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Quick Review and Contest: Andru Android Charger Takes the Charging Cake, Win 1 of 4 Now! (Updated: Winners Picked)

The Andru charger was introduced a couple of weeks back and has since taken the Android collectible world by storm. As the coolest charger you will ever find, Andru lights up while plugged in, has bendable arms, movable antennas, and is your ultimate desk companion.

If your first thought runs along the lines of “Oh, another cheap plastic accessory,” then think again. This charger is actually much higher in quality than I had imagined it would be. It is sturdy plastic and rubber, the green and white matching cord feel of the highest quality, and none of the moving parts feel as if they are on the verge of falling off. It’s a great little charger for the Android enthusiast in the building.

At $25 a pop, you may have a hard time justifying it especially with the half dozen other chargers you have lying around your house. Trust me though, as an Android fanboy, this is definitely worth it.

Jump past the break for photos and contest details. Yep, we’re giving 4 away.  


Since we love to give stuff away and the Power by Gen team (makers of Andru) are awesome, we thought we would hand out 4 to the DL community in the simplest of contests. It wouldn’t be fair if a number of you didn’t have a chance to experience Andru and all of his eye-glowing glory for free. Ready?


  1. Follow Andru on Twitter.
  2. In the comments, tell us how many ugly OEM chargers you have lying around your house and where you plan to use Andru (office, bedroom, bathroom, etc.).
  3. We will pick a winner from the comments tomorrow afternoon at 3:00PM Pacific.

Good luck everyone!

Update – Winners:  Our 4 winners taken from the comments are…

Logan Lopez – Hopes that this charger does it in style. It does, my friend.
RadicalPie –  Who has a flush outlet to charge with Bugdroid standing upright. Jealous.
David Larsen –  Just broke a charger and could use such a stylish one.
geedee82 –  Another office Andru on the way!

Congrats guys!

*If you would like to buy Andru right away, hit up the Power by Gen site.

  • Justinlightner

    I have seven oem in my house. I would use this charger in my bedroom.

  • I have about 4 chargers just lying around from over the years. I’d use this charger in my room.  When I wasn’t charging, he’d have a cozy spot in front of my computer monitor.

  • I have about 15 OEM chargers from various devices I’ve owned. I plan using Andru as my mobile charger, plugging it wherever I can whenever I need to recharge my Nexus.

  • Tweekex

    I have at least 5 chargers laying around my house, however the main one I use at home is tucked behind my bed so no need for this.

    At work however with my iPhone toting co-workers I would LOVE to have this on my desk 🙂

  • jdomann

    I’ve got some in my room, but all the horrid-looking ones I take with me…. 🙁 I need something to show my android pride!

  • I’ve got about 8 OEM chargers at home.

  • MKader17

    I have 2 Moto chargers (1 lost on my desk, another in a “storage” box) and a (quite descent looking) Samsung charger next to my bed.

    I’ll definitely have to put Andru in a prominent location on my desk. I may have to work some magic and run a custom cord from the wall to him, so that I can sit him on the desk and use him as an easy to reach charger.

  • Cory Parker

    I have about 5 chargers. One Samsung, the others HTC. This little guy however I’d most likely bring to work for one main reason. To further show my love for android. I’m actually the sole android (first with the OG Droid Inc. Now with the G-Nex) user here. Everyone else here has there iphone 4’s and ipads and i everythings smh…

  • Bob

    I have like 6 OEM chargers. I will use Andru in my dorm room. I hope I win because in college I has no money to even buy time to think about purchasing one of these.

  • Meridethp86

    I have a charger at my house, car, and each of my two jobs. My husband has a few chargers laying around the house as well. I would take andru with me to both jobs to show him off to my coworkers who are also avid android users/fans!

  • DanWazz

    I, sadly, only have one OEM charger. The ones from my ex-cell phones, I gave to people who needed them. With Droid Life’s help, I can double my my total number of phone chargers, and show everyone at my office which mobile OS is the best. It’s always been a dream.

  • I have at least 4 or 5 OEM chargers lying around (probably threw out quite a bit more), and I love this little guy. I would use it in my office and in my bedroom.

  • Revdan67

     I have 5 lying around the house, this one would be for the office

  • Holy Wow! This charger is stupendous!  Would keep it in my pocket so I can show off my little guy to every single iP**e user and yell “my little guy is nicer and higher quality than yours!”  Hmmm… might as well show off ANDRU too!
    Have probably 10 different OEM chargers and all but one is fugly!  Got to give credit to Palm (wife’s hardly used palm-pre), their chargers are even nicer than apple.

    Gotta have some green in my hand, WOOT!

  • I have several old blackberry chargers that are bent and need to be contorted to charge my nexus.. I’d use the Andru charger at work, home,  friends places, etc.

  • 1bad69z28

    This is so cool, between the wife and I we have several chargers alone around our home office, UGLY, WIRES hanging ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!!! We are definitely an Android family with our Sony S wires hanging around too lol  Winning this bad Andru would spice up our home office desk and my office at work. 

    Hopefully my wife doesn’t take it away for her office lol!!!!!!!!!!  I can see her kidnapping Andru and turning him and his awesome eyes against me LOL

    THanks DL for chance to win this killer charger 🙂

  • I have 7 various OEM chargers from my years with smartphones. I would use the Andru at work to charge my Nexus with pride!

