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Recap: Everything You Need to Know About Verizon’s Share Everything Plans

After yesterday’s news that Verizon’s new Share Everything data plans would arrive by June 28, we dove into every nook and cranny of them to try and help you understand this drastic change in wireless carrier service. We talked about keeping unlimited data, pre-ordering the Galaxy S3, corporate discounts under the new structure, and even tossed together a step-by-step guide to help you decide if you would save money or not by switching off of your current plan. Since there was a ton of info out there, we thought we’d throw it together for you in one post for quick reference. 

  • Share Everything Basics:  This is our step-by-step guide to help you figure out how much money you would spend if you were to switch to a shared data plan. From what we have gathered over the last day and a half, these plans seem like they will benefit those that talk on the phone a lot and send thousands of text messages every month, but may not be the best thing for anyone who uses more than 2GB of data per month.
  • You Can Keep Unlimited Data:  Verizon told us a couple of weeks ago that you can keep your unlimited data plan even after they launch shared data and they weren’t lying. You can keep it, however, you will never be able to buy a subsidized/discounted phone again. If you want to keep your current plan, you will have to buy phones at full retail price.
  • Will You Save Any Money?:  We asked the DL community to take their current plan and calculate their bill as if they had switched over to a Share Everything plan to see if they would save money, spend more per month, or keep a similar bill. About 75% of you said that you would be paying more under Verizon’s incoming shared data plans, 17% will save money, and 8% will keep a similar bill.
  • Corporate Discounts and Tablets:  A source of ours shared the new policy on corporate discounts, which now includes only a discount on your data plan (which is account level) and not your individual line. If you had a $40 line access fee and a $70 2GB data plan, you would only see a discount off of that $70. Verizon has also decided to eliminate discounts from tablets, which makes sense since you can no longer buy them on contract.
  • Guide to Share Everything:  Here is a full guide to Share Everything plans, one that includes almost every single detail you could ever need to know.
  • Galaxy SIII Pre-orders:  Yes, you can pre-order the Galaxy SIII and keep your unlimited data plan. You need to do it before June 28 though, or you will be out of luck. Also, you may want to be careful pre-ordering through Best Buy, as their process is much different than Verizon’s.

The last question that we are seeking an answer on has to do with accounts that have multiple lines and upgrades at different times. What would happen if one of those lines uses an upgrade with Share Everything live? Does that force the entire account onto Share Everything or will just that single line move onto it? We have this question into Verizon already and are hoping to have something official back soon. Stay with us.

Other than that, do you feel like you have a better understanding of Share Everything? If not, be sure to drop your questions in the comments.

  • just pre ordered the SGS 3 and confirmed that unlimited data did stick around :



  • j

    What I think the at least the first 70 80 90 100 dollar plan should be free come on now Verizon

  • what would make more sense is to do a Sams Club/Costco thing with these data plans and say if you buy in bulk you save money….so like $30 equals 2GB on an individual plan and when you add a line you can get the fee waived if you switch to a shared plan that gives 4GB for $50…that way people are on shared…each person has 2GB, the plan would save people $10 per month on data and $10 per month for the add-a-line…adding another line throws the fee back in (it would only be good for the first line), but data would go to 5GB or 6GB for $75

  • If I’m on wifi all day spending $30 a month on 2GB of data, and two other people were on my plan (another $60 for 4GB)…it’s like $90 per month for 6GB when we are only using around….ahhhh nvm, these plans are terrible.

  • Goldy

    Has anyone found out whether or not the “business e-mail” plan will still be needed? Currently I am paying $45 per month for this service opposed to the normal $30 smart phone fee. Will this be necessary with the new share plan?

  • Erik O

    I’m curious… if my mom upgrades her basic phone to a newer basic phone, will that force all of us (including me and my Galaxy Nexus, the only smartphone on the account) onto the Share Everything plan?

  • I really wouldn’t mind being on a shared data plan and giving up my unlimited data. What really angers me is that my bill is going to SKYROCKET for a lesser plan. I give up on Verizon. It’s not worth the frustration anymore.

  • ShangTsung702

    “If you want to keep your current plan, you will have to buy phones at full retail price.”

    This is ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Call Verizon Customer Service and they will clarify.

  • redd214

    While I do use a fair amount of data (about 5gb a month) I’ve ran the numbers over and over and this new structure will save me about $80+ a month. I have 5 lines 4 smart 1 dumb. Unlimited data on the smarts with 2000 minutes. All the other smartphones on my plan (wife, mom, sister) barely reach 1gb a month so instead of paying $30 a month on each ($120 total) we can share the 10gb bucket saves 20bucks right there. Also I run a small business now so I use up majority of our minutes as well.having unlimited minutes will be a godsend for me personally so i wont have to constantly stress thruout the month about how many mimutes im using. I can totally understand why you guys are upset, trust me I can, but an extra $80 a month in saving for my son’s college is worth the switch for me. Thanks Verizon!!


