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Reminder: Pre-ordering the Galaxy S3 on Verizon Allows You to Keep Unlimited Data

Here is one last Share Everything data plan note/reminder and we should have just about covered it all. And actually, we talked about this back when the Galaxy SIII first went up for pre-order, but we have seen some confusion on the subject in the comments and on Twitter and decided to talk about it one more time. I cannot say this any clearer – if you pre-order the Samsung Galaxy SIII before June 28, you can keep your unlimited data plan (assuming you already have an unlimited plan).Β 

How do we know for sure?

Well first of all, we heard directly from Verizon’s top communications directorΒ who told us as plain as she possibly could, that if you pre-order this phone, that you can keep your current plan. There was no beating around the bush or tricky word phrasing – she told us straight up that this is the deal.

Second, I walked through the process myself last week and as you can see from the screenshot below, unlimited data was a part of my checkout process. Third, I had Tim walk through it on his account today, now that Share Everything plans have been announced, and he also was able to select his current unlimited data plan and not a tier or share of any sort (pictured above).

We have heard from readers that spoke with VZW support reps who are for some reason under the impression that this isn’t the case. I hate to say this, but I’m not sure they know what they are talking about. The only way Verizon could get me off of unlimited data after going through this pre-order, would be to void my contract and force me onto a shared plan. They can’t do things like that, folks. Even if the phone ships on July 9 (after shared plans are live), I have already locked in according to the document that you are seeing below. When I activate the device whenever it does ship, it won’t matter because it’s all about the date that you sign the new contract, which for me, was last week or for you would be this week.

Think about it. If you pre-order and the phone arrives on July 9 at your doorstep, how is Verizon going to change your plan? When you pre-ordered, you told them what you want your plan to be, so that when the phone shows up, you can simply activate it and be on your way. It’s not like you would have to go back online once your phone arrives, and re-select plan features that would take you off of unlimited data. That wouldn’t make any sense.

What about Best Buy pre-orders?

With that out of the way, let’s talk about the tricky situation here that involves Best Buy. When you pre-order a phone through Verizon (at least online), you purchase the phone as if you were walking out of a store with it today, which means you choose plan and feature options and then extend a contract. The only difference between buying a RAZR MAXX today and the Galaxy SIII is that you don’t get the Galaxy SIII until Verizon is ready to ship it. But again, if you pre-order through Verizon directly, you get to lock into that contract.

Best Buy on the other hand could be very different. When you pre-order with Best Buy, all you are doing is holding a device for $50 until it arrives in store. When it arrives, you then cruise into your store and finish the process which would involve extending your contract and paying for the rest of the device. Seeing the problem here? If the Galaxy SIII does not come out until after Share Everything plans are in effect, there is a pretty good chance that you will have to move from unlimited onto one of these new plans because you did not lock in beforehand.

We are hearing that Best Buy is telling customers that pre-ordering and putting $50 down will keep their unlimited data plans safe, but I’m having a hard time believing that to be true. If you are going to pre-order through Best Buy, I highly suggest that you ask as many BBY employees, including managers, as you can to be 100% certain. I would hate to see a bunch of unlimited data users receive bad news on Galaxy SIII launch day.

Did you pre-order?

If you pre-ordered any time over the last week from Verizon, we would love for you to confirm in the comments that you kept your unlimited data. If you pre-ordered through Best Buy, we would love to hear exactly what their sales reps are telling you as far as keeping unlimited data is concerned.

If anything else changes from what we have told you today, we will be sure to let you know.

  • Lani

    I just got off the phone with Verizon. Was told that if I upgrade phone after the 28th I will lose unlimited data. They told me it did not matter which phone I choose after the 28th I would still lose unlimited data. I asked about purchasing a phone from some place else or someone else to replace current phone and activate when current phone died and was told even if I did that I would lose unlimited plan. They apparently left us with no way out of this. The only way to keep unlimited data is stay with the phone you have and hope they do not bot you off when contract is up or buy another phone by the 28th of June. Really disappointed about this situation feel like I am being forced to either deal with a problem phone or get a new one and risk losing data package.

