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Verizon Still Letting Upgrades Keep Unlimited Data?

We aren’t sure if this is the case for every Verizon customer, but so far this week, we have heard from a handful who used an upgrade over the past few days and were still allowed to keep unlimited data. From what we were told when Share Everything plans went live, unlimited data was only going to be kept if you purchased phones at full retail. We aren’t sure if Verizon is being extra kind this month, if they are temporarily allowing upgrades as they did pre-Share Everything, or if this is some sort of an error in their system. AT&T announced their shared data plans this week and even announced that customers will be able to keep their existing unlimited plans with upgrades for the foreseeable future. Maybe Verizon wants to align themselves with that? 

What we do know is that we have a screenshot below of a customer upgrading this week to a Galaxy S3 and finding that he was able to keep unlimited data. We also just received an email from a reader whose wife is upgrading from a DROID 3 to a 4G phone and was told that she could keep unlimited, but that this was only going to be allowed for a short period of time.

Update:  We are hearing from friends of ours that this is pretty random. Some people are still able to keep unlimited, while others are not. It could have to do with inadvertent canceling of Galaxy S3 pre-orders and those customers are now given a chance to upgrade. It could also be that some are more special than others and simply slipping through the cracks.

If you have yet to use an upgrade, would you mind cruising into your account today, walking through half of the upgrade process on a phone, and then telling us if it is allowing you to keep unlimited data? Afterwards, please let us know in the comments.

Cheers Travis and everyone else!

  • Mvpmp90

    I recently switched phones with a friend. He gave me his G-Nex and I gave him my Bionic. When they were switching phones over the guy that was helping us said that I would go down to a 2Gb per month plan. That was two billing cycles ago and I still have my unlimited data.

  • cellular sales verizon agent

    Just so everyone knows…I work at Verizon and I have noticed when I do alternate upgrades….and they stay on the min plans….they keep their unlimited…..what I mean by ” alternate upgrade” I mean…you don’t use ur lines upgrade…use ur sons or wives….tell them u wanna keep urs for later….I swear this works…then the next day u can do another alternate upgrade and ur son or wife can use ur upgrade and get them a new phone keeping unlimited data….if u go to a indirect agent..we can do two alternates at once and both lines use the others upgrade both keeping their unlimited data….remember don’t change anything with the plans….no bucket data for this to work

    • This is what i did and it works. I upgraded on my sister’s phone line and it let me keep unlimited

    • k3v

      This is precisely what I did and my rep confirmed.

    • CrustaceanFreak

      I’m with an indirect store as well. That is the only loophole I’ve found thus far (without going through VZW customer service), but I’ll keep you guys informed.

    • JON

      I work indirect as well and did this last night and it worked! they keep thier unlimited data!

      • Kevin

        im sorry but what do you mean by indirect? Im assuming that is like a best buy store or something?

      • Koneesha

        How does indirect work. We have 3 phones that need to be upgraded and this would be great!

  • chucklehead322

    My guess is someone at VZW figured out if certain customers bought plan X with so many GB they wouldn’t be making as much as they would with the customer’s current $30 per phone data plan.
    I’ve been wondering about this myself when it comes time to upgrade. Right now we have 4 phones paying $30 each ($120 total) per month for data. Most of us are able to use wifi the majority of the time so technically we don’t really use much data each month and wouldn’t need a plan with lots of GB. VZW would probably lose money with us as we’ll be buying the lowest data plan available.
    I bet after reviewing our bill someone says, “let them keep unlimited since we’re making more off of them that way.” Just my opinion but I don’t doubt the greedy VZW peeps figured that out once the shared plans started rolling out.

    • jroc74

      This make alot of sense. I woudlnt be surprised….lol.

  • Mizzark

    I just got my S3 for vzw from best buy.. even though I pre-ordered the phone before the cut-off, their system tried to force me off. The BB sales rep called verizon and the lady was able to switch it back to unlimited after going through the switch in the BB system

  • just tried it and i was able to keep unlimited data. Gonna buy the phone now 🙂

  • arthur2142

    I just checked my brother’s line on my account, and during the ordering process it forces him into the 2GB/$30 plan. I tried to get him to upgrade before the Steal Everything plans were introduced, but he didn’t listen.

