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Adobe Flash Player Updated For Ice Cream Sandwich And Galaxy Nexus

What is one way to make your new Samsung Galaxy Nexus better than it already is? How about adding Flash onto it? That’s right, head on over to the Android Market now and you can download the application that was one of the biggest Android selling points as an OS. There was some fear that Flash would never make it onto the new Nexus after Adobe’s closing of it in the past couple weeks, but everyone that got on the Android 4.0 train should be set to go now. Adobe has made good on their promise to provide us with an application that works with ICS and we are going to enjoy it.

Market Link

  • really huh, so it means this phone has huge memory…great!

  • thanks, need this on my Samsung Galaxy Nexus to use the Crackle app. 

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  • love that it’s released the day the phone is released. so happy with my nexus already.

  • Anonymous

    i’m interested to see how smooth it is, can someone make a video?

  • Anonymous


  • Ed

    Doesnt seem to work well for espn/espnradio or hbogo. Working well for everyone ?

  • abc123

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    And the masses rejoice!

  • Anonymous

    Finally! Been waiting weeks for this!

  • Anonymous

    Well that was quick…. couldnt be more impressed with this phone you guys!!!

  • Anon

    Nice.  thanks for the heads up!

  • Anonymous

    First post on D-L from my galaxy nexus. And it feels amazing

  • Maybe this was why they held the phone back?

  • Anonymous

    It works better than any other Flash on any other device. Amazing. Good job Adobe

  • Agroth11

    is anyone else not able to sync contacts with facebook?

    • Anonymous

      Can’t be done on a Nexus. Sucks.

      • Dan

        Actually, some of my contact images have come down?

        • Anonymous

          Oh really? I’ve been trying for two weeks and still no luck! Got any other accounts set to sync with the same images for contacts?

          • Agroth11

            I just found an app, SyncMyPix, that syncs all your images from facebook.. the resolution is a little low but better than nothing

        • Agroth11

          As Jimmy mentioned, I had images from twitter sync no prob.. but it will not let me add a facebook account to sync.. disappointing 

  • Anonymous

    So how long did you say it would take Angelface?

    Ahhhhh BURN

    • Lmrojas

      That guy is just mad he couldn’t wait a month and spent 300$ on a phone he now thinks is inferior. go easy on him, we should all just pity him for trying to justify his purchase by attacking other instead of just being happy with a great phone.

    • Guest1

      yeah i remember that loser saying the nexus would never get flash!  just goes to show you he has absolutely NO CLUE what is going on!  he is such a loser!! i guess his mom couldn’t afford an abortion when she was pregnant with him.  i wish i would have known I would have gladly paid for it so we wouldn’t have had to deal with him.  i don’t know why they won’t ban him they banned j_mcclane for a lot less than what this little trolling prick does but I guess kellex likes him or something.  

  • Urugami

    Good.. I just installed it

  • Anybody having trouble linking their Facebook Acounts to sync?

    • Yep!

      • Is their a fix for it yet?

        • Anonymous

          It won’t be fixed, unless you install a custom ROM. 

    • Michael Forte

      I believe that’s on purpose. Google’s trying to push Google+ ya know.

  • Anonymous

    What should be done first, receive OTA or Unlock Bootloader

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Flash… meh, glad Flash is gonna die. Hello HTML 5.

    Never could figure out how they got away with saying 4.49mb in the Market and yet we al know it is a whopping 12-13mb when installed. Isn’t that false advertising.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another Nexus related article…a bit of overkill don’t you think?

    • Anonymous

      Nah, I say keep em coming, today is “Galaxy Nexus” day after all

      • Anonymous


    • EC8CH

      A phone got released today, but I forgot what it’s name was???


      • White Droid Razr is the one you’re looking for haha.

        • EC8CH

          it’s funny… I completely forgot about that when I wrote that comment.

          to me that’s hilarious!

  • Vaglvr

    hell yes, now i can transfer over those “other” bookmarks. hahahahaha.

  • VerizonHater

    DLed onto my new Gnex.  What a great day…  adobe and Gnex all within 12 hrs of each other.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t forget Netflix was updated to support ICS devices today as well.

  • Finally I can watch porn on the ginormous 4.65″ screen!!!!!!

  • Porn for all.

  • Wow, that was quick!

    Now we don’t have to wait to watch porn on our 4.65″ screens.

  • Nice!