  • luke duke

    Also I’m switching from my thunderbolt…

  • luke duke

    Pre ordered my 16gb pebble blue s3 2 weeks ago at best buy and the manager told me to upgrade through them before the 28th and use their 30 day exchange policy once my s3 arrives.

  • concerned

    I posted this on another page but I’ll repost here:

    I just added a line on a family members plan so I could have this phone with unlimited data. We ordered it Friday and spent an hour on the phone asking questions, confirming that this would not change anyone else’s plan, confirming I definitely would get the same unlimited data plan when the phone is activated, and confirming that all this would happen even though the line won’t be activated until after June 28th.Guess what. Sure enough we looked at the confirmation online and Verizon put me on a tiered plan. I still have to confirm what plan the rest of the family is on. We’ll call tonight to get this straightened out. If it doesn’t work, we’re cancelling the line. If, when the phone comes and I go to activate the line, they put me on anything other than unlimited data I will still cancel the plan and send the phone back. I want this phone but not that bad.

  • Nancy N

    I preordered the blue on 6/21/12 and was told I’d keep my unlimited plan as long as I paid by credit card that day, which I did. Upgraded from Droid X2. I did this over the phone with a rep, did the automated disclaimers process, but nothing has been charged to my credit card yet….Kind of worries me since it has to be prepaid by 6/28/12. Anyone else experiencing this? Nothing is on my verizonwireless page either. Although it all of a sudden now shows I’m eligible for an upgrade….strange.

    Really hoping Apple doesn’t manage to delay shipment with their lawsuit. I know they lost in stopping the June 26th launch for some carriers, but Verizon’s launch is after that…. guess we’ll see.

  • Mahek

    Yes i just upgraded today and it seems that i am keeping my unlimited data. I called in and told them specifically about that.

  • sully5981

    I pre-ordered on the 21st (when the Inc4g was not released). I walked into the store to do it and confirmed that if I pre-ordered, I would be able to keep my unlimited data (or so I was told). I did receive a confirmation email that stated I pre-ordered the s3 (two of them, for both lines) and it did say in the email I have the unlimited internet for $29.99. We will see when I get it.

  • turbohack

    I just upgraded one of my (5) “no data” phones that was eligible and transferred the upgrade to my unlimited data smartphone. The email confirming my order says Im on a 2gb/$30 per month plan. What gives?

  • upgrading from my OG Droid !!! πŸ™‚


  • lynn

    I ordered last week and still have unlimited data….can’t wait to get my hands on my galaxy s3….upgraded from a DROID RAZR

  • Rodys Gonzalez


    • Some phones are excluded from that $100 Off, it depends on the phone, not the pre-order.

      • Rodys Gonzalez

        Its more of a “only in-stock phones” only deal;… no advance purchasing; well, at least I got me a Rezound for FREE instead…. πŸ™‚

  • Joey J.

    Upgrading from DroidX as well. 32G White!!! Keeping my unlimited data plan! Woot!


    Hello everyone want to tell what Best Buy told me today In Rapid City. The 30 day return on the phones (or any thing that matter) says they have the right of refuseal on any returns and was told that just what they will do if i tryed to return the phone within the 30 days. Reason giving is the return phones cant not be sold or returned to anyone. The manager became a ass about it after time went on. But good news is i can and am going to do is bring my verizon phone i order online and use best buys black tie i think they called it repair which is way better the verizons. So to me best of both worlds get to keep unlimited and get the phone i want. Just my 2 cents on the matter. JO

  • Kim M

    Preordered mine today. Was told about this by the rep, got to keep my unlimited, and also got free mobile hotspot. All my paperwork and contract receipts confirm. Definitely true.

  • AJ

    was at Verizon store today and was told if I pre-order the Samsung galaxy S3 before July 28 I can keep my unlimited data plan. YES!!! currently have HTC Incredible 3G. will be leaning towards pre-ordering the blue Galaxy S3. 2 1/2 years ago when I signed up with Verizon I contracted the unlimited data plan (which was available at the time)

  • LB

    I really hate buying my phone directly from Verizon. They rip you off with their $30 upgrade fee and overpriced accesories. I just preordered the white one from Costco.com…(upgrading from Droids Charge) and it’s $199 plus a $25 mail-in rebate PLUS a free 3-in1 charger…AND two phone cases and a free T360 Bluetooth device. And the best part…activation charge is waived and I get 90 days to return the phone and select a differnt Verizon phone if I change my mind. I’ve always bought my phones from Costco and won’t buy anywhere else.

