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Verizon’s Share Everything Plans are Officially Here

Whether you will benefit from them or not, Share Everything plans are here as of today. For new customers, your only choice is now Share Everything plans. If you are a current customer, and you choose to upgrade at a discounted price, you can choose either a shared plan or go solo with a plan starting at $30 for 2GB of data. If you want to keep unlimited, start saving, because you have to buy phones at full retail going forward.

To learn all there is to know about Share Everything, feel free to start here.

  • My data went way up with a new 4Q Razr Maxx. This is not good. I just chatted with a Verizon rep and passed along my hate for the new plan (but told her I was not mad at her). I’m already paying $3,600 per year for 4 smart phones, which I think is more than enough. BTW, we used 22 gigs last month.

  • raj

    I use only 2 or 3 gb per month but I like unlimited…so I will be paying full price for the phone to keep unlimited.

  • Corporate accounts = no share everything #corporateFTW

  • Ryan Frankenstein

    u say only 5% use over 2gbs a month. will that change with all this LTE 4G speeds and faster phones utilizing it with more Movie and TV shows streaming services every where all the time available now? Bad english I know. But way more people will be using WAY more data WAY faster with faster speeds and faster phones. people are using up their 2gbs in hours with the new 4g speeds and it has to last them a whole month

    Verizon knows this is happening and coming so that’s why they are bottlenecking ever one now. Cuz they will get soo much money in charges for people that go over their 2 gbs

  • On top of that, the phones are slowly doing away with extra storage and everything is going cloud. Give me a device that I can drop 2 64 gig chips in and I will load everything on wifi. The manufacturers are playing right into the carriers hands on this one.

  • Rockrdr

    Keep your unlimited plan…. get phone insurance on your new phone wait it out hopefully by the time it breaks they wont have your phone in stock and you will get a better comparable phone…fixed…keep unlimited data and upgrade for 100.00 🙂

    • That is pretty freaking genius. Would it work though?

    • mecevans

      If you pay your phone bill with a credit card, most companies offer free insurance. My GF smashed her bionic and they wrote her a check for any phone she wants.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Now I really like Rockrdr. You sir are thinking smart! If Verizon wants to be money whores, well I’m going to do everything in my power to keep my unlimited. I don’t even care if that means buying full retail, and with the huge amount of used phones for sale it doesn’t usually. But I would pay full retail just out of principle for not supporting Verizon’s whore move here. Anyone saying otherwise that doesnt have unlimited now, either is just crying because they want everyone to feel as bad as they do because they didn’t jump on unlimited in time. Or they have something to gain from this like being a Verizon shill by way of being an employee, or they own Verizon stock, and can’t wait for this whoreish cash grab to kick in so their stock shares go up. The percentage of people who would save money from this is so small it’s negligible, and only a complete and absolutely stupid brain-dead moron would think this would be a good thing, if they currently have unlimited.

  • Viciousking1914


  • m6droid

    Share everything is here, but my Galaxy S3 isn’t….one or more of these things isn’t right.

  • ayyyy

    This is so confusing.

    If I have an upgrade on another line (dumbphone), can I use that upgrade to get the S3 and use it on my unlimited data line without losing unlimited? Planning on buying from Amazon. Somebody please answer haha…

    • You are a day too late. You had to pre-order S3 at the discounted price to keep unlimited. You would have to buy full retail now.

      • ayyyy

        Are you positive? I read on another comment that this was possible. I was aware of the deadline, but I didn’t know it would matter if I used another lines upgrade. Because I’m not renewing my contract on the line with unlimited data. I wasn’t going to pre-order the S3 until reviews (of the actual Verizon model) came out. Especially since I had a nightmare time with the Gnex muting calls, etc. Thanks.

        • CampyGuy

          He’s right. Yesterday was the last day to use any upgrades and not trigger a plan change for the new line or upgraded device line. I snagged a iPhone 4S and an blue S3 with my two last upgrades – the rep told me that it was the last day. He also said that UL data “is going away”, but didn’t say more about it. And, ditto with the VZW GNex – it just couldn’t hold a signal like my GSM GNex, I hope the VZW S3 is worlds better!

