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Wednesday Poll: If There are 5 Nexus Devices This Winter, Who Should Make Them?

A report out of the Wall Street Journal last week claimed that Google will potentially welcome in up to 5 “Nexus” or lead devices this winter to help launch Jelly Bean. Once launched, all of the devices will be sold directly to customers unlocked and off-contract (hopefully at reasonable prices too). It’s just a rumor at this point, but it makes a heck of a lot of sense for Google to go this route. They are sick of carriers interfering with updates, release schedules, etc. and this would give them ultimate control.

With that said, there has only be speculation at this point as to who will make what. Will we see 3 phones and 2 tablets? 4 phones and 1 tablet? All phones? Who will make them? Will HTC, Samsung, and Motorola produce the phones with Asus and Acer making the tablets? Maybe LG will get their first shot at a Nexus phone and Samsung on the tablet front?

In today’s poll, let’s discuss it and sell each other on what combination we think would be the best. Go!

  • HTC, don’t really care who the other 4 are.

  • Mii

    would any of the carriers allow you to activate the phone on their service knowing they got no cut of the pie for it?

    • RoninX

      Yes, because they get your monthly fee and don’t have to pay OEM subsidies.

      If they said no, they would be turning down free money…

  • pd240

    Asus for the tablet, Motorola or Samsung for the phones. Kellen- what white case is that on the g-nex in the picture?

  • For phones: HTC, Huawei, Sony, Samsung, Motorola.
    For tablets: ASUS.


    Personally I think Motorola should release a DynaTac 30th Anniversary Nexus Edition. This is the phone that started it all, and the timing is perfect.

  • why do we need 5 nexus devices?

    • Brandon Sikes


      • but the whole point of a nexus phone is to be a developer phone. i don’t see the need to have 5 different developer phones. dont get me wrong. Im not complaining. the more stock android the better. i just dont see why they would make that move.

        • RoninX

          That was one of the goals for the Nexus One. The goal of the new Nexus line is to get more end users on a consistent, quickly-updated, vanilla version of Android.

        • Brandon Sikes

          Well let’s say that you are a dev and you only liked Moto. You liked Moto so much that you wouldn’t touch a Samsung or HTC phone. So instead of having to wait for a leak of ICS or the next version of android to come out, then getting everything to work right, you have ICS or whatever right there and available to you because Google was smart enough to make a Moto Nexus. Heck two of them one with keyboard one without.

  • Wednesday Poll: Okay, where’s the poll? Sounds like you’re just asking for opinions because I don’t see a poll…lol

    • Abu Laloque


  • Droidzilla

    I’ll go with 3 Nexus phones and 2 Nexus tablets. For phones:


    Moto and HTC are no brainers for phones, as are Samsung and ASUS for tablets. Sony is the wild card, but I think they have the potential to do great things in hardware but their software usually sucks. Nexus is the perfect answer to that problem.

  • Anybody but Motorola

  • gregmr

    How about an HTC phone body and camera with Moto radios, a Samsung screen and processor – and then a tablet made by Asus with a Samsung screen?

    • Butters619

      Personally I think the S-LCD2 looks better than the SAMOLED

      • stubb

        You say that without knowing how 720p super Amoled plus is going to look.
        Samsung is fixing the over saturation and other problems.

        • Butters619

          A 720p SAMOLED+ doesn’t exist yet, so I can’t take it into comparison

      • gregmr

        As you said it – (personally) – it’s a matter of preference. Pentile or not, I still simply cannot see the pixels on my G-Nex at such a density. So, I’ll take the black levels and viewing angles.

        • Butters619

          The S-LCD2 has great viewing angles, but I will admit the black levels on the G-Nex win easy.

          The pentile doesn’t bug me so much as the over saturation of colors. (Supposedly that has been fixed on the SGS3 though). However, if you hold a G-Nex next to a One X, the One X display definitely looks better.

          • nicotinic

            Seriously. My Droid X has great viewing angles and so does my Rezound. The viewing angles argument is moot. I’ll give SAMOLED the blacks but compared to the Rezound’s overall picture quality at 720p there’s no contest between SLCD and SAMOLED.

