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Verizon Needs Google [Opinion]


Think back to January 5th, 2010. That was the date that the Nexus One was first announced and made available for purchase. I can vividly remember the announcement. I impatiently waited for someone to review the device, but the images I saw already confirmed my suspicions: this was going to be an incredible device. Even though it wasn’t on Verizon yet, I had plans to upgrade to it as soon as possible.

This vision of the Nexus One was a phone sold directly by Google to consumers. There was no store to try the device out. You went to google.com/phone to purchase the phone. If you had T-Mobile you could buy the phone unlocked for $529 or $179 on a new two year contract. Eventually a version of the Nexus One with AT&T bands was released in March. By April it was announced that the Nexus One would never be released on Verizon and that customers should buy the Droid Incredible instead. I was crushed, but I moved on (and eventually did get a Droid Incredible, which now sits on my desk running CM7). 

Now think back to December 16th, 2010 when the Nexus S was released. There were no announcements of additional carriers until March 21st, when Google announced that the Nexus S would be available on Sprint with WiMax. On July 21st it was announced that the Nexus S would be available on AT&T for $99 on contract. With a Sprint version I was especially hopeful that Verizon would finally have a Nexus device, but alas, Verizon never released the Nexus S.

In the time between the Nexus One and the Nexus S Google learned a lot about selling phones. First, they learned that having email support is not enough. The Nexus One was plagued with radio issues early on and customers were upset that their only option was to email Google or post on a message board for help. With the Nexus S, Google worked closely with the carriers to ensure that they would help support the devices. While AT&T and T-Mobile didn’t carry the device in stores, Best Buy had both versions in stores as well as the Sprint version when it was released.

This year the Galaxy Nexus was released a day earlier than the Nexus S. As you know, the phone was released exclusively on Verizon Wireless after much delay. All evidence points to the fact that the Galaxy Nexus was ready to launch by the end of November, but Verizon waited to give the Rezoud and the RAZR more time to sell. To make matters worse, the Galaxy Nexus is the first Nexus device to have a carrier’s software preinstalled. Speaking of software, the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have Google Wallet installed on it. Sure, it can be side-loaded, but it’s just more evidence that Google is not in control of this device. Unlike every other Nexus, the Galaxy Nexus does not have Google branding on the back; instead Verizon’s logo rests above their 4G LTE logo. If there was any doubt about whether or not this was Google’s phone, that should put the debate to rest.

Google’s original vision of the Nexus program has changed dramatically over the last two years, and I don’t think it has been for the better. Google has slowly gotten in bed with the carriers, which has led to the worst Nexus we’ve seen yet. Sure, it has the latest version of Android (which is fantastic) and it’s on my carrier of choice (finally!), but at what cost?

The original vision entailed releasing a device free from the carriers that people could buy subsidized or unsubsidized with the latest version of Android and the first crack at new updates. Instead of using their power to push carriers like Verizon to do no evil, Google has gotten into bed with Verizon, allowing them to further distort their original Nexus vision. It may be said that it’s impossible to get on a carrier’s network without making concessions, but apparently Apple was able to pull it off. If Apple can do it, Google definitely can. Google has tons of money – why not spend it to ensure the largest carrier in the U.S. has a real Nexus device, not some Verizon branded step-child of a Nexus?

Google needs the carriers for support right now, I get that, but when their acquisition of Motorola is complete they’ll have a staff that is trained to support users with their devices. By then they’ll also have a few billion more dollars in search revenue that they can use to throw at the carriers to ensure that their device isn’t touched. Verizon has way too much control right now. A Nexus should never be controlled by a carrier. A Nexus is supposed to be the best from Google, not the best that Verizon will allow on their network.