          • ayyyy

            Well poo. Thanks for clearing that up. Best of luck with the S3. Guess I’ll just get 2GB a month and monitor it…that is if the Verizon’s S3 version isn’t screwy like my old Gnex(s) lol.

          • John Q

            Nice . I snagged a blue and a white s3 myself.

          • SubMatrix

            Actually tbh I was under the impression you CAN do what ayyy is talking about. From what I’ve heard, one line upgrading does not force a plan change on all lines, unless that line chooses to convert the entire plan to shared data (and they must have the authority to do so).

          • DeathfireD

            Go try and upgrade your line (you can do it just don’t type in a credit card number at the end). They removed the unlimited option.

          • SubMatrix

            We aren’t talking about upgrading MY line though, we are talking about upgrading ANOTHER line and whether or not if affects MY unlimited data. My impression is it does not, unless you explicitly choose so (ie changing the entire plan over to shared data)

    • Call a VZW rep, not that they’ll know either, lol. And yes, buying from Amazon probably complicates matters.

    • steve0617

      It seems that *any* subsidized upgrade can no longer retain unlimited data. You had until yesterday to be able to use an upgrade and keep unlimited. You are now forced to accept 2 gig for $30 if you’re a current customer that’s upgrading.

    • Devilsephiroth

      If you upgrade that line you still have to pay that line . Or cancel it .either way you have to pay

    • Doan

      Dumbphone/featurephone unlimited data is not the same as smartphone unlimited data. Even before yesterday, you could not upgrade a non-smartphone with unlimited data to a smartphone with unlimited data.

      If you upgrade from a dumb/featurephone to a smartphone, you lose your old unlimited data. It has been that way since they stopped offering unlimited data.

    • watchthesky

      I was planning on doing this in a few weeks since I don’t have any lines that are elgible for upgrades now, so I hope it does work.

  • enerjak

    Unlimited talk. Unlimited text. Shareable bank account.

  • For those of you on a family plan right now but you are the only one who needs to keep unlimited data this is what I gathered from my phone conversation with a verizon employee this morning
    Verizon Wireless Policy On Upgrading a Family Member to Shared Data Yet Maintain Your Personal Unlimited Dataas of 11:53am pst June 28th, 2012

    Single Line Plan ( 450 unlimited txt $59.99 + $29.99 unlimited data )(When in store tell them) I want this line on a single line plan and everyone else on share everythingOnce on single line plan do an AOL ( Assumption of Liability ) you will take over your plan and have unlimited data and texts plus those amazing 450 minutes we all use ( i don’t ) for $89.98 + Fees – any corporate discount you may receive from your employer

    • capecodcarl

      So if you are on a single line can you then buy subsidized phones without losing your unlimited data or are you forced to a tiered data plan?

      • as long as you don’t use the unlimited line to upgrade, you should never lose unlimited. (at least, until VZW gets the other bug up their rear and forces everyone to tiered once all the unlimited contracts are up)

      • must stay unsubsidized

    • phonelife

      Or you could ask them to create a sub level account and just move your line to it.then your family can can start a share everything plan on the separate billing level and you won’t have to go through the lengthy AOL process.and all your line can be viewed by logging into the same Verizon account.

  • all the other companies will soon follow, besides the pre pay plans. Pre pay plans you’re basically doing the same thing as paying full price for the phone up front and just paying the plan every month. I’ve seen pre pay phones cost as much as $299-$399 for the high end phones. Just not a good selection of phones as the contract ones. When all the cell companies sold “unlimited data” it was a scam. The phones back years ago were barely able to check email and websites were only words and maybe a few pictures when viewed
    from a phone. 5-10 years from now cell phones may not even need minutes, they may use strictly data as their primary source for everything from talking to texting to web surfing. Hold on to unlimited as long as you can.

