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Breaking: Verizon Cancels $2 Convenience Fee for Online and Telephone Single Payments


In somewhat shocking fashion, Verizon has announced that they will not institute their single payment $2 convenience fee that we first reported on just 2 days ago. Here is the statement that just came across the wire:

Verizon Wireless Will Not Institute Single Payment Fee

December 30, 2011

Verizon Wireless has decided it will not institute the fee for online or telephone single payments that was announced earlier this week.

The company made the decision in response to customer feedback about the plan, which was designed to improve the efficiency of those transactions. The company continues to encourage customers to take advantage of the numerous simple and convenient payment methods it provides.

“At Verizon, we take great care to listen to our customers.  Based on their input, we believe the best path forward is to encourage customers to take advantage of the best and most efficient options, eliminating the need to institute the fee at this time,” said Dan Mead, president and chief executive officer of Verizon Wireless.

+1 to Verizon for listening to their customers, and +1 to all of you for speaking your minds.

  • AltimateJP

    Hello, this is Verizon. How may I help you?

    Hi, Verizon? This is the FCC. We would like to talk to you about your proposed “convenience fee”.

    Sure. What do you want to know?

    We want to know if you’ve ever heard of a company called Ticketmaster. Go Google it, then call your lawyers and get back to us. Thanks!

  • Can’t keep on nickle & diming us we’re not gonna put up with it as if your not making hundreds of millions of dollars a year like that’s not enough you greedy arroagant CEO a**holes !!!! How bout some credit for us that have been having constant 3g/4g outages  ? No comment there HUH  ? Gonna cost you money ?

  • Kakashiisagod

    +1 to Verizon for realizing there customers aren’t all iSheep. +9,000 to those non iSheep for speaking their minds.

  • David Verba

    No, not “+1” to Verizon for listening…. -100 to Verizon for even trying this garbage. Just because a company didn’t implement a bull$hit policy to skim MILLIONS from its customers every month, they deserve no applause.  Proof that we Americans can still make change by OURSELVES and not relying on ignorant Washington puppets.  And if you think “it’s just $2 not a big deal” then you should probably be running for government office.

     +1 Billion to the people.

  • Anonymous

    I’m very shocked by this.

  • Carlos

    POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Granted

    Wow…… with how cynical I am normally about greedy businesses can be, well this is just shocking that they actually listened to their customers for once. I don’t know if I’d go so far as congratulating them for this move, considering all the bad things they’ve done recently, but I will give them a little applause for doing the right thing this time.

  • Earleepa

    If they weren’t so stupid and they listened to customer feedback they wouldn’t have dine away with unlimited data or 1 year upgrades.

  • Alexander Garcia

    +100,000,000 to all you Big Red customers that rose up with your pitchforks and torches!  =)

  • Looked like they learned a lesson from Netflix

  • Its pretty funny, If verizon had come out and said hey, we will offer a $2 credit to people who use autobill pay, it would have moved a lot of people to stop the one time payment, and therefore would have saved them some money, instead they got greedy.

    Funny how the past year people standing up to Business had helped make a difference.

  • Anonymous

    Guess I’ll go back to paperless billing, but they’re still Bastards!

  • thefullritz

    Probably some misdirection to keep us from bitching about something else that has or will happen……..

  • Pimp slapped

  • AndroidGuy

    Yes people, we win!!! See what happens when we band together. Strength in numbers!!! Haha.

  • Rudyknightman

    Heif_37 is James Gradwish…the hoe bag!!

  • Im leaning towards the reasoning that the FCC was gonna get involved more then the backlash from customers that they yanked the fee.

    • don

      point is are they that STUPID  that they  didn’t know or have the BRAINS to figure out that that  the FCC  may get involved? After all this is their business  they should have some kind of inkling to know this but like I said They need help in How you treat customers if you want to remain so called number one !Verizon needs to get there head out of there a@@@@ and realize without customers you don’t exist period or at least in the position of being one of  the  largest cell carriers in USA. 