  • bigeasy2000

    I bought my S3 online though Android Central/Best Buy Mobile. When selecting my plan there was an option to keep my current plan but it did not say unlimited on the site… just keep current plan. I thought this was a web site glitch and when I picked up the phone at Best Buy Mobile they would tell me I had to change over. Well much to my surprise and the Best Buy rep helping me he was able to activate the phone and keep me unlimited. I also thought I was special.

    • Koneesha

      Did it warn you about the share everything plan?

  • Dammit Kellen… First Slickdeals now Droid-Life … this will be dead in the hour… 😛

  • CapnShiner

    Has anyone looked into a possible link between keeping unlimited data and using the last NE2 credit? What about upgrading from specific devices or to specific devices? I think we should be systematic about researching this and track all the similarities and differences we can think of for people who are upgrading. We need to establish a pattern so we can exploit it.

  • John

    Is this only working for people getting the S3?? I tried for the galaxy nexus and it’s forcing me to choose a new plan

    • AhsanS

      Damn, really? I was plannning on getting the Nexus…is the 2 GB plan available though?

  • Beranimus

    I upgraded to a GS3 from my Droid x at best buy last Thursday and wasn’t expecting to be able to keep unlimited data but somehow after my upgrade I still have it. Not sure how or why but I’m ok with it.

  • Matt

    I just tried it and it was letting me keep my unlimited data

    • cheezer88

      In store or online?

  • cheezer88

    I have an upgrade and unlimited data, but i don’t know if i want to be locked in for 2 more years

    • Kyle

      I’d say do it. The worst thing to happen is you get stuck with unlimited data on the fastest 4G network.

      • AhsanS

        Will it work on Amazon Wireless? The nexus is a lot cheaper there..

        • Eric

          Doesn’t look like it, I just bought it on VZW. I called a rep but they can’t do anything. Let me know if you are luckier.

          • AhsanS

            Ah. Was the 2 GB plan available or were you forced onto a shared plan?

          • Eric

            I kept my unlimited plan 🙂

          • AhsanS

            Ohhh. So you’re saying that I can keep unlimited through VZW’s website but not through Amazon Wireless?

  • BaltiCzar

    As far as I have been told by their phone reps as well as in store reps, we can still use upgrades on other lines on our accounts (if those other lines are not unlimited) and then simply transfer the upgraded phone to the unlimited line.
    I have 5 lines on my account. Only one is unlimited. One has a 4GB data package (from when they were offering that 4G promotion) and three lines are feature phones. As long as I cycle those feature phone lines for upgrades and transfer them to my unlimited account I am golden.
    All the other lines (family members) on my account are already full aware: “I pay the blanking bill, I get the upgrades!!” You want a shiny new phone? Go pay full retail or go see ebay/craigslist.

  • Destroythanet

    FYI, I was able to keep unlimited when I pre-ordered from Best Buy even though they sometimes told me they wouldn’t (I called in about this 6-7 times).

  • Chris

    Just upgraded 2 lines and look to have kept unlimited data.

  • samsungowns

    I am a VZW Retail Store rep In MD and I have not been able to keep unlimited data for any customer since the launch of share everything. Maybe this is related to geographic area?? We have some different systems in Northeast, Midwest etc.

    • vzwemp

      I’m a rep in va. I think it depends on whether you use that lines upgrade or alternate upgrade.

      • vzwemp1

        Had a customer call in from the VA area and did their standard upgrade in an indirect location and they kept it from their OG Droid.

  • nightscout13

    WOW, so i could have waited a little, and got the GS3 a little cheaper, AND kept my data??

  • sjcea

    This is indeed the case ! I upgraded to the Galaxy S3 3 days ago and after requesting and fighting a bit the supervisor over road the system and allowed me to keep unlimited data on all lines !!! They told me that they are instructed to get people off of unlimited data but were also authorized to allow people to keep it if it meant losing there business !! I was thrilled ! GS3 and unlimited data as I have had for year !!!

