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Verizon 4G LTE Nationwide Data Outage Happening Once Again (Updated)

It has been a rough month for Verizon’s network to say the least. The entire network (both 3G and 4G) for LTE  customers appears to be down once again. This would be the third time this month alone. According to Twitter, the outage seems to be pretty sporadic with some in NYC having no issues while others are. Phoenix, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco and Portland are also being reported as down.

As usual, we would love to hear your city and state in the comments and whether or not you are having issues. If you are, be sure to let us know when you see network access again.

Update 10:45AM:  Realizing that LTE customers do not have 3G service either. Just checked a 3G-only phone and it still has data and 3G service. Appears to be only LTE phones, but they are left without data completely.

Update 11:20AM:  3G is back here in Portland. 4G still appears to be down. Anyone else seeing changes?

Update 11:21AM:  Scratch that. Toggled LTE back on and now I no longer have 3G either. It’s almost like devices are taking forever to reconnect to the network. If you see 3G pop back up, do not toggle LTE on or off or you may lose connection again.

Update 1:16PM:  According to @CNBC, Verizon is investigating the issue. I would have hoped they had started investigating hours ago when it first went down.

Update 2:09PM:  According to our Twitter timeline, a number of you are seeing your coverage return. Still out in Portland though.

Update 9:32PM:  4G has returned here in Portland almost 12 hours after it went down. Has your data come back yet?

Stay here for updates…

  • Ffitchner

    Still without 4g in spokane washington. Been down for around.12 hours now.

  • Ryell22

    Salt Lake City, UT. we have been very spotty with 4G service since early yesterday. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

  • Taylor

    Both 3G and 4G are back here in Fort Wayne, IN. I was having only 1X and was getting so mad that I could have thrown my Thunderbolt against a wall…

  • MLBeep

    Lost it early in the day in the Fort Wayne, Indiana area, got 3G back in the evening, noticed 4G this morning.  Sorry, didn’t record the times…

  • Anonymous

    In Jacksonville (FL), my VGN still shows 3G (2 or 3 bars), not 4G, at 9:48 EST…VZW LTE is ‘Long Time Idiot’ to me!

  • Tadashi Andrews

    still, no 4g in Austin, TX… I had it set all night to 4g, woke up and it was still no 4g data and 3g off.

  • Not sure if anyone stated this – but in Columbus Ohio – I was out of the 4G service from approximately 11am – 4:00pm 12/28/2011.

    Luckily, I had a wi-fi fallback – did not help though as I needed the GPS with maps and my blue tooth headset was severely hampered – could not use voice activated calling or texting.

  • Nate

    LA is back up and faster than ever! I’m consistently getting 38-42Mbps DL, when before I was getting 17-23Mbps. For VZ a network outage means major upgrades are being implemented.

  • Anonymous

    4G up in the Twin Cities market.

  • RaptorOO7

    I just lost 4G again this morning and I’m in a solid 4G area.  My Nexus dropped from 4G to nothing, then about a minute later 3G came up and its still only 3G.

  • Anonymous

    I’m in Chicagoland and still have no data connection at all on my Bionic. This is day 2… not counting last week’s minor outage. :-/

  • back on in annapolis as of 7:00 AM EST.  not sure when it kicked on since i was on wifi at home.  gnex.

  • I plan on calling them and demanding to be comped my Data plans fee on the two lines that have a 4G device, both Gnex’s. Just don’t take no for an answer and remember, that as long as you don’t become violent over the phone, they really can’t hang up on you. Keep on escalating the call up until you get someone who has the ability to do it. When I deal with situations like this in the past, I usually use the line “Well maybe you can’t do it, but I know someone there can, put me through to that person.”

  • I plan on calling them and demanding to be comped my Data plans fee on the two lines that have a 4G device, both Gnex’s. Just don’t take no for an answer and remember, that as long as you don’t become violent over the phone, they really can’t hang up on you. Keep on escalating the call up until you get someone who has the ability to do it. When I deal with situations like this in the past, I usually use the line “Well maybe you can’t do it, but I know someone there can, put me through to that person.”

    • RaptorOO7

      Good point, when BlackBerry services go out they are supposed to comp for the lack of service and if the outages are more than an hour and say run into a day or two or three they need to pro-rate your data.  No service, no charge.

  • In between Chicago and Milwaukee, I didn’t have any 4G all day Wednesday. Even at 10pm when I went to bed I didn’t have it. Woke up this morning around 5am and its back. This is starting to get pretty old Verizon. 

  • can’t believe this was all out

  • ChrisGarner1983

    What’s that wallpaper?

    • Anonymous

      Pixel Rain

  • Hep

    Got mine back in WA, but I don’t know when because my GNex got stuck in 3G mode.  I finally switched to CDMA and then back to LTE/CDMA for it to come back.

  • Angelbowler2002

    We still don’t have 4G in Hamlet, NC and don’t know when we will. So must use 3G until we do. However, most of the time we don’t have any data connection at all. Can be working on something and i t goes out. I understand we must wait for 4G to make it to us, but we should be able to rely on 3G until it does. We spend more time down than up. For what we pay this is rediculous (this applies to all phones not just 4G phones).

