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Monday Poll: Now That All Three Have Been Announced – Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, or RAZR?

A number of readers have been asking, so we decided to do it one last time. With all three of Verizon’s mega-phones receiving official announcements, it’s time to do the poll prior to them all hitting store shelves (hopefully they all do). You were all asked back in early October if the Galaxy Nexus was going to be your phone no matter what. Almost 60% of you were willing to say “yes” at that time, prior to it even being announced. Now that the RAZR and Rezound are also on the way – and possibly a couple of weeks before the G-Nex – has your mind changed at all? Tell us which phone will be your next.

Since all three phones are official, which are you choosing: Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, or DROID RAZR?

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  • Dominick7

    The things that bug me about the Nexus is if the phone signal strength isn’t as good or better than Motorolas, I don’t know if my eyes/mind can deal with looking at the led screen (led hdtvs and smartphone leds drive me crazy), no micro as card slot, and possibly crappy camera.

  • Derickmc84

    This is going to be a hard decision.. I love HTC phones and I love that the rezound has a faster CPU than any of them.. But, Galaxy Nexus has ICS!!!!! I’m torn, and I probably will be until the day I purchase either the rezound or the GN..

    • My friend it doesn’t matter whatever the rezound is going to run the nexus will run it better and smoother….already reports of the rezound lagging and battery shit battery life and it being a tank is enough for me to stay away…

  • Ben Murphy

    If you aren’t getting the G-Nex, GTFO!

  • Kaz

    I am torn.. I am leaning toward the nexus, but I really need to feel all these in my hand and see how big is too big (uhm.. that’s what she said!)

  • hatethanet

    The RAZR will be the top seller out of the three simply based on the marketing dollars Verizon is putting behind it. I saw the commercial for it multiple times during the UFC fights on Spike TV and the NFL games on FOX this weekend.

  • Dominick7

    Going for the Galaxy Nexus but if the phone radio isn’t as strong or better than Motorola’s Ill have to go for the Razor.

  • Anonymous

    None of the above. Maybe the international version of the Droid4 since you should be able to unlock the bootloader. Currently using a Nexus S and had my heart set on the GN but missing a true keyboard.

  • Anonymous

    Never buying another Samsung phone again, RAZR here.

  • hatethanet

    I’d really like a Galaxy S II HD LTE, but since Verizon isn’t getting it, I’m going with the Galaxy Nexus.

  • Burk398

    In all honesty I would probably buy the Nexus, but in reality the Motorola is probably built better! just saying..

  • dkbetts

    I was kidding myself thinking that I was still considering the RAZR.  Spent 20 min. with the RAZR this morning at a VZW store and now there is nothing else for me but the Galaxy Nexus.

    RAZR reminded me too much of my DX that I have been trying to FIX ever since I got it.
    Three things: Bloatware, camera that’s maah ok, all locked up.

  • Boris Badenov


    still have an OG
    and hate the idea of laging around a pocket jumbotron, a.k.a. Nexus

  • Anonymous

    I want a Galaxy Note!

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I’m really happy with my Bionic. I got 14 hours of usage on my extended life battery yesterday with heavy usage.  Granted, it has some bugs; but now-a-days, which devices don’t have a bug or two?  I alleviated most of those bugs by installing the leaked OTA’s– runs like a champ now. I have a removable 32gb sd card, interchangeable batteries, a screen that I can see in the bright sunlight, and Motorola hardware which, IMO, is the most solid feeling of any manufacturer. Call me crazy, but I’m really diggin’ the Bionic, and won’t be dropping it for one of the devices listed above. 

  • Anonymous

    I bet even though the GNex is winning this poll, that the Droid RAZR outsells it. VZW really pushes the Droid line. I can’t remember the last time I saw an ad for a Nexus device from the other carriers. We haven’t even seen any leaked commercials for the GNex. Thats what matters most…..sales. Just my $0.02.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree–I bet if this poll were on MSN or other non-tech site for the masses, RAZR would probably win 2:1 based on the name alone.

      • Anonymous

        And that’s why I don’t get my news about phones from MSN. Also the poll isn’t which would sell the best, it is what phone do you want.

  • Mr. English

    Waiting to put my hands on the Galaxy and the Rezound. I love the ppi and it will likely be the reason I use if I get another droid device over the iPhone. If they can match the screen quality, I’m thinking Galaxy because of the OS purity but that Rezound isn’t looking bad either. That is, until the week after they launch when the next cool phone gets announced.

  • Phaeacian

    I was almost certainly going with the Rezound… until I saw this post. Never had an HTC device (OG Droider here!), and the specs are killer. Plus, I thought people actually liked Sense???

    • What does not do it for me on the Rezound is that Adreno GPU. Snapdragon CPUs are great, but GPUs are a different story unless they would have gone with their new generation GPUs, but that is 6 months away.

