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Tuesday Poll: Have you switched over to using Google Music as your primary music source?

Google finally made their new Google Music store official back in mid-November. As a service accessed through the Android Market, it essentially completed the media experience for Google. You can buy apps, books, movies and now music right from your mobile devices or via the web. While it lacks one of the major music labels, it has at least 3 of the big 4 and offers plenty of deals and discounts to make it a legitimate option for music buyers. What we want to know though, is if this has become your go-to source. As in, have you ditched iTunes or Amazon for nothing but Google? Are still sticking with something else? Or are you a bargain shopper that finds the best deal amongst the three?

Have you switched over to using Google Music as your primary music source?

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  • jsh

    Grooveshark, 8tracks, Uberhype

  • Brian

    A lot of my music still comes from ZunePass which will not play in Google Music. I like Google Music but I still use my ZuneHD and for a quick fix for all music, I use Spotify.

  • I see no point in buying mp3s or movies.
    Waiting for Google to release a subscription service, that would make a lot of sense to me.

  • Matt

    Spotify premium.

  • Butters619

    Google Music still has some frustrating quirks, but it’s fairly solid.

  • That’s my primary music storage and player, but i get it from wherever  is cheapest and upload to there

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely!  Once I sold my Macbook it was all about Google Music.  I do use Pandora sometimes just to hear what’s out there, but as far as purchasing new music and syncing my library…Google Music all day.

    Although it does irritate me that they seem to be missing stuff.  I tried to get Common’s new album and it wasn’t on Google Music.  They have some of his other albums, but not the newest one.  I have similar problems with Google Books come to think of it.

  • Guest

    Has been for a while now. I feel like this poll is long overdue

  • DJyoSNOW

    I suppose that says a lot for me…buying cds was not even an optioin. Lolz dee dee dee thats me D’oh

  • Neverknow

    Are we talking about buying music or just listening to it? I buy generally from Amazon, but listen via Google Music.

  •  I use Google Music almost all the time except for at work.  I listen to too much old school gangster rap to have it playing at work, and I like my music random.  So when I’m there I rely on Pandora’s ska or 90s alternative channels.

  • viewthis74

    i mostly use Amazon to buy the music then download that to my iTunes pc at home. From there Google Music downloads that automatically. so i use google music for my phone and tablet and iTunes while i’m at work and Amazon to buy because typically its the cheapest. 

  • Using Subsonic and I’ll never go back.  I run off my own server, which is how I like it.

  • Chet Stovepiper

    i still use audiogalaxy because of google’s song limit

  • Bonzix

    Use Amazon to buy and Google Music to play.  Anyone else find that Amazon is typically always cheaper?  Especially for Album sales at least it seems that Amazon is always a few bucks cheaper than Google.  Also the way Amazon handles downloading the Album after purchase is definitely better than Google’s.  That being said, Google’s music player is better than Amazon’s though it does still have a few annoyances.

  • Sp4rxx

    I use Audio Galaxy – I stream from home; I tried doing the same with the Moto-whatever app that supposedly does the same thing, but it crashed the PC I was running it on so I stopped using it.

    I buy from Amazon MP3, but I don’t use it as a player. 

  • What is that screenshot from with the fancy flowing album art?  I don’t get that view in Google Music at all.

    • QtDL

      If you turn your phone in landscape mode you should. 🙂 I don’t think it does that in portrait.

      • Hmmmm, yeah, it only does it in landscape and when viewing “Recent”.  It won’t do it when viewing by artist or album or anything like that.  Strange, I wonder why it only does it when viewing Recent.

  • Terrance Steiner

    I have not purchased a song in years.  With all the great streaming services out there I just do not see the point anymore.  I have subscribed to Rhapsody for years and absolutely love it.  The $9.99 a month is totally worth it.  I actually have a decent music collection that never gets played because it is easier to look it up on Rhapsody’s web interface or Android app than it is to dig through a ton of files to find the track I want to listen to.

    Managing MP3s is just too big of a pain in the backside.  I want to listen to music, not collect it.

    • Josh Groff

      And it frees up space for emulator games, yay. 😉

      I use slacker for free though, don’t even use my skips.

    • Kind of the same- Pandora can play all the music I like, and I don’t have to manage a playlist. The only exception is I’m a musician, and I love live performances, so I dig the “bootleg” recording scene. 

  • Anonymous

    I use spotifiy

  • Mithmal

    google music doesn’t really work for me on my og droid x. I dunno if its the phone or just google music itself. I will wait till i get a new phone or tablet and then see if i can use google music. i downloaded all my music to google cloud and that doesn’t work too well either.