Google has challenged the music industry with Google Music. They challenged Microsoft Office with Google Docs and Gmail. They challenged Apple’s iPhone with Android. They challenged netbook manufacturers with Chromebooks. They challenged the movie industry with YouTube. Why isn’t Google challenging the carriers? They have the power to do so, but they’re holding back. They should have the Nexus in 5 colors on every carrier right now, but instead they have a tainted Nexus on the greediest carrier in the world. Something is wrong with this picture. We obviously don’t have all the details, but something needs to change. Google needs to step up to the carriers and take control of their device. If Verizon doesn’t want to play nice, Google can start rejecting any Android device with Google Apps that wants to run on Verizon’s network. Verizon needs Android to be relevant, not the other way around.

  • Verizon,Google and the name DRoid

  • Anonymous

    I thought when Verizon bought the spectrum they were required to allow any capable device to use it?

    • For LTE, yes. For CDMA, no. Additionally, the rules for LTE devices state that no devices may be crippled in any form or fashion. Devices may not be hampered from operating on other carriers’ networks. However, Verizon routinely ignores these rules. The Motorola DROID RAZR is an excellent example of this. When Motorola announced the DROID RAZR, they announced that it would have LTE, CDMA, and global GSM+WCDMA capabilities. Indeed, the hardware does support it. 

      However, Verizon adjusted the firmware to removed the access to the GSM+WCDMA radio. They are dead in the device. Also, the rules can be interpreted in a way that implies that SIM locking is forbidden for LTE devices (or if SIM locking is allowed, the subscriber must be allowed to get it SIM unlocked). Good luck trying to get it SIM unlocked. Nobody at Verizon can do this for you. LTE devices are not registered in their system as SIM unlocked or SIM unlockable.

      Of course, nobody seems to care about this, so it never gets noticed. I only found out when I actually dug into Motodev and examined the phone at a Verizon store myself. I even called Verizon sales and support and inquired about it. Nobody knew that the phone actually supported working on GSM and WCDMA networks. It even is AT&T compatible. To be honest, I’m actually surprised that Droid Life didn’t notice either. You can check for yourself if you want[1].

      The XYBOARDs also have the same issue[2][3]. While the banding isn’t mentioned there, I have verified that all global capabilities are fully disabled in the XYBOARDs.

      [1]: http://developer.motorola.com/products/droid-razr-xt912/
      [2]: http://developer.motorola.com/products/droid-xyboard-8-2-mz609/
      [3]: http://developer.motorola.com/products/droid-xyboard-10-1-mz617/

  • NotoriousNeo

    So because Google conceded over what branding the phone should have and two ultimately removable apps it’s the worst Nexus phone available? Uh…o_O…k…clearly the fact that it is still a non-skinned version of Android and that Google is in charge of the updates isn’t enough…

    • It’s not just those compromises to Verizon that make it the worst Nexus, but also the continued abandon of the original Nexus vision. This nexus strays the furthest from the original plan.

  • Peter Kelly

    It’s a Nexus.  But, since it’s on a CDMA network, Verizon has the last word.


    The most pertinent quote (with middle stuff removed):
    “Concepts like the “Google experience” can only exist on GSM networks because only GSM requires carriers to accept phones they haven’t approved for use. If you want to be called GSM, you have to take unlocked devices, as long as they comport with the GSM Association’s standards and national rules…There’s no such option on Verizon’s and Sprint’s CDMA networks. If you want access to those carriers’ networks, you have to play by their rules.”

    Overall, a damn nice phone.  Battery life for me hasn’t even been that bad, once I popped in the extended battery.  Personally, i was shocked how much it improved charging.  I turned on My Tracks during a golf round today.  It was still over 60% 4 1/2 hours later.  (By the way, it’s about 7 miles)  I don’t HAVE to charge every day, though I’ll usually throw it on the charger at night.   But it’s usually around 60% at the end of the day.  I should note that I’ve only had to go to work a couple days since I got it.  Most of the time it’s on the wifiz.  It hasn’t dropped a call.   Speedtest.net gave me 27Mbps down, 12Mbps up at the Rockets game last night.  That’s more than double what I get at home on the wifiz.