  • AhsanS

    Can someone confirm if this works on Amazon Wireless? I can snag the gnexus for $50..

  • Darkblue31

    Yes its working for me

  • AMAZING. I upgraded my wife’s line last week with an S3 and they said we had to lose her grandfathered unlimited data. We were pretty depressed about it but we didn’t want to pay full price today. I read the news today and called customer service ASAP. The rep was super nice and put her immediately BACK on UNLIMITED DATA. WOOHOOOOOOOOOO

  • sonicemerald

    im hoping this works… I pre-ordered the galaxy s3, and got to keep my unlimited data…. but my family account owner decided she wanted a tablet and bought it and switched the whole family account (5 devices.) to a 12 GB plan… without telling anyone until after. I am so mad.

    • She can return it if it hasn’t been 14 days yet and they’ll revert the plan.

      • Micah Gemmell

        I heard they might not do that, since they really want to get rid of unlimited plans…

    • nico rojas

      Your going to loose it unless they put you on a 700minute plan that was my issue when I called

  • AhsanS

    Should I upgrade to the S3 or GNEX? Quick, I need an answer!

  • duke69111

    And a whole butt load of people just released a huge sigh of relief!!!

    If Verizon didn’t know it, they know it now.

  • k_nivesout

    Bought a nexus off contract since I figured that by the time my upgrade was available (next week), I’d be forced off unlimited with a subsidized upgrade. This is what the rep in the Verizon store said as well. At first when I saw this article, I was wondering if I should’ve waited getting the nexus. But after a few weeks with the nexus, and knowing the next best option is Verizon’s neutered galaxy SIII, I’m happy with my decision 🙂

  • Brian

    It is not letting me keep unlimited…it says it automatically selected the 2GB plan for my account.

  • Christopher Anderson

    I kept unlimited data when buying my S3 in store last week. I thought I was special…

  • Jake

    Not an hour ago a lady at work asked me about this, becasue her sister got to keep her unlimited data last week when she renewed her 2 year contract, upgrading her phone to the Droid Razr Maxx with subsidized pricing.

  • michael

    Yeah works for me, I was holding out for the razr HD, but this makes me wonder if I should just quick upgrade before they realize their mistake.

    • Charlie

      I’m in the same boat. Still pretty sure I’m going to hold out the the Razr HD though. The SGS3, although a great phone, just isn’t for me.

    • T4rd

      I would just wait. I’ll bet if you called and complained enough when you decide to upgrade, you would eventually get someone willing/able to help you out in keeping your unlimited data. May not be worth the hassle to you, but it’s pretty much what I plan on doing in 18 months when my contract expires.

  • E

    That was the main reason I upgraded early. I will say though, this would be good for them to allow grandfathered accounts. Other people in my plan will be due for upgrades within the next year and would just as soon leave for another provider if they have to give up unlimited.

  • richardsonadm

    I can confirm, I just tried to upgrade my line with S3 and is allowing me to keep my unlimited data, but waiting to sell my CR-48 to make up the difference I need.

  • Peggy Sturman

    I just tried and it told me I would have to give up unlimited data. I have an HTC Thunderbolt and want to upgrade to a Nexus.

  • giantsfan0128 giantsfan0128

    I am a VZ retail rep, and this all is very true, I have not heard why this is happening but upgrades have been going through witout any error. If you have unlimited then upgrade NOW, I dont know how long this will last, this is you LAST CHANCE.

  • Jesse McCall

    Wow, if that’s true, this is SO annoying. I went to upgrade before my contract ran out and I TOLD them I wanted to preorder the S3. Their reply was that I had to upgrade to a phone that is already in stock before and that I could swap it afterwards closer to the launch date because, if I preordered, it was as good as going after the renewal date. After they told me that, I went back to do what they told me and they made me jump through more loops (eg. talk to various reps and customer service) before telling me that it was impossible now and that I would have had to (past tense) do what I INITIALLY said I wanted to do….preorder the damn thing. Now I’m stuck with the Razr (NOT the Maxx) for another 2 years because they told me to do the wrong thing.