    • VoLTE (Voice over LTE) is basically a version of VoIP calling, so you are correct. “Minutes”, as we know them, will basically just mean “time spent using the voice call app”. It is also possible that other free VoIP services could start being charged, such as Skype, though that gets into legal territory I don’t think anyone wants to deal with at the moment.

  • I wonder if Big Red “shares” our distaste for these ridiculous plans.

  • interstellarmind

    What will happen when my 2 year, unlimited data, plan expires? Will I be able to choose unlimited with an unsubsidized phone at that point, as well?

    • David Cohen


    • Demonhunter

      In order to keep unlimited data after June 28th you have to pay full price for your phone or you will be forced to switch to Verizon’s share everything plan

  • sillyrabbittricks4kids

    Vaseline not included! They like it ruff!!

    • Free sandpaper will be offered with all future upgrades though.

  • sporttster

    Holy crap, has their prices gone through the roof! Just logged onto their Verizonwireless site and the only plans now available are prepaid or the new shared. Both are outrageous if you want any amount of data included. It’s $80/month just for a smartphone plan that has 1gb data!!! You betcher ass I’m keeping unlimited and buying the phone outright! I’d be paying at LEAST twice what I am now for doing otherwise! Insane….just fking insane….

  • Champion1229

    I do NOT see how people can use these share plans, their top tier is ONLY 10gb!!! My family plan currently has 3 smartphones with unlimited data on each line (it cost about $230 a month). We use on a typical month about 8gb,but on months when we go on vacation such as from October to January we go hunting where there is no wifi and only 3g/ sometimes 4g service and my line alone will be over 20gb from streaming tv shows (no cable in the woods) , movies, games, pandora, and even torrenting, etc. This isn’t even counting our other lines that use about another 15gb a piece. Thats a total of about 50gb per month for four months per year. In order to get this much data on a share plan we would be paying almost $400 just in overage cost bc the top plan is 10gb with every additional 1gb $10! Absolutely RIDICULOUS!

    • Start using Wifi more. Seriously though…how the heck do you use 8GB on a smartphone? I use the hell out of mine and hardly reach 2GB a month.

      • Champion1229

        I use wifi when at home but if I’m downloading a big file while at home I found that 4g is a LOT faster than my Road Runner internet and I also use Foxfi (hotspot for free) all the time to tether to my iPad, Macbook Pro when I’m traveling somewhere and I use my Rezound to output movies to my HD TV. I also watch a lot of YouTube videos and since I have the HTC Rezound it streams the 720p HD version of videos.

      • smoothy

        torrenting personally.

      • I use 8gb a month by myself. My job is 100% travel. I will say that I’ve always streamed movies and before 4g I was only using about 2-3gb but since 4g towers went active my usage has skyrockted. I will hold on to my unlimited until they strip it from me.

        • Same boat I’m on the road all day every day for work so I leave my Razr(soon to be s3) in the cardock and stream all day when I’m parked for a while waiting on the customers at the location I stream hulu plus and net flix usually I’m around 12gb a month.

      • Reggie

        I have a desk job but there’s no wifi where I work, and since I don’t have a sd card, I stream all my music over Google Voice, Pandora, sometime podcasts. I can get over 8GB, just doing that w/ no video streaming at all.

      • sporttster

        Extremely easily….watch a few shows off wifi on Dish Networks remote app. Video takes little time to hit very high data useage numbers. I was using under 5gb/month until I got Dish. Realize,too, that Verizon themselves are pushing video apps out wanting people to ‘jump on’ the high data, ridiculously high price data wagon. Greed is the name of the game for Corporate America…

    • actually, you can get up to 30GB of data per month, continuing the $10/ 2GB pricing metric above 10GB. So, you would be looking at $250 for the 30GB (you can change your data tier at any time with no penalty), then $200 in overages (20GB @ $10/GB). Still an outrageous amount of money, but let’s be honest, that’s a heck of a lot of data.

      Please note, I don’t agree with the plans on a fundamental level (they are ludicrously overpriced, confusing to the average consumer, and only help Verizon in the end), but I do agree with people paying more if they use more data.