  • Mnemnyx

    I preordered the 32gb blue one. My bill kept my unlimited data so I’m happy πŸ˜€ Finally upgrading my galaxy s.

  • Matt

    Trying to pre-order today but I am not being given the option to keep my unlimited data, must have missed out

  • cher

    Just tried to upgrade to the new Samsung and it won’t let me do it on line …it says to call the 800 number.. and I did that before trying on line, and they said it would not allow me to keep the unlimited.. so no success over here =(

  • i started the process for pre-ordering the galaxy s3 through the VZW portal but had to move to the phone due to address issues.

    The person on the phone was helpful and said, several times, that I would not lose my unlimited data plan since I was pre-ordering.

    This will probably be a big leap from my Motorola Droid (running CM7.2 stable) which has been a great phone for the past two years! It will be interesting as this is my first samsung phone AND one of the few times I’ve bought a phone RIGHT at launch. Actually, it was also my first time ordering a phone for myself without having to step foot inside a store.

    I preordered the White 32GB with the case and anti-glare screen protectors. Will probably get a better case (otterbox) down the line.

    – John

  • I went into Best Buy to preorder the S3 and they weren’t sure about whether or not I could keep my unlimited plan. They called a Verizon Service Rep who assured them and me that I indeed could keep my unlimited plan. When I asked them about the new shared data plans they didn’t know anything about them. I asked pointedly if I received my phone in July if I could keep my plan once again they told me yes. But still not trusting them I went online and preordered my phone with Verizon directly.

  • Ongdej

    I am eligible for an upgrade on June 27th (go figure) and if I pre order the phone will I be paying the full price or the discounted price?

  • i just dont get it. dont they know that NOBODY wants this greedy, new plan?


  • Kealii

    Like everyone else I pre ordered my SGS3 and ending my thunderbolt, which had internal issues but couldn’t be fixed because of scratches on my phone. Anyways I kept my unlimited data plan and got a white16GB phone. After getting cases an screen protectors it cost $283. But I don’t get how I’ll activate the phone once it comes in? Do I go to Verizon or just put in my Sim card

  • Chiquita Lewis

    Yea, i also noticed that there is no charge until it is shipped! So i guess its like a hold….fine with me πŸ™‚

  • Chiquita Lewis

    Yes! i was able to keep m unlimited data by pre ordering the phone! and i am appreciative for it, because the new prices are extreme!

  • SKG

    upgrading from my OG Droid !! πŸ™‚

  • For those of you that preordered through Verizon, when you login to your account at Verizon does it still show that you are eligible for a device upgrade?

  • Shawn

    The issue I see is that you assume that when you order the phone, you actually “sign a new contract.” Just because you indicated what your features would be, it’s my understanding that Verizon’s policy is that that a contract start date is based on the phones *activation,* which wouldn’t be until it arrives on your doorstep and you turn it on. You are not “locked in” until that happens. I’d like to see something public from Verizon clarifying this, but until then I’m not holding my breath for keeping my unlimited data.

  • prestige27

    I pre-ordered my S3 @ Best Buy Mobile, and just got done speaking with a rep from Best Buy. I am using a line on my account that does not currently have a Data plan at all to do the upgrade, then switching it to a different line on my account that has a Moto DROID Bionic with Unlimited 4G data. His first response was “If the carrier allows you to keep your old plan than you will. You will have to check to see if they demand a change of plan.” Which is as generic of an answer one could give. So I asked “On their site, if I pre-order from VZW directly, it offers me the choice to keep the unlimited plan, but I am unsure if that’s the same for Best Buy”. His response “That will be the same with Best Buy. It is up to carriers if you can keep it.” I also spoke with a rep from Verizon, and they said if I upgrade a line on my account that does not have data, then switch it to a line that does have the unlimited, it’s just an ESN Change, and it won’t touch the features at all. So that’s 1 rep from both Best Buy and VZW that are confirming I can keep Unlimited. Lastly, I asked the BB rep if he has a release date for the S3, and his response was “The Carriers are showing 18 of June but Best Buy hasnt officially given that information out yet.” So I have a feeling that BB will release Verizon’s S3 prior to July 10th. I worked at Verizon for 11 years, and there were numerous times when authorized dealers released a phone before Verizon did, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • JazzoRenee