    Thank you, Verizon, for screwing me over and wasting my time.

  • I had my mom use LetsTalk.com to upgrade to the new Incredible (which she effing loves btw) and they let us keep the unltd data, until one day I got a text from VZW saying she had reached 50% of her usage…which lead to me investigating and finding out they tried to be slick and throw her on a 2GB plan for the same price, until I called customer care and the rep was awesome and restored the unlimited data within minutes.

    Oh, and did I mention that I got my mom unlimited data around the time the Galaxy Nexus came out? LOL. I love Verizon and their little loopholes I seem to catch with this whole unlimited data fiasco.

    • Do you happen to know if LetsTalk.com allows buddy upgrades? I want to grab that Galaxy Nexus or the Samsung Galaxy S 3 for cheap.

  • amycyclenut

    I ordered my SG3 on-line last week and I was NOT allowed to keep unlimited data.

  • WhichWay

    Is this online, through the phone, or in person?

  • ApplesNAndroids

    I have two upgrades. One line has unlimited data the other 4GB. When I go to upgrade either line I am able to keep pre existing data options

    • Charlie

      I have this exact same setup and it’s the same outcome. Can keep both data plans without moving to shared.

  • Rob

    Verizon felt bad for Droid 3 owners so they decided to toss them a freebie.

    All kidding aside (I had a Droid 3 before this too), how did they get an upgrade already? I got the Droid 3 the day it came out and I’m not up for an upgrade until January 2013, and this is because I first started with a Droid X2 and moved to a D3 (since the D3 didn’t come out until AFTER unlimited data was yanked, I had to get something when I jumped to Verizon in May 2011). Maybe they bought the D3 at full retail like I did and their contract date started earlier than January of 2011? I’m confused.

    I bought the SGS3 for full retail and feel better about spending that much money on it since this phone is, you know, the friggin’ bees knees.

    • T4rd

      My friend got the Droid 3 around its launch too and upgraded to a Razr Maxx a month or so ago. It seems that they’re allowing customers with 3G (Android) phones upgrade early to 4G phones. That’s why he was able to. He got an e-mail from Verizon telling him about the offer, so he walked into a store and they let him re-up for a Razr Maxx when he was only like 10 months into his existing contract.

      • Rob

        Damn. I totally got screwed! Well, not screwed, but I’m more than 13 months into my contract! And I had a Droid 3 as well! Grrr… I guess Verizon really DID feel sorry for people with a Droid 3! “No ICS upgrade for you? That’s OK, we’ll give you a HELLA EARLY upgrade.”

        Oh well, good for your friend and the others!

        • T4rd

          Well I’d bet you would be able to do the same if you walked into a store or called and mentioned this even though you didn’t get an offer. It seems Verizon wants to migrate as many customers as possible onto its 4G network. Try it out and report back if you can and can keep unlimited ;-).

          • Rob

            Honestly, not sure if it’s worth it. I have no basis to “threaten to leave” since I would have to pay an ETF and a restocking fee if I really did leave. Plus I’m on unlimited data so they would probably tell me not to let the door hit me on the ass on my way out lol.

            But if all of these people were on unlimited… ugh.

          • T4rd

            Well I didn’t say to threaten to leave, just to ask and see what they say, hah. I would tell them that my friend just upgraded from a D3 to a 4G phone and see how they respond to that. Can’t hurt to ask, heh.

  • jeff

    Maybe that’s why Verizon’s stock is down. Investor’s aren’t happy that customers aren’t getting forced to pay more for limited data.

    • spoonman

      One cannot buy stock on Verizon Wireless, they’re a private company therefore not publicly traded. If you have Verizon stock it is for Verizon communications

      • carlito

        Pwned lol

        • jose


      • Osborne195

        Good comment, he is correct. Although, I have certainly read in the past that Verizon Communications “stock value” does fluctuate based on their wireless business dealings. Are you saying that VZC has nothing at all to do with their wireless division at all?

