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Another Nationwide Verizon 4G LTE Outage Happening Now? (Updated)

We are just crawling out of bed here on the west coast, but according to the massive amount of unread emails in our inbox, a nationwide 4G LTE outage happened last night around 2AM. It’s tough to tell if the network is still down as all seems groovy here, 4G signal actually stronger than normal.

Update: I spoke too soon, down to just 3G now here in Portland. And according to the comments, there is a pretty large group of you out there that are without 4G. We are going on 5+ hours here of downtime – come on Verizon.

Update 8:42AM:  4G seems to be back up here in Portland. Anyone else?

Update 9:30AM:  Verizon has released a statement:

Verizon Wireless 4G LTE service is returning to normal this morning after company engineers worked to resolve an issue with the 4G network during the early morning hours today. Throughout this time, 4G LTE customers were able to make voice calls and send and receive text messages. The 3G data network operated normally.

So let us know if you are still experiencing data issues.

  • Ice2097

    Down again in Boston

  • Kbayard

    still dead here in Michigan… AGAIN!

  • hodgewdm

    Still no 4G here in Iowa at 3:25 pm CST

  • James

    I still have some problems on my GNex. Switching from WiFi to cellular (3G or 4G) it seems like forever before I get any sort of signal. Does anyone know is Verizon is still rolling out that update?

  • gsrsgv

    Seems like 4g only works on my wifes phone for a bit all the time

  • Anonymous

    My 4g is back if you call it that Download 6.2megs upload 0.18megs

  • Yellowcanary73

    Verizon can you hear me now. Doubt It

  • Gryphon1911

    Just lost my 4G here in Columbus, OH at 1:45pm. It was acting hinkey all morning anyway. VZW rep stated that they were aware of the outage and had no estimate on when the network would be back up. 3G seems stable and working for the time being.

    • Sp4rxx

      Cleveland I still have 3G only and my SIM card cannot authenticate …. RAZR

  • ShanelovesoneGod

    Still no 4g in norther california (modesto area) 11 am.

  • Anonymous

    Rochester, MN still no 4G connectivity at 1:00 CST

  • Prime

    Weird. I had 4G all throughout the morning on my phone. At 11:30 central, it was gone and I had no internet. About 12:30 central got 3G back, but no 4G yet. Minneapolis MN

  • Have full LTE on my Bionic in Atlanta,GA

  • trevorsalienarms

    I had no 4G or 3G service up until around 10:00 or so EST in NE Ohio. Until I read about the wider spread network issue, I was assuming it was more connectivity issues with my Nexus.

    Does anyone know what the greyed-out signal bars are supposed to indicate? If there’s no signal (blue bars), why show any bars at all? Annoying that while I could see 2-3 greyed out bars, I still had no connection to the data network.

  • Turd_Ferguson

    Been out since at least 6:30am here in Tupelo, MS

    -Droid Razr

  • Just came back in Akron/Canton, Ohio.

  • Unexpected62

    How can they say “3G data network operated normally” when clearly a whole bunch of us have no data at all?

  • Ebourlet

    Outage in Tacoma, WA with Bionic

  • windexh8er

    4G has been up and down in the Minneapolis, MN area all morning.  It’s been down now for the past hour as of 12:39 Central time.  Neither GNex and Bionic have 3G as well.

  • Johnharms31

    LTE back up in Oklahoma City.  

  • AJ

    Just got 4G back, Tucson AZ

  • Guest

    My 4G has been down all morning, a reboot just got it back up. Should have tried that sooner. Still looking for the OTA update for my RAZR though.

  • Tblain

    Been with VZW for many years now, and never had any issue with connectivity. I think I can forgive a couple outages. 4G finally back up in the Milwaukee area, and am even noticing an improvement in signal strength. Curious to see if the radio update will improve it further. Found myself with 4 bars earlier and ran a speedtest … 34k down and 17k up. Not too shabby.

