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Contest: 10 DROID RAZR MAXX Cruzer Lite Androidified Cases Up for Grabs! (Updated)

Our friends at Cruzer Lite felt that our DROID RAZR MAXX brethren needed Androidified love too. After handing out 12 of their most popular cases to Galaxy Nexus owners, their new line for the RAZR MAXX is up next. We have 10 cases in a variety of colors to give away, not just the black and white versions that were initially released a week or so ago.

So how can you win? It’s super simple.

1.  “Like” or “Circle” the Cruzer Lite pages on Facebook and Google+.
2.  In the comments, let us know the longest single charge you have seen on your RAZR MAXX.

Update:  Winners have been picked, start checking your inboxes.

Tomorrow at 9AM, we will pick all 10 winners.  Good luck!

  • Evanevster

    26 hours no joke!!!!! I love my maxx and I definitely love that purple A2 case for the maxx!!! Will be telling my friends about cruzer lite cases:)

  • Mrwest45

    I have gone 27 hours w/22% battery life left.. I would l.ove a case for it!

  • Elijah james

    I forgot my charger when I left my house for the weekend. Made it 2 days 4 hours and 27 minutes. I checked the battery app before I plugged it in at 5%.

  • James

    Easily two days, without that panic of running out of juice.

  • Bently Wong

    36 hours

  • Johnhogan30

    Razr MAXX is by far the best android phone I’ve owned so far. Bought the Galaxy Nexus and returned it for the MAXX. BEST decision I have ever made!

  • Ron Rosenberg

    3 days on one charge on my Razr MAXX

  • Ashah414

    I’ve gotten a whopping 2 days 8 hours and 34 minutes outta my Razr Maxx!

  • Anthony Alves

    They need to make some Bionic cases. W/ the extended battery support.

  • Typically get around 48 hours on it with normal usage! This battery is the bomb! 

  • Mattlbatch

    I use TuneIn Radio 24/7 and still get 14 hours in between charges on my RAZR Maxx

  • Adam Carter

    40 hours, didn’t get it plugged in one night, on the second day I did avoid unnecessary usage, but still sent text messages, made calls, checked news occasionally.

  • Bigmac7019

    I’ve had mine for about two weeks and it’s only been on the charger 4 times. This phone is awesome!

  • CipherSaper

    I routinely get over 24 hours with some good use (email,twitter,browsing). And the longest I have a screen shot for is 2d 23h 38m 49s on battery with low use. I’ve never got less than 12 hours that I can remember.

  • coyotepiper

    48 Hours +

  • howie35

    96 hours using it all day each day

  • Had over 15 hours on it and the battery still had more than half to go. Have it set to 3g only. 


    The longest my DROID RAZR MAXX’s battery life has gone on a single charge was approximately 37 hours. I felt the need to test it after I had returned my DROID RAZR for it. Granted, this test included both data and non-data usage, essentially as if I had used it on any other day, but the longest time on a single charge at all was 53 hours, but that was only on Wi-Fi, which obviously uses up a lot less of the battery when compared to cellular data. 

  • Micah Roy

    ~30 hrs so far!

  • T1392

    Will be geting a RAZR MAXX on the 28th for my lady it would be nice to add a Cruzer Lite to go along with her bday present.

  • Matt

    i’ve gone almost 3 whole days [2 days, 23 hours, 13 minutes, if you must ask] on a single charge! 

  • Just got mine thanks to Amazon! It was only 9.00 and worth every penny! Fits like a glove and is so light! 

  • ScottM

    My longest charge to date on my MAXX has been about 21 hours. That was with a few phone calls, moderate news reading, texting, plenty of game play, etc., primarily on 4G.

    The Razr MAXX is one helluva phone!

  • cashclay

    I gone roughly 19 hours, no problem.

  • I got 32 hours of heavy, and I do mean HEAVY usage out of mine.  I am a clutz and my poor Maxx needs this case, because I will surely drop it on its head soon.  Thanks!

