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Contest: Win a Samsung Galaxy Note from the Exynos Team – (Updated: Winner Picked)

galaxy note

The Samsung Exynos team reached out to us a couple of weeks ago because they not only love the DL community, but they know how much we love the power of their processors in phones. To say that we drooled a bit over benchmarks and the performance of the Galaxy SII last year would be a massive understatement. In fact, the Exynos dual-core chip that debuted at last year’s MWC inside the SGS2 set the bar so high that I’m still not sure that many of the current dual-core chips even compare. And what I mean by that is the Galaxy Note that sports a dual-core Exynos, benchmarks higher than almost any other phone on the market, right now. It’s a beast of a chip, folks.

So with their Exynos 4412 quad-core chip being demoed a week ago and their next-gen quad-core 5250 sampling now, you can bet that there will be a hefty Exynos mark put on 2012. There has been a lot of talk about competitors’ chipsets already making their way into phones and tablets, but understand that when Samsung’s next Exynos SoCs are ready, we’ll likely be impressed, again. And who knows, we may just see one of them this week at Mobile World Congress. 


Update:  We have a winner!

Joe Case, who demands Exynos because power + power management is a must.


To help continue the buzz that the Exynos processor created at last year’s MWC, the Exynos team would like to hand out a Galaxy Note to one of our fantastic community members. All they want to know is why you demand to have Exynos chips in your phones. That’s it. Is it because of power management? Their tendency to have next-gen GPUs for gaming? The massive power? What is it? Drop a comment below with a reason why you prefer their processors to others and you have a chance to win one of the hottest (and biggest) phones on the market today.

Prize:  Galaxy Note

Instructions:  In the comments, let DL and the Exynos team know why you demand Exynos in your phones and tablets.

Winner:  The contest will run from the time of this post until the end of Mobile World Congress, March 1, 2PM Pacific.

If you want to learn all there is to know about Samsung Exynos, be sure to check out their dedicated site. This is a landing page for the geek in all of you and is surely the spot that their quad-core chips will land on very soon. It may also help inspire your entry to this contest.

  • we need the exynos processor because they are not also the fastest processor on the market , they are also the strongest ones , they are the best when stream hd and use a lot of apps at the same times , they can handle they’re work better than any other processor.

  • mthomas2953

    We the People in the GREAT USA Demand Exynos processors in ALL of our Samsung Products regardless of carrier. The European version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a great phone and runs circles around any of the US versions of the phones. Sammy please dont make this mistake again. Offer the same exact phone for the entire WORLD as your direct competitor does 😉

  • Reybie

    I need the faster proc to play words with friends faster 🙂

  • mthomas2953

    Exynos is the BEST Smartphone Chip period. As it demonstrated its prowess, power and strength in 2011. Its a PERFECT Marriage between Smartphone and Processor. Last but not least its very FLUID.

  • I have a need for speed! Exynos speed!

  • rolltidedad

    I’m like Ricky Bobby….I WANNA GO FAST!

  • lowspeed

    I hear it’s great :-p  Plus I want a free phone.

  • Bill

    Who doesn’t want the latest and fastest processor?

  • MBP

    I demand Exynos chips in my phone because there are winners and there are losers and neither Samsung nor DL would make me a loser. 

  • VinMessina

    The Samsung Galaxy II with its Exynos processor was voted best smartphone at this year’s Mobile World Congress. Need I say more?

  • kevin b

    I demand exynos for its advanced gpu for gaming and top notch power management to help go all day long with out any worry.

  • I demand Exynos because all else pales in comparison.

  • Daniel Jeffrey Mann

    Samsung Exynos chips are the best!!!!!ftw.

  • I demand Exynos in my phones because of how inferior non-Exynos phones now make me feel. The only person on earth that wouldn’t need Exynos on their phones is Chuck Norris. Because he doesn’t need phones to communicate. He communicates directly through roundhouse kicks to the face.

    The rest of us need Exynos on our phones.

    Dare I say… we DEMAND it.

    • (Photo from: https://plus.google.com/107882945158242787051/posts/DmPcQT6cEME)

  • Josh Fulton

    I demand exynos because of its power and long term value. A year later and competitors are just now catching up!

  • X Stepup

    I think this chip would be great as it would have great power management. Their tendency to have next-gen GPUs for gaming. And the massive power.

    Keep it up!

  • DuoWing

    I demand the Exynos in my phones because it’s a processor that runs everything quickly, smoothly, and does a pretty good job not killing my battery. Also Exynos is just a really cool name to say and write.

