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Verizon 4G LTE Nationwide Data Outage Happening Once Again (Updated)

It has been a rough month for Verizon’s network to say the least. The entire network (both 3G and 4G) for LTE  customers appears to be down once again. This would be the third time this month alone. According to Twitter, the outage seems to be pretty sporadic with some in NYC having no issues while others are. Phoenix, Minneapolis, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco and Portland are also being reported as down.

As usual, we would love to hear your city and state in the comments and whether or not you are having issues. If you are, be sure to let us know when you see network access again.

Update 10:45AM:  Realizing that LTE customers do not have 3G service either. Just checked a 3G-only phone and it still has data and 3G service. Appears to be only LTE phones, but they are left without data completely.

Update 11:20AM:  3G is back here in Portland. 4G still appears to be down. Anyone else seeing changes?

Update 11:21AM:  Scratch that. Toggled LTE back on and now I no longer have 3G either. It’s almost like devices are taking forever to reconnect to the network. If you see 3G pop back up, do not toggle LTE on or off or you may lose connection again.

Update 1:16PM:  According to @CNBC, Verizon is investigating the issue. I would have hoped they had started investigating hours ago when it first went down.

Update 2:09PM:  According to our Twitter timeline, a number of you are seeing your coverage return. Still out in Portland though.

Update 9:32PM:  4G has returned here in Portland almost 12 hours after it went down. Has your data come back yet?

Stay here for updates…

  • Anonymous

    What is the live wallpaper name?

    • Anonymous

      pixel rain  I think theres a post on it either here or phandroid about it

      • Anonymous

        Thank you

  • damn it i want my 4g!!!

  • I, like many other apparently, am phoneless due to this. My Nexus delivered today, tried to activate, only to be put phoneless while attempting to port my number over. Went to Verizon to see what was up and the lady told me I had “burned up the SIM card” because it had a temporary number on it from Radioshack and it could not use a new number (I switched from Sprint so the device shipped with the SIM installed and a temporary number on it). How exactly that makes any sense at all considering I did exactly what the prompts said, is beyond me. Anyway, hopefully I’ll have my Nexus activated without having to get a new SIM by tomorrow. Can’t take being phoneless much longer…

    • Anonymous

      Same here, pretty much have spent the day looking at my G Nex and sighing(after spending roughly 45min on the phone with verizon while they were trying to activate it).  Might as well try to get a refund for shipping costs from this….

      • For some reason I was never even charged for mine. I bought it from Radioshack for like 229.99 shipped and it originally took it out of my available balance in my bank account, but then it went back into my account, and I have the phone and the money. Don’t know what the deal is. I am going to be more than pissed of if I have to go back to Verizon for the 4th or 5th time this week to get a new SIM…and if they try to charge me for it I am going to raise hell. I’m not paying for something that is not my fault.

    • Dbs

      Call he port Dept with veizon. You don’t need a new one. I changed a number 2 days ago. I didn’t know until then.

  • Rick Portillo

    Nothing yet in San Diego 🙁

  • Dma1984

    If you pull your sim card out and re-install you should be able to pull 3g. This is for 4g-lte phones only. I had the same problem, at least you can get 3g until 4g comes back online. Hope this helps

  • Jmtanzo

    Still nothing here in Newport Beach. I got my replacement Thunderbolt around noon and that’s when I noticed no 4G when I switched the 4G Sim over and tried to activated the replacement, but thank god it worked. I didn’t even need to do the #228 but I will do it just in case once the network is back up. Just wondering if Verizon is gonna credit us something for all these outages….

  • mj

    Still no 4g in San Francisco area.
    Alameda, CA

  • Anonymous

    still a bit choppy in the 253 area.

  • Azhuskered

    4g back up in Phoenix

  • Jonathan Ly

    I think what makes all of this funny is that people think its “being smart” to “keep their options open.”

    Let’s be honest. The unreliability is only a factor, which, in an effort to provide a better network, I personally can forgive, is TRULY only a factor if you have the 2GB Plan. 

