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Verizon Still Letting Upgrades Keep Unlimited Data?

We aren’t sure if this is the case for every Verizon customer, but so far this week, we have heard from a handful who used an upgrade over the past few days and were still allowed to keep unlimited data. From what we were told when Share Everything plans went live, unlimited data was only going to be kept if you purchased phones at full retail. We aren’t sure if Verizon is being extra kind this month, if they are temporarily allowing upgrades as they did pre-Share Everything, or if this is some sort of an error in their system. AT&T announced their shared data plans this week and even announced that customers will be able to keep their existing unlimited plans with upgrades for the foreseeable future. Maybe Verizon wants to align themselves with that? 

What we do know is that we have a screenshot below of a customer upgrading this week to a Galaxy S3 and finding that he was able to keep unlimited data. We also just received an email from a reader whose wife is upgrading from a DROID 3 to a 4G phone and was told that she could keep unlimited, but that this was only going to be allowed for a short period of time.

Update:  We are hearing from friends of ours that this is pretty random. Some people are still able to keep unlimited, while others are not. It could have to do with inadvertent canceling of Galaxy S3 pre-orders and those customers are now given a chance to upgrade. It could also be that some are more special than others and simply slipping through the cracks.

If you have yet to use an upgrade, would you mind cruising into your account today, walking through half of the upgrade process on a phone, and then telling us if it is allowing you to keep unlimited data? Afterwards, please let us know in the comments.

Cheers Travis and everyone else!

  • raid98

    This is true for me also, I originally tried to order online though Verizon’s website back in early July and the site would give me an error about my unlimited plan not being available anymore and that I would get a 2GB plan, so I cancelled it before I ordered. A few days later I decided to check it out again and the error message was gone and it let me order through the website as I kept my unlimited plan. I switched the sim card from my Galaxy Nexus, put it into my S3 and boom it connected almost instantly and put the new sim card that came with the S3 and put it in the Nexus and upgraded/switched my brothers phone through the Verizon website, had no problems on either phone and I kept my unlimited plan on both phones!!

    • Did you use the loophole though upgrading another account and vice versa as people have described on here or did you update the line your using.

      • raid98

        I didn’t use any loophole to my knowledge, I had an upgrade discount on my phone line and it let me upgrade my phone on the website without it changing my contract. I have checked my Verizon account online and today it still shows that my unlimited contract has been extended to July 2014, I’m not sure why it let me keep unlimited but it did. But as I said, the first time I tried to upgrade my phone in early July, I got the error message that told me I couldn’t keep my current contract if I upgraded, came back a few days later and the error message was gone. So I upgraded my phone and my brothers phone without it ever changing our contract to unlimited and I did this all through the Verizon Wireless website.

  • jewvee

    I just upgraded a phone on my account yesterday and got to keep my unlimited it seems the people at the verizon store didnt even know why this was happening and tried to talk me into a family share data plan i refused several times lol i dont know what the glitch is but i was very happy

  • Yep not working here, My number isn’t a primary and is the only upgrade open. Keep getting

    Your current unlimited data offering is no longer abailable. By Default 77667 – EMAIL & DATA ENTERPRISE 2GB $0 OFFERING IS SELECTED.

    So guessing I’m not a lucky one.

  • Behzad

    Called customer service, first time they said no. Second time the girl checked and said she would see if the system would allow it. She said surprisingly it did. Back to unlimited for my new GS3!

  • Liderc

    I’ve had two family members upgrade since the cut off and keep unlimited.

  • BrendonSF

    Just upgraded via the Verizon site and kept the unlimited data. Hooray.

  • walter guevara

    I work at target mobile and today I upgraded a customer who hasn’t upgraded since 2010 and kept unlimited data…weird

  • AhsanS

    Can anyone confirm if this is still working as of now?

  • I’m not concerned. I don’t buy phones from big red, there’s better deals elsewhere. 🙂

  • Nic Romero

    I picked up two SGS3’s the other day and kept unlimited on both!

  • Pete

    I’ve been trying all day today, both online and customer service will not budge on letting me keep my unlimited.

  • Using my last NE2 and it’s letting me keep unlimited data.

  • Jeff

    I just went on to take a look at this my parents have been customers with Verizon for about 20 years or more and they we able to upgrade and keep unlimited data!!!!

