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In the Case of Apple Vs. Samsung, Samsung Found “Guilty” (Updating)

Bad day for Samsung. The Samsung vs. Apple jury has just finished deliberating and the verdict is out in San Jose. Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung has been found guilty of deliberate patent infringement time and time again on many devices spanning multiple carriers. As you may guess, this was never going to be just a simple ‘guilty’ or ‘non guilty’ outcome. There was a 700 question form for jurors to answer and as I type this, the verdict is still being read and discussed in court. What we know so far is that Samsung is going to have a rough road ahead with this loss. 

This post will be updated as more details are made available. You can expect a full breakdown next Monday as all of the trial’s information and verdict are compiled for easy digestion.

Update: In good news, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab was found not to infringe on the iPad’s design. That’s a big one.

Update 2: In terms of damages, Apple has just been awarded $1.05 billion. Ouch.

Update 3: So far, Samsung’s claims against Apple are being met with a wall of “No.”

Update 4: That’s it for now. All of Apple’s patents valid. Samsung devices infringe on many of them. Samsung must pay big money. We’ll keep you posted!

For live coverage, you can follow the Verge’s livecast here.

  • Justice

    Apple is a morally bankrupt company. They make a living stealing other people’s work and then claiming it as their own and suing for patent rights. How can the patent office allow a patent that is so broad and vague and strikes me and “obvious to the trade.” Internationally, Apple has been getting kicked in the ass because they were trying to do the same thing that flies just fine here. Several independent developers have been muscled out by Apple and whenever Apple sees a dev idea that they like, it suddenly “disappears” and then an Apple version is released for its worshipping customers. No one, and I mean NO ONE buys a Samsung thinking they were buying an Apple. Samsung has been a staple in the electronics field for a long time and Apple has always been a thorn in it. Apple has had to make so many sacrifices because what they offer is not as appealing to customers as they would like to think and the Apple business model just sucks. Look at the stocks! Even though this will be a major hit to Samsung, their stock is still stable at twice Apple’s. Apple is falling at a pretty good rate and this is just another one of their legal lash-outs to recover their lost profits. It has nothing to do with Samsung actually infringing on anything. I don’t care who you are, you can’t patent a front-facing touchscreen. Even the guy who invented it did not patent it! Apple’s attempts at these ridiculous patents are comical, and while I think it is acceptable for them to patent a full device design (which, interestingly enough, Samsung did NOT infringe on – and even funnier, Apple’s devices don’t look like it either!), it is not acceptable for them to patent a vague (or even precise) partial design of a smartphone that would essentially give them a monopoly in the trade. Apple just needs to stop crying that people like other electronic devices as well and just be an honest corporation. I am not saying all others are angels, but Samsung is a victim here, and it is sad that many cannot see that. Apple should have to give the $1B back plus “damages” – what does that word even mean here? In the future, all of the markets that Apple is trying to weasel its way into, it better not make its devices look, function, feel, smell, sound, interact, or any of the stuff that Apple sues other people for. Apple should also not be able to sue if its own devices don’t resemble the patents that they are suing in regard to. And if anyone who works for any of the related departments of theft at Apple reads this, you suck!

  • Jon Gee

    In related news, Apple filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Proctor & Gamble because Ivory soap is the same color and shape as the iPhone.

  • Robert Jakiel

    This won’t stand at all. By the time the appeals are over and the patents invalidated by the USPTO Apple will have little to nothing left. Not to mention that once Google’s patent for the notification bar is granted I would truly hope El Goog shoves it down Apple’s throat.

  • michael o’brien

    The thing that I find funny. Juror of peers. I bet maybe 1 person on the jury actually even knew what a patent is. I believe that items like this need to be taken and ruled by the judge, or an outside agency that actually realizes what patents are. Swipe is different that moving a puzzle piece to unlock…swipe is different than a scroll wheel.