      • Anonymous

        You do realize that the Adreno 220 outperforms the SGX540(which is in the Razr and G-Nex)?   See here -> http://www.anandtech.com/show/4243/dual-core-snapdragon-gpu-performance-1-5-ghz-msm8660-adreno-220-benchmarks/2

        • Keith

          Actually if you read your own comparison review…

          It doesn’t include a comparsion to a 1.2GHZ omap 4460 in the Nexus,  it shows a 1GZ omap 4430.  They have diff processes and GPU speeds, so it’s not a fair comparison

          • Anonymous

            It might not to a completely fair comparison, however, my assumption at this point is that the extra .2Ghz in the processor isn’t going to help the GPU enough to overcome the difference even with the more advanced CPU.

    • Anonymous

      I love Sense–I’ve heard 10x the number of complaints about Blur as Sense. If the Nexus wasn’t coming out now, I’d buy the Rezound.

  • Drtommart

    I sure hope Verizon does not add bloatware to the Nexus.

    • Rob

      I don’t think they’re allowed to. Nexus devices are supposed to be vanilla Android.

    • They can’t, they won’t. (Sorry reminds me of troublesome trucks in Thomas the Tank Engine)

    • Jake

      I hope Verizon keeps getting a new Nexus device at least every two years. I’m done with UI skins and the slow OS updates that come with them.

  • Anonymous

    I need that sweet, sweet vanilla ICS loving.

  • Richard Ozment

    I selected none of the above, but only because I fell into the Bionic trap. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Bionic…it has it’s issues, but they’re nothing I can’t deal with, especially if it’s getting ICS in the future. I would love to get the GN, but unfortunately I don’t have a money tree in the back yard, so I will not be getting any of the aforementioned phones

  • Matt Harper

    G-Nex FTW! I have the Bionic and decided that I couldn’t take the HORRIBLE batt life any longer and was gonna return it and just wait for the G-Nex. Then I realized that I had it for 32 days (returns only within 30 days). So now I may actually open another line just to buy the G-Nex!

  • tyler cole

    I’m just wonder what we will do after the Galaxy Nexus releases other than drool over it because that’s all that has been talked about for like 3 months.

  • As the votes have shown, the Galaxy Nexus wins this by a long shot. I’ve had an OG Droid since November of 2009 and I’ve been waiting for this beast to arrive. The only downsides for me have to be the GPU and the SD-Card, but I can live with Cloud Storage and a overclocked GPU for now. What has really tipped me over for the Nexus has to the the front of the phone. You can hardly tell where the screen begins or ends on this thing. With no branding of any kind and no captive buttons to see, the phone just looks slick and very futuristic. Enough to say that the screen takes the space of the entire phone. I love it and can’t wait for my upgrade.

  • Sirx

    And all the gadget nerds and starved droiders will look up and say “Give us the Nexus!”.

    And Verizon will whisper, “No.”

  • Prickee

    I was surely going with the rezound personally until I heard and saw the beautiful GNexus.  I don’t understand for the life of my why people complain about bloatware.  Ever phone I’ve ever had had bloatware but did that stop me?  Hellz no root, flash Roms and go.  I’m more about screen size, screen quality, processor speed, and memory internal/storage.  When you stack that up to these 3 phones it’s pretty clear they all got it.  So GNexus has no skin, no bloatware, so it’s my choice for now.

  • Angry, Violent, Brutha

    My brain says “Nexus” but I let my penis make my decisions for me, and it says “$300 dollar ho”.

  • Rob Becker

    I can’t wait to see what happens when people start voting with their wallets and buying only pure Google devices. Unless Verizon makes the Nexus internet only so people can’t see how much better it is in person. Isn’t that the DEFINITION of anti-competitive? 

    • I thinking that Verizon will not offer this in any of their stores. Online only which is really poor on their part. A sell is a sell. You still get a 2 year contract and you make money on that contract. Why would Verizon care whether the phone has it’s branding on it? The iPhone gets away with it, but Android phones can’t? That too me is BS. Money is money whether the phone has branding or not.

      • Rob Becker

        Wait isn’t Verizon “the most open wireless network”? </sarcasm>

        • If only that were so true. I still remember that little stunt they pulled about 2 to 3 weeks ago where they include you into some tracking phone statistical thing. I was like, “What the f’ is this?” And I don’t even get notified about been included into something I probably don’t want? Hell NO!!!

  • Anonymous

    If only our opinions counted and we could have a poll for the release date and Verizon would listen.

  • I think I want to Galaxy Note 🙁  Dunno if it is coming to Verizon though.

  • Anonymous

    My heart says Droid RAZR, but my brain says Galaxy Nexus.

  • I don’t think there is any doubt.  How many times has Moto burned us since the OG???

  • Radgatt

    I want to know who voted for none of the above.

