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Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Receives The Galaxy Nexus Before You

Apple co-founder Steve ‘The Woz’ Wozniak stopped by the Googleplex and walked away with a Galaxy Nexus and an Ice Cream Sandwich t-shirt. Yes the man who founded Apple with Steve Jobs is currently playing with a brand spanking new Galaxy Nexus – I will let you take that in for a moment.

Ironically, Woz usually waits until release day for the newest iPhone device and tends to Segway to the front of the line. However, he is receiving a device many people want, even before it is officially announced (stateside at least). This says a lot about Android and Ice Cream Sandwich, only furthering our anticipation for the actual release of the Galaxy Nexus. Lastly I am left wondering how Steve Jobs would have felt about this? Try to keep it classy and sound off in the comments below.

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  • Anonymous

    The Woz is awesome, Steve Jobs was the jerk and he’s dead. I’m glad to see he’s getting it. Its nice that he’s open to Android.

  • Jon

    Wozniak really whored himself out to ICS ! Love it! 

  • iNate

    To be sound rude or disrespectful, but I’m pretty sure Jobs would have fired Woz if he saw this. 

    • iNate

      *I don’t mean to sound rude or disrespectful . . . 

  • Angelface77

    This device will fail, we can see all the delays already.

    • Guest


  • Anonymous

    the woz doesnt have that killer metality that steve jobs had…he was on dancing with the stars for crying out loud…he’s always been the celebrity of the two while jobs was the businessman

  • While he does usually wait, as was said, i cant really comment on the getting it early. But woz has always been seen with the latest phones, including android phones. He is a lover of tech not brands. There was a bit of a “zomg” a while back when he was misquoted about saying some android phone was his main phone ( forget the actual phone) when what he really said was something along the lines he was just currently testing out the phone a lot. Not that it was his main phone. That honor was still the iphone ( at the time at least, sure it is still the same though).

  • This made me happy. I hope he enjoys it! 🙂

  • Davros
  • whoster69

    Why would this bother Android fans?  I think it is great.

    Now apple fanboys, that might be a different story LOL!

  • I call bs… you returned your HTC Rezound for the Galaxy Nexus? WHy would you even have bought it in the first place when clearly you knew the differences. So a apple cofounder took a freebie to play with and that swayed you?

  • Android5.0:D

    more than half ares till virgins…just saying o_O 

  • Anonymous

    After seeing this I returned my Rezound and ate the $35 restocking fee. If it’s good enough for a top tier Apple fanboy it’s good enough for me. Go Nexus!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    To see this actually brings a warm feeling inside towards apple (for a split second) and let me tell you, NO ONE hates them more than I do.  I hate them because they put down/criticize ANDROID.  Every time they announce a new apple phone they have a glamour show and put down apple’s competitors.  Well, good to see that WOZ appreciates a phone like the Nexus – I can’t wait to get my hands on mine! Cheers

    • Anonymous

      Im with you bro

  • Anonymous

    They don’t have to give me a Galaxy Nexus before the Woz, but I’d at least appreciate a US release date!

  • Billy Jenkins

    What does this have to do with that Motoactv watch? Don’t post anything on Droid-life.com unless its about that motoactv watch.

  • Anonymous

    What are the odds Verizon will never again be offered exclusivity for a nexus device?

  • Steve screwed Woz over back in the day, I don’t think anyone would care.

  • Frankskiy65

    It’s the woz he is the man bro!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Wtf is someone eating a google Ice cram sandwich? Now that’s just dirty . I want one! ! !

  • Anonymous

    Props to the wizard of woz. He’s so cool they gave him a gnex!

  • Nils

    Woz he thinking anyone would mind? I wozn’t. He is da man, good on ya sir

  • Anonymous

    He is a big fan of open and benefiting the community, regardless of brand. He can have 20 if he wants and I wouldn’t mind. He would just give them out anyway.

  • i hate apple, but The Woz is still awesome! But now i hate him for getting a GNex early!…..i cant stay mad at The Woz!

  • Anonymous


  • Superglen99

    We are the 99%…..that aren’t getting the Galaxy Nexus 🙁

  • Robert

    I think Woz is a pretty cool guy. eh prank calls the vatican and doesn’t afraid of anything.


  • Sp4rxx

    I wonder if his name badge says “The Woz” lol

  • ChrisI

    Maybe this signifies a joint movement of combining Apple and Google!!!! The next phone will be Apple A La Mode (Apple + Ice Cream Sandwich) :). The phone will keep Apple’s standards of sheepish ignorant consumers but now with the freedom and openness of Android software. Sounds like a match made in heaven. I’d buy TWO!!!

  • Anonymous

    meanwhile steve jobs cries in his grave.

  • Anonymous

    Hey what ever happened to that troll commenter named Waz that lurked around here a while ago. 

  • Anonymous

    I wanna poke his cheek!

  • Anonymous

    Do we need any more proof that this phone is really THAT good?

    Woz or no Woz, Im about to jump his ass for that phone… I’ll be like,  Wozzzzup!!

  • Anonymous

    Is that Steve? the 6th person on the left

  • nxusnoaw

    they should make a Woz edition of the Nexus

  • Anonymous

    More evidence pointing to a monday release. 

  • Things like this probably led to Steve Jobs’s early death. LOL

  • webby

    The Woz dude don’t miss a meal, do he?

  • How ironic.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hmm.. quite the kick in the nuts this is. Well done Verizon.

  • Woz’ Galaxy Nexus should be a lesson to you, not a reason to gloat.

    He likes good technology.  He obviously thinks that it comes from Apple most of the time, but he doesn’t care where it comes from.  A lot of us here could stand to learn that attitude.  Instead of simply shunning iOS because you want to maintain your Apple stereotypes, use it, learn it, and appreciate what it does right even if you’re happy staying on Android.

  • Nicholas Kent

    Obviously the Googleplex has a stock of them, but they refuse to share with the rest of us. I vote we Occupy Google.

  • Anonymous

    I think Android ended up being more of what Woz envisioned, it definitely wasn’t the lock box that Steve Jobs ended up creating.

  • Anonymous

    with Google music and now this steve jobs probably just rolled over in his grave

  • The only thing upsetting about this is I can’t have one yet. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    He wanted an actual real phone upgrade. 

  • Anonymous

    II wouldn’t read too much into it. Woz loves gadgets (and attention) and who would turn down a free G-Nex ahead of the curve?

  • Haproot

    SON OF A….   lol

  • Anonymous

    He always carries Android phones, this is nothing new. He’s a fan of tech in general, have you guys seen his watch?