  • Galaxy Nexus in Android green on T-Mobile please.

  • STiK

    Google needs to stop using crap hardware for their Nexus line.

  • Felipe1345

    I agree,its about the principle of the Nexus brand,not sales,not Google logos,not disabling apps,its supposed to be pure Google goodness,not something that was tainted by a carrier.

  • Anonymous

    It’s funny how a lot of people are saying it is not a big deal that Verizon has their bloatware installed on the Galaxy Nexus and that it is just a phone.What happens if Google never gives Verizon another Nexus device?.I can already see all the idiots who didn’t think it was a big deal be the first ones to bitch about it.

  • Anonymous

    All this whining about this phone not being a “true Nexus” is getting old. For Pete’s sake, it’s still stock Android with updates straight from Google! And heaven forbid they add 2 apps wasting something like a whopping 25 mb out of 32 gigs which, by the way, are apps people may actually be interested in using. And the whole Google Wallet thing is irrelevant. Yeah, the Nexus S 4G on Sprint has it, but does the T-Mobile or ATT version? NO. They’re what you would call “true Nexi,” and yet they also lack it. Can’t we just be happy and rejoice that we FINALLY after two years again get to experience a stock Android experience with most of the bloat trimmed on Verizon without rooting and romming? Do you appreciate and realize this is the first device of it’s type since the OG DROID? I’m just tired of people complaining and whining about how this isn’t a “true Nexus” because of a few weak arguments.

    • I think everyone does realize that this is the first stock device since the Droid. I think that’s why people are so upset: it starts with little concessions and ends with a device that strays even further from what Nexus devices were supposed to be. I think that original vision got a lot of people on board with Google’s push for Android and we want to see them stick to their guns.

  • Ron, its not that serious…

  • Bob

    I bought the Nexus because I wanted control over my phone.  I had a Droid X and without rooting it, all I could do was hide the excess bloatware from Verizon, but I couldn’t turn it off, so everything still ran.  With the Nexus I have 10 apps running, all of which I installed or are core functions of the phone.  When the screen is turned off there is no indication that it is on Verizon.  Every Verizon phone I see has the name plastered on the front of the phone.  The back panel is exchangeable and you can easily remove the Verizon logo without problems.

    What does bug me is that 4.0.3 is out and we don’t have it, but the Nexus S does.  The Galaxy Nexus should have it before anyone else as it is the flagship phone of ICS.  Verizon is holding it to fix the signal bar issue, so I have to wait for that.

    What I am not worried about is the phone being forgotten by Google (like the Droid X is never going to get an official ICS upgrade), so I am fine with the wait.

    • Anonymous

      So you either want NS owners worldwide to have to wait to get their update until every single GN is running 4.0.3, or you’d rather Verizon didn’t bother to patch bugs that are under its control?  That makes no sense.  Updates should be pushed out when the are ready and not a moment before.  4.0.3 for the NS is ready; 4.0.3 for the GN is not.

  • Anonymous

    The worst Nexus yet? Is My Verizon really so damaging to the user experience that it makes the latest and greatest iteration of Android yet pale in comparison to Froyo and Gingerbread? You seem to have a distorted view of what the Nexus line is that doesn’t seem to match up with Google’s, and it has your priorities all out of whack. All of your grievances are very minor annoyances that are easily resolved, and aren’t even considered issues on any other device. But you drone on as if they are absolute deal breakers.  The Galaxy Nexus is hardly perfect, but your hyperbole discredits the few good points you made in the article. 

    • You’re entitled to your opinion just like I am. I think Google can do better and shouldn’t make these kinds of concessions with the carriers. They’re better than that.

      • Josh Nichols

        Did you ever stop and think that people use the two included apps? That maybe they in some magical way ENHANCE the user experience for people that don’t consider them bloat?