    • PC_Tool




  • Cliff Wynne

    One by each major headset manufacturer….ie HTC, Samsung, Moto, LG and Sony

  • indiecognition

    asus and moto

  • Moto (metal and gorilla glass goodness), Sammy & HTC for phones. for tablets then Sammy and ASUS

  • Samsung has consistently put their best foot forward.

    Motorola: Droid 3,4, X2, Bionic, Razr, Razr Maxx. All locked bootloaders. All sacrificed to the cut corners to save money god.

    Bionic: HORRIBLE SCREEN. If you can stand looking at this screen….go get your eyes checked. Same Reason for Droid 4.

    Razr/Maxx: Terrible, not removable battery in one, took a separate phone to get it correct. Both of AMOLED screen’s look oddly green for some reason. Other than that, its there best device (which isn’t saying much)

    Droid 3 and X2, both released last year, both short of the 1GB their counterparts have. Droid 3 was released maybe a month to month and a half before Bionic.

    Moto has decent tech at best, but the Exynos quad-core, Super AMLOED HD, Samsung should be making the mainline Nexus, instead of this awkward bastardization. HTC has turned itself around, they deserve a chance too.

    • Big_EZ

      If you work outside or are outside a lot the bionic is the best phone available. Personally the RAZR Maxx is the best phone overall out of every phone currently out.

    • Butters619

      “Samsung has consistently put their best foot forward.”

      G-Nex. Camera. Radios. What?

      • Take into consideration that Android is an ecosystem, and take into consideration that, while we are on a Droid website, which inherently means Verizon, that an HSPA+ G-Nex that has the support of tech (Read: NOT BEING CDMA) and is, in my opinion, the better option if it was available to Verizon users.

        Radios is ultimately a wash, and Yes, it is unnecessary to complain about radios, when everyone is still running 1st Gen LTE tech. Bionic’s camera? Crap. Razr’s camera? Not a useful as the G-Nex’s (fast shutter speed over higher MP count anyday).

        • Butters619

          I wasn’t saying Motorola has the best, but saying Samsung always puts their best foot forward and doesn’t cut corners to save money is a joke.

  • Samsung, moto, Sony, Samsung , and Asus

  • omgitzjose

    LG should just stop making android phones. ive never heard anyone say anything good and the one i had (G2x) was the worst phone ive ever owned! i doubt they will be one of the Nexus manufacturers. prob be samsung (duh) moto and id love it if sony wold get there shit together and make a phone that isnt 3 years old.

  • If Verizon is getting them I don’t care at this point. They have completely disgraced the Gnex.

  • HTC Phones, Asus Tablet

  • richardsonadm

    5. LG
    4. HTC
    1. Motorola


    Motorola, Sony, HTC, Samsung, Asus phone & tablet
    What about Blackberry made phone, like the storm/torch running jelly bean?

  • Michael Johnson

    Sammy, Moto, and HTC, with 2 of them making a large-display option as well as a small(er)-display option

  • Jonathan Ofalla

    In order of most interested to least interested:

    Asus (Tablets specifically)

  • Ivan92116

    I’m guess that Google will release a $200 7″ tablet this summer (the rebranded Asus MeMO). In the fall they’ll release 3 phones, a 10″ tablet, and a 7″ tablet (the 7″ tablet would be a slight upgrade from the $200 tablet). Asus and Samsung for the tablets. Moto, HTC, and LG for the phones.

  • ocdtrekkie

    I love Motorola stuff, it’s all I buy. But I want them to play fair with Nexus, so hopefully Nexus devices will be balanced around a fair bit.

  • Guest

    ASUS for sure. Motorola will obviously get at least one. I’m sure Samsung will get one. HTC probably deserves a shot, too.

    • I don’t see how Motorola could release a Nexus without people screaming “favouritism” and “alienation”.

  • By the way, how many of these fully unlocked non-subsidised devices will be CDMA-enabled?

    And I highly doubt we’ll ever see a Motorola-made Nexus phone.

  • Motorola LTE nexus

  • I really want a Sony Xperia Nexus. The design of their 2012 lines look great and is different from everything else. Asus is great, too — not because of their designs, but their philosophy towards custom skin: less is more (but that wouldn’t matter if they are making a Nexus.) They also updates fairly quick and I loves their motherboard (PC.)

