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Contest: 10 DROID RAZR MAXX Cruzer Lite Androidified Cases Up for Grabs! (Updated)

Our friends at Cruzer Lite felt that our DROID RAZR MAXX brethren needed Androidified love too. After handing out 12 of their most popular cases to Galaxy Nexus owners, their new line for the RAZR MAXX is up next. We have 10 cases in a variety of colors to give away, not just the black and white versions that were initially released a week or so ago.

So how can you win? It’s super simple.

1.  “Like” or “Circle” the Cruzer Lite pages on Facebook and Google+.
2.  In the comments, let us know the longest single charge you have seen on your RAZR MAXX.

Update:  Winners have been picked, start checking your inboxes.

Tomorrow at 9AM, we will pick all 10 winners.  Good luck!

  • Dodge4bbl

    Damn…i guess i got most beat! 63 hours on a single charge, thats going all the way down until the phone shut off!

  • shazam81

    About 40 hours, i think.  Clear or smoke would look great on my maxx…  thx.

  • Amanda

    I charge my Maxx every night and I know it could probably go all night though.   I got the Maxx because of the battery life.  I use and abuse my phone when I work out with streaming video, running multiple tracking apps and bluetooth for example.  No other phone could keep up with me!  Not to mention that I always have bluetooth and wifi on, and pop in and out of 4G/3G constantly.  I no longer have to carry a charger with me!  🙂 

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  • My hours were OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TJ

    About 13-14 hours.  Full brightness. GPS, 4G always on.  Might as well, with a good battery.

  • I’ve gone around 33-35 hours without having to charge.  This was during the weekend when the usage is more normal compared to the work week.

  • EngineerGA

    I went 50 hours one time when I didn’t do a lot of gaming or Web surfing.

  • It lasts 33 hours for normal use. Amazing battery life =)

  • Jerry Sprague

    No charge stats yet because it was backordered. Receiving my Maxx tomorrow!!

  • Just bought a Maxx for my girlfriend on her birthday, she had it last 26 hours on her second charge with 10% remaining. Here’s to hoping I win a new cover for her!

  • About 36 hours.

  • Jlanders646

    Dang I must not use my phone enough. I regularly get 36 hrs. Traded my nexus for this phone.

  • allen spurr

    Typically I get about 10 hours of average use. During really busy days when I’m on the phone allot, I get about 6.5 hours. 

  • Legal American

    I charge mine nightly but I think it’s been around 13 hours with very heavy use.  Excellent

  • indiecognition

    About a billion times longer than the old RAZR!  (I’m entering this for my sister…her MAXX lasts a full day, and then some)

  • DBK

    About 30 hours, give or take. medium to heavy usage.

  • about 26 hours or so

  • Tiffinee

    About 35 Hours Light Use & 3g

  • Mithmal

    30 hours on a single charge on 3G. Only about 16 hours on 4G.

  • I haven’t had to charge mine at all yet! This could be because of the amazing battery life, or it could be because I don’t own one…yet.

  • Eric Soriano

    31 hours in a 4G area, pushing all email, data always on, a few phone calls, etc.

  • Randy Bihlmayer

    about 26 hours or so

  • 24 hours.. I charge every night.

  • about 29 hrs

  • pcriz

    The longest i have let my DROID RAZR MAXX run without a charge was roughly 33hrs.

  • I got 34.5 hours on a single charge last weekend on mine! I had only had the phone a few days. I’m still loving the battery life!

  • Over the weekend in Chicago partying for St. Patty’s day, I went from Friday afternoon to Monday morning around 1:30 AM before I charged it, it was at 15%

  • Cha

    Just got it yesterday. Down to 60% after updating and installing apps. Should last 16+ hrs this charge.

  • I’m in a spotty 4g/LTE area, so it burns my battery.  I expect that I’d get around 36hrs. I plug in every night though.

  • HuskerHog

    19 hours

    • Pfigurella

       28 hours

  • with bluetooth and wifi on, i’ve been able to squeeze just over 24 hrs of battery power.

  • ~36 plus. I <3 my maxx

  • Tim Arsenault

    The longest charge I’ve gotten, was around 23 hours on a decent usage day.

  • Pg1976

    I’m getting about 16 hours or so.  I wish it was more!  “Android OS” seems to gobble up my battery.

  • Gcargile

    Longest charge so far? 38 hours. And even then I had 24% remaining. I was a light usage weekend, but still… Awesome battery life!

  • Gary Terpak

    26 hours, normal use.

  • Trooper

    Dang, just Facebook and Google+?! Boo.

  • The battery has lasted the entire time I have owned the phone!

    I just got my Maxx today 🙂

  • Bassplayer4god

    I have went 24 hours on a single charge. I love it

  • 24 hours.. I needlessly plugged it back in.

  • Nick

    I swear my wife’s maxx looks fully charged every evening.

  • Phil Z.

    The longest my MAXX has lasted after activating it was 48 hours.  And then it still wasn’t drained; only down to 15%, but I figured I should charge it over night.

  • derekjberg

    Happily makes it through the day everyday, but charge it every night so haven’t done a full drain yet.

  • I think my longest was 21 hours and 30 minutes?

  • JG

    I’ve gone three full days (with admittedly light usage) on a single charge.  No need to compromise push email, GPS always on, 4G toggle, etc.  Amazing device.

  • I charge mine every night… but I’ve had as good as 85% battery life remaining after 16 hrs off the charger.

  • dbam987

    What if we have the non-MAXX-imized Droid RAZR? lol. Getting 15 hours average.

    • tbaybe

      then these cases wont fit your phone! 

  • tbaybe

    with streaming video or playing games i can only get 8 hours… but i still like it 🙂 

  • Arthur2142

    My wife uses her phone ALL day long, and she gets through the whole day without any problems…I wish my RAZR would last that long!

  • LeDiva

    I got ~36 hours right out of the box. I haven’t particularly tested its longevity since then, but it’s always held up.