  • I simply demand, because Exynos. and the voices told me i have to have this.

  • Dan

    I honestly don’t demand Exynos chips, but would love to have the pure speed goodness, but also need/want LTE.

  • Steve Smith

    Why Exynos?  Because I have the NEED for SPEED!

  • Kevin Raymond

    I demand Exynos because I want to have the absolute fastest phone possible.

  • Chris420o

    Im not going to sit here and kiss samsungs coolie like the rest of you users because there are better chipsets out there from intel and such who focus purley on making chips. That being said i will say that i would love to see how this processor hangs with the best because all the literature sounds great but i would like to see and feel it in person. Power management and gpu are most important to me at the moment so i would love to see gow ics runs with this chipset. In conclusion, give me the phone. Tha k you in advance.

  • ToddLower

    Get Exynos working with LTE and I’ll demand it for my next phone!
    Or give me a phone with Exynos in it now and I’ll figure something else out

  • UndergroundWire

    I demand Exynos for my next device because of its eye blazing performance plus the name is fun to say.

  • Etaprime

    I demand exynos because 18 hours of battery life in my epic touch. nevermind the benchmark scores real life performance is where its at from gaming to browsing to movies this chip needs no dip.

  • Jeremy Wilson

    I demand Exynos in my next phone due to the speed and functionality it will provide.  No longer will I have delays and lag when I Skype my family or multitask apps for work.  (Really big fan of the DDR2 Memory that is used in the Exynos 4) This will definately be an upgrade from my Snapdraggon Processor in my Dell Streak.

  • The choice between OMAPP and Exynos is like being asked of if you want 10 dollars or 10 hundread dollar bills or if you want Chuck Norris to fight for you or Peewee to fight for you.  Exynos is better and supperior and yes, I want chuck Norris to fight for me too.

  • Adam Minichelli

    I just want an end to general UI lag in ICS.

  • Zachary Manville

    I demend Exynos because I demanded it the oter day and didnt win.

  • FusionSaint

    Speed, reliability and power all make Exynos processors awesome…. With those three qualities who wouldn’t demand it in their phone?

  • peezwizz

    I demand an Exynos because it’s like driving a hemi!

  • Nicholas Vettese

    Samsung is at the top of their game, and they know how to make an awesome product.  The Exynos processor is an awesome piece of technology that deserves to be placed in products across the spectrum.  

  • Escobarretje

    I demand an Exynos chip because my Tegra 2 right now… is just missing some things. It can’t play full HD smoothly, it has actually has horrible support for custom roms (and that is my biggest complain). Samsung with their Exynos chips seem to handle this all so much better!!

  • paulmike3

    I demand a Exynos becasue it’s clearly, hands down, no questions asked, without a doubt, the best precessor currency can buy (even if it’s not on sale yet)!

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Speed and stability.  The Exynos is specifically why I purchased my SGS2.

  • mike

    I demand only Exynos, because they are great.  that is all.  Give me free stuff. kthxbye

  • Exynos = fast = I demand!

  • jinpin14
  • I need the speed!  Time is money!

  • Tuna

    I demand Exynos so I can multitask all day long, without worrying about battery life at the same time. 

  • Emiliozamboni

    superman speed

  • Motorsports601

    As a consumer who needs the best i demand exynos. Samsung u have the best screens, chips , and styling so let us have it asap! And i dont mind paying xtra for the elite handset

  • I demand Exynos because Samsung makes fast phones, so the Exynos must be good

  • Because nothing clocks, performs, or respond (especially under root & mods) than an Exynos chip.

  • Spoken Word™

    I “Demand Exynos” processors in my phones because they kick ass in comparison to other mobile processors. And after all, who wouldn’t want the best in the products they buy?!

  • dnL

    I demand exynos, because who would want to be the turtle when you can be the hare.

    I demand exynos, because why would you want to get a smart car when you can get a Ferrari for the same price.

    I demand exynos, because it’s just that awesome to demand it.

  • Kyle

    Because I want a phone as fast as a Kardashian marriage and as smooth as the ride on an A class Mercedes. As you can tell by my analogies I know the luxuries in life. If you want the best go Exynos. That’s why I demand Exynos.

  • Sanchezl99

    Exynos is the best processor out there right now. That is why I demand it in my phones and tablets!

  • droidify

    Because I’m tired of seeing the international Samsung phones with Exynos chips beat the pants off the US variants. I need some of that action!

  • Jari-Jukka Annala

    I need more power and performance in my tablet and phone. Exynos is good choice for that.