Adobe Lightroom on Mobile Now Supports Generative Remove

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Adobe is shipping out a Firefly-powered Generative Remove feature to Lightroom on all platforms, including mobile. This is welcomed news for both iOS and Android users.

Similar to what we see from other apps like Google Photos, Adobe’s product allows users to remove unwanted objects and people from photos as if they were never there to begin with. Adobe describes, “the power to remove unwanted objects from any photo non-destructively in a single click by intelligently matching the removed area with pixel perfect generations for high-quality, realistic and stunning results.”

In addition to Generative Remove, the Lens Blur tool has also received some love with all-new presets for users to play with. If your smartphone doesn’t have a decent Portrait mode, Lightroom can now help you out, again all with “one click.”

This update is rolling out across all Lightroom apps now, so go play with it and let us know what you think. Is it better than Google Photos? Maybe we’ll have to do some testing.

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