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DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Ice Cream Sandwich Update is Live

On the last day of Q2, Motorola and Verizon have made the Ice Cream Sandwich update available to the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX.

It can be pulled by heading into Settings>About>System updates.

Go get some.

  • Started downloading it last night. Phone died it restarted back at 60% cant wait for some ics

  • bronson

    is it a worldwide update or just in america and europe?

  • amikeg

    downloading ICS now.

  • larry

    Got mine in Az at 22:41 its illmatic

  • Finite

    Here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, ive tried downloading it four times, restarting my phone two times, and every time it says “the update can not be properly validated. Please try again.” any suggestions are welcome and thanks in advance

    • Donald Gregory

      I had the same experience. Called support. They are working on a fix. Seemed to think it would be an hour or two…

      • stupidllama

        The girls phone did this too, I did a factory reset, went through setup then downloaded it again and it installed

    • My roommate is running into same problem he was rooted but unroot to install update

  • Still waiting the update for GSM/UMTS model here…

  • metalworks

    Downloading now! This s#!t better blow my mind!! Lol

    • Shooter

      If it doesn’t , let me know. I’ll be happy to help you.

      • Trevor


    • KleenDroid

      You will like it but if you want your mind blown install JellyBean. It is crazy awesome!

  • tim


  • eric

    Finally downloading ICR for Droid Razr


  • Oscar Botelho

    Netflix quality sux ! Datum no HD.

  • Larry Greenlaw

    I have it!! it’s here! Just downloaded it and installed it’s working!! finally ICS for my Razr phone.. Now I’m only 1 system behind.. Nice πŸ™‚

    • KleenDroid


  • HotwingCindy

    Oh yeah! I’m taking a dump, brushing my teeth, and messing around with face unlock!

  • djkoz78

    Happy for the RAZR owners. Extremely angry with VZW and HTC especially HTC’s promise to have ICS for the Rezound Early 2012 yet we’re now official Q3 of the year and not a peep. I well NEVER EVER buy another HTC phone this happens with every single device they put out to force you into another device.


      Every smartphone I’ve ever had before my bionic and razr was an htc…you will wait and wait and wait for the update and then if it does come its buged stick go with moto or nexus…

  • well i like it but instgram doesnt work

  • ChevJD

    My update went all the way to a screen that said “Android Updating – Starting Applications” and then froze for an hour. I did a forced reboot (volume down + power buttons at same time) which then brought up phone running ICS. Seemed a bit quirky, so one more power off/turn back on cycle ran everything through and now it’s working like a champ. Nummy Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.

    • ScratchSF

      I did the same thing. But…,

      If you perform a Power + Volume down to force shutdown the phone, the update script may not have completed everything it needed to do. I found that my phone ran fine, but I couldn’t run certain apps. If you find certain quirks that you can’t seem to get around, you may find you need to perform a Factory Reset. That was the only thing that fixed my quirks. Now it runs great.

  • AJ

    I pulled the download two and a half hours ago and my phone doesn’t show any progress bar, and now suddenly it popped up that says Download suspended. Will resume shortly.. and it shows 0% downloaded. I’m really pissed off at this moment..

    • dr house

      Get this man some ritalin stat!

  • This is weird. According to my friend (who isn’t a power user, doesn’t know what β€œroot” is, and never been to Motorola Forums let alone MFN), she received the update on 28th June, not 30th.

  • ted

    I got some ice cream!

  • ted

    Got it in ct finaly. Should of waited for the bean!

  • drew

    Got it about a hour ago. Cleavland ohio bout time. ICS!!!!!!!!

  • Josh

    Its so sick!!!

  • Ouches

    Wheres the new lock screen mine goes right into pattern lock like gingerbread weres the new straight to phone or text lock screen?????

    • ScratchSF

      If you don’t use patter lock, I think you’ll see it. I have pattern lock and only see it when the phone rings.

    • Daniel Hall

      I’m in the same boat. I can’t find the direct access lock screen option.

  • Kp in nc

    Uh, does anyone else seem to be having issues with Swiftkey since the upgrade
    ? Mine iz laggy az Hl.

    • KP IN NC

      Wow. Autocorrect not working, either.

    • ScratchSF

      It may need a bit of time to settle in. Did your install go smoothly?

      • KP IN NC

        Install went fine. Typing this on my A500 with SwiftKey Tablet 3 and having the same problem. Must be this comment system. Everything else is fine. Go figure!

  • HotwingCindy

    Will the update delete all my apps and their data? DON’T DELETE MY A-LIST CELEBRITY BABY SHOWER CURTAIN

    • KP IN NC


  • psynpo

    Mine just updated love it

  • Matthew

    Loving it!

  • Kp in nc

    Got it in East NC. Almost a letdown after getting it on my A500 tablet a couple of months ago, but at least they are on the same version now!