  • don

    whio is the complete idiot who thought of charging people to pay there bills,I dont care about the credit card charges or any other meaningless charges,The idea is to have people pay there bill and charging them to do so is so idiot that “the powers at be” need to look at whose decision this was and simple say GOODBYE to them they should be working in INDIA not in the USA . .Oh yes they have changed there  mind as of late today ,no kidding guys wht did you do it in the first place did you NOT THINK THAT NONE OF YOUR CUSTOMERS WOULD MIND?CARE?Come on who is the IDIOT  that thought of this please please get rid of them now ,man you guys just proved what idiots run this company thanks for letting us know! I have some 1st graders that would know better and maybe you should hire them cause you sure have no leadership with any brains!

  • TC Infantino

    HA!  Just saw this on the news.  Who says that the interwebz can’t make a difference.  Screw VZW and their greed.

  • Ron Perlman’s Jaw

    Well there goes the “get out of your contract free” cards you were all hoping to redeem.

  • Eazy

    Siri for Android ftw…wait we had this all along? Lol wow Google needs to promote their apps more

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t care much about the fee Until our realize how expensive they are Already. Especially for those who were not grandfather to unlimited data, Not to mention throttling, no roll over program, .. I pay about 100.00 and that’s with a minute allowance.

  • q`Tzal

    Verizon Wireless marketing now officially run by Paul Christoforo of @OceanMarketing.

    • Altkorn2005


  • Anonymous

    Eh.  They’ll just jack up prices even more and make up for it and then some.

  • Rudyknightman

    James Gradwish is a hoe bag

  • Jeff

    I’m sure they will just add the $2 somewhere else……. That’s my bet…

  • I dont think you could have done more justice and played up the iPhone
    user stereotype any better with this statement, well done!

  • STiK

    Yay we blew it!!! It was a simple trade off really… Verizon would charge $2 to move people to autopay and in return they would unlock Moto bootloaders… 🙂

  • Anonymous

    In related news, they only instituted the fee because they expected positive customer feedback.

  • I dont think you could have done more justice and played up the iPhone user stereotype any better with this statement, well done!

  • Anonymous

    So you pay a bill, to pay your bill. . . The premise is almost Seinfeldian.

    • I was thinking of Seinfeld from the first news of this “convenience fee”!  The episode where Jerry is buying a car and David Putty is the salesman:

      D: “Service fee, finder’s fee…”
      J: “Finders fee?  It was on the lot!”
      D: “That’s right… Floor mats, keys…”
      J: “Keys?”
      D: “How are you going to start it? Finance charge, additional overcharge…”


  • Ya know its funny, I’m sorry but this seems like a great marketing ploy that’s win/win for Verizon.

    “Leak” information about a $2 charge for something as simple as automated payment that actually ensures they get their money faster, then a few hours later “publicly” announce it.

    Wait 24 hours….

    Possible Outcome A – Customers whine a little bit but just bend over and accept it like we’re used to doing in 99% of the situations like this.

    A Ultimate Outcome = More money

    Possible Outcome B – Customers fly into an outrage and flow a petition with like 40k votes against it. Verizon cancels the $2 plan and tells you that they care about you and gives your wallet a hug, which in turn makes you tell your friends about how they care about their customers. Then your friends, family, and anyone that doesn’t see this ploy for what it is goes and signs up for service, renews their contracts, buys more stuff.

    B Ultimate Outcome = More money + Verizon looks like the good guy

    With that being said I was outraged, pissed off at such an obvious attempt to rob a little more from my bank account each month as I always pay using the One-Time payment method. I choose to control when and how I pay my bills and I do not like being forced into decisions I dont like. And for anyone that says “Just use auto-pay”.. you can suck it because you totally miss the point.

    • Mike

      To me, when it comes to this story, Verizon looks like a bad guy from start to finish.

  • Looks like Verizon took a play right out of the Bank of America handbook. I hear Netflix has some pretty savvy business ideas also…

  • Anonymous

    F*** Verizon and AT&T expensive beasts and AT&T doesn’t have 3G in my Area and Verizon greedy bast**** GO SPRINT!!!

