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Adobe Stops Development of Flash for Mobile Browsers, And It’s Official

Just what you wanted, bad news to start your Wednesday, right? It’s official, my friends. Last night, rumors swirled about, claiming that Adobe was going to ax Flash for mobile browsers and within the last hour, they made that official. Their goal is to continue to push out security fixes for the current build that is available, but will no longer develop Flash to work with new device configurations. Pretty disappointing news. So, it’s not going away for good, it just won’t be developed further.

Our future work with Flash on mobile devices will be focused on enabling Flash developers to package native apps with Adobe AIR for all the major app stores.  We will no longer continue to develop Flash Player in the browser to work with new mobile device configurations (chipset, browser, OS version, etc.) following the upcoming release of Flash Player 11.1 for Android and BlackBerry PlayBook.  We will of course continue to provide critical bug fixes and security updates for existing device configurations.  We will also allow our source code licensees to continue working on and release their own implementations.

Personally, I like having the full web experience (in an on-demand state of course). I like watching embedded video and not having to launch a separate video player. Overall, I actually like Flash. While I’ll admit that Flash has performance issues that are evident on just about any platform, I still don’t want to see it go from mobile devices.

I’m sort of at a loss for words here – just tell me your thoughts? Will this affect you at all? Were you a big Flash user on your mobile device?

Via:  Adobe

Cheers to everyone who spotted this last night!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Flash sites suck. Period. The only for Flash is games and videos. And, as I non gamer, I don’t care all that much. So, I will loose ads and lame Flash sites… not all that concerned.

  • Crash_davis

    how is this a win for jobs?  we’ve had flash running on android for over a year.  and mobile flash isn’t going away in the short term.  adobe is simply not updating it.  we dont have to worry about not being to use flash on our android phones for at least another year.  so in that time, we’ll have had flash for 2 years, that’s 2 years more than ios.

  • Daniel Rowen

    I agree with you, it’s nice that flash-enabled sites WORK on my phone, especially when that’s the only option, or a restaurant that has an entirely flash site and so that’s the only way to view a menu on my phone at that moment.  Having the option is fantastic and I hope Flash 11 will last long enough that this won’t end up hurting support on our phones in the future.

  • foreWard

    if this messes up my watchESPN stuff I am going to be PISSED.

  • Ray

    i rarely ever use it besides mobile porn

  • I wonder if this has something to do with the rumor that Chrome will soon be available for Android. Adobe did say that licensees will still be able to develop their own versions of Flash, and Chrome definitely uses its own version. (I won’t go on to say if that’s a good or bad thing, but it’s just an idea.)

  • Joshua Dudash

    I dont know about you guys, but I used flash on my OG Droid and Xoom everyday. (and not just for porn, but yeah, it certainly helps) Hopefully this is the first step to something better.

  • Dominick7

    Im a big flash user. This seriously blows.. caving to Steve Jobs is just as bad.. hopefully the transition to html5 will be quick painless and smooth. This really blows..

  • i feel like crying…. my next phone will be iphone 5

  • Anonymous

    Disappointing. Especially considering the huge boosts in performance they were proclaiming not more than a month back. Turning their backs on the ever expanding mobile market is counter-intuitive, to say the least.

  • i feel like crying

  • Jake

    Oh, man. Steve Jobs’ absence removed one of my barriers to using Apple products (just to be clear, I’m not glad that he’s dead, I just told myself that as long as he was in charge of Apple I wouldn’t use their products). Now this news comes. Flash is one of, if not, THE biggest reason I’ve had for sticking with Android. I have been building up a whole system of Android products. I bought a Logitech Revue when it dropped to $99 and have been checking each morning this week to see if the Honeycome update is ready. Just as I was reading this article my assistant brought me the FedEx box package containing Toshiba Thrive tablet that I ordered last week. My wife and I both have been holding onto our upgrades with Verizon waiting for the Galaxy Nexus.

    What do I do now? Holy crap.

    • You remember from here on out that you don’t need to depend on a proprietary plugin for what’s supposed to be a universal web, and that an OS choice doesn’t have to be an ideological war.  Be open to what works best in practice, not just theory.