      • MrToTo83

        Please note that the 30GB data plan is no longer. The highest is 20GB. They scrapped the 30GB.

      • Champion1229

        I don’t mind being charged for how much data I use as long as the price is REASONABLE hence my already $230+ phone bill a month!!!And under the new plans verizon thinks that reasonable is $10/gb! Which is simply outrageous!

    • phonelife

      they only show plans up to 10GB but your family plan can actually share up to 30 GB per month before incurring overage charges. However the overage charge is actually$15 per GB after.

  • paul_cus

    Boom goes the fun.

    • Josh Flowers


      • moelsen8

        5th element?

        • Josh Flowers



          • moelsen8

            awesome. one of my top 5 movies of all time. maybe top 3.

  • triangle8

    Boo, Verizon! Hooray, Beer!

  • IMNS

    I just played around a bit online – 2GB of data for a new customer is going to run them $100 before taxes/fees/surcharges etc.. KY is going to make a lot of money on this.

    • JoshGroff

      SHARED Data, only applies to lines with multiple smartphones, not individual accounts.

      • Pete

        Not true. If you go on the Verizon website, you’re still forced to use a Share Everything plan, even if you’re an individual user.

      • PJ

        The Share Everything plan applies to individual and family plans. There are no longer separate plans for single line (except for existing customers that already have one).

        • JoshGroff

          That makes no sense considering one would just get VZW prepaid at that point.

          • PJ

            The $80 Prepaid smartphone plan (unlimited talk/text w/1GB of data) is only $10 less than the 1GB Share Everything with a smartphone.

          • That’s a savings of $240 over the course of a 2 year contract, which is the cost delta between some subsidized and unsubsidized phones, witht he added bonus of being able to drop Verizon at any time to move to a new carrier.

      • IMNS

        Incorrect. Read the article and go on verizon’s page which will confirm this. For any new account (even individual) they must use the shared plans..even though they would be sharing with themselves. The only way not not have a shared plan is to:
        1. If you’re an existing customer with an unlimited data plan you can keep your existing unlimited data by buying the phone at full price
        2. If you are an existing customer and not already on shared – buy the discounted phone and use one of the “old” non-unlimited plans.

        But no matter what – a new customer must use the new shared plan

        • Kenny

          I just went through the process of choosing a phone and an ‘individual’ plan (with 2GB of data) as a new customer and it came out to be $89.99/month.
          You’re not forced to choose a ‘shared’ plan when purchasing only 1 phone.
          $59.99 for the plan and $30 for the data.

          • steve0617

            It did the same for me earlier today but if you try it now (6:27pm ET), the website’s updated and it’s forcing the shared data plan even as a single device.

          • Kenny

            I’m still able to choose an individual plan as a new customer.

          • chaosrv

            If you’re upgrading an existing line, no you’re not. If a completely new account, yes, you are.

    • lonz77

      You would think that VZW could throw in the KY as part of the plan, but, you’ll probably have to pay for that too 🙂

  • TheWenger

    Unlimited Talk
    Unlimited Text
    Shareable Data
    “One of these things is not like the other…One of these things just doesn’t belong.”

    • hoggy

      Exactly! Why not a $70 plan that gives you unlimited everything?

      • JoshGroff

        This ^ why I respect Sprint.

        • JohnPA2006

          I see your point but Sprint is so bad, I used to drop calls on their network.
          While in direct line of sight to one of their towers.
          2 different phones on their network did this that I owned.

          Sprint has great plan pricing but an awful network.

          • JoshGroff

            Same with T-Mobile, one of the main reasons I switched to VZW.

        • arturo_bandini

          I’ve been pricing plans today and Sprint actually came out as the most expensive for a family plan with two lines. The problem is they will not let you buy their $69 or $99 family plan if you want one of the nicer phones – the cheapest plan available with the newer smartphones is the $129 plan, and when you add the $10/phone data upcharge the total cost actually comes out higher over two years than a compatible plan on Verizon’s new family share.