    -iPhone RULes

    • Crackmonkeys4hire

      Of course the ONLY reason Sprint is looking for ways to charge more is that they are on the bottom of the list when it comes to customers and they their spotty service can’t match the speed of Verizon. Once (If) they turn around and move up on the list of preferred providers you’ll see them charging more. Always happens.

      • Anonymous

        Hahahah sure Verizon has lightning fast 3G pss I’m not an AT&T lover but only AT&T has fast Speeds NOT Verizon

  • Anonymous

    I think that if Verizon had started charging this fee from the very beginning there wouldn’t have been any issue.  But, at least there wouldn’t be a ‘visible’ $2 fee to worry about. 

  • AngryTurd

    Verizon listens to customers now? Ok…here it goes…RELEASE THE D4 NOW!!!


    Too soon?

    How about now?

  • my00si

    everyone should now sign up for AutoPay * trollface *

  • Craig

    My original post that this fee would cause them more harm than good was spot on. Fortunately someone with a brain at Verizon decided it was a mistake. In a difficult economy it is counter-productive to discourage any form of payment. I too run a business and while the 2 – 3% merchant fee does affect the bottom line I would much rather take the immediate payment then spending countless time and resources chasing a client for non-payment.

  • Bryan Corazza

    I’m not surprised, that was a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.  Charging for paying for your bill, priceless.

  • Anonymous

    I’m very surprised by the outrage this proposed fee caused. It only affected you if you pay by check or phone which require manual processing. Just turn on autopay, and there’s no fee. Plus, it’s much more convenient than having to write a check every month.

    • Anonymous

      Why wouldn’t I want a company to go into my bank account and automatically take money out? 

    • Correction this affected ONE TIME payments via DEBIT/CREDIT online and over the phone. Checks were NOT affected.

    • Craig

      Autopay is fine until something goes wrong. Many years back when AT&T was changing over from Cingular I was on autopay. They made a mistake and debited my account for over $1000 when my average bill was less than $100. Upon calling them they corrected the error and told me it would reflect on my next statement. Sure enough I get my next statement a month later and they posted over $900 in credit but they didn’t refund my account. I had to call again and explain that I had no intentions of prepaying for a year. It took them another week or so to give me my money back. This situation would be a nightmare to someone that didn’t have the available funds. I pay most bills know through online banking but I must receive the bill first and approve the amount. I will give no one auto debit access to any of my accounts.

  • I think this was a stunt by Verizon in effort to attract more customers by showing them how much Verizon listens to it’s people.

  • Anonymous

    Now, for breaking news, your new 2 year upgrade is going up! To help us be more efficient, we will now charge $349 for that new shiny android device, instead of the once low price of $299. The return period has changed too! You now have 24 hours in which to decide your fate.

    Buh-bye $2 fee, hello all you new upgraders…..Thanks for helping us see the light. 


    Your verizon team!

    BTW, that $2 was gonna help pay for the extra band-aids to keep the new network together. Instead, the extra $50 we’re gonna ass-rape you for is going straight into our pockets.

  • Anonymous

    They gave less than a rats ass about the customer feedback, what they “listened” to was the fact that the FCC was looking into their BS. Stop blowing smoke VZW, it’s really insulting enough to pay your fees, don’t go insulting our intelligence too.

  • This is pretty good news I’m pretty happy.

    Now I’m waiting for a post titled BREAKING: Motorola’s New Year’s Resolution To Unlock All Bootloaders By January 2nd!

  • Fernando Montenegro

    Can you hear me now Verizon!!! Thank you

  • Guest123

    this news appeared in my reader only minutes after a report about the FCC stating they would be taking a closer look at this fee…….

  • Gforce1963

    Power to the people!!

  • Anonymous

    ” The company continues to encourage customers to take advantage of the numerous simple and convenient payment methods it provides.”

    Nothing simpler than paying with the MyVerizon app on my phone. A 2 dollar fee would have made things more complicated for me. Glad the FCC stepped in. +1 for them.

  • Guest

    I would say this is a first that Verizon actually listened to its people!

  • Honestly it had NOTHING to do with the customers speaking their minds. They (VZW) didn’t want the FCC down their ass over this.

    • JDizzle

      Very true…notice how fast the statement was to cancel after the FCC announced they would look into it!