    I just pre-ordered White 32GB and kept my unlimited data plan!!!!
    Upgrade from the Galaxy S (Fascinate)

  • Just pre ordered two SGS3(32GB) for both of my grandfathered smartphones and got a great deal while still keeping my unlimited data plan!! I want to call this deal the “buy one get one free deal”. why? because I Ended up getting a discount of $250 dollars off the total price for both phones!! i got a $50 loyalty discount for my main line and $100 off on top of that! and on my secondary line i got $ 100 off!… So where did this $100 off on both phones lines come from??.. Well thats the funny part because even the verizon rep that did the preorder for me did not know where it came from?!! he said that it only appeared as “additional discounts” on his screen. so yea, you can imagine that for this being my last discounted phones i was extremely happy!!! (i plan to keep my unlimited data plans, so next future phone may have to come from ebay). Total for 2 SGS3 (both 32GB) including upgrading fees $309.98 + taxes
    I did some research and I think i know where that extra $200 discount came from, i think… but i went through my emails that verizon would send me and found this particular one that they sent me on 05/14/12 and it said “get $150 off any 4G lte smartphone when you upgrade” now this discount already includes my $50 loyalty, which leaves the remaining to be $100 off, I believe this is it! I went all the way into reading the small fine print of the promotional email and it said there clearly “New 2-yr renewal req’d per device. Smartphones require a data pak.
    Available only if customer has not upgraded in the last 180 days.
    Pricing based on vzw.com as of 05/14/2012 and subject to change without notice”
    So there you have it folks! If you havent upgraded in the past 180 days as of 05/14/12 then you may be a lucky person like me! πŸ˜‰ I opened an account with Verizon on November of 2008, bought the original Droid 1, and never used my upgrades, until last night! worth the wait!
    Finally, I can defintely back up the grandfathered plan and would recommend anybody that has an upgrade to use it right now before June 28 so you can keep your unlimited data plan! Once you pre-order your SGS3, (this is either online or on the phone with a Verizon Rep) they make you go through a whole renewal agreement where you accept the terms and conditions of your “new”contract, and in this contract my unlimited data got transferred to both phones! Your contract is then FROZEN after you have gone through accepting all these terms, and will go into effect on the first day that you receive and activate your SGS3. DO NOT pre-order through best buy because you will NOT be able to keep your Unlimited Data Plan! You will loose it!
    Best buy only HOLDS your phone and does not renew your contract when you pre-order it! Once Best buy calls you and lets you know that they have your phone, then you go and pick it up and THEN they sit down with you, get on the phone and go through the contract renewal process in that moment, which Best buy will likely get the SGS3 for verizon around July 9th or 10th (this is passed the cut-off date of June 28, so you will be pretty much S.O.L!) Good luck to everyone!!

    • JazzoRenee

      I keep hearing people talk about this, but it only happens on my primary line, which isn’t my line and I have to yell at my brother every time he upgrades that he owes me $50 lol. But you said you got it on both…..I’m wondering.

      • The loyalty discount is $50, and this discount is only applied on your primary line. My number is the primary line and I got $50 off plus an additional $100 off on my primary line as well. But I also got another $100 off on my secondary line. Both of these $100 discounts are not part of the $50 loyalty discount that everyone gets, the Verizon rep couldn’t see why I got those extra $200 discounts, he said that it only showed on his screen as “Additional Discounts”. So in total amount of discounts for both phones combined together is $250. Broken down it looks like this: Primary Line discounts: $50 loyalty discount + $100 “additional discount” = $150 off. Secondary Line discounts: $100 off “additional discounts” = $100 off.
        Total amount of discount from both lines combined = $250
        Hope it makes sense

  • KealiiK

    Like everyone else I pre ordered my SGS3 and ending my thunderbolt, which had internal issues but couldn’t be fixed because of scratches on my phone. Anyways I kept my unlimited data plan and got a white16GB phone. After getting cases an screen protectors it cost $283.