  • I think I just threw up in my mouth…

  • Andrew

    Do I see a Xyboard?! What a terrible name haha.

  • MikeCiggy

    If I’m in normal family plan and my contract is no where near up can I change to a share everything?

    • hoggy


      • MikeCiggy

        Will be going after work. My friend and I are on a family plan with two galaxy nexi. We will now share 6 gbs of data for $3 more on our plan instead of both having 2 th each.

  • hoggy

    I typically use about 3gb a month just listening to pandora on the way to from work and doing some news reading. I spend most of my day at work and at home on wifi. So I don’t know how less than 2gb is the average usage.

  • Chris406

    Verizon is not making people switch to this new plan unless you are creating a new account, but you will lose unlimited data but 96% people dont use over 2gb of data. Im in the unlimited but eventually I will switch if it saves me money

    • That’s the only way I’d switch. As it stands now, I’d pay a significant amount more per month. Looks like its full price phones for me!

      • Chris406

        You can upgrade though and keep your same plan just lose the unlimited data and not have to switch to the share everything plan

        • gokusimpson

          But then it’s not the same plan.

        • true, but the idea is that unlimited is the only thing keeping from outrageous data charges, as an individual tier caps at $50/5GB, with $10/GB overages.

    • sporttster

      Here’s the deal….we all know apps are becoming more data intensive. If you do ANY video anything at all, it can add up very quickly. I went from using under 5gb/month to nearly double that when I went with Dish Network and got their Remote access app. I can watch ANY of my programming remotely using that app. Video eats rea lestate very quickly. The point being, if you give up unlimited, somewhere down the line you will be kicking yourself very hard for doing so….

  • Jay

    good thing i preorder my GS3 last night!

  • Aaron

    BUT YOU GET UNLIMITED MINUTES!! Everyone knows that today’s phones are geared toward using countless minutes and hardly any data. Good ole Verizon helping us all out.

    • paul_cus

      Haha…Verizon is taking a trip back to 2005.

    • sporttster

      Absurd, ain’t it? Alot more folks are using data now than ever before, so NOW they freely give up the unlimited phone mins and are fking scrooges with the data, even though we’re all using more and more of it. Hey, cost keeps skyrocketing, I’ll go back to a dumb phone. I’m not a ATM for them to freely withdraw whatever they want from….

    • capecodcarl

      I wonder if there is a way to dial up an old modem bank over my cell phone and use my minutes instead of the 3G/4G data plan. Acoustic coupler?

  • Andrew

    One thing to consider is if someone on your plan doesn’t need a smartphone or uses less than 2 gigs, just upgrade the phone on their number and then do ESN switches so that it’s like you just bought the phone used or something. Easy little work around to the losing you unlimited data.

    • I don’t quite follow what you’re saying here

    • paul_cus

      We’ll see if they kill that, too.

    • Bob

      This is exactly what a Verizon Sales Rep. told me to do. I have 4 lines and 2 are dumbphones with an upgrade available on one of the dumbphones next month. (it also has the New Every Two discount) He told me, however, that if you’re going to do this you need to order online or by phone because they have to activate the phone before you leave the store if you buy at a brick and mortar place. He said to just upgrade the dumbphone line and then activate the phone on my smartphone line when I receive it. The dumbphone never even gets removed from the number.

  • itsgonnalast

    The $350 Nexus phone on Google Play is a sweet deal. I’m seriously considering buying the Nexus and leaving Verizon.

    • Aaron

      If I hadn’t already bought the gnex in december from verizon and locked myself into another contract I would be doing exactly that.

      • itsgonnalast

        I hear you. I bought the Thunderbolt on Verizon in July 2011, before the Galaxy Nexus was announced in October. Horrible timing for me…

    • Josh Flowers

      right there with you.
      but really–looking at individual plan pricing for ATT/T-Mo, it’s really not any advantage to move to another carrier except for the GSM benefit of faster updates.