        Did you also notice how the GSM Nexus doesn’t even have Google Wallet without it being sideloaded?

        You get paid to write here?

        • I know that some people use them. That’s fine, they can get them from the market. I honestly couldn’t care less about Google Wallet, by I know some people want it and see it as Verizon exerting more control where they shouldn’t. We don’t really know why it’s not on the other phones, which is why I don’t emphasize that point.

        • josh your not getting the point of his article. its not about the people who use those apps. its the fact that verizon has the power to put them there. google should be stepping up and not allowing it. when u buy a verizon iPhone you do not see any verizon apps installed. as much as i despise apple products you have to give apple credit for that.

  • There was a Verizon logo on my Bionic.. Then it was gone. 🙂 

  • PC_Tool

    FFS, people…get a clue!

    Nexus does not equal pure android.  It never has.

    Nexus “means” fully unlockable and fully supported in the AOSP device tree.

    That is all.

    Feel free to continue with your useless, uninformed, though thoroughly entertaining whining.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Sure hope someone important at Google/Android reads this and does something about it. 

    • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

      And Ron, U Mad Bro??? j/k 🙂 

    • PC_Tool

      They will.  They’ll laugh.

      This Nexus is fully unlockable and 100% supported in the AOSP device tree.  This is all it needs to be in order to be considered a Nexus.

      • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

        I mean I totally get that. I LOOOVE my GNEX, and consider it to be not only a great phone, but also the best Nexus yet. I’m just saying that I see some of the points that he made. 

        • PC_Tool

          Oh, definitely. I see them too. Right there in the article. *grin*

          …I just don’t agree that it somehow doesn’t make it a nexus, just because he believes in some flawed definition of what a Nexus is. 😉

          • I don’t think my definition is flawed at all. We all saw their original vision of what a Nexus would be and they’ve strayed away from it. If all you want is a phone that you can do whatever you want with, there have been plenty of phones to match that description. I want what Google was originally aspiring to.

          • PC_Tool

            Ok…so tell me:  Do you know the definition of a nexus device?  What is it?

            …as stated by JBQ?  (Do you even know who he is??)

            Does it have *anything* to do with the build of Android it is released with?  At all?

            Do you have a *clue* what it *does* include?

            (HINT: I’ve posted it several times in comments to your “rant”)

          • Feel free to show me an official statement from Google defining what a Nexus is.

  • Anonymous

    Love the last line: think about it – it is a VERY true statement…Verizon would probably become very close to bankruptcy without Android, Google would have another 148 networks to rely on (including giants like AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, etc.)

  • Tfelty0

    Love this article! Well said! Somebody needs to stick it to Verizon, and Google is a big enough company to do it!

  • Tim242

    If Verizon controlled way too much of it…the bootloader would be locked. Most of you complaining will never be satisfied. It’s stock Android. It has an.unlockable bootloader. Will get updates fast. The only thing you complain about is Google Wallet, and no Google logo. Wallet is only officially on one Nexus. As far as the logo…the google logo was on the htc hero. Need I say more? STFU with this real Nexus BS

    • I complained about a lot more than the logo and Google Wallet. Personally, I couldn’t care less about Google Wallet, but I know some people want it. The logo is simply a symbol of their submission to Verizon. It’s a small thing, perhaps, but it signifies a major change. Shouldn’t Google’s official phone have their name on it? Google should have this phone on all carriers without any bloat. It should be available unlocked and on contract. We’ve seen Google stand up to the carriers before, I just want them to stick to their guns.

      • Tim242

        FYI: This is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, not the Google Galaxy Nexus. Again, the Google logo has been on many HTC Sense phones. Their logo doesn’t mean squat.

        Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

        • I think it means more than squat, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

  • PowerofPicture

    Another bitchy article by Ron. “Tainted Nexus”.  Give me a break.

    • You don’t have to read them of you don’t like them. 🙂

  • Tim242

    Nexus means stock Android, not pure. Big difference. Google has its own share of bloat, like Earth, latitude, books, etc.