  • Richard Boren

    Over the past 7 years, I have amassed a staggering 43 of these wall-usb chargers… from new phones, to tablets and bluetooth  devices, to mp3 players, to various crapgadgets recieved as that ugly gift you get from your hightech grandma (if such a creature is truly anything less than fiction). People have left them at my house when coming from out of town, and I have even recieved them from neighbors who don’t know what they are for…

    The only reason I keep them, is that; for when people come over who “need” to charge their phones or tablets or whatever the hell that they thought was important enough to NOT juice up before ending up at my place. I let them use one or more, then when they leave, I send them packing what I let them use 🙂

    This little gem, however, would live happily on my desk as a king amongst the other desktop guardians that I have amassed over time and would possibly even follow me to work to serve two purposes… One, to charge my GTab 10.1 or GNote…and two, to fly my flag loudly, proudly, and in adorable fashion!

    Viva Le ANDROID!

  • I have all the chargers that I have gotten with phones and all the ones my wife has for her phones, but not are green, light up, or nearly as cool as this one!

  • I have 2 android chargers are home and one at work. The problem is my Andrea (female Andy) at work is lonely. She needs this little guy to put a little spark back in her life.

  • Ricky Schleining

    I have 3 chargers we currently use and a drawer for ones we aren’t using. I really don’t want to look in that drawer…

  • I have a OEM charger plugged in to each room of the house except the kitchen at the moment.  This will sit in my office at my desk. Everyone at the office knows I am the go to android guy and it will look great next to some of my other Andy stuff.

  • Adartilth

    I have roughly 12 OEM chargers.

    I’d pack the Andru Android Charger in my laptop bag and take it with me wherever I go so that everyone can enjoy the awesomeness that is this charger

  • Ben

    I only have one ugly OEM charger. It would be nice to not have to carry it around all the time. I could hide it in my bedroom where no one sees and bring the nice one out into the kitchen.

  • Tomwhite86

    Unfortunately I only have 2 chargers as I just made the jump from a phone with mini USB. Definitely looking to add another for the office, especially one as cool as this.

  • das0527

    I just cleaned out my study and garage this past weekend and collected all my old chargers to be recycled. I have 23 OEM wall chargers and nine car chargers, plus a few non-OEM wall chargers. I’d love to win Andru – he’d sit on my desk at work and keep my Rezound charged.

  • Claytonhoppe

    I’ve got 4 OEM chargers lying around the house.
    I will use Andru at the office to show it off to those iUsers.

  • ryan_mcfadden

    I have several chargers that this could replace. The HTC and Motorola ones are really ugly but the new Samsung charger isn’t too bad. I would like to display the Andru in my kitchen to charge my phone though!

  • I have 7 complete chargers.  and two usb cords only with no ac adapter.  this new bad boy would be shown off at work.

  • I have four chargers around my house and I would love to use to show to all my iPhone friends who think their phone is the coolest. 

  • I have 5 chargers over the house – 2 in the bedroom, 2 in the kitchen, and 1 in an office room. That doesn’t include the one I carry in my bag. I would use this at work.

  • I would take him and use him everywhere with me, probably keep him safe in my pocket.  That way people could say is that an Andru in your pocket or are you happy to see me. 

  • Illinipoke

    I have 10 – 15 chargers and parts of chargers laying around the house and office for all sorts of different phones.

    This puppy would go to the office to proclaim my nerdom for all to see.

  • Vonny571

    I don’t even know how many chargers i have anymore. Half of them are lost in a closet somewhere. I’d use Andru at home, in the office, on the road. He’d be my little charging buddy.

  • Brian Getchel

    I sadly still have 4 blackberry chargers that are laying around the house so I always one handy. If I won this, though, those chargers will have to stay there because I would have this at my office. Need to show off the Android pride!

  • nwd1911

    I have a few OEM chargers that came with my last 3 phones.  Couple of car chargers as well.  I would use this bad boy in my office and love every minute of it.

  • Jeffrey Hewitt

    I have 20 different ugly ass OEM Chargers at home.  Andru would go right on my nightstand proudly charging my Motorola Photon and possibly my wife’s evo (if I let her use it!)

  • I have only 3 chargers. Andru will be replacing my office one.

  • picaso86

    OEM chargers are ugly period. 

  • Danielseymour4

    My crappy Samsung charger SUCKS! I have to bend it for my phone to charge. I would put the andru charger near my bed

  • BikerBob1789

    Only 2 or three chargers at home. 

    Andru will be used in my office.

  • I have at 4 OEM chargers in my apartment, each in a different room, and 1 that I keep with me at all times (normally in a cargo pocket) for charging at work, at practice, or anywhere else I end up. This one would definitely replace the one I keep with me!

  • ticktock

    7 OEM chargers scattered between home, office, and car.
    This Andru will be replacing my current Samsung charger in the office

  • Bill Slowey

    I am responsible for over 60 phones at work, so I have several chargers at my desk. At home, my wife and sons are always taking my charger. Having this little green guy would let everyone know that this is my charger.

  • I have 4 OEM chargers laying around LOL.      I plan to use the Andru charger at work on my desk since my coworkers are all iPhone fan’s.  I’ll show them whose boss ! lol

  • StealieSubie

    In my office right now I’m counting 18

  • I’ve got about 3 OEM chargers lying around (2 wall, 1 car) as well as a couple of cheap no-name USB wall chargers. I’d rock this guy at work and show it off to all the other android fanboys in the office!

  • 4 ugly ones this would be perfect on my desk

  • I have 2 OEM chargers in my bedroom(1 for me & 1 for the wife). 1 OEM charger in the computer room. 2 OEM chargers in the Living room downstairs. 1 OEM charger in the kitchen. 1 OEM charger in the garage and 1 other OEM charger in the basement. 1 OEM charger at my work and one at my wife’s work. if my wife and i both had the Andru charger at our work places all the other android users would be so jealous of us. AND i be able to show us the apple fanboys at my work cuz there is alot of them out numbering the Android users.  

  • I have an epic crap ton of ugly chargers in my house.  I would use the Andru at the office though where I can show my Android pride!