      • JoshGroff

        T-mo actually has plans geared towards those who bring their own phone and it saves you I think $10-15 a month or something, not much but hey, free $.

        • Josh Flowers

          agreed. if i move, it’s to T-Mo, for the $30/mo plan with 100 minutes & 5GB of their highspeed data

          • JoshGroff

            I might do that on top of my VZW line just for the data. $30 for 5GB is hard to beat, especially since they just throttle if you go over.

      • arturo_bandini

        T-Mobile has a $60 unlimited everything Sim only plan that you can get with the nexus. It’s only $50/line with a family plan.

        • Josh Flowers

          only problem is its slower data cap compared to the lower priced plans.
          higher priced plans=more minutes but lower throttle marker.
          lower priced plans=fewer minutes but higher throttle marker.

          still–it kills verizon.

        • itsgonnalast

          That’s awesome. I hadn’t done the research yet, but I was hoping something like this was available. T-mobile has a reputation for having the most flexible/cost-effective plans.

      • itsgonnalast

        These are my complaints about Verizon:

        1. The bloatware

        2. Killing Google Wallet

        3. Charging for hotspots

        4. Skipping popular phones (skipped Galaxy Note, Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy S II, HTC One X/S, etc.)

        5. Forcing share everything users to get unlimited text (I use Google Voice and currently don’t have a text plan)

        6. The slow updates you mentioned because of CDMA

        7. Phones not being available at all because of CDMA

        8. Forcing share everything users to get unlimited minutes

        9. $300 LTE phones

        10. Horribly slow EVDO 3G (when LTE is unavailable)

      • envoy510

        TMO has $30/mo no-contract, unlimited text/data, 100 talk minutes. Data goes to 3g only after 5GB. If you are on WiFi a lot, you can use Sipdroid to get more than 100 minutes.

  • James Chen

    I’m switching to T-Mobile.

    Just wondering, is ATT any good?

    • JoshGroff

      T-Mo or Sprint only, AT&T charges if you go over your limit (putting you in the same position as Verizon.)

    • itsgonnalast

      Me too. The T-mobile HSPA+ network is better than I first thought, from what I’ve read lately. And suddenly T-mobile is going to make a LTE network in 2013, after striking a spectrum deal with Verizon.

      I’ve heard rumors that ATT wants to imitate the share everything plan.

    • sporttster

      I had T-Mo for a bit with a GS2 and it was a killer phone on a darned good network. Their network is still faster than the LTE Verizon just put up in my area! I wouldn’t have one problem switching to them and if Verizon keeps raising their already high rates higher, I will.

  • FarmerTechno

    Those shady F***ERS called me earlier and offered one-time discounts in an attempt to get me to renew and move to a Shared Data plan, calling it a “courtesy account review”.

  • Over my cold, dead nexus.

  • Unlimited still

    I pre ordered a Smsung Galaxy S3 last night to keep unlimited. Will I be able to use as a hotspot or have to pay extra. The share is probably a bit cheaper for my 3 phone family but my assumption is I will use alot more data on 4G…. Any thoughts?

    • Ken Bosse

      i heard the hot spot is free, only if you do the shared data

      • Unlimited still

        Ok. I think still better to have unlimited. In any event I am excited about the Galaxy S3…….. I hope it is as good as they say

        • Ken Bosse

          agreed, what good is tethering if your only allowed 2 gigs or what ever you choose.

    • just use foxfi, it’s free and you don’t have to be rooted.

    • Aryeh Hersh

      There are apps that allow free hotspot usage…

  • Mark

    I am an employee of VZW, and i am not defending the company in any way what so ever, i personally do not agree with these new plans. But one thing you have to realize from a business standpoint, when 95% of the 80+ million customers that have Verizon Wireless service. only 5% use more than 2GB of data, moving off Unlimited Data is not THAT big of a deal. You have to realize what a SMALL percentage of smartphone users actually utilize the unlimited feature. From the many customers i have talked to about this, it actually has been saving people upwards to $120 on their monthly bills. When you have 5 smartphones, dropping $30 each line and you’re using a total of 4GB between all 5, what’s the point?