  • Anonymous

    I almost exclusively use Slacker Plus with cached stations that refresh each night.

  • Anonymous

    All I had in iTunes went easily over to Google music over a few hours. The only thing I wish Google Music had was gapless playback while streaming.

  • NoteFiend

    Wait, hold on…. I didnt know you were supposed to pay for music? I couldnt afford that.

  • Anonymous

    Use Amazon as my music source, would use Google as my player if it only had the ability to swipe the screen to play the next track, until then will still use Playerpro.

  • 来看看,收啦

  • Anonymous


  • Nklenchik

    Mp3skull…I like my music free, sorry

  • Interstellarmind

    I definitely use another service. Why pay $0.99 per song when I can pay $0.10 per song?

  • ddevito

    Google’s music manager is great. Their music store blows.

  • ostensibly

    I have over a TB of MP3s that I’ve ripped or purchased over the years. I have some of that uploaded to Google which works ok when it works. When I want to listen to something not uploaded I’ll remote into my PC with splashtop and play thru media monkey. not perfect at all but it works.

  • Yep. Never looked back. It’s not quite perfect but it works. Not only does it work, but it leaves iTunes in the DUST. And that’s ALWAYS a good thing.

    I must say I am quite impressed @ Google’s jump into the music world. Looks like they really are out of beta indeed. {{-_-}}

  • Anonymous

    i dont mind buying my favorite songs from itunes…that being said im so heavily invested in iOS that i really dont ever see myself going back to android for my primary device = it is what it is

  • Ordering CDs is where it’s at.

    P.S. Also, breaking news: Google Music is not available in most countries.

  • Google Music is a part of my life now. I use it religiously.

    Kellex I love you. Watch the throne and Take Care? Ballin

  • Anonymous

    I like PowerAMP and PlayerPro lot more then Google Music.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Spotify would revise their stupid buggy app to match the greatness of this…

  • Still have a Zune pass with free music, so that’s my go to.  Otherwise I would

  • Balls

    yes, and hoes yes i have. fuckn love it

  • slimb9

    not really relevant… i would use google music all the time to buy songs but 40-50% of the time they dont have what i am looking for… if they do i buy it from google but usually default to amazon if not

  • Anonymous

    Rhapsody, Google Music, 8Tracks, Audiogalaxy,

  • Michael Lewis

    I use google music mostly on my OG Droid, and I also use Grooveshark. It depends on if I want to access all of my music from my computer (I eliminated the DRM for my iTunes stuff). If i want to discover new music or play something I haven’t bought yet, then it’s probably going to be streamed from Grooveshark (90% of the cases), or perhaps I will just use pandora or slacker.

  • Jikhead

    Beatport only.

  • Jon

    Google music was terrible at streaming at first. It’s gotten way better, especially when I upgraded to 4G phone. I’m still not really happy with the quality of the streams though. They seem noticeably not as good as Pandora, which I find to be tolerable at least. Anyone else feel the same or am I taking crazy pills? 

    So I’m still listening to music from my SD card for the best sound quality and just to not have to burden the 4G network unnecessarily. 

    • Yeah, I noticed that. The sound quality is bad for my car speakers. They really need to fix that.

      And also shorter gaps between songs if possible. {{-_-}}

  • Anonymous

    i like me some theophilus london

  • Anonymous

    No love for Spotify here? I gladly pay 10 dollars a month for that mobile app!

  • Cereed09

    I buy my songs on iTunes and then have it downloaded to Google Music. That way it works on my iPad, iPod, lap top, and Galaxy Nexus. 

  • Sporttster

    I bought some music that was on sale on the Market around Christmas and it was a NIGHTMARE to get downloaded to my phone! I had to go song by song and change the tags after hunting all over the place on my SD card to find where it downloaded to. Major pain. Using Amazon MP3. SO much easier. I know where it DLd to and don’t have to hunt or change tags.

  • trumpet444

    Where’s the option for MusicMatch? haha

  • Tom

    iTunes is horrible. 

    I try to buy physical media, rip and upload to GMusic. For digital only… Quality wise I use HD Tracks, exclusive wise I use Amazon, and I haven’t had incidence of using GMusic to buy yet. However it does provide a portable player and back up for my Cowon J3. 

  • Anonymous

    I have my Zune Pass (the old one with 10 song credits every month) works great. Otherwise I would use Amazon MP3 pretty much.

    Most of my wife’s music (blehhh lol) is uploaded to my Google Music account though.