    • kealii

      An I pre ordered on June 7

  • For all Best Buy preorderers, based on my knowledge from both Best Buy employees and Verizon it looks like Best Buy preorders won’t keep unlimited data. VZW has been either stating that they don’t know to saying no. Best Buy is also saying the same thing. Safe move is to preorder from Verizon, I hear.

  • cr

    No No No No No!!! This is Verizon slight of hand. I just spoke with a tech supervisor who told me ‘yes, you will get to keep your unlimited data plan if you pre-order the S3, but you will only have unlimited data at 3G speeds!!!!!!’ What a crock. So I should preorder a 4G phone and then only get data at 3G speeds…..When I asked the rep. why they arent sharing that piece of info. with the general public….he said, “Yeah, I am not sure.”

    • Wow…that is crock. What is the cut off point? Do we only get 1GB at 4G?

      • JazzoRenee

        This is how Verizon will end up with class action law suits.
        Not that I mind, because the phone will be on wi-fi 80% of the time.

    • Z-man

      That doesn’t make sense to me. You’re paying 29.99 for unlimited data. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3G or LTE.

    • This is FALSE!!! I dont know who you talked to but this is totally False!! Once you upgrade to a 4G phone they automatically switch you to the 4GLTE network! Once you preorder your phone through verizon website or through the phone they will send you a confirmation order with a description of your new renewal contract and it will state “4G INTERNET ACCESS” under the plan features! Believe me, what you are saying will not happen.

  • Here’s my question – My husband and I share a Family Plan. What happens if I do the preorder and secure the unlimited, but he doesn’t?

    • gus

      I have the same question. I’m eligible for an upgrade now and my wife in October. Can we both upgrade now and keep our unlimited data?

      • JazzoRenee

        Your wife should be able to upgrade, they allow you to upgrade 3 to 4 months in advance.

  • DrAndyRoid

    Ah I don’t think I want the GS3, but I don’t want to lose my unlimited data. I currently have a Nexus (bought it off contract), but I want to wait for a device I really want. I know I can upgrade and sell the phone, but there isn’t really anything coming out (as of yet) that I want. Damn you Verizon!!!!!

  • Butter

    Pre-Ordered 16GB Blue on 6/6 and kept unlimited data.

    I am upgrading from the DInc.

  • Robert

    If you haven’t looked, new date on verizon site now says 7/10 shipment, not 7/9
    Damn you Verizon, give me my phone!!!!!

  • took screenshots and got the transcripts for everyone on the Verizon chat telling me i was guaranteed to keep unlimited…sucks that we have to take these precautions. Just a warning though…if we use over 3GB Verizon did say they will throttle us like crazy so technically we are on a 3GB for $30 a month 4G plan with an unlimited 3G bs plan

    • Aryeh Hersh

      Where do you see that?

    • JazzoRenee

      Still more than those paying $30 for only 2GB and then charge $10 extra for ever 1GB over.

  • c4v3man

    Called rep1, announced I was recording the call (as per my state requirements) and was told that unlimited was not available.

    Called rep2, announced I was recording again, and was told that I could retain my unlimited, as long as I accepted the terms and conditions soon. Processed preorder for 32gb blue, and was transferred into automated system for accepting terms and conditions. Got confused due to my using my wife’s upgrade for my line, and called back.

    Called rep3,4. and 5, announced i was recording, and was told I needed to stop recording the call.

    Turned off recording, called rep6, explained my situation, and was transferred back into the automated system, and proceeded as instructed.