  • Joshua

    I guess Apple is hoping that people have forgotten about the Palm Pilot from the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. The Palm my sister still has on her desk is battery operated, white in color, has rounded corners, and colorful icons on the screen and a “dock” of icons on the bottom. You can zoom in and out, scroll longer messages and sites, and even add applications. Hmmm looks like Apple copied the Palm Pilot and just added their usual “coat of paint” on it and had the mainstream media call it “innovative”. Whats that you say, Apple just took the look of the Palm Pilot and improved upon on, adding a phone and a better interface….wait isn’t that what Samsung just did?

    The real pioneers of this technology are IBM, Microsoft, HP, and Motorola….those are the ones who should be holding ALL of Apple’s patents as Apple has NEVER made anything new, only stole it from others and slapped a bitten logo on it.

  • Kierra

    Lol I remember a time when ppl on this very site steered clear of Samsumg because of obvious copying from the iPhone.Since Samsung is the new android darling I guess we’ve forgotten.
    It’s obvious that Samsung was biting apple in the beginning moreso than the other OEM.
    C’mon ! Look at some Samsung galaxy chargers…
    This decision doesn’t damn competition in my eyes.
    Hell even GOOGLE warned Samsung that their products were dangerously similar to Apple.
    Yes Google.

  • Crazy ettiquette

    So If I make a pair of basketball shorts that look like nike shorts but put my logo on them, Can nike sue me because they are a pair of shorts?

  • jorgedev

    From an Android dev. I’m actually excited that Samsung is sent to the drawing board. I believe that Apple should be scared because Samsung may just come up with a device that is so much better than the Iphone 5. I also hate that tech sites make the ruling seem like it’s all over for Android when in fact it’s not. It may be an obstacle. But that’s about it. Android is very popular with consumers and has a lot of developers on it’s back. Android is going nowhere. ps. I own the G Nexus, Galaxy tab 10.1 and Galaxy tab 2 7.0.

  • Erick

    So why doesn’t Samsung just take this ball and roll with it?

    AGREE with the court ruling and just say their products are the same as Apple’s.

    THEN let everyone see the price differential.

    That should help Apple’s sales…


  • EddieDaniels

    steddie7 just now
    It’s hard to argue the patent system isn’t broken. Those people who are cheering for victory for Apple scoff at those who disagree, like apple never copies? How about the notification bar apple copied? Copied exactly I might add. But because apple plays dirty they take concepts that they themselves stole and copied, patent them, and demand everyone else innovate! Really now? How about when I walk past one of those little claw machines in the mall, and see a BLATENT rip off of an ipod. Even the name is similar. imusic it says. Now that is a real copy. Televisions look alike, mp3 players look alike, game controllers look alike, land line telephones, the list goes on and on. Call of Duty looks and plays like how many other shooters? Apple plays dirty plain and simple.

    • Tyler Chappell

      There is such an incredibly large amount of copycat iProducts out there, and Apple is fully aware of it. But guess what, even though those devices are far more similar, Apple doesn’t care about them because almost nobody buys them and so they are not a threat. Apple is just greedy and has always been that way since their existence. But when it comes down to it, their products are always behind upon release and really its just inferior, less intuitive technology that appeals to less intelligent people that care more about their image and buying iDevices as a fashion statement or status symbol to feed their feeble minded egos because they are too ignorant to see for themselves which technology is superior.

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    You really should say “The judge found that Samsung was guilty or the moronic jurors did”. What you shouldn’t post is “Samsung is guilty of……add suit claim here”. Because, to any person who is not an Iphone or Apple cult member, and any person who can fully utilize and fire all processes in their brain for reasoning, deduction, logic, etc…., no, Samsung didn’t copy jack or his retarded brother sh!t. A non-troglodyte can easily see that from the beginning of this trial, and every earlier or future trial/lawsuit claim, that this is once again the heinous abuse of the patent system and Apple bullying out competition instead out-innovating competition.