    If you were lucky to have the 4GB plan for 30 bucks, I think its pretty dumb if you’re willing to give that up for AT&T’s BS. 

    Look at it: AT&T is late to the Party. In real world tests, Laptop users were pulling down 25 MBps in 40 cities. When AT&T launched their network in 5 Cities, they matched double that, BUT, the five cities were: San Antonio, Houston, Dallas (All within a 300 Mile triangulation of each other), Atlanta and Chicago. No Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Miami, San Fransico at launch, WTF? Verizon LTE is still pushing 3 MB a second now, and being in LA, I know a lot of people are using LTE phones. 

    And if anyone with an Unlimited Data plan is willing to drop that for 2GB, THAT is being shortsighted. Look at the way Google Music is being handled: The Cloud is an inevitability. At home, sure, at work, probably, Wi-Fi will work for you. But if you’re driving around, if you’re traveling, good luck.

    People need to be rational. If you really have so many escape plans, you might as well have used them already. You’re looking for an excuse to complain and look all smart and **** and you look more like children than anything else.



    • Joodu

      You’re arguing against something nobody really said.

      TL:DR: Read again.

  • Madam Reporter

    North of Seattle — time is 6:45 p.m., and no 4G network since 10:30 this morning!  I’m about ready to take this 4G and throw it out the second story window!!!!  So irratating.

  • Greg

    My Razr won’t activate here in MD either. Got it at the store and the sales rep. told me that the 4G network was down. I just want to play with my shiny new phone… 🙁

    • Madam Reporter

      In the same exact boat!!  It sucks!

      • Kingcobruz

        Also in the same boat – not a very warm welcome to the world of 4G.

    • baseballmo9

      Me to i got the Bionic and its been down all day i think they should waive the activation fee for us

  • Hep

    18:29 and still out in the south sound area of WA

  • Juliabsmith

    No service in Tallahassee Florida still Now 9:15 p.m.

  • 4g out in the metro Atlanta area. I received my Galaxy Nexus in the mail today and went to activate it and couldn’t because the network is down. I can’t go back to my Incredible either because I’m in the middle of activation. They better credit it because I’m completely out of a phone now!

  • Jim261

    Galaxy nexus no 3g 4g tampa bay this really sucks

    • Strumtopraise

      I just got a 4g phone today and have not been able to use it yet…..waiting….

      • Tim

        Same here, just picked up the Gnex and I have been trying to activate for hours…

  • Yevgeniy_2003

    NO 4G in Oakland.CA…My thunderbolt jumping from 3g..to nothing..its suc……….k..Verizon WTF////

    • same here in San Francisco Area. My Nexus is jumping from 3g to nothing and back to 3g. NO 4g. WTF Verizon what is taking so long!!!

  • ItsMeCD

    Still no 4G in Raleigh, NC.  I’ve been trying to activate a Rezound…so I’m phoneless until this is resolved.

  • Anonymous

    Just got Rezound; sales rep couldn’t activate it in the store, old phone deactivated.  Came home, neither new nor old phone works; just my luck.  

    • Madam Reporter

      I fell your pain.  I’m in the same boat and no phone to call and bitch Verizon out!

  • Anonymous

    As of 7:30 pm CST still no 4g in Wichita, Ks.  It stoped shortly after noon.  3g is currently out and has been hit and miss all day.

  • Altkorn2005

    A really rude Verizon CSR just told me they would give out a credit for 1 day.

    • Anonymous

      Yay! I’ll take my $1!!!

    • Altkorn2005

      Called back and talked to a more professional CSR who gave $30 credit for my data

  • Anonymous

    But we are having 70 degree weather! So maybe I’ll go outside and play.

  • Ass

    I am in charleston sc for work right now and both 3g and 4g went down at about 2pm 3g came back at 5 4g is still down.