    If you have a family plan you have to pay full price for each phone to keep plan you have

  • Haxcid

    If Verizon wants to go this route then they need to tell Google that in app advertising needs to be eliminated. I don’t want my data used at all by in app advertising. I understand that you can purchase the ad free app, however not all apps have an ad free version and there are some really good apps that have in app advertising.

    • pcguru30

      This could be viewed as nitpicking. Let’s say you use the ad based version of angry birds for an hour, then use the paid version without adds for the same amount of time. How much more data would the former use versus the latter? Considering most of these ads are plain text with a hyperlink I doubt that much. You could say that it adds up, but I don’t think its going to be the difference that makes or breaks you hitting your data limit.

  • pcguru30

    Can anyone comment on the Best Buy remark? I signed up for Best Buy’s 50$ gift card offer for buying a new smartphone through them when my renewal date was up, and i’d like to take advantage of that, but not at the cost of my unlimited data

    • pcguru30

      my renewal date is Friday btw

  • Droosh

    OK, I need advice. I’m due for an upgrade on my wife’s line. She is using my old DX2. I want to get her a 4G phone and lock in unlimited. Two questions:

    What is the last day I can do this and still get a new subsidized phone?
    What will be the best phones out at that time? Think DInc 4G or maybe SGS3? If not those, should I just get her a G-Nex to match mine?


    • Aryeh Hersh

      Last day is June 27.
      Opinions vary, but probably SGS3, Gnex. Don’t think Dinc 4G will be out.

  • stang6790

    Question….I am on a family share plan with 1 smart phone an 4 flip phones, I have unlimited data but I am not worried about losing it. If I upgrade my Nexus after June 28 using a discounted upgrade will I be required to move to the shared everything plan or can I keep family plan I am on? I know i will lose unlimited but I don’t use much data anyway.

    • Lasarre

      You can keep your current plan, but you have to pay full price for the phone. If you want the discounted price for the phone, you have to go to the new plan.

      • stang6790

        That is the way I understood it too but when I stopped in to my local Verizon store to find out what my ETF fees would be they were saying that I could keep my plan even when I got a discounted phone but would lose unlimited data. They said this was just another option for people who wanted to share everything.

        • Dan

          That is my understanding as well, the only plan that is going bye-bye is the unlimited. you can upgrade at that time and go on the 2gb for $30 plan on top of whatever your voice plan is.

          • stang6790

            I just sent a email to customer service to verify so hopefully I will find out for sure. If I can’t keep my current plan I’m afraid I may have to look elsewhere since my bill would increase $80.

        • Lasarre

          Honestly, I think they don’t truly have a clue yet. I have had two people from Verizon tell me two different things. I think once it comes out, and they have adjusted stuff we will know the truth. I am not going to change anything for a while.

  • Lasarre

    I just got off the phone with the verizon rep. She said that for those who go with the new program, they will still be able to get the discounts on the phones when you are eligible for an upgrade. People who stay with their same plan will have to pay full boat. For me, I would save about $11 lol.

  • jpak

    My contract expires on August 2012. What should I do? I’d like to keep my unlimited plan but don’t want to buy a phone at full price if I don’t have to. I get an upgrade on Aug. ’12

  • Mike

    This is the exchange I just had online with a Rep.

    hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with
    your order. Thank you for your patience.

    are now chatting with ‘Symone’

    Symone: Hello.
    Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with
    your order today?

    You: I
    want to drop my voice minutes to the $70 plan will that casue me to
    lose unlimited data?

    Symone: I
    will be more than happy to assist you today

    Symone: If
    you drop the voice minutes it would not cause you to loose the data

    You: ok

    Symone: data
    is separate from minutes.

    You: thank

  • KC

    What happens if your still on 3g unlimited and buy a 4g phone out of contract. Are you able to then keep unlimited data?

    • Aryeh Hersh


  • coolsilver

    Split my current family share so I can drop the unused line later. I will never buy another Tablet from Verizon contract or not because of their updates and control. Next phone will come from Google Play Store so Verizon will get no money from me for it unless they start charging to activate the MEID for 3G/CDMA. LTE… swap sim.

  • George Davis

    There is a major discrepancy among news outlets about whether or not Individual Plans will continue to be available after June 28. Droid Life claims they will be, but C-NET for example has several articles claiming that Shared Plans will be the only option available. They correctly complain that under this scenario, single users will be royally screwed. Can we get some kind of official clarification on this? Note that I’m not talking about Unlimited data, but rather the tiered individual plans that currently run $30 for 2Gb, etc.

  • It’s just me – don’t need a family plan (wife uses ATT) – upgrading from a blackberry – had a my last 2 year upgrade ($30) but the new Verizon Upgrade fee was $30 – DUH! so they canceled each other out… I want to keep my unlimited data as long as I can… Preorderd the 32 G GSIII in blue

  • android

    It’s ok, but I would much rather just keep things the way they are, 80$ for 6gbs isent a vacation

  • Liquidretro

    I got confirmation that Business Plans are not effected by yesterdays announcement.