  • Still out in Fresno, CA

  • Muggs43

    4G back online 8:50pm….lasted 45mins back offline since 9:35pm Redondo Beach, CA. This is a joke. 

    What are anyone’s thoughts on Verizon pro-rating the bill for a day of service? Or giving credit for inconvienance? 

  • Anonymous

    Just heard blip on local news that a solar flare could cause radio blackout. Not a clue what that means! Do any of you smarty pants know if it could it cause cell/data outage? Hope this isn’t a dumb question. Just very curious, though.

  • Back in Pasadena, CA

  • TC Infantino

    4G is up and running in Harrisburg, PA.  As far as I can tell it has been up since at lest midnight here.

  • Anonymous

    After midnight, still without any data here in central MN.

  • LTEOutageBlows

    That’s it 12 hours of no LTE…I’m switching to Rupublic Wireless. NOT!!!!

  • Steve

    4G came back at 00:35 EST in the Detroit area, western suburbs.

  • Guest

    4G back in Chino, CA!!!

    • Socal_jnunez

      Im in phillips ranch and up

  • JoJoOnTheRadio

    4G Back up and running in the Sacramento Area (Elk Grove) as of 9:50pm

  • Trfwtf

    Still no 4G in Houston.

  • Jason

    Data is back for me in socal

  • Jmtanzo

    It’s back on here in Orange County…

  • i just my 4g up and running 
    from chicago

  • yessir…just now
    from chicago

  • Anonymous

    I love how people love to hate on Verizon for having the guts to try and actually roll out a nationwide LTE coverage in a 3 year time frame and get pissed for a day of downtime. I bet these same people claim that their phones must suck when they have a force close. They must believe in a magical perfect technology that exists somewhere that never has problems and has unicorns and rainbows and…

  • sorry everybody, i was just downloading the whole interweb on my Charge again!!

  • just looked at my nexus. 9:20pm San Francisco, 4g is up!

  • Yevgeniy_2003

    Just saw on my thunderbolt 4g is back i dont know for how long…Oakland CA..9-06 pm.

  • Markopolo1022

    Is 9pm In Los Angeles. N there is no lte. … I’m seriously calling Verizon. One day with out service sucks ass I’m on the 50$ plan.. if they gibe me the unlimited for 30 .. I. Won’complaint. . No more. . No matter how many outages ..

  • Network must be back up. My GNEX is activating now

  • woozzy101

    I was finally able to activate my phone 15 mins ago! Thank you!  Only had to wait an entire day 🙁

    In Orange County, CA

  • Anonymous

    4G is back in los angeles 10 min ago

  • Gard Neff

    my 4g has been back on for probably 30 min here in dallas

    • srmota

      Yep.  Same here in the Austin area.  I had not logged on all day from house and just logged on to find why the hell all day my Nexus and wife’s bionic were up and down.. mpstly down until about 30 mins ago.

  • Hjas55

    i am more than angry – i was sold my phone in the middle of this mess – they didn’t inform me – now  I have no phone service – over $300 later- I can’t contact work or patients – time for a civil suit? 
     I want some justice for them out reaching – INTER and INTRA NATIONALLY-  laying off workers during the heaviest seasons( ie Christmas holidays) while counting their change in pennies without regard for the consumer – and I’m an independent Republican, TIME TO RE-THINK how the business of providing is ruled by the business of  lying about what is provided – not the American dream- quit bitchin’ and start doin’. I am grateful for the effort and disappointed with the result of our ‘greatest software minds”.  Please quit insulting my intellegence. I may be ” Tech challenged” but I am not stupid! Forget the “beta tests” and ‘time to get online’ – if you can’t produce- don’t say so-
    I am continually amazed at the younger population accepting – ‘oh,they will make it right in a year or so’ all the while paying for the final produce without the service —  I am also angry I listened to the same– meanwhile waiting for service——

    • you mad bro?

    • Anonymous

      Wow, all that over an outage?  SMDH 

      I would hate to see how you react to something like your house or car being burglarized.


    • Anonymous

      You sir, make me want to punch my screen with your self righteous attitude. I bet you would sue your own grandma if she didn’t bake you cookies for christmas as a failure of grandmotherly duties.

  • still out in San Francisco Area.

  • Wfgibson

    Still out in St.Louis!

  • I’m sorry, but I must also add that Verizon has given me 12 years of above excellent service, and this 4g is the bomb, I live 23 miles from the nearest 4g tower in Hilo… and I get 2 bars of 4G service, which is enough for me to get 20MB/s download speeds. I just can’t say enough to truly thank Verizon for such a wonderful service… Aloha

  • Ron

    Chicago, IL Still having intermittent 3G and no data, no sign of 4G since this morning

  • I lost coverage here in Hawaii at noon HST, 5pm eastern, nothing since.

  • Hawaii is out too…