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Lookout Introduces Newly Redesigned Mobile Web Application – Losing your Phone Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

Uh oh, you’ve lost your phone and aren’t near a computer to help you locate it. No worries, you have Lookout installed and your friend has a smartphone too. With Lookout’s newly redesigned mobile web application, finding your device at the Starbucks you left it at is now even easier than it was before. 

With the new mobile web-based app, you can view your backed up contacts, locate your device’s location through Google Maps, and if you’re a premium user, remotely wipe and lock your device so no creepers can look through your goods.

The redesign has already rolled out, so go check it out at the Lookout website on your phone and make yourself comfortable. Lookout also plans to roll out even more features for the redesign so stay tuned.

Via: Lookout

  • Uncle Paul

    No one mentions “Phone locator pro”?
    Completley hidden install,
    Take Pictures, Crumb trail,
    Record AUDIO for specified amount of time,

  • Great! Now I can find my lost phone using the phone…that I…just lost. *scratches head*

  • MagnusM

    TrustGo offers the same features…and the picture thing mentioned below. Also free.

  • Cerberus all the way

  • Stinker


  • Abhisshek Das

    Kaspersky better

  • Is that the S3?

  • Diablo81588

    How is this any better than seek Droid?

  • John

    Still prefer AndroidLost over anything out there.

  • krusty46

    Site coming up as untrusted by anyone else?

  • Cerberus, you should take note of this! Either a nice web-based app, or even an Android-native app. Give the app that’s already on there the ability to locate others, that would be nice.

    • MikeCiggy

      I love Cerberus, they do need a good web app but in a bad situation a friend with a decent phone can be used to access the website and send commands. One of my favorite cerberus features is it taking a picture of the person who just got the password wrong 3 times.

      Also the ability to snap pictures at any time in case your phone is not lost, and is stolen.

    • I agree, because otherwise Cerberus is pretty much unbeatable!

  • trixnkix637

    Is this a better alternative to use other than SeekDroid?

    • John

      Try AndroidLost ?

      • trixnkix637

        No i haven’t. Actually never heard of it. What does it offer over some of the other apps out there?

        • Suralin

          Not sure about the other aps, but AndroidLost is capable of taking pictures with the front-facing camera (supposedly, it has even muted the screenshutter sound). You can remotely wipe, turn up the volume, set a lock with a pin, etc. You can even access your phone’s sdcard and delete files if you need to.

        • John

          You don’t even have to have it installed on your phone. Just use it whenever you want(after you push to your phone when you need it of course). It’s free btw.

  • I just used plan B by lookout yesterday. LIFESAVER

  • Suralin

    I use a combination of AndroidLost and RemotePhoneAccess. AndroidLost has a lot of commands you can send to your phone to lock, wipe, etc.. RPA has similar functionality, but you can pinpoint your phone via the Google Map. Both are free. (Oh, and you can hide the AndroidLost app from the app drawer).