        • spoonman

          yes it is to my understanding that VZC stock fluctuates based off of publicity on VZW but the 2 are not directly related

          • Mark

            They are directly related. Anything that happens with Verizon Wireless will directly affect their parent companies: Verizon Communications and Vodafone.

      • Anthony_Armando

        Verizon Communications is a holding company which owns 55% of Verizon Wireless.

      • jeff


        “Verizon then became the majority owner (55 percent) of Verizon Wireless, with management control of the joint venture.”

        If you’re buying and selling Verizon Commuications stock then you better take Verizon Wireless into account since they have a direct stake in Verizon Wireless.

  • JonRyan

    I work as a sales rep for verizon wireless and for the past few days every upgrade that i have done from a customer with unlimited data had bumped them off to the 2GB plan..

    • T4rd

      Well you go to hell and you die! You should be fighting the system and keeping them on unlimited! Hah, j/k. But do you even have the option to keep them on unlimited or does the system force them into a tiered plan? Or maybe only managers/higher ups have that ability to grandfather them over..? I’ve wondered how that works..

      • In Verizon’s system now when you do an upgrade it automatically removes the unlimited plan and substitutes the 2gig plan and gives us no option as to keeping one or the other.

        • T4rd

          Then I wonder how all these people are keeping unlimited data..? I guess a manager can override it maybe?

          • I’m not sure as I just upgraded a woman to an s3 this morning and it definitely kicked her out of unlimited. That said she had a 3 month average use of 35 MB of data!

          • Trueblue711

            The online system used by customers is probably different than the employee one in the retail stores. This could simply be an accident that the two are different. No one knows.

    • Christopher Anderson

      Didn’t bump me off

  • Cmrudy

    I’ll be damned…my main line is eligible for upgrade and online it allows me to keep my plan and unlimited data…now what to do what to do?

    • I would go for it. I played with it today and it freaking awesome! SGS3 is sweeeeet!

  • T4rd

    When my next upgrade was due, I was just planning on calling the CS or retention center every day until they let me upgrade and keep unlimited data anyways, lol. I’m sure it’s still technically possible to do on their system, they’re just strongly urged to not do it.

  • Jupiter

    If this is true, I have one more upgrade that I want to use up ASAP before they change their mind. Please confirm people?

  • BD864

    Worked for me on Monday too! Just got my S3 with unlimited data!

  • balthuszar

    if this is the case, vzw may have just saved themselves a couple of customers

    • Cowboydroid

      You can add another. The only possible way I sign a new contract with Verizon is if I keep unlimited data for the current price I pay. Not even Nexus exclusivity will keep me if that doesn’t happen.

      • balthuszar

        i’ve got an upgrade in september…crossing my fingers we see the razr HD by then…i’m going to give it a go if so, and if not…hello sprint

  • cody


  • Chiaroscuro7

    If this is true…then my S3 is sooo getting returned 🙂

  • cody

    it allows me to keep my unlimited.

    • Droidzilla

      It allows me to keep my unlimited or it gets the hose again.

      • red014

        How is this not the highest rated comment?

        • red014

          Thanks DL Nation. That’s more like it. 🙂

    • k3v

      It allowed me to keep unlimited also. Just got back from upgrading to s3 from the store. My rep told me that as long as you have a basic phone in the family plan line, it’s a loophole that allows you to give that phone the upgrade and switching it back to whatever line you want. This annoying process lets the desired line to keep the unlimited data.
      So as long as you have a family line and ONE person has a basic phone, whenever there’s an upgrade eligibility. you can constantly renew the unlimited plan.
      I was so happy that my rep told me this.

      • bbb

        I had the exact same experience a few days ago while upgrading to my new S3. My wife still has a basic phone. The sales associate was new and accidentally upgraded my wife’s line. When he moved phone back to my line it was no longer treated as an upgrade and I was able to keep my unlimited data. Thanks for the newbee!