  • Anonymous

    I’m only getting 4 bars of 4G.  I only wanted 1.

  • Raptor2679

    Anyone have data on lte/cdma mode but nothing on cdma only?

    • Yep.  My 3G was not working at all.  Switched back to LTE/CDMA and magically I have 4G again.  very strange.

      • Raptor2679

        Have you tried switching back to cdma only and seeing if that works now? Mine still does not.

  • Vidmar

    Total BS about 3g working normally…it didn’t on my nexus in Blacksburg VA…they were both out!

  • Jared Kirk

    Just got 4G service back, so they are right on that account.  They are wrong about me being able to make calls and send text messages, though… I was unable to do either for a good amount of time this morning.

  • Chip

    Outage in Charleston, SC still going strong. Shoulda never gave you niggas money!

  • tjmonkey15

    LTE is still a new technology for the US (and around the world for that matter).  It sucks that Verizon has these hiccups, but it really is understandable.  If they had waited to fire up their LTE network until all this stuff was worked out, we’d probably be waiting for 4G for another 2 years.

  • 1pm EST Atlanta 4G is working.

  • joe1138

    Almost 11am MST, New Mexico and still no 4G service. 🙁

  • Stewie

    BS about the 3G, so not having anything really is the GN continuing issue here … Making it tough not to want to return it, but perhaps 4.0.3 …

  • Haven Greene

    Los Angeles:  crappy signal from 9pm-7am.  Full bars on 4gLTE now.  YAY!

  • Dang, My first 4G outage and I slept through it

    • Jared Kirk

      Don’t worry I’m sure you’ll be awake for the next one 😛

  • Rlbjunkmail

    In NJ (07081) and no 4g. In fact I just went to the VZW store at lunch to get my GNex and I can’t activate it.

  • Anonymous

    4 g working in Detroit area now 1:am est Thunderbolt

    • Anonymous

      Make that 1:pm est Detroit 4 G is working

  • Haproot

    12am I had no 3g until this morning. 

  • Anonymous

    Northern Delaware/ Philadelphia still out. 3G working fine though.

  • Anonymous

    I was out of both 4G and 3G at 2AM PST in northern CA …

    *edit* – Guess both are still down now at 9:50AM …

    • Flyinion

      On my Galaxy Nexus I noticed the same thing in Sac around 9:15.  I toggled airplane mode off/on and it fixed it.

      • Anonymous

        You are right, both 4G and 3G were up actually. I made the mistake on my G-Nex having my WiFi on, so I didn’t see the 3G or 4G next to my signal bars…

      • Anonymous

        WTH, are we down again, man? lol. Both networks…

        • Flyinion

          Yeah it looks like after I posted that they had gone down again.  First 3G and 4G was right behind it.  Looks like it’s back up again though.

  • Anonymous

    still 3g only in houston, come on verizon we are the 4th largest city in the US here.

  • Vincent Chu

    Redmond, WA still out…

  • Jared Kirk

    In Las Vegas… had 4G until about an hour ago when I lost all data and my phone started automatically calling the activation number in an attempt to “activate” itself.  After letting it go ahead with that process, I was back on 3G within a few minutes.  Still no 4G service.

  • stephen jester

    out still in Minneapolis..

  • I’m in Duluth, MN. We got our 4G activated on 12/15, it’s now been out for 10 hours. My 3G is spotty too, dropping calls.

  • 3G and 4G working fin in Kansas City

  • deeznutz

    3G only in H-TOWN…

  • tm3

    4G back up in Los Angeles!

    • Anonymous

      Not for me.  Who are you?

  • Todd

    LTE back up in Los Angeles 9:24

  • Anonymous

    Still only on 3g here in Houston..

  • No 4G in south Orange County, CA. 3G on Bionic by forcing CDMA-only mode. 3G has been coming and going all morning.

  • Bionicman

    i got 4G back in ORANGE CA. hopefully it wont go away again hehe