Here is the Changelog for the Mystery DROID Bionic 5.9.901 Update

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Remember the mysterious 5.9.901 update that popped up for the DROID Bionic this morning, confusing everyone? Well, we have the official changelog for it – a massive one at that. Seems odd that we would see such a big update so soon after the phone just received one of similar size, but hey, we love updates. And let’s not forget that the bug list for the Bionic was unbelievably large to begin with, so a second fixer was probably needed.

So what do we have in store? Everything is after the break.  

Application Updates/Improvements

  1. Preload VCast Apps Store
  2. Preload Sling stub application
  3. Preload MOG stub application
  4. VZNavigator preload updated to version
  5. Youtube videos restart after pausing to access Notification Panel
  6. Youtube screen flashes when Back key pressed during video play
  7. Voice call muted while composing a Visual Voiceamail message
  8. Visual Voicemail saves messages to internal memory with UI displaying SD card target
  9. Visual Voicemail delete actions sends delete and save commands to the server

Data Connectivity

  1. Stuck in 3G mode in strong 4G coverage
  2. No 4G data connectivity
  3. No LTE service in LTE only service areas (Hagerstown, MD)
  4. Patch for Alcatel-Lucent LTE infrastructure R9 support
  5. Dual IMSI support
  6. Excessive LTE handover attempts (SIB8 messaging processing)
  7. Improvements in Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspot LTE download performance

Device Operation

  1. OTA update needs to utilize Admin APN
  2. Support for National Plus Code Dialing
  3. Cannot play WAV files
  4. Support for Bluetooth Personal Area Networks (PAN)
  5. Missing SMS alerts while on voice calls
  6. Choppy audio while streaming via to a TV via HDMI
  7. No Bluetooth audio when paired and connected

Stability/Performance Improvements

  1. Black screen lockups
  2. Reduced idle resets
  3. Voice call drops when SMS message is received
  4. Lockups when XT875 is in the multimedia dock
  5. Resets after camera multi-shots are taken
  6. Internal memory file creation dates shown as December 31, 1969
  7. Clock widget time does not match Notification Panel time

Told you it was big. So more bloatware and a ton of data connectivity fixes.

Cheers ___!



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