    Just because a brain-dead judge and some jurors said differently, well it does not make it so. Yet I’m sure I’ll see some hypocrites in here, who formerly decried Apple for throwing it’s d!ck around, all of sudden agree with it just because a biased judge and some biased jurors said so. Next time you call someone sheep, you might want to pull down your pants first, and check to see if you have a bushy little scrunched up tail sitting above your feces hole.


    Awww, pawww pawww Apoo. They stole the idea of controlling a computer screen by mouse for the original Macintosh from Xerox who invented and pioneered the idea. It was called the Xerox Star System. Apple can steal from others but other can’t steal from Apple? You know Samsung’s lawyers are gonna appeal this to the hilt for years.

  • pilot25

    Apple lawyers and reportedly going to ask the court to immediately pull its line of phones.

  • Devilsephiroth

    This was settled in a court of public opinion , which was deeply seeded in apples propaganda .

  • wm snyder

    Why did people buy android instead of iphone that’s the question not this stupid lawsuit!

  • jjt

    Samsung is one of my favorite companies. I own a myriad of Samsung products from appliances, televisions, a home theater system, and 2 Samsung cameras. I love all of my Samsung products. That being said, I’m sorry folks, while Samsung phones may have some design differences, the evidence (at least that which has been made public) clearly shows (quite unfortunately) that they tried very hard to copy Apple’s products! For instance, why does the GS3 have that god-awful home button when Android phone makers are clearly steering away from that, many going to on screen softkey navigation? Well, iCrap has one! Why on earth they did it, I can’t tell you, as they have all of the ability they could hope for to be innovative. In fact, they 1-uped Apple using Apple’s own technology. This is still a loss for us as consumers. I believe technology should be shared like science. Sammy will bounce back from this, but I fear that it will empower Apple to sue everybody over everything. What’s next? I wonder if they’ll sue all of the other wireless device makers for including accelerometers? In some ways you have to feel like Apple is just sore because Samsung essentially made a better product based on similar technology. I don’t think any of this will affect whether someone will buy a GS3 or not, except to encourage some folks who may have thought that it was too different from iCrap.

  • Manny

    Samsung got what it deserved. One thing comes to mind here, sammy is the android’s most succesful device maker, think where would android be without copying apple. Nowhere !!!!! Android sucks.

  • wm snyder

    Apple is trying to uphold all the patents that make in today’s terms a smartphone. In the end they will be forced to share all their secrets ; you cannot have a monopoly it is against the law which will in turn bring patent law’s under question. Think…… Bigger picture not the tit for tat.

  • wm snyder

    You know people, Jellybean may not be the Greatest…. We may have a game changer ahead of us….. Hmmm could be exciting!!

  • wm snyder
    • wm snyder

      So I’m thinking apple just sued Samsung for doing what they have done since the beginning!

  • I’m kind of happy that Samsung lost to Apple. I was never a fan of Samsung phones for some reason. Samsung had it coming; they totally ripped off of other companies including Apple.

    • Before people get angry at me, I am an Android owner. I have a HTC Droid Incredible 2. lol

  • sport

    If ya can’t beat em, sue…..screw ApPle…….

  • balthuszar

    people, how can you trash on apple for doing this, and then cheer on google for doing the exact same thing?

    • balthuszar

      if google is right, then apple is just as right

  • EvanTheGamer

    F Apple and their piece of trash phones. They can burn in the fiery depth of monkey hell for all I care, damn f’n cry babies.

  • dkprnce

    Some people want this sooo badly to be o.k. but it isn’t ok. The question wasn’t wether the samsung (whatever the flavor is today) looks like the iphone – It was that there was no question that samsung copied apples original ideas. There is no doubt that samsung used apples designs for the galaxy S. Thus giving them a huge leap into a market they previously floundered in. Simple. And undeniable.

  • Jon Wright

    Lawyers win, consumers lose.© SSDD

  • blade78

    Still not buying a boring Iphone; which you can’t customize the way you want. SG3 all the way. Samsung hold your head up and continue to make high quality galaxy phones.

