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[Deal] Galaxy Nexus Extended Battery is Half Off at VerizonWireless.com, Just $25

It is tough to tell, but the extended battery for the Galaxy Nexus is on the left in that picture. It adds just a slight amount of thickness to the device that is hardly noticeable and will definitely be my daily battery going forward. At 2100mAh, it may not add 4-5 hours of extra battery life or anything wild, but knowing that this is an LTE device, won’t you take any extra juice that you can get?

And what if you could snag it for $25 rather than the full $50? Verizon’s online shop is offering it up for just that. When you click on the link below, you will see it appear as $49.99, but once you add it to your cart and checkout, it should show up as just $24.99. Yeah, you will want to get on this one right away.  


Cheers Jul and KLY412!

  • Anonymous


  • Caleb Stoll

    I’m signed out and can’t add it to my cart. How do you add it to your cart. Tried IE and Firefox.

    • Caleb

      It says 2 yr agreement required and mine is back ordered on lets talk.

  • Vincent Rissolo

    I bought mine at the store and also got it for 50% off. I was told that all 4G batteries were 50%. Great gift!

  • Anonymous

    $26.61 with tax. You also get a cover. The battery will still work with the stock cover. Use the stock cover to make it work better with the Otterbox case.

  • Anonymous

    do you have to have the phone registered to your account to order this? I haven’t received mine yet and I don’t see a way to add to my cart (unless it doesn’t like the chrome browser)

  • Anonymous

    ALSO….the Standard Battery shows up as only $19.99, instead of the regular $39.99! Good for anyone not interested in the extra weight/hump, however minuscule, or those looking to save a few bucks, however few!

  • Roderick Cross

    All 4g batteries are half price at corp stores too, just ask.

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  • Fitnessguy

    Ordered mine yesterday… you dont have to log in. When you add it to cart it will say 24.99 then add tax.

  • G-NEXster

    Yep, the trick is to not be logged in to your account. Just got it now!

  • Anonymous


  • ORIGINAL SAMSUNG BATTERY AND CRADLE $35 @ MOBILECITYONLINE… 2100 is nice but 1850 is ok especially charging cradle so you can charge the other battery while using the phone.

  • Anonymous

    I just got it!

  • Anonymous

    Up to $37.49 now.. 

    • nope you have to log out of ur account and then log back in during check out… i did it and got it for 24.99

      • Thanks just got it !!! you have to log out of your account.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the Ottobox will fit with the extended battery.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it will. 

  • Why does it say £24.99? Since when does Verizon use Euros..

  • to get the $25 I had to sign out of my account.  I get a corporate discount already and I guess they can’t be combined.  $25 was way cheaper

  • Hep

    I just ordered mine!  It showed up as $24.99, so I called customer service to just add it to my bill.  They said with my discount, it’ll be $37.99.  She didn’t know why it was showing up as $24.99 on the site.  So I just went ahead and ordered from the site!  Nice find, thanks!

  • dont even have the phone yet and i just ordered one of these. Figure i’ll use this as primary and keep the stock one in my car or something incase it dies. Cant go wrong with two batteries.

  • Just got one, it went right through @ $24.99 + tax with no tricks needed.

  • Guest

    Verizon stores are selling them for $25 as well.  I just got mine for $25 in Portsmouth, NH

  • Anonymous


  • Hoopstarrr

    Has anyone tried this with the Otterbox? Does it fit? Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it fits with the commuter series case.

  • QtDL

    At 13 hrs, 16 min. I have 55% of power left on my std battery w/ light to med usage all day (email, text, web, no streaming movies or fancy games). Would that be considered good or bad?

    • Anonymous

      Switch to CDMA only and you’ll get more bars and battery life.

  • spickle


  • Yoderz

    I was having the same issue as many others with trying to order it through verizon wireless. It would say $24.99 when I added it to my cart, but revert back to $49.99 at checkout. I talked with a sales rep on the site and told her what was going on. Her response to the problem was, “some of that price is the sales tax.” An extra $25 in sales tax? What an idiot. Anyway, I kept refreshing the page and re-entering the order until it finally gave me the $24.99 price at the “submit order” page.

  • Snapshooter07

    also 24.99 in store!

    • ntrddragn

      good to know.:D

      • Castagnino

        were you tempted to ask if they take Google Wallet when you checked out in the store? I almost want to go do it since I have it all set up now.

  • Aaron

    after refreshing the car a few times it showed up as 24.99.  On final checkout it showed up as 49.99 again.   
    I called 800 922 0204 and spoke to someone.  I told them i was looking at it in my cart for 24.99 and I could send a screen shot if need be.  They honored the 24.99 price over the phone. yay! 

  • No thanks, I’ll take a 2nd battery and standalone charger (both ordered last night) for $35. Nothing beats having a full spare to swap in when the current unit’s dry.

    • Gary Pasler

      Where did you find the standalone charger?   Is it Samsung OEM?


      • QtDL

        Perhaps this….

        I have a 20% corp disc but it wasn’t working at checkout for some reason so I am going to try and order it in the store. The online chat reps are totally clueless about the 4G battery promo  – 50% off. Not a glitch as stated by another online rep. 🙂

        • Gary Pasler

          Just tell them in the store of the promo.   The even did a price adjustment on the Extended Battery I bought yesterday.   This thing eats power; we need even BIGGER batteries!