    As far as I’m concerned, I’m covered. I was told (multiple times on call 2) I would retain my unlimited plan, as long as I accepted the terms and conditions now, as opposed to later when accepting the phone. I hope it will at least hold up in small claims court if necessary, where I’d assume Verizon wouldn’t even show up and would simply default in my favor…

    • “Called rep3,4. and 5, announced i was recording, and was told I needed to stop recording the call.”

      I would be deeply disturbed by that. I generally record any important calls, just in case. IANAL but AFAIK…

      1) In the US is is legal to record a call as long as at least one party is aware of it. So you are not obliged to inform them of the fact.
      2) “This call may be recorded…” may be interpreted as them granting you permission to record the call.
      3) If they don’t want to go on the record, ask yourself why.

      • c4v3man

        I agree. You can’t tell me my call can be recorded or monitored, but not allow me to do the same. It’s a two way street a-holes.

  • busa2006

    Well, I was sitting and thinking about something after I pre ordered my
    sgs3 with bestbuy, in that they didnt get any information about my
    second line which I put on a family share plan. So, when the phone comes
    in I would have to get the new data plans that verizon have came out
    with.So, I went on verizon and pre ordered the samsung galaxy s3 which i put on the family share plan.My question would be now when the phone comes in from verizon when i transfer it
    to my unlimited line can i still put a regular non smartphone on the new
    line i added and if so would it affect my unlimited data? I will be cancelling my bestbuy pre order..I wasnt up for an upgrade so i had to do it this way hope it works

  • busa2006

    Well, I was sitting and thinking about something after I pre ordered my
    sgs3 with bestbuy, in that they didnt get any information about my
    second line which I put on a family share plan. So, when the phone comes
    in I would have to get the new data plans that they have came out
    with.So, I went on verizon and added a line on the current family plan,
    so my question would be now when the phone comes in when i transfer it
    to my unlimited line can i still put a regular non smartphone on the new
    line i added and if so would it affect my unlimited data?

  • 1badSGS3

    I just pre-ordered SGS3 2 days ago and i still have my unlimited data plan! I got the white 32 gb version!

  • I pre-ordered thru best buy. and later called Verizon about the data plan changing. They said they saw it in the system as “PENDING” and i will be able to keep my unlimited plan.

    Just a heads up for anyone that wants the S3 and not want to pay the 199 or 249 up front.
    Best Buy only makes you buy a 50 dollar gift card and it can be applied to the purchase if you want or you can keep the card and use it later. The choice is yours.

    I spent over 30 minutes talking to a Verizon rep on the phone about this including Best Buy people in person.

  • Mark Gonsoulin

    So I have bad news… my mother works for verizon customer care. She told me they received an email today stating that even if a customer preorders the phone before the 28th, even from verizon, they will not be allowed to grandfather their plan over. The reason being is that they do not bill you nor do they actually upgrade you contract until the phone ships…. this will be on july 9th. I just called my verizon store and canceled my pre order after confirming this info with the store manager. πŸ™

  • MW

    My upgrade date is in August and I just called to politely express my anger and disappointment with Verizon. No early upgrade was offered to me and I was simply told that I could buy a phone from someone else and have them add it to my account. Not particularly helpful

  • Beeb

    I pre-ordered the Galaxy S3 on 6/9/12 & was told that I would keep my Unlimited Data plan.

  • BKR76

    Upgraded from Droid X as well to 32GB Blue on June 6 and got to keep my unlimited plan .

  • JM95037

    Pre-ordered from Verizon on 6/6 when it became available and was able to keep the unlimited data plan at the time of ordering. I’ll be curious however to see what happens when it arrives and I got to activate my shiny new phone…since these devices are scheduled to ship after June 28, it would not shock me (and I half expect it) if they then forced me into one of the new limited data plans upon activation?? We’ll see once it arrives.

    +2 – my wife and I both pre-ordered to replace our DroidX’s – woo freakin’ hoo!!!

    • Aryeh Hersh

      As the article above says if you preorder through verizon you signed a contract at pre order time so you are locked in.

    • Mark Gonsoulin

      Customer care just told me they received an email stating you cannot keep your unlimited data plan even if you pre ordered the phone. The reason is because of what you said… they don’t charge you nor upgrade your plan until the phone ships which is after june 28th