  • Anonymous

    no 4G in San Diego proper

  • Anonymous

    Los Angeles.  No G’s  of any kind.  This is getting re-lick-my-dick-ulous.  

    • Anonymous

      At first, in my innocence, I thought your pic was a Su-Fi (super finger — see Dane Cook). Then I realized…


      • Anonymous

        I saw Dane Cook “perform” at the Laugh Factory here in Hollywood, he sucked balls.  His set was really bad.  A few pity laughs was all he got.  He was a “surprise” guest that night, too.  Nothing special.  And don’t be scared of the Shocker, its your friend.     

        • Anonymous


    • jake Gall

      Hahaha thhi post made my day haha

  • Zakman1992

    Kelly from south bend indiana- just got my 4G MIFI 4 hours ago… Can I use it!!!…. not impressed

  • Got 3G back still no 4g

  • Well, That ‘splains it!  Just my luck!  My new G Nex arrived a couple of hours ago and I’ve been trying to activate it ever since!  It keeps telling me my mobile service can’t be activated at this time.

  • At 5p her in Las Vegas still no 4G and 3G is in/out…

  • Gard Neff

    If i reset 4g comes on, but switches back to 3g after a couple minutes

  • Gard Neff

    had it and lost it again in dfw

  • Got mine back two hours ago. Lost it when everybody else did. Klamath Falls, Ore. What up, Kellen.

  • The Moma Dave

    Well I finally got 4G back in Sacramento, CA! Thank god too. Vid streaming Phish gig at MSG. I need 4G for that. 🙂

    • The Moma Dave

      Take that back, radio just switched to 3G… Still down in Sacto.

  • Nexus in Sa

    Still out in san antonio 🙁

    • Altkorn2005

      power cycle your phone…..my 4G is good 

      • Altkorn2005

        San Antonio  – 410/Blanco

        • Nexus in Sa

          I did it’s very spotty getting 3g though. [email protected], this is a full bar 4g location. Luckily I’ll be on wifi now.

          • Altkorn2005

            your right, just about every where on 410 should be really hot 4G

          • Nexus in Sa

            Yup @ home I get 36-42mb/s download.

  • Down to 1X here in DFW…not even 3G…  Been seeing a lot of 4G outages around here.

  • Itsmea3k

    4g still out.. 3g is working here in la area..weird

  • Greenville SC has been up since ~2:00 today. 

  • any idea what clock widget that is????

  • Eric

    So Richmond Va 4G is still out. Boooo.

  • Jro545454

    I have not called Verizon yet but 4G is completely out in central MA and 3G is intermittent at best.

  • Anonymous

    3G is On and Off still in Jacksonville, Florida (about 7:18 PM, EST).  All day it happens today to my VGN.  Not even tasted 4G today…sucks.

  • Haproot

    Just now going down in Billings, MT  No 3g, 1x, or anything.

  • LTEOutagesBlow

    Still no LTE as of 4:16pm in Seattle. Total crap.

  • Don

    The best phones and no LTE equals very upset users.   Come on Man!! 

    • Don

      Been out all day in New Orleans.  No 4G no 3G no data at all.  

  • what clock widget is that??

  • Anonymous

    So how come V gets a pass for the network going down yet again and Rimm was crucified for going down 1 time?

  • Schrockahley1

    i got a droid bionic for christmas fed-ex dropped it off this moring i have had it for about six hours and i havent been able to activate it.. pretty sucky hope the wait is worth it

  • Workswithgold

    Been in nm with spotty 3g for a week. Got back to el paso tx today and lost all service for about three hours. Customer support said to enabe data, which it was and to turn on roaming which it was but not to use it if i see a blinking triangle or id be charged roaming. Complained a bit more and hung up. Switched to cdma only and immediatly got full 3g.

  • Connor3485

    On my bionic im getting 3g only here in Sioux falls, SD

    • ashley

      i just got the bionic, do you like it?? havent played with it all due to the outage is washington

  • Guest

    okay we all know taht peoples 4g and 3g are down…