  • Anonymous

    From verizon live chat:

    Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.
    You are now chatting with ‘Deandrea’

    Deandrea: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service.  May I help you with your order today?

    Deandrea: Is there anything I can assist you with,today?

    You: Hi, I just
    tried to purchase SAMI515BATX and at first it told me it was 24.99 but
    when I got to the last step it said it was 49.99

    Deandrea: I’d be happy to assist you.

    Deandrea: What phone are you ordering for?

    You: Galaxy Nexus

    Deandrea: Hi, I’m just checking in, how is everything going?

    You: fine, love the new phone

    Deandrea: I will be with you shortly.

    Deandrea: Yes,the $49.99 is the price the accessory.

    You: oh ok.

  • Had to try 3 times but got it to work

  • Csnyder53

    After having issues getting the 24.99 price, I did as other users have commented and hit update cart several times and the price eventually changed and stayed that way through adding my payment info.  Thanks droid-life.com

  • Anonymous

    No, this is some kind of mistake. I just tried it and it tried to charge me the 49.99 but when I pressed back on my browser it said it was 24.99. However, when I finally got to the last step it said the total was 54.11

    • Anonymous

      ok, I tried the “update cart” thingy and it worked. Got it for 24.99

      • Psuturtle

        Are you able to update the cart at the final page?  or are you just re-entering your info each time until it works?

        • Psuturtle

          Nevermind…got it to work.
          When it shows up at full price on the final confirmation page, click the verizon logo at the top to go back to the homepage, then click your cart again.  This time it went through at the right price on the final confirmation page.

  • Jtoone7773

    does the extended battery add any thickness at all? I just want to know if my otter box case will still fit.

  • Gary Ritzmann

    Just ordered my extended battery, $24.99 plus $2 NYS Tax.

  • Clicked update couple times went to $25, added cc info then final cart $50. WTF? Called VZW and the girls says it’s $50 and wont sell it to me at their advertised price on web site. Told her serious legal trouble would be nocking on her door. Transferred me to supervisor.
    Went over to didd browser and successfully purchased at $25. VZW – get your $hit together.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, I had to do this over and over again before it finally worked. It kept giving me the $49.99 and then I finally saw Jared Kirk’s comment below. When it is in your cart, *even if it says $49.99*, press update cart. Keep pressing it until it says $24.99. I did this and then put in all my info and when it got to the final page it said $49.99 again. So *without removing the item* I clicked the Verizon button in the top left to take me back to the main homepage, then clicked cart, and it took me back to my cart. I did it again (“update cart”) until it said $24.99. This time it took me all the way through and I purchased the extended battery for $26.93 total. Just keep trying and pressing update cart until it takes the discounted price all the way through to the final review page!

    Good luck! 😀

    • Thanks — this did it for me… took several attempts.

  • Manager I spoke with in-store confirmed that battery/charging accessories are on sale until the end of the month. Includes, extended battery, extra battery w/ charger, and even the Motorola portable power pack.

    • Anonymous

      bought the power pack and it’s pretty cool.

  • Kellydehn

    no deal for me.  chatted with a sales rep.  said it was not on sale.  49.99.

  • ntrddragn

    this is definitely stupid! i add to cart the first time it showed $25 and show my 25% off on top. then i browse for other stuff, came back its $50. removed from cart, still 50, then i did it again and again and again. now its 25 but without 25% off. whatever, over it. 

  • The deal is no longer valid its $37.49 for each

    • nevermind, i had to order them separately to get the $25 price

  • Anonymous

    It’s really simple, You bought my razor handle, NOW you have to buy my blades!!

  • ya need this cause this baby loves to eat that battery on 4g, and with that big screen

  • does this deal work with discounts from you employer?

  • Jared Kirk

    For those having issues getting it to $24.99, try adding it to your cart and clicking the “Update Cart” button without making any changes.  If that doesn’t work try emptying your cart and trying the same thing again.  Had to do it like 2 or 3 times (after accidentally hitting the back button on the browser and messing things up the first time) before it would show up as $24.99, but I got it eventually and was able to check out.  Paid $27-something with tax

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I can’t get it to $24.99 for me. It takes me all the way to the final pre-order review page still saying $49.99 🙁

  • Jikhead

    Is this market/region specific?  The website doesn’t even list the extended battery for me; both logged in/out. Someone got a link for me?

    • Anonymous

      The link is at the end of the post, just above Cheers Jul…  All it says is Buy.

    • Jikhead

      Found the problem.  Their filters are broken and it doesn’t show up if you filter for “batteries”. You have to use the filter “show all” accessories.

  • How come I have $37.50 in my account???

    • you bought the wrong battery, look at the back cover,the camera hole is in the wrong place

  • Anonymous

    I tried, but after entering payment info, the price went back up 

    • Anonymous

      Weird, the option to bill my account disappeared.  It finally came back and I got it for 24.99.  Whenever I tried paying with card, it was 49.99

  • t9999

    For anyone having the issue with the price jumping back up after entering the CC info: I had the same problem but managed to buy one in store no problem. The associate said that my account had a work discount for the primary line and that was likely causing the issue since he had to manually choose the promotional discount on his screen instead.