    • He has a point.

      • SolipsisticPsychologist

        Yes, and it’s sticking right up his shill anus. You go ahead and drink the punch, but I’ll pass because it’s so much easier using my brain and seeing this for what it really is, just like every feature they’ve taken away and fee they’ve added on………G R E E D!!!! Enjoy your your rat poison shill.

    • FarmerTechno

      Families with many lines may benefit, but here’s my beef with the plans: how can they charge a single user $30/mo for 2GB of data, but charge a family $60/mo for the same 2GB? That seems borderline illegal.

      • yep! thats where the new plans fall apart for me. – 60 for 4 gigs and I would’ve been like “bring it on, share everything”…Even 3 GBs for like – 45? (30 would be a deal tho) – I would’ve been like…”Alright….I can make this work”

        but Verizon knows if they’re going to get money for overcharges – it’ll be in the data. We can’t even stay on Verizon (2 GNexs) after we lose our current plan setup because its 60 bucks more for a plan that’ll be suitable to us.

    • Ken Bosse

      what about the people with 2 smart phones, 80 dollars plus tax just to have the phone, not including data..yea that doesn’t save me any money

    • hoggy

      So if 95% of the people out there only use 2gb, why doesn Verizon need to take away unlimited data? I’d prefer they tighten up the ToS and ditch the abusers. I don’t want to have to worry each month if I should listen to music or not watch a video on youtube, kind of defeats the purpose of having a data plan. I am not doing torrents or anything like that so why stick it to me?

      • paul_cus


      • Aryeh Hersh

        So your saying that they should basically not have unlimited actually be unlimited….they should cap it …at say 2gb? Wait… that’s what they do if you choose to subsidize your upgrade!! I love the people who bitch about losing unlimited and then say they should only punish people who use more then they do

    • JoshGroff

      Family vs shared on a 4 line plan broken down with per line costs and cheapest data ($30 2GB vs $90 8GB shared)

      Base Cost: 50
      1 60
      2 60
      3 60
      4 60
      Total: 290

      Base Cost: 90
      1 40
      2 40
      3 40
      4 40
      Total: 250

      Plus you get free hotspot per line, which is boss. I can see where people with unlimited would be mad, but otherwise it’s pretty ideal.

    • sporttster

      Here’s the point….more and more folks are using more data. Apps are becoming more data intense and even Verizon is pushing video useage more. Video uses a ton of real estate. I went from under 5gb/month to double that just using my new Dish Network remote access app. So that 5% is going to grow exponentially in the not too distant future and Verizon knows this and is in fact gearing it toward that and is price pointing things to collect on it.

    • CORYK333

      Where is the NON-VZW proof/#s that back up the 2gb/average they tell us about?? This is a serious question, not trolling you.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      Go eat a nice big fat johnson and choke on it you slimy pathetic Verizon shill. I love how you have the audacity to state right away that “I’m not defending Verizon and i think this sucks too”, then proceed to defend it. You are completely and utterly pathetic. It’s like I said in my other post. The only people who would think this is anything besides a whore scumbag move, have something to gain from it. It would be like the executioner saying “Hey, hey, I’m about to chop your head off in a second, but don’t worry, it’s really not that bad.”. Go get bent you corporate shill!

  • yellowcanary73

    F;ck Verizon

  • Michael Forte

    Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, because Verizon is raping everyone’s wallet.

    • ladynky

      Ok…I usually don’t reply but…..that was freakin awesome!

      • michael arazan

        Verizon = Butt-Hurt

  • eddieonofre

    I will stay on Verizon for as long as I can keep my unlimited plan whenever they force my to change plan I am out of Verizon… good thing I use GVoice so I don’t have to worry about a new number

    • Josh Flowers

      how’d you manage that with Verizon? is your vzw number forwarded to GV? i’m looking into this but didn’t think there was a way it could be done with VZW

      • Aryeh Hersh

        don’t give anyone your verizon number, give everyone your gvoice number, and then get an older apk of gvoice so that it always dials out the same number so no extra minute usage, and have gvoice forward to wtvr number your cell is.

