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Nova Launcher and WidgetLocker Updates Introduce Unread Counts, Other Goodies Too

Nova Launcher and WidgetLocker received updates today to include support for “unread counts” on icons for Gmail, SMS, missed calls, Google Talk, etc. TeslaCoil, the makers of these two, created an app that works with them called TeslaUnread that allows your most commonly used apps to show unread counts from your home screen or lock screen. The app has to be used with either Nova or WidgetLocker in order to work, but it’s free, so you shouldn’t mind having to install it. As you can see in the photo above, it even works with custom icon packs.

Along with the support for TeslaUnread, the Nova update included new gestures, reverse wallpaper scrolling, support for GO Launcher icon packs, and a bunch of other fun things.

Play Links:  Nova Launcher | WidgetLocker | TeslaUnread

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  • hello everyone, I am the guy who created these icons I will be working on a package that has just one icon for each, so you wont have to zip through many of the same icons, wish i had a way of telling everyone. So if you bought the adw pack you can get this for free

  • Trooper

    Dang. /me wants those icons for Nova!

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  • jbo

    What phone iis that in the picture…. man that thing is ugly…. haaa haa

  • I hope they incorporate support for themes into the next update. This one is solid though.

  • MikeCiggy

    Currently waiting for a new Gnex in the mail but can I use these unread icons inside the navigation bar?? Which is where I have moved my phone and message icon and remove my dock all together.

  • hothfox

    I’m still on Apex. Since they have pretty much the same features, I’ll stick with it since I bought the Pro version. I do like that you have 2 choices for the bubbles instead of just the red like in Apex.

  • Another feature that Nova got after Apex. Still, I’m with Nova.
    Fixes looking forward to ->
    1. If desktop width margin is not ‘none’, the widgets of right side screen overflow onto current screen.
    2. Screen scroll is still not as snappy as apex.
    3. Folders on homescreen should be able to push each other around, for easier reorganization.

  • kevinc

    ugly. if i wanted an unread count i’d buy an iphone.

    • or…you could just…you know…turn it “off” in settings. but, yeah, trolling is way better.

    • meijin3

      That’s like an iPhone user saying, “If I wanted a notification center and a voice assistant, I’d buy an Android device” and implying the iPhone was worse because it had it.

  • Joe

    i want this homescreen, and icons. how do i get it?

  • What icons are you using there?

  • br_hermon

    They’re still playing catch up to Apex…

  • What icons are those?

  • Steve

    Nova Prime is back on top once again after this great update.

  • solid, solid update. Well done, Teslacoil

  • Teng Taing

    hmm getting an error when trying to update “package file was not signed correctly.

    • Were you previously using a sideloaded hacked/patched version of the Nova prime? Then you’ll get that error when installing playstore version.

  • sc0rch3d

    this is awesome, but i’m one of the few people that read all my emails and don’t have a need for unread count #ihavenolife

  • Nova’s getting better. Will try it out again soon 🙂

  • Kaizen_2012

    This is really cool

  • KleenDroid