    • PC_Tool

      Actually, all nexus means is unlockable and 100% supported in the AOSP device tree.

      Galaxy Nexus?  Done and done. 


  • So I think there has been one oversight in this article.  When I boot my phone up, under the Google logo there is a little open lock at the bottom of my screen.  That little open lock makes all the difference in the world.  It means that I don’t have to keep Verizon’s alterations.  I can change this phone any way that I see fit because Verizon allowed an easily unlockable, easily rootable phone on their network for the first time since the OG Droid.  That’s where the real progression in the Nexus is.  The ability to really take charge of your phone and make it yours, regardless of what the carrier thinks.

    • I could do that with my Droid Incredible too, but that doesn’t make it a Nexus.

  • Tim242

    My POS htc hero had Google branding on the back. Logos mean nothing. I’m just glad the front of the phone is logoless. I wouldn’t even want a Google logo on the front.

    • I think they mean more than nothing, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

  • Dliuzzo110

    All opinions aside I wish people would understand these articles are supposed to provoke thought and invoke debate and discussion. Not to take shots across the authors bow. His opinion is his opinion. He doesn’t come to your work and challenge your ideas and personal outlook does he?

    • Anonymous

      It’s not the opinion that is bothersome, it’s how uninformed some of the claims are, like for instance the claim that a Nexus device isn’t truly a Nexus device without Google Wallet. This is a baseless claim because both the T-Mobile and AT&T Nexus S’ also lack Google Wallet and they’re both regarded as true Nexi. Plus, the complaining about the “Verizon bloat” is getting really old. There’s 2 apps. You have 32 gigs of storage. These apps take up a few mb. Plus, you can hide them if it really bothers you. Sounds like a non-issue to me. It doesn’t even sound like a valid argument, just like someone whining just to whine.

      • I never said that the Galaxy Nexus isn’t a real Nexus device, I said its the worst one yet. I think issues like bloat ware and logos are important, but the most important thing to me is that Google has strayed from their original vision of what the Nexus line of phones should be.

    • Exactly. I know everyone isn’t going to agree with my opinion, but I love that many are willing to discuss and debate.

    • Josh Nichols

      This article does provoke thought and invoke debate. It is all directed towards the dumbass author.

      • I don’t mind if you disagree with me, but please make an argument instead of just calling me names.

  • I’m taking my Galaxy Nexus back, screen messes up too much by artifacting and blocking and can’t send pictures messages, I’ll try a replacement, but sadly if it doesn’t work either, guess I’ll have to go with another phone

    • Corey Foltman

      I came from a Razr, its a nice phone. They are both great phones. I haven’t had issues with either. You probably just got one of the ones that slipped through Samsung Q.C.

  • Anonymous

    Off-topic question – but does any other GNex owner feel the screen is almost completely fingerprint and smudge proof??

    I felt like all I did with my OG was wipe the screen for 2 years

    • Corey Foltman

      i disagree. I’ve had this GNex for 3days and I wipe the screen multiple times a day. Maybe not as bad as the OG, but a screen is a screen and it gets smudged.

      • Anonymous

        weird – I never wipe (insert joke here I guess) :p

  • Corey Foltman
  • Adam Brandt

    AMEN…wow you hit the nail on the head!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think VZ’s 4G LTE network was too appealing to pass up, and they knew it.  The chance to be a top of the line phone on the fastest network was more appealing than sticking to a “clean” nexus.  They also knew more people would buy the phone on VZ than any other carrier.  IMO, VZ doesn’t know how well this could have gone for them.  They see the RAZR as the money-maker, and while they don’t want any of their phones to fail, they are inevitably going to promote one at the expense of others.  You’d think with all the concessions they forced from Google and Samsung that they would be a little more proud of the device and promote it a little better.