        • Josh Flowers

          just set it up–surprised how many people have every variation of my desired # i could think of.

          found the old apk–0.3.4, under settings–Making Calls–am i using GV for all calls or no calls?
          sorry for the question–i’m just getting into Voice apart from the voicemail feature back in the days when the Thunderbolts notifications were broken

          thanks guys

          • Aryeh Hersh

            You want to use GV for an many calls as you can (I have it set to ask every time, cuz if the intewebz connection is poor it won’t work so I want to be able to use my non gv number)

      • eddieonofre

        I always give people my gVoice number, only few people have my verizon number (family)

  • Destroythanet

    Now that this is out of the way, can Verizon just release the GS3 already?

  • James_C_L

    Verizon, please die.

  • Bigsike

    As of today our company is no longer recommending Verizon to any of our customers. It is simply no longe an option for them. We are letting them know that Sprint or even Tmobile should be their choices from now on.

    • sporttster

      T-Mo is a good one to go with. Had em for awhile and it was great.

  • stupidllama

    Mark my words, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but as soon as everybody with unlimited is off contract, they will go away. I know that’s not what they are saying now, and i hope i’m wrong, but what’s to stop them.

    • Kyle

      As much as I want to keep my unlimited data, I believe you. In two years time I think VZW is going to say FU to the people who kept unlimited data. They will not care about the 1% of their customers who leave.

  • Lenesse Berg

    the unlimited talk and text, yeah cool….but forget sharing data.

  • dsnotgood

    keep it up vzw and see how fast people switch to prepaid and flip phones again.

    • SolipsisticPsychologist

      My thoughts exactly! If comes down to losing unlimited and having to carefully monitor my data, less I pay outrageous fees for going over. Well, needless to say that for me having a smartphone is a luxury item I can do without. And even I switch to a dumb phone it will not be with Verizon, because I’m not supporting a company that values their customers so little. They take away my unlimited and they won’t get another penny out of me, and it doesn’t matter if I can’t get out of my contract either, I won’t be paying a single dime, and collections can call all they like, and even if what they are doing is technically “legal”, well I’ll see them in court seeing as I have 3 lawyers in my family.

  • scott

    Is a phone worth $7 or $800 dollars?

    • JoshGroff

      If you buy used, you can easily cut it down to 200-300 on most 3-6 month old phones. Personally, I would rather buy a Nexus direct from Google for 350 and pop in a t-mo/at&t/simple mobile SIM than pay retail or contract pricing if used wasn’t an option.

  • Pookimonster

    am i able to still preorder the sgs3 tho and still keep unlimited?? fml verizon

    • T4rd

      Yes… if you do it like RIGHT MEOW! Today is the last day, I think.

      • Shadowcell

        Lol nope.

    • Missed your chance. Should have done that yesterday.

    • I’m doing it now and no, I don’t have the option to keep my unlimited plan. I’m going with the 5GB/$50 plan. I can expense the data through work.

  • T4rd

    More like RAPE EVERYTHING plans.. amirite?! =p

  • moelsen8

    i did a comparison earlier today. to go from my single line of unlimited data, to the lowest plan on shared with 1gb would increase my bill by $30. crazy.

    • JoshGroff

      To go from 3 basic phones and 1 line with 4GB data (double promo), it would cost $50 more for the 8GB share plan (about what we would need), not horrible considering that saves $30 and gives unlimited talk instead of FS 1400 but totally screws over those loyal customers with unlimited.

    • Joshyz73

      How could you (or why would you) go to a shared plan with only 1 device?

      • moelsen8

        again, just a curiosity. but you’re correct.

  • Jeremy Begley

    They make the commercials look so nice, like they are helping out there customers. They don’t even offer to buy us a drink before they bend us over.

  • And Verizon’s customers are officially boned!