  • fallsgable

    I heard that Apple made the “claim” that my favorite App was THEIRS as well….If I have to uninstall it, I will be FORCED to switch….

  • boss

    How much y’all wanna bet that each one of those jurors have an iphone or some type of Apple device

    • anti-boss

      How much y’all wanna bet that at least one of those jurors have an Android phone or some type of Google device.

      • ty

        lol I doubt it… they all probably using windows phone

  • Lucky Armpit

    The media, in general, is so “brainwashed” by Apple that I’m not surprised at the verdit.

  • We need to find the true companies that own these patents and petition them to sue Apple and the US Patent System for allowing Apple to be approved for those patents. It’s kinda sad when a company can bluntly rip off several companies’s tech and then get approved for a patent and then hold that patent up without a single bit of remorse for the billions of dollars they are profiting off of other people’s work.

  • og

    I feel at lost for Samsung, but I’m looking forward to an overhaul to the Touchwiz UI!

  • Steve

    yep and OJ is innocent too.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Yeah, I still can’t get over the fact that some believe this, and the fact some black didn’t actually care if he was innocent or not, it was okay he was wrongfully found innocent just because the color of his skin, hmmmm, a good example of actually being racist yourself if you believed he was innocent for that reason.

  • GF1 Fanatic

    This is a dark, dark day for technology, innovation, and the American consumer! A jury of peers! Come on! Since when are nine Americans South Korea’s Samsung’s peers. Apple is using their elephant in the room status to bully everyone else. Shame on these jurors for letting themselves be manipulated.

    I would rather give up my smartphone altogether than use an iPhone. And I am a Mac user since day one.

    Congratulation Apple, you have become Big Brother!

  • Sy Balsen

    This is a dark, dark day for technology

  • tyguy829

    While I definitely don’t agree with the ruling, it will force samsung to really live up to it’s potential, and innovate in even better ways that Apple could never dream of.

    Now…if they could just get the damages reduced in the appeals so they can actually put it towards R&D/innovation.

  • Finire

    I’m just waiting for this statement…

    Samsung: Unfortunately due to company wide budget cuts we will no longer be able to manufacture parts for the iCrap. We will also be safeguarding our patents on the technology used in our products so others will not be able to manufacture in place of us.

  • Wise_Tech_Babe

    I would think Google/Android copied the iPhone OS… far more than Samsung copied anything.

  • Wise_Tech_Babe

    I guess Samsung will need to increase their prices $10 per phone… in order to pay for that.

    Who really “lost” this case? Anyone that will buy a Samsung phone in 2013 or 2014. And even then… you only “lost” $10.

  • Gnexustexas

    $1.05 billion is not “a drop the bucket”. Samsung only made about 12 billion last year so this would account for roughly 10% of net income. That is a huge amount.

  • distraught willard

    Who cares, the big boys came out to play. Now what is going to happen to millions of phones that are in use?

  • Don

    “Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal” – Steve Jobs, 1994

  • Blades

    The deal with this lawsuit was basically about older Phones that Samsung doesn’t even support or make anymore that were infringement. This was a lawsuit about History and phones and software that happened in the past not current phones. As I don’t see any resemblance to an Iphone in the Galaxy SIII…….oh wait rounded edges…..dooohh!!

    • Matthew Guan

      Actually Iphone patent states that 4 symmetric round corners but GS3 does not and neither does Gnex.

  • Going back to basics.
    They said if it looks like duck, sounds like duck, acts like duck, is it duck?
    Then let me ask this question.You have same of 2 long pieces of stick(pen, pencil, drumstick) next to each other. You can pick up an item with it just as you would with chopstick.Now, does this make chopstick? cuz it sorta looks like chopstick(2 of same stick) and acts like chopstick.

    No, at the end of the day, it’s still pen, pencil, drumstick, etc