    • Corey Foltman

      i think they won a battle. most vzw phones have 10-20 bloatware apps. our Nexus has 2. one of them i use to be like “o yea, look at how many i gb’s ive used!”. the other is nice for first time android users to get their contacts. but after that first time the use it to get their contacts back, it is useless.

  • Corey Foltman

    of course, buying the Google cover on ebay and then taking a dremel tool to it could fix that…

  • Corey Foltman

    Would have been nice is “Google” was branded above the Verizon check…like my bad photoshop…

    • Corey Foltman

      of course, buying the Google cover on ebay and then taking a dremel tool to it could fix that…

      • Corey Foltman

        i should have photoshopped that vzw logo centered between google and samsung…would be slightly more appealing to the eye…o well. the back cover is covered by my case to care either way…it could have a picture of MiMi from the Drew Carey show on it for all I care hahaha

  • thefullritz

    I think the real point hear is that Goggle did need VZW to get their phones to the masses.  But VZW should worry, I think Google has its’ sites set on much bigger things.

    • absolutely. Verizon is scared to death of Google, along with Comcast. In time, Google will eventually (hopefully) be directly competing against Verizon/Comcast. Especially with Google Fiber underway, there could be another ISP in town. 

  • that’s what i said. lol

  • Anonymous

    Google should buy T-Mobile.

    • Anonymous

      Agree, also It is only a matter of time before Comcast steps into the wireless service market. T-Mobile might be a pretty good start for them. Apple could be a potential contender as well. Might be interesting to see what happens with T-Mobile now.

  • Anonymous

    Bloody hell you took the words right out of my mouth. 

  • just waiting for ICS on my RAZR lol!

  • Tshammie

    I think he knows its just a battery cover. I also think he knows its just a few apps. That’s not the point he was trying to make. I think the point he is trying to make is that, the nexus name meant pure android. Whether it be 1 app or 100 its not pure, so its not nexus. Do I agree with him, not really. Why? Because I really don’t care. I do how ever see the point he’s making. Take baseball. Do you know how many old farts got mad when they added replay? They claimed it took away for the game and what it stood for. Some agree some don’t, but we all see the point the old farts were making. I think we should all be amazed at how far the nexus and other phones have come in just two years. Branded or loaded down with apps, the hardware is what makes the phone IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Ron you are a moron. You have no clue an are just another whiny nexus fanboy….oh it doesn’t say Google on the back…waaa waaa. Grow up and se your brain. While Verizon has a lot of power and Apple touts their power as well, maybe Google wants to be different. Maybe they just want to make software continue to work with a developer phone released to the masses every once and a while. A nexus has nothing to do with what apps are installed or what is or isn’t on the battery cover. A nexus is an unlockable device that has an untouched os that someone can do whatever they want on it. But Google is getting smarter with their sales because the n1 was a bust for sales and the s wasn’t much better. The nerds on this site are not the majority of android phone buyers, and Google is a business that wants to make money. And they are more then ever and will continue to as android evolves. Pretty sure Google knows what they are doing more than a bunch of whiny nerds on some blog site. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but some opinions are better kept to yourself….especially when you are clueless on what you are talking about. There….there is my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      actually that is a great point. I said in an earlier post, the logo does not bother me, what bothers me is Apple gets away with it and Google lets it happen. Maybe Google just doesn’t care as long as its a good product on a good network.

    • I’m fine with you disagreeing with me. I’m not always right (although I stand by what I wrote). That said, I’d prefer you make an argument instead of calling me a whiny moron. It’s definitely possible that Google just doesn’t want to challenge the phone industry, but I doubt it. I think they want to change things for the better. Hopefully these changes were just some minor setbacks.

      • Anonymous

        Well then next time you make your opinion know, back them up with actual facts. This post was whiny and uninformed. Just read everyones comments, I am not the only one say this.

        • Some agree with me, some disagree. It happens every time.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree Ron. Good point of view.