  • Most I’ve seen (this is my dad’s) is 40 hours. Granted he’s not a heavy user though. But its good to see battery life going in the right direction on this device. 

  • kminer1

    About 20 hrs.  thank you

  • Francie Griffith

    I went 33 hours on a charge, which is amazing for how I use my phone.  I can’t kill this in a day, no matter if it’s a heavy usage day or not.  This is the phone I’ve been waiting for for a long time.

  • COM

    Had my Razr Maxx for less than a week. Best is 20.5 hours with moderate to heavy use daily. Usually very heavy usage with Pandora and Soundhound, and regularly playing games and reading blogs, and tending to work-related matters. Typically, 16-19 hours, without charging. Stock. Not rooted, nor using any custom kernels.

  • Mine will be here tomorrow from Verizon!  Upgraded from Droid X to the Maxx.  Cannot wait!!!

  • Gritchu

    I hope I’m still eligible, I get my Maxx tomorrow and can reply when i have more info. for now lets just say that with regards to talking I get “Up to 21.5 hours or Standby Time – Up to approx. 15.8 days” (Thank you Verizon site)

  • HunterS

    32.69 hours 🙂 thing is a beast

  • Ron 80

    My best was 34 hours. I bought this phone specifically for the battery. For the first time with a smartphone I don’t even worry about a charger during the day. I even stream Pandora for 4-5 hours each day 🙂

  • Ry4meck

    I average 34 hours with lte on low/moderate usage

  • Hswaim2005

    I have had my Maxx for about 3 weeks and i charge it every night but with that charge i ger 12 hours of use with using all the time when i am at work and home

  • N8shon

    I love my MAXX so far. I’ve seen a 37 hour charge from this beast with 20 percent left!

  • the longest charge i ever got was 49 hours, i was sick and bedridden and slept for pretty much 2 days straight, when i woke back up my phone still had some juice left. i was still amazed because i had everything logged in and wifi on.

  • Jeremyprice11

    I average 17 hours a charge, moderate to heavy daily use. Best phone yet!

  • David

    Just got it yesterday but 12 hours with setting everything up and just not putting it down was darn nice…..

  • Fierogt5spd

    36 Hours on average

  • I’ve only had my Maxx for a few weeks, but the first full charge got me 1 day, 18 hours, 33 minutes, 59 seconds with 44% of the battery left. Granted that was a test to see how long it could last with light usage. I average around 16 hours with heavy game play and internet browsing. All while I leave 4g data, gps, and sync on.

  • Dat Nguyen

    My Wife had a charge for 3.5 days.  She is a light user but that is still amazing since she is on it talking all the time as a social worker.

  • Ken_P_619

    Out of the box the battery was listed at 60% charged.  I didn’t charge it, but instead tried to
    drain it all the way down to zero so I could get a true 100% charge.  I received the phone in the mail on Friday at
    6pm, it didn’t power down to 0% until Monday at 7am. And believe me, I was
    messing with this phone all weekend! 60% lasted almost 3 days!

  • Joy

    Ive gotten 16+ before with pretty heavy usage. I’m hoping one day I’ll see someof this 24-30 hour times like others are saying. Their “normal” must be different than my normal.

  • beyourgravity

    My Razr Maxx lasts about 12 hours with heavy 4G LTE use and GPS use.

  • Just last weekend, during St. Patrick’s Day…I left my apartment without my charger on Friday morning to go to work and didn’t charge my MAXX again until SUNDAY morning…even then, it was only at 10% when I finally found a charger. It lasted me through an entire drunken fest that even found my MAXX dangerously close to copious amounts of green beer…fortunately, it never took a dive. Figuratively, nor literally!

  • Egut125

    38 hours medium usage with some 4g

  • Elizabeth T

    I got about 15 hours, but I do use it alot. 

  • Teng247


  • I’ve gotten 26 hours….full brightness, 4g on all day.