    “The new plans announced yesterday will not effect the business plan your
    company is currently on. You have the option to select one of the share
    everything plans if you would like, but you can still keep the plans that you
    are currently on.” -Coordinator Account
    Services | Verizon Enterprise

  • Verizon just told me when I inquired about the Galaxy IIIs that it depends on when the phone is activated, and since they don’t ship till after the change date, it can’t be activated before the change – and unless I pay Full Retail Price, I’d have to change my plan.

    • pcguru30

      That seems to fly in the face of the press release that indicates that as long as you pre-order before the share date, your unlimited data is safe.

  • Matt

    Can anyone speculate on the return policy to stay on my unlimited data and to get the Razr HD when it comes out by just returning phones every 30 days until it finally hits stores?????

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Called 2 best buys. One said that would work, the other implied it would but he said “don’t tell me your plan! go to another best buy and do that!”
      ALso, the 30 day exchange is a one time allowance. Once yo make the exchange you can’t return it unless there is an actual problem.

  • GapUp

    If I remember correctly you can re-flash a phone’s ESN model number
    information on any smart phone you wish. The idea is to flash the phone
    to a dumb phone’s product information. When your phone is turned on and
    logs into the tower, Verizon’s database checks your phones model number
    and will than recognizes it as a Dumb phone not requiring data plan.

    You will need to get a free dumb phone from Verizon and use its ESN number than chunk the dumb phone.

    The purpose of this is to have a smart phone without having to pay
    for a data plan ….. as for the Smart part you would simple use free
    hotspots or a open network to access the web.

    Anyone with more info on this topic please correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Andilicious217

    My question is about going from a 3G phone to a 4G phone.

    Both of my parents have 3G phones with unlimited data. Are they going to need to upgrade to 4G phones before June 28th in order to maintain their unlimited data?

    I would think that they would be able to keep the unlimited data if they buy a 4G phone (at full retail) after June 28th but I wanted to make sure. If they can’t keep unlimited then I will just activate my 4G phone on their lines before the 28th.

    • Aryeh Hersh

      You are correct.

      • Andilicious217


  • paul_cus

    Yeah, definitely get back to us on what happens with the different upgrade dates, Kellex. Great work by DL on this whole situation.

  • do we still get verizon to verizon talk without it counting against our minutes for those of us who don’t change or use the basic line for 700 minutes?

  • moelsen8

    i might have cared about verizon’s generosity with unlimited texting and calling like 5-10 years ago.. but who the hell uses a phone as a phone anymore? i think i’ve had a month or two where my minutes have been in the single digits. thanks for caring so much now, verizon.

    • LionStone

      No doubt, between me and my gf, besides M2M, calls to others not on VZ is about 700, so of course we have to get the plan above that one. I’m thinking of porting our numbers to GV and save 20 bucks per mo…get my own free texting!

      • moelsen8

        yeah, i still have the 250 texting plan and supplement it with GV messaging with the wifey. i haven’t taken the full plunge and switched my voicemail and stuff over to GV, but it’s awesome for the free texting (as long as people know that MMS sent to that number disappear).

        • LionStone

          Yep, I use GV for my vm now and so I may as well do the texting too…yea that’s true about the MMS but that won’t be hard to miss…and actually you will be given another VZ # to take the place of the one ported to GV, and that # can still be used to MMS, if someone really wanted to. But it’s so easy to email and be done with it. So $20. to port to GV and another 20 bucks to GV to keep the GV # I have right now. One time fee: $40. Money saved over 2 years…$20.x 24= $480.

  • frankandsimple

    I called Verizon and expressed my outrage. I told them Verizon is being extremely greedy.. even after record profits is trying to suck more money out of us.
    I asked the rep what my ETF was.. and I think it is much more profitable for me at this point to buy a GSM phone from craiglist and jump over to Straight Talk with their 45 dollar unlimited everything plan.
    it is MUCH cheaper than my current plan.. and there’ll be no contract hassles.. and best of all, from what I read, Straight Talk uses ATT network (without their crappy customer support or pricing).. and the 3G speeds are in the 4-5 Mbps range. Plenty enough for emails and app downloads. There seem to be a lot more choices when it comes to GSM phones.. and no more LTE battery sucking. I can finally try out some good windows phones too (which verizon has completely abandoned).

  • GapUp

    Is anyone aware of any viruses that purposely send and receive large amounts of data for the propose of running your data usage over and beyond?

    The virus could obviously ruin you financially and line pocket of the thieves “Verizon”

    • PC_Tool

      I’ve heard of this virus, actually. I believe it’s called “The internet”.

      Sadly, you’ve already been infected. 😉