DaveTea

    Not dropped…but worse: Back when I had my OG Droid I was laying on the couch with a blanket covering me and my phone was sitting up on my chest. Our cat jumped up and started sniffing around the blanket and right before my eyes he started to urinate in a indent in the blanket that was between my knees. In shock I sat up and my damn phone launched into the pool of cat urine. Totally submerged. I took it apart and used some electronic cleaner to get it working again but the damn thing just smelled like cat pee. Had to buy another. I still have the ‘cat pi** droid’ in a zip lock baggy if anyone needs some stinky parts on the cheap…

  • Corey Miller

    Had it sitting between my legs in a jeep and forgot about it when I got out. Just lightly dinged the corner from the asphalt though. I currently have the xgear, and have been less than satisfied with it, so looking to try this out. I’ve had no problems scratching it, and 3 of the scratches turned into cracks that followed my finger around. So now I have 3 cracks in a cool shape starting in the center and curving out to the edges. It looks kinda neat, but was a bit of a waste of 30 bucks. The dots stood out badly as well.

  • I dropped my DINC2 from the roof of a Hampton Inn hotel while setting AC units during construction. It fell all the way to the ground via the duct shaft and was virtually destroyed. Amazingly enough it took some lucky skips and bounces to not shatter into a million pieces but the screen and casing were shot. It could receive calls nothing else

  • Nathan Corachea

    OHI have a story. So one time i was peeing and i just lost grip of my DInc. and time just like went in slow mo. I saw it falling down into the toilet. so i quickly slapped my phone and it flew at the door. My bathroom door now has a little crack in it. but my phone was completely fine (edit: actually some of the phone’s battery door chipped off so i got a new one,the red one)! and it was kinda sad cuz i was like psssh i dont need a case on this phone, so i took it off like a couple of days before/

  • Lawrence

    Dropped my OG Droid numerous times getting out of the car with it sitting on my lap.
    I nominate the OG Droid as the Chuck Norris touch screen phone.

  • niemeyer18

    I was washing my car when my phone rang. My soapy hands made it impossible to keep a grip on my Droid X. Luckily, it survived…that time.

  • MrEnglish

    If it’s as crappy as the Xgear one, don’t bother.

  • Maria Montoya

    i was sitting in a chair on second story and my phone was on the railing. i was listening to music. i know its a bad place for my phone but i had it there anyways. so 10 min. later i got up and forgot it was there and bumped into it and down it went. the floor was all concret but lucky for me there was one spot for a plant. and my phone landed in that little spot. phone a little dirty but thats it. love you droid x.

    • Maria Montoya

      edit: oh yeah my heart stopped any life went into slow mo. like the matrix.

  • steven ross

    Scariest Time i dropped my phone is EVERY time I drop my Galaxy S3 because I have no cover on it!!!! I really should protect it somehow.

  • Chad Devoley

    One time I was in a buddies car and we parked at a metered spot on the side of the street. I got out of my car forgetting my Galaxy S was in my lap and when I got out I felt something fall and hoped it was my wallet. It hit the ground with a loud thud like I was dropping a boulder, and bounced into a sewer grate. I panicked I thought I lost my phone to sewer alligators. I reached in and the phone was chilling on the edge of a lip and I almost pushed it off completely into the abyss. I saved it and felt like a hero but there was a huge chip in the corner where it first hit the sidewalk and there was a spiderman crack throughout the screen. Ever since that day I’ve used some sort of protection. Never going naked again.

  • I got out of the car in a hurry and my phone went flying from my lap . i have no idea how it flew so far away

  • Futbolrunner

    I dropped my phone in the toilet during a long forgettable night

  • dropped my droid x it hit the side of the hot tub and then in for a swim took me a bout 30 seconds to find it in the midst of the jets, yanked the battery out put in rice next day im talking on it with a slight nic on the corner…..now my son has it he has dropped it numerous times..TOUGH

  • Mine fell out of the 2nd story window at my house needless to say it was destroyed

  • I accidentally threw my Droid X across the room one time when I was late for a test. It was coiled in a blanket that I threw off of me.

    I cracked the notification light by the speaker grill, but everything else was fine( My screen had gotten water or something under it earlier, but that wasn’t caused by the throw).

  • imneveral0ne

    About a month ago, I woke up and my dog was chewing on my phone. The case/screen protector saved me tho. Only a couple little scratches on the sides.

  • Chronon7364

    Riding my bicycle, trying to text. Fortunately I had a case so my GS3 was unscathed. Even though it has Gorilla Glass 2, I understand it is not invincible.

  • forgot an inspire 4G on my lap and got off the car. The front smacked the pavement. Thank god the edges took most of the damage, I started using cases after that

  • Dyzek Mendez

    I was at Six Flags and me like a dork tried to take a picture while on the ride when we were doing a loop and i dropped my phone (at the time Incredible 2) and it fell on some random guy’ head! But luckily for me he caught it and gave it to me after the ride.

  • Mathew Colburn

    I was riding my bike to work one morning, listening to music, had my Gnex in my jacket pocket and all of a sudden the music stopped. I grabbed my earphone cable and it was no longer connected. I stopped my bike and jumped off, looked back about 50 ft and saw my phone lying in the road with a city bus barreling down right at it. Thankfully the bus stopped not 10 ft from my phone. Last time I ever rode my bike with my phone in my jacket pocket. Now, it always goes into my blue jeans.

  • Nacho Durand

    I was fishing in a boat with a friend and then suddenly he took my phone to took a picture of a seagull passing, but he didn’t realize that, in that moment waves produced by a nearby boat came to us. Result: The most expensive picture of his life :/

    • Chronon7364

      “The most expensive picture of his life” Lol