  • hushdrops

    “Check for updates is not available ” , my wife’s Maxx received ICS last week, think I was first or second to report it here last week but my work RAZR is stuck on the deal where it won’t allow a check for updates. I had this issue before and found a solution but that trick isn’t working this time, anyone know how to force check for updates to work? Thanks

    • hushdrops

      #35468# dial solved in the past but not this time, will not perform update …

    • hushdrops

      Fixed inability 2 check for updates : #1 – go to settings>data manager>social applications and make sure “sync over wifi” is not checked. If it is checked, try it while connected to wifi, or just uncheck it and try again.

  • Torii

    Got it!!! Its running a bit sluggish but by tomorrow it should be up to speed! Going to sleep happy! LOL

  • mecevans


    • mecevans

      Most apps are broken until you update them for ICS!

    • motionmist

      Will restoring root after updating break anything or brick the phone?
      I did use OTA Rootkeeper after the update and it worked just fine. Nothing broken or bricked.

    • My fool self lost root… I can’t screenshot or tether. Already ICS is nice. Cam someone fb me how to root and keep ICS? Facebook.com/evilvampbabe over got no internet on computer just using phones browser.

  • Itzel

    I don’t like the keyboards and I need task manager that was one of their better apps-_-

  • yeah!!!!! thanks d life

  • Dave Sloboda

    Finished updating my RAZR about a half-hour ago…definitely gonna take some getting used to, but I like it so far.

    I did notice that long presses on apps immediately tries to make them a shortcut on a home screen instead of a menu of options popping up. I know there’s a “More Options” thing at the top of the screen once you’re dragging the app icon around, but that’s just one more step to take in order to do something like uninstall or “hide”/”disable” the apps.

  • amg503

    Great. Next up, Bionic…

    • bennythejetrodriguez

      I can’t wait! I hope it’s soon.

    • Anon

      Or if you already have the .2233 leak from Moto, you can have it on your Bionic right now. =)

      No problems so far for me.

  • rockon1334

    55% downloaded

  • Benny

    getting mine as I type. Baton Rouge, LA

  • Lefty

    Thank you Droid-Life you are now my browser home page.

    • trumpet444

      why wasn’t it before? haha

  • Lakerzz

    Just notified my friends that have razrs (the ones that are not as “geeky” as me) and they are all stoked!!

  • Mario

    Just finished its is too cool

  • NewtoAndy

    third time re downloading it i keep getting at the very end can’t validate update try again wtf??


      Yo dude. I get the same message. WTF! I’m trying for a 4th time!

      • jb87

        Same here, redownloaded 4 times and no luck! Any solutions?

        • Big steve

          Damn dude! Crap! Only thing I can think of is resetting the phone. Starting from scratch. I don’t want to do this. I going to try once more with my SD card removed and trying to remove any third party launchers or keyboard apps. Basically trying to put everything back to stock. Wish me luck. This SUCKS!

          • Big steve

            Damn it! No go. Going to call Verizon. They won’t help I’m sure of it.

          • ScratchSF

            is it safe to assume you’re not rooted? Two things come to mind: First, are you using the motorola launcher? It shouldn’t matter, but it is one thought. Second, how much space do you have on your SD? If you are small, let’s say less than 750MB, can you free up anything?

    • are you downloading from wifi or 3g

  • DucatiMon


  • mr yes! yes! yes!

    Oh shit! !!!!! Finally!!

  • MTS

    Downloaded it at 1:15 a.m. in the western part of NC. I’m installing it now!

  • Big Steve

    WTF! Help! It downloads and this is the message I get. “The update could not be properly validated. Please try again.” why won’t this work?

  • Mine is stuck saying Android is upgrading and starting apps.
    Can anyone help its been a hour.

    • juwanza Thomas

      I had the same problem. I just turned the phone off by holding down the power button and the volume keys til it went off and turned it on again. Works like a charm now!

      • ScratchSF

        If you force a power-down, some things may not act right. For example, in my case, I was not able to run the Facebook application. Tried lots of things to cure it and end the end the only thing that worked was to perform a Factory Reset.

        I think that the software is doing something in the background, but gives the appearance that it is stuck, which it isn’t. I know of one person who waited 2+ hours, and then the process completed.

    • ScratchSF

      Let it stay there for at least another hour. If you force a shutdown, then you will wnat to perform a Factory Reset if things start acting strange. I was stuck there, forced a shutdown, and then things would not work properly for 1/2 a day. Finally I did a Factory Reset and things got better. I don’t know why some people get stuck on this screen.

  • psynpo

    88% cant wait

  • psynpo

    Omg downloading mine rite now

  • udispyn


  • tvjrc603

    so, is there no landscape view home screen in ICS?

  • jay

    Downloading now gonna take awhile ..I had to go to steetings about phone and check for update then it showed update available about time I got my RAZR when first came out