  • Anthony Armando

    i had a dream where google bought verizon. it was glorious.

    • Rodd

      I had a similar dream..
      but it was about Google buying T-mobile after the AT&T-mobile merger fell apart.
      maybe it was because i prefer GSM phones over CDMA

  • zach taylor

    I knew kellex did not right this with all this hate on Gnex

  • As much as I wish the Nexus were a truly pure Google device, wishes are just wishes and TBH this article makes some really weak points in support of its title. Now that they have the iPhone and with WP7 as a backup plan, Verizon doesn’t need Google at all. Remember, this is the same carrier that turned down Apple’s iPhone exclusivity offer and is still the largest in the business AND now has the iPhone despite that decision.

    The real reason Google needs Verizon is no other carrier’s 4G LTE network comes close to it. If you want a truly leading edge mobile device, then VZW’s network is the only viable option.

    Really though: if having a pure Google device is that religiously important to you, switch to AT&T. No one’s forcing to keep Verizon and it’s not as if other options don’t exist.

    • Verizon bent over backwards to get the iPhone. Remember all the changes that were rolled out right after the iPhone was released? Sprint had to make similar changes as well. Windows Phone 7 is irrelevant at this point (Windows Mobile still has more market share). Verizon tried to challenge Apple with Android, and they did, but they knew the only way to really secure more subscribers was to have the best network with the best phones, which includes the iPhone.

  • Mike


    • rrosotho

      LOL !!!

  • The title is misleading….should state why google is on its knees for verizon…..having said that two apps on my nexus does not hother me one bit as long as it stays lioe this and no bloatware added…
    As for the back i just dont care….dont see a needed dight because it says 4glte with verizon

  • i agree to some point, but if google put their foot down as much as apple does, we’d have two apples.. :/ i would hate that. i kind of like their “good guy” approach.

  • Sean27030

    standing… APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!

  • Sk102704

    It’s so funny how all these Nexus fanboys love to talk s**t about every other device out there but as soon as someone says anything negative about their lovechild they get their panties all in a bunch.  Notice how in the title it says opinion and relax, he does have a valid point.

    • And what is the valid point? I think google said that every carrier has their own variation of the nexus and its not just verizon…..the only phone you could say has wallet is the sprint version so again its not just verizon

      • Sk102704

        There are a lot of valid points.  Try reading it again but this time take off your Nexus colored glasses…

  • To be entirely frank.  I think Google is using the Android mobile platform as development for something much bigger in the long term.  Much bigger.  Google has never been overly concerned with this year, or next year.  They’re thinking decades, even generations.  Look at their stock history for proof of that.  VZW is a juggernaut, no arguing that.  But they’re the kind of juggernaut who can vanish overnight in one massive corporate act of economic violence or technological relativism.  Compared to Google, they’re ephemeral.

  • why doesn’t google buy t-mobile and have their own network to do as they please with their devices?

    • id rather them buy sprint, someone posted a article about apple possibly doing so but i think if google did it would be amazing. seeing as theyre putting up lte towers now, the company would be cheap to buy and they have more towers then t-mobile.

  • Anonymous

    I support this article 100%. Of course ive never been more satisfied with a phone in my life but verizon controls way to much of it

  • Wmsco51

    The verizon pple has and always been greedy and powerfreaks they have never been about the customer they have always been about there wallet and how to get you to bite then reel you in.
    Until the government puts the smackdown on them they will continue to find ways to make billions off us. To give power back to the pple, carriers should not be able to sell phones just manufacturer’s. Why? Then use can buy the phone of your choice with the latest tech not to mention they will be competing for your dollars, and carriers will standardized their tech to compete with the latest phones as well as prices for more customers. As it stands right now they are holding back innovation, phone releases, updates, and your freedom of choices in creativity on your phone as well as making prices go sky high.
    So asking you what can we do? Nothing is not a option! Please post and maybe someone of important will be able to get the legislation going!