  • I recently left metro pcs after obtaining my brothers Droid X2 , apparently he Kept his unlimited data by paying full retail for his razor . I set up a pre paid account in June and at first was told my data would not be unlimited. However, mid way through the transaction (setting up) up phone , the associate told me how to sign up on my verizon and on the website it clearly says : unlimited data in my account . I pay $95 a month for 7 hrs of talk time , free nights and weekends unlimited data and text. After coming off ghetto pcs, I’m happy as a clam

  • mikeym0p

    I work as a 3rd party retailer for Verizon. There was a loop hole over the weekend that when upgrading a line the user wouldn’t be forced to the tiered plan. I do not know, however whether or not it is up to the employee to manually move the user to a tiered plan or if their activation system will do it automatically.

  • Sean Wood

    I hesatantly upgraded to the S3 last weekned after laying hands on a friends and my Unlimitied is still showing up on my plan… and they let me stay with my existing plan of which I gave my daughter my Nexus and they let me add her on with the typical 2Gb/$30… I was FULL and WELL expecting to be pushed into one of the shared plans… but the rep said it was only an option if i thought i would be saving myself money….

  • hopper84

    I work at Verizon and have noticed this with annual upgrades only. I do think it to be a glitch in the system but hopefully the people i upgrades get to keep their unlimited once vzw figures this out. If annual upgrade confuses you, Verizon used to offer an upgrade to the primary line on an account after one year of the contract instead of the usual 20 months. The promotion ended with the arrival of the iPhone but a few people still have these upgrades out there.

  • ndog21

    No but ebay bestbuy mobile soulotoins is

  • I bought my galaxy s3 about a week ago, and my VZW rep knows me pretty well, i have known him for about 4 years now because we worked in the same strip mall. I was able to keep my unlimited data with my upgrade. Now from my understanding there is a loophole still in the verzion upgrade systems. Im really ecstatic that i get to keep my unlimited for two more years!

  • lnwalker

    I’ve done it twice in the past 4 days and it has not changed my plan.

  • Stephen Whatley

    Bought a galaxy nexus yesterday. The rep was as surprised as me to see my account still showing an unlimited data plan after the process was complete.

  • J2000pro

    When I was at the corporate store this week, the clerk waiting on the customer next to me expressed surprise when they activated someone on a new phone and contract, and the system had not taken away the unlimited data. I wonder if it’s not being enforced at a system level and up to the reps to assign them to a tier manually. Perhaps the unlimited data SKU must remain in their system for those grand fathered, and not renewing contracts yet/ever. Don’t worry everyone, I’m sure a patch is on the way. . .

  • bobs your uncle

    Verizon would love to get me on a shared plan. And off my 80 gig a month data binge. But it ain’t happening :^) upgraded to GS3 at full retail for the next two years. Thanks Verizon!

  • Wireless Expertz

    This only works if you do what VZW calls an “iconic” order (meaning pre-order a phone) its a glitch in there system it does not catch the account has Unlimited Data on the account.

  • David W. Astor

    upgraded to the SIII. rarely do i use the upgrade. Used to travelling so buying at full retail is a staple for me rather than the exception. If the phone is less than $1500 retail, I usually buy it outright unless they tell me otherwise. Used to paying over $1000 for phones so anything less than 1K is cheap for me. i know in the US ppl dont like to pay for more than $299 per phone, but anything less than a thousand is a steal. If you want to assess the blame, it’s american entitlement. 1K is minimum what a top tier cell phone is worth in market price. So getting the SIII for less than 1K was a steal for me at $699.

    • yellowcanary

      If it wasn’t for us American entitlist your ass would be speaking German now.

      • Ethan

        Amen to that!

  • arturo_bandini

    Well, shoot, I already ported to a prepaid. But also, whatever, they just toy with their customers. This summer’s events made me take a real hard look at my wireless needs, something that I’d never really put much thought into (beyond wanting the newest/fastest/fanciest phone) before.

  • PappaFloyd

    It let me keep mine, ordered my GNex online. I had a upgrade sitting there for a while, also been with them for 16 years or so. Was SUPER happy though.

  • brando56894

    I remember a guy mentioning on XDA that he upgraded his phone about a month (or less) ago and he said he got to keep unlimited data. My mom has a “feature” phone (Samsung Alias 2) and checked about two days ago if she had data because she wanted to post pics to Facebook while on a trip, when I tried to add data it said that I had unlimited data which wasn’t available anymore and I’d have to get into a share everything plan if she wanted data. Turns out she already had 75MB/month from when I had the phone 2.5 years ago and it carried over lol

  • AhsanS

    SOMEONE. QUICK. Is “unlimited email and web for smartphones” the same as unlimited data? ”
    You currently have Unlimited Email & Web for Smartphones (personal email).” That’s what I get and I can choose 2gb/month over it. “Unlimited Email & Web” IS unlimited data, right?