      • Jake

        You’re right, but just to be clear, my choice in OS, or more specifically, my choice to avoid iOS was because I didn’t want to support the company run by a man who directly insults a customer, saying to hold his phone differently. It’s no different than when I chose to no longer visit a particular restaurant because the manager was rude to patrons. When the restaurant got a new manager I was open to giving it another chance. The same is true with Apple. I’m now open to giving it another chance.

  • Anonymous

    There are some sites that need flashplayer to run and format properly .. a year from now flashplayer 12 on PC will be available and before you know it your mobile browser will not support it!

  • Rob Becker

    I can see this from their perspective. Developing for so many different hardware scenarios sucks. Especially for something that you give away for free.  

  • Flash on mobile browsers is garbage anyways.


    Thank god–Flash can’t die soon enough.

  • Rob Becker

    Now to just get thousands (millions?) of websites to update their pages to use HTML5 video…

  • Dominick DeVito

    Does this include Adobe Air or just Player?

  • OG Droid

    I’m mad bro!!

  • hmm, makes me wonder if Steve had decided to integrate it into apple products if adobe would of continued to support mobile development.  that would of made for a TON more devices to have their name out on…

    not that in the end it really matters.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not like Flash is going away in quickly, it’ll be a while.  Even though Jobs was right in the long run, iPhone not supporting in in the short term is what helped Android differentiate itself while climbing to the top of market share.

  • GotSka81

    I usually kept flash purposely uninstalled because of all the flash ads on the web.  More often than not I was massively slowed down on my OG because of flash ads hijacking all my resources.  Very rarely do I hit a site with flash on the page that is actually useable.   I’m sure part of that is my old fogie OG.

  • Looks like the crooks at Apple won. Now lets get HTML5 up to flash video standards, right now it is very rough.

    • Themiddleman07


  •  now its a great time for someone to step up, take over, and come up with a better product. but really thou i mean BETTER !!!

  • Anonymous

    how will we watch porn on our new devices?

  • I like having the option to install flash for when its needed. But honestly, I haven’t had flash on my phone for months now. Most of the time, it just sucks up resources while providing a choppy, battery draining experience.

    Don’t get me wrong though. I’m glad we at least have the option to install it.

  • jm

    I thought this would be related to future development of HTML 5…but they don’t mention it in the press release.  Atleast Jobs is dead and we dont have to hear I told you so.

  • Anonymous

    i like having it on demand as well.  they’re a bunch of pussies.

  • Anonymous

    Very Dad. adobe pushing AIR which is good but doesn’t help wen. Also, doesn’t air add a ton to a size as it is in every aPP versus referenced like flash?

  • lespaulio

    This sucks. I love Flash on my Bionic. Maybe Steve Jobs was actually right all these years?

    • Anonymous

      MAYBE he was right???? Lol!

  • Jay Allen

    gah, Steve Jobs you won this round….

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see web devs use this as a good reason to convert from Flash to HTML5

  • Anonymous

    I call shenanigans!

    • Anonymous

      “I swear to God I’m going to pistol whip the next guy who says, shenanigans.”

  • i’m not a big flash user on mobile, but it is definitely a time saver for some content.  and as mentioned before hopefully ICS will be supported before the axe drops.

  • Jak_341

    Have to give credit where credit is due. Steve Jobs said Flash was dying and chose not to support it. And here we are today; Flash is no longer being support on mobile.

    • Anonymous

      Must be dying because they just turned their backs on a huge and ever increasing market.

      • Lgreg64

        and with new and faster phones coming they still have decided there is no future

    • I’d argue Flash wouldn’ have died (or nearly this early on) on mobile devices had Apple supported it. Although I wouldn’t have supported it if I was in charge of Apple, since it runs like crap on Mobile devices >.>

      • Anonymous

        It depends on the resources you have available.  You may have too many apps updating and running constantly, or some may be poorly coded.  Also, you are likely low on system space.  Move some apps to SD and use something like 1Tap Cleaner to clear cache files.  The more space being taken up, the slower your device will be while running things.  My OG Droid even handles Flash well.

        • Rizzidy

          Shouldn’t have to do any of that.  The average user won’t do any of that.  Hence, the death of Flash.

          • Brand new, out of box, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 did not run flash ‘well’. This was pre-touchwiz too. Now I’m not saying it wasn’t serviceable, I just wouldn’t say it runs all that well. I shouldn’t have to do anything, even switch it into on-demand mode. It derails from the user experience.