    My top 5 Nexus makers are:

    Motorola is not in my list, because they should never make a non-stock Android phones from now on — they don’t need to be in the Nexus program to make Google Experience phones. And, Google should update all Motorola phones just like how they update the Nexus.

    • Jwhap

      Are you a bitter Xoom LTE owner???

  • desiman26

    HTC, Motorola, Samsung, Sony, LG. I would love to see what Sony & LG could come up with. (Hopefully a metal design and no more cheap plastic) For the tablet, definitely leave it to Asus to make that.

  • Mike_Cook7


  • I think Asus should… padfone is all in one… stock jb on one brain would just be awesome…

  • i want motorola x3

    • mmoreimi

      That phone kind of failed…and then failed again.
      it’s not getting ICS because it can’t handle the update. makes me not wanna touch the X….and some other variants of Moto products

      • me

        How did the original Moto X fail?

        • mmoreimi

          Because it sucked…
          Blur was horrible (Blur is a bit better now)
          The physical buttons were horrible
          I don’t think it has ever seen anything other than Gingerbread and couldn’t make the cut to ICS.

          • Tyler

            It saw froyo 😛

          • nicotinic

            It officially saw Eclair, Froyo and finally Gingerbread.

      • ray_420

        I’m running ice on my dx

  • kazelement

    1. HTC
    2. Motorola
    3. Samsung
    4. Asus
    5. LG

    • Knlegend1

      Asus #ftw

  • picaso86

    This is a stupid poll…sorry Kellex

  • Butters619

    1) HTC
    2) Moto
    3) Samsung

    1) Asus
    2) Samsung

  • New_Guy


    (In that order)

    • mmoreimi

      yeah i would be interested to see what Asus can do. I’m really impressed by their Transformer series and am REALLY interested to see what happens with the Padfone.

      • New_Guy

        I saw the video on the Padphone and just the phone portion alone outshines many phones on the market. I absolutely want to see an Asus (standalone) phone on the market, like now.

        • mmoreimi

          Yeah…that thing is ridiculous…. phone, tablet, laptop (via keyboard) and then a stylus that can be used as a phone while your phone’s docked in the tablet……all in one data plan.

          • New_Guy

            That stylus/bluetooth mic is friggin amazing!!!

            The MOMENT it comes to Verizon, it’s as good as sold…

  • jmasterj

    ASUS and Samsung for tablets, HTC, Motorola, and Samsung for phones.

  • Austin

    4 nexuses phones would be great, 1by Samsung, 1 by htc, one by Motorola , and one by lg, then a nexus tablet by acer

    • will bartlett

      acer? are you crazy?

  • lightlong

    I’d like to see Apple join the mix. They make pretty good hardware 🙂

  • Mark F


    • New_Guy

      …only five dude…

  • Just a long-shot…..Nokia…. 😉

  • DroidBricker

    1) Samsung (Best hardware)
    2) Asus (Great hardware, some glitches *GPS dongle)
    3) HTC (Good hardware)
    4) ?
    5) Motorola (Locked bootloaders, FU)

  • Not in any particular order
    Samsung – HTC – Motorola – Sony – Nokia (this will obviously never happen)

  • Al

    Probably 3 phones and two tablets. Phones – HTC, Motorola, and Samsung. Tablets – Motorola and Asus. That’s my bet.

  • Cmrudy

    I would like to see an Alienware Android phone along with Samsung, Moto and either Asus or Samsung for a Nexus tablet

    • Jeff Tycz

      Alienware really? so the phone can be 20x more expensive that it really should be?

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    HTC, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, and Motorola.



  • ph0oky

    samsung screen and design, moto build quality and radio, htc materials.

    • Right, Moto couldn’t design themselves out of a paper bag. Their phones are butt ugly.

  • Sqube

    Moto or HTC on the hardware for the phone.
    ASUS on the tablet.

    Is there any other answer, considering the state of today’s hardware design?

  • nwd1911

    If they were all phones, I’d like to see 1 or 2 from Moto, 1 from HTC, 1 from Sammie, 1 from Asus and 1 from Sony. I figure Moto can cheat since they can get permission from dad.