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Chrome Beta for Android Released!

chrome for android

Chrome for Android literally just went live in the market all of 2 minutes ago. We haven’t even had a chance to play with it ourselves, so go grab it and come back for our reactions in a bit. So far, it is only available to Android 4.0 devices. 

Market Link | Mirror

YouTube Preview Image

  • Anonymous

    I already love this browser, its everything I could ask for from a browser. They just need to clean up the UI a bit, but its very fast for a beta.

  • does this mean they’re gonna merge the Browser and Chrome on their Android devices soon? it seems stupid to have both of them available?! maybe they can integrate all the cool features in ICS Browser+ into chrome and get read of the native browser. boy isn’t that something!

  • Deiler

    I love that you can close a tab by flicking to the side.  Like dismissing a notification in the notification bar.

  • Tuan

    I love my rezound but I want ICS so bad…. 

    ….ps. I want stable ICS….

    • Josh Groff

      Sensation 4G has stable ICS ROMs, sure they are branded beta, but they are fully functional. That being said, it’s big brother should have more stable ROMs.

    • Jslafarr

      Stable ICS is an ignorant thing to say. As well as buying a rezound.

  • Anonymous

    Could this mean that Adobe Flash for android is not dead after all

  • Maui88

    What about chrome for Google TV. Can we sideload this APK to it and have it work okay?

  • Kary

    Will it support extension like Adblock? That will be freakin awesome !!

  • Rlockwich

    I want it for my Razr! Market link will only let me install on my XOOM.

    • Josh Groff

      Flash ICS on the RAZR. 😉

  • This is pretty beautiful, very smooth and intuitive. Really liking the desktop Chrome sync.

  • The Phoenix

    AAAARGH…. 4.0 only….

  • sog805

    says its incompatible with all my devices (charge, og droid, gtab)

    • Josh Groff

      None of them have ICS?

    • sog805

      nm…just noticed it was only for ICS…lame

      •  I’m sure you wouldn’t consider it lame if you had a device with ICS.

  • Redflea
  • Azndan4

    This needs inverter rendering like the stock ics browser has.

  • Showing that it’s incompatible with my Droid Bionic?

    • Josh Groff

      Does your Bionic have an ICS ROM on it? If not, then this is correct.

  • M.Slab

    The “Find on page…” is fantastic!

  • Awesome feature, I was just on craigslist and and on the main screen when you long press it magnifies the spot you long pressed on so you don’t accidently hit the wrong hyperlink. tested it out and it works only when there are a bunch of hyperlinks around each other. pretty sweet cause i always hit the wrong one on craigslist.

  • Anonymous

    Super quick – holy crap.  Its like using a brand new phone.

    • Josh Groff

      I noticed that too, same feeling when I flashed virtuous quattro on my sensation.

  • this “Tabs open on computer” this is ooohh so good

  • Alexanderkingtickke

    I’m currently typing this from Chrome on my ICS Xoom. For beta software, it really isn’t all that bad…

  • oh-mi-shee

    Works great on rooted Xoom wifi running CM9 Kang

  • Betweentheivory

    fast my ass. this piece of crap is slow as hell. opera is WAY better.

    • Josh Groff

      This is also in beta. Rest assured, just like the pc browser, it will beat Opera.

  • Valdeck

    Good in a early test but why did they not include/enable the quick controls… 🙁

    • Anonymous

      They have the tab swiping for the sides instead. It would be nice to have a choice though. It will probably come by the time the stable version is released.

  • Anonymous

    Awww, forgot my Xoom tablet at home. Can’t load it on my RAZR (yet). So Moto/Verizon, when ya gonna get a build for ICS on the RAZR?

  • scrolling of the stack view? This is nuts.

  • uncle paul harguss

    Meh, ICS browser + still owns it at this point….
    Its faster, (especially scrolling)
    and Im spoiled with fullscreen advanced quick controls, 
    No Desktop view.
      This has potential though, I love the tabs. 

  • OreoMan

    This is smooth as hell!!

  • G Nex….SICK!

  • Anonymous

    This is super fast on my Xoom.. by far the best browser I’ve tired yet..

  • Michael Forte

    Wow, I’m really liking it. This should have been the stock ICS browser for sure.

  • Slwest78

    Not compatible with droid bionic.

  • Bcorrell34

    How can I have Chrome replace my browser in the (stock) soft key buttons

    • Bcorrell34

      NVM I’m an idiot. Jesus….

    • Anonymous

      just hold down the chrome icon and move it over the browser icon for your soft key buttons, it’ll swap locations.

  • FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiteless

    This makes my Droid 3 saaaad. But glad to see it finally hitting devices. Mainly want to see this on my Transformer, but my phone would be nice too. 🙂

  • So Google HAS been working on a browser just not for the masses…yet the stock android browser is outdated and in some cases poor excuse for a usable app.

  • So far this is my favorite mobile browser to date!!!!

  • Its like Christmas again….but it always is with Android

  • Derek Stiles

    Am I missing how to sync open tabs?

    • Anonymous

      If you already had Chrome open on your PC close and reopen it and then it starts syncing.
      Edit: Assuming you already have it set to sync under options.

    • Anonymous

      You have to configure some settings on Chrome for Desktop and then you can access open tabs from the New Tab page in the app (the third tab on the bottom).

  • Anonymous

    Not bad, not great. Need quick controls as I’m spoiled now.
    I do like the dev options of flicking through the tabs-
    I like the clearer (apparently) text and the zoom-
    Overall, pretty nice start.

  • RaptorOO7

    I will try this later when I have time.  I do hope we can sync our Chrome desktop bookmarks with it and skip the 3rd party sync crap.

  • Tojo

    Looks great on my touchpad running CM9. Looks good on my nexus too, the open tab screen is MUCH better. Swipe to close is really slick

  • Fg2srt4

    ICS native slide to dismiss feature is in the window previews. If you slide one of the windows off to the side it gets rid of it, like everywhere else in ICS…except if very pretty on Chrome

  • ddevito

    I think the bridge between Chrome OS and Android just got a bit smaller. It’s only a matter of time now…

  • Anonymous

    No quick controls!!!!!!!!

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Hell 2 the yeah!!!! This is why I got a nexus…so I could try the latest apps while others wait. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    it’s pretty butter-smooth, and i’m loving the UI.

  • It’s working flawlessly on the HTC Rezound with Scott’s CleanRom 2.3 ICS rom.  I love the syncing to the desktop.

  • Keith

    I picked a good day to order a GSM GNex. 

  • Rsavini72

    im liking it so far, im hoping the final product have some quick controls and flash! 

     Fingers Crossed

  • won’t install through market on my TFPrime or through market.android.com to my TF prime…. odd

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Great potential to just put every other browser on Android, out of business. Fantastic so far… I love how my desktop Chrome just synced in literally seconds and the tabs open on my PC show on my Nexus! 🙂