          • Anonymous

            If you want more control and customization over your products, it isn’t out of reason to consider simple maintenance as a necessity.  This is from another post I previously made on this issue:  “iPhone is for those that want their product to magically work without thought, but at the sacrifice of functionality.  You can liken the differences between platforms to transportation.  The iPhone is like a bus or train.  It is maintained by an unknown source and takes you to specific places at specific times.  Android is like owning a car, on occasion you have to change the oil and rotate the tires, but you can go more places and on your own schedule.  Google  needs to do a better job and teaching the benefits and proper usage of our devices.  Just like a car, it isn’t hard to do some basic things each week to keep it snappy.  There are a ton of apps out there that automate this with a tap or two (like a mechanic for your phone).”

    • Anonymous

      I don’t really think flash is dying, but if you take a look from Adobe’s stand point it makes sense to stop developing for the mobile platform. Browsers for mobile devices are getting to be almost identical to PC/Mac browsers, and with how fast hardware is advancing, there will be no difference between browsers that run on your computer, and the ones on your mobile devices. IMO it seems like they are just gonna wait for that to happen.

      • Anonymous

        Good point

      • Clona

        Does this mean that we will be able to experience Flash content in both spaces (if it continues to be supported on “regular” browsers?)

    • Anon

      I think you might be mixing up cause and effect.  Losing 1/3 (or whatever iPhone has) of the mobile computing audience might have been enough for Adobe to abandon mobile Flash.

      Having said that, the Flash experience on mobile devices is barely passable.  Adobe’s inability to optimize Flash to work well on pretty much any platform makes them look incompetent. 

      • Billyrouth2000

        Flash works great on my droidx2

      • Anonymous

        flash works fine on my DX.. double tap the flash object and I get no stuttering, my OG was the same as well.. the main issue I find are people viewing flash objects with the entire webpage being rendered (don’t know how they would be able to view the flash object being that small) or navigating flash objects that were designed for a mouse… picture slideshows, flash based navigation bars, etc all work flawless even on older devices

        I suspect the isheep are going to bring this up in any conversation disregarding the fact that this doesn’t mean android no longer has flash, but rather they are not creating newer versions of it.. we will always have the option of flash unlike iOS users

    • Anonymous

      Apple represents the majority of mobile web browsing, so when the majority doesn’t utilize your product it’s kind of time to go in another direction.  Steve Jobs killed mobiles flash, but Adobe kind of deserved it for pissing in Apple’s Cheerios first.

      • Billyrouth2000

        More people use android than ios so dont know what you’re talking about

        • Anonymous

          This is what he’s talking about fandroid:



          • Anonymous

            That was the exact article I was about to link to.  Gracias Amigo

          • Anonymous

            De nada amigo!

          • Anonymous

            android must be doing well for isheep to post on a blog called droid life

          • Anonymous

            Uh, the SOURCE of the data is NOT Macrumors……nice try

          • Anonymous

            The day I argued with isheep on a blog called droid life was the day android officially won… I remember the days on engadget with apple fanboys saying they wouldn’t give android fans the light of day because it was a fad.. now they are coming on our blobs posting linkstalking on our blogs talking about how much browser market share iOS has lol .. LOVE IT

          • Anonymous

            *notices how the fandroid conveniently sidesteps the issue*

          • Anonymous

            Like a boss

          • Rizzidy

            Learn to use “touche.”  

    • Mah1318

      steve peaced out before flash though…

  • Droid4lyfe

    Steve Jobs 1
    Adobe 0

    • Anonymous

      Flash outlived Jobs, fyi. 😀

      • Ryan Perry

        Too soon, lol.

      • Adam Beattie

        Lich king Jobs wants your Adobes.

  • Sooooo Steve Jobs just flicked off the Android faithful and our “haha Flash > HTML5” rants from beyond the grave. Sh1t.

    • Anonymous

      Seems a lot of people don’t realize that this isn’t going to happen today, a switch wasn’t flipped, no more development, flash is still here and still in wide use, and believe it or not, it will be there tomorrow, and next week and next month , and in the year 2012 and iPhones still can’t play flash, that isn’t gong to change

      • Jkzin11

        pretty much this. iphone deciding to not run flash is still gonna afffect them for some time. Nothing lasts. Waiting for something to go obsolete (which it hasnt yet) then claiming someone was right is dumb. iphone will still suffer that broken page crap for some time.