    • brando56894

      Yes, I believe it is.

      • AhsanS

        Alright. Then I get to keep my unlimited too. 🙂

  • I activated a new phone on the 28th, the day the shared plans started. My account was automatically switched to a limited data plan. I was told that I would not be able to go back to the unlimited since it “did not exist” in their pricing. But placed a special request and a few days later I was back to my unlimited, already used over 30gigs in less than a month, gotta love those 4G speeds.

  • Sky

    Yes, we both upgraded last week and were able to keep unlimited data! The week prior, I was not given that option.

    • Sky

      One of our lines upgraded through a Verizon store. (They refused to admit that I had to option to keep the plan until I demonstrated it on the website.) The other line I upgraded via Newegg.

      • Koneesha

        So we can upgrade from other stores than verizon! OMG!!

  • davidmi58

    Had an upgrade on the wife’s line (DX). Went online and tried to upgrade to a Gnex and they tried to force me into a data plan. 🙁

  • GNedxed4life

    The truth about this (which was clarified through a Verizon rep when I upgraded from my HTC Thunderbolt to my GNex) is that the reason some or most people are able to keep their unlimited data plans are because they’re doing “same tier” upgrades. Simply smartphone to smartphone, basic to basic etc. If I were to say upgrade from a basic phone to a smartphone or vice versa, then I wouldn’t have been eligible to keep my unlimited data plan and then would have been forced to choose a shared data plan.

  • Thomas Partida

    well I can say that i had no luck whatsoever, I live in southern California and have acces to 3 different stores and even a few independent stores and had no luck persuading anyone into letting me keep my unlimited, I also called 10 different reps over the phone but no one took the bait……. I am really fustrated with them at this moment.

  • Scott in MA

    I bought my Galaxy SIII today from VZW, upgrading from my Droid X.
    I was told that the ability to upgrade and keep my unlimited plan expired on June 28 and I had to go do a shared data plan or else keep my Droid X. Of course I wanted the new phone. So it is going to cost me an extra $600 a year for the privilege (plus the $30 fee). Feh. But the phone is nice.

    • Scott in MA

      Update, I read more posts here. I called VZW Customer Service, I still could not get back my unlimited service, but the worked out a deal that should cover my actual us and not cost us more than my old family plan. Not idea, but not costing me any more made me happier.

  • Cameltoe

    I called to ask if I could upgrade to the S3 and keep my unlimited data. They said no. Then I went online and ordered the phone. I kept my unlimited data as well:)

  • Thomas Partida

    ok, i officially give up.

  • Thomas Partida

    still not working for me, i am on my 8 rep and no luck.

  • maverik

    yupp still have the unlimited data option 🙂

  • shmigga

    I was able to upgrade to an S3 and keep unlimited data.

  • r0gu3g33k

    Got extremely lucky it seems. Recently upgraded in Oct to the Droid 3, then got offerred an early upgrade to one of four 4GLTE phones, Droid Rzr, RazrMaxx, Droid4, and I forget the other. Grilled the cust suppt for a good while before giving in for the Droid4. So far…only charged an upgrade fee of $30(was expecting that) and the price of the phone ($99) and still showing all unlimited data. I’m sure there is a catch somewhere, but I’m not seeing it yet.

  • thatdude

    I don’t know, perhaps this is because att is allowing grandfathered customers to keep their unlimited data.

  • ant

    i got my unlimited still and i got the GS3 the day it came out

  • Colin Zack

    Not sure if this has anything to do with it, but my brother upgraded after the last day for unlimited, and still kept his. No idea why, but he did use my upgrade so maybe that confused things.

  • AhsanS

    I have a Droid 2. Should I get a Nexus 7 or upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus (unlimited data)?

  • Emmanuel Sanchez

    I just got my S3 with unlimited data!!!

  • greggies

    I tried last week to buy the galaxy nexus and the online system was forcing me in to a shared plan, so i didn’t do it, I just tried and it is allowing me to keep unlimited data.

  • rep

    To those ppl that are doing this when the phone gets activated the unlimited data will fall off I’m positive and for the ppl that slipped by not losing it it will fall off once they realize it once again I’m positive .it just might take a few months but any time any change is done on a line that has the unlimited data an alert goes to an off line team and they check the eligibility of having it

    • If there contract says unlimited. They can not change it after the error. If that was the case than I would have to pay Version a bunch of money due to glitches when I ordered as an employee of Verizon

  • scotty

    Damn I would of waited to see what else came out if I knew this 🙁

  • John Murray

    Same thing here. Let me keep unlimited.