Google’s Lookout Helps Visually Impaired Users Identify Things Using ‘Lens’ Tech

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This week, Google launched Lookout, a standalone app for owners of the Pixel, Pixel 2, and Pixel 3 smartphones. With it, blind or visually impaired users can have their smartphone identify objects or read text to them, using computer vision and Google Lens technologies.

To give you an example, Lookout can be most helpful when someone with impaired vision enters a new space. The phone can recognize objects around it, then report that information to the phone owner.  Lookout tells you about people, text, objects, and much more as you move through a space using spoken feedback, earcons, and other signals.

Google does mention that, “As with any new technology, Lookout will not always be 100 percent perfect.” Because of this, they are looking for feedback from users, so if you have some after using the app, send it here.

You can download Lookout to your own Pixel phone by following the link below.

Google Play Link

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