        I mean it was 2 years ago when jobs said flash doesnt matter since html5 is gonna take over anyway. I see nothing has barely changed at all yet. Keep waiting and enjoy yourselves. If you have patience like that dont buy new phones while you’re at it as well.

  • Anonymous

    so what happens now will like ICS still be able to launch videos on the web ?

    i like android and all but Flash was one if not the main reason i kinda jumped over 
    hhhmmm isnt html5 video player buggy too ???

    • Anonymous

      Same here.  I guess my next phone will be that Windows Phone device I was looking at but ruled out because it didn’t support Flash. 

    • You’re still going to be able to download Flash 11.1 from the Market.  It’s only further development that’s being canned.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they are just looking to be paid for their efforts and using this as a threat.

  • Mithedhel11

    And as the lamb opened the seventh seal silence hovered the sky…

  • i wasn’t a huge user of flash on the mobile side. i prefer to you use the youtube app.

    • Anonymous

      and get sorry not available on mobile …the you tube app is horrible its as bad as the facebook app 

  • This isn’t that bad.  We’ll still have Flash 11.1, so it’ll still be available and it’s not like we won’t be able to view Flash content at all.  Also, they’re focusing further on HTML5 which is frankly better for everyone.

    • Jake

      Their further focus on HTML5 is selling web developers server-side software costing tens of thousands of dollars to convert flash to HTML5-compatible on-the-fly. It’s questionable whether people will pay for that software or just make the content HTML5-compatible to begin with.

  • Morenoc12

    II hate it just hope it will still work on ICS

    • Morenoc12

      Hate the news that is……..

  • what’s really left to differentiate Android from iOS now?  I’m talking core functionality here, not things like widgets and customization.

    • We’ll still have Flash 11.1 available in the Market.  Apple won’t have anything at all.

    • Anonymous

      What do you want?  They are both phones, look about the same “except the iPhone is tiny and only on 3g”. 

      P.S. Customization is a big deal.

      • I don’t mean to say that customization isn’t a big deal, because it is.  It’s one of the things I love about Android.  But Flash is one of the core functions that really set Android apart from iOS.

        • Anonymous

          A hell of a lot more than just flash sets android apart from ios.

    • Customization is a pretty big deal though. 😛

    • John Mozelewski

      customization is the biggest thing about android

  • Does this mean I won’t have the full web experience on my new ICS tablet? If so that is bull shit.

    • You’ll have a full web experience, because you’ll have HTML5.  The experience Adobe wanted wasn’t the “real” web, it was just a web where more developers were paying hundreds of dollars a pop for Flash development tools.  Now they’re not forced to support a proprietary plugin for one platform.

    • You’ll still be able to get Flash 11.1 from the market.  It’s just that no further updates or development will be released for it outside of bug and security fixes.

  • Anonymous

    I liked flash because I could throw it in face of Apple Fanbois. Android doesn’t need that leg to stand on anymore so no problem. 

  • Anonymous

    Windows 8 not supporting 3rd party plugins in Metro mode probably was the final straw.

  • Here’s hoping for mobile HTML5

    • This is a must now! Plus HTML5 is better than flash anyways in my opinion. Much faster.

      • Anonymous

        is it a kid at my work said its not as fast or on par but idk sinces i dont keep up with all that 

        • Glen E Ston


          • Anonymous

            If it’s faster?

          • Rizzidy

            English please.

      • shdowman

        HTML5 is a completely different animal. Not better, different. If you think the web is going to stop using Flash, you are sorely mistaken.

      • Anonymous

        html5 blows on mobile, eats more resources than flash.. PC = win though

      • Anonymous

        HTML5 is a joke; it’s capabilities are not even in the same league as flash and its performance improvement is marginal at best.

    • I hear another mobile OS company’s been focusing its attention on that for a long time…

  • MFG

    At least they’re still releasing Flash 11.1. Isn’t that the one that is supposed to bring”1000x” better performance?

  • Anonymous

    This is disappointing, but it isn’t going to disappear until developers move their sites away from it.