  • Garrett

    20% of voters went full retard before voting.

    • We’re bringing Youtube comments in here now? “u mad bro”s and “first”s weren’t enough?

  • TrojanFan

    Battery life is the outstanding question on all these phones.  I really hope the Galaxy Nexus delivers but if the Razr signifantly beats the Nexus on battery, I will have to seriously consider it.  I’m really tired of having a phone that can’t make it through a day with moderate use on a single charge.

  • yo gaba gaba

    If anyone is considering htc consider this Ive gone threw 5 phones htc eris epic fail, incredible okay phone, htc thunderbolt fail, OG droid great, droid x very good, my experience with htc is 1 take forever to get updates and are first to get denied for more than one or two android updates, 2nd htc has a bad habit of releasing phones with tons of bad bugs and thats a pain in the ass plus if you have any htc phone for more than a year it WILL FAIL you and fall apart its like there’s a ticking time bomb! (i.e. screen becomes unresponsive, freezes, apps not working,weird error signs) its a good phone if your only going to use it for 6 months. the only way to make a htc phone decent is to run a custom rom otherwise you will be miserable.It can be a pain to unlock boot-loaders and plain root on it. on the + they do have a good camera and good style. the rezound looks very good and beats is a plus and specs sound nice. HTC sounds good on paper but is terrible in reality.I think its because htc tries to pack so much in there software that its overloaded and fails in the long run. Go with the razar or galaxy 

  • OOh boy if the rezound was 4.65 I might bite.

  • Anonymous

    How could anyone vote for something with butons. So last month…

    Now if we could only get this thing. Come on Verizon. You’re killing me!!!!!!!!!!

  • PowersUSA

    Nexus with the Rezound coming is a close second. 

  • Mml578

    I just want the nexus to come out so they can start making roms with ICS on them my next upgrade isn’t until July and I don’t think the Droid x is getting ICS ota 

  • Mr ilheis

    Don’t get me wrong I love HTC and Sense but Nexus on VZW is a MUST!!

  • Anonymous

    I understand the need for the manufacturers to differentiate themselves with these skins, but until they find a way to do it that is less intrusive and resource intensive, and more appealing, I have trouble voting for anything that doesn’t run the stock OS.  Android is customizable enough to fit anyone’s taste, but I don’t want the manufacturers making those decisions for me.  Nexus for me.

  • Austin Coile

    I’m confused why the HTC Rezound is getting so much hate it has better stats, better build (assuming HTC sprinkled their majic dust on it), better screen, in my opinion the best OS. The only problem is the battery which will be upgraded to ICS in January, and the thickness but I’m sure HTC will make it feel nice like they always do with their phones.

    • Anonymous

      “Better stats” is questionable. It’s 1.5GHz dual core, but those cores are Qualcomm’s scorpion cores vs. the 1.2GHz Cortex A9 cores in both of the other two. In practice, those 1.5GHz dual core qualcomm chips benchmark about as well as a 1.0GHz cortex A9, so in practice, it’ll likely be slower.

      GPU is just flat out worse than the 300/384MHz SGX540 in the RAZR/G-Nex, respectively.

      Screen is also questionable(vs the G-Nex anyway), depending on whether you prefer SAMOLED or LCD. There’s plusses and minuses on both sides of that question.

  • Anonymous

    If I HAD to pick one of the three, it’d probably be G-Nex, with the Rezound coming in 2nd.  But honestly, unless ICS blows me away, I’m going to take a pass on all three.  I have several beefs with each device:

    G-Nex:  No HDMI out, no microSD slot, no Gorilla Glass, usual Samsung plasticky build and RF performance, weak GPU, battery life may be terrible due to 720p

    RAZR:  Ports up top, launching with GB, Blur, initial reviews claim it’s quite wide, fixed battery (this is the biggie) , “only” a 4.3″ qHD screen

    Rezound:  Only a 4.3″ screen, likely to have awful battery life, no HDMI out, launching with Blur, HTC hardware design and Sense are looking VERY dated by now, SVDO still uncomfirmed

    • Anonymous

      Interesting that you commented on the “weak GPU” for the Galaxy Nexus, despite the fact that both of the other two have *weaker* GPU’s.

      Also, I’d note that both the G-Nex and the Rezound support MHL, so there’s HDMI out.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, benchmarking results show the Adreno 220 beat out the sgx 540(which is in the Razr and G-Nex).  See here -> http://www.anandtech.com/show/4243/dual-core-snapdragon-gpu-performance-1-5-ghz-msm8660-adreno-220-benchmarks/2

      • Anonymous

        Let me reiterate:

        microHDMI is easily available, easy to plug in and works flawlessly on every Moto device I have owned. MHL adapters are few and far between, clunky/bulky, and require external power.  NO advantage going with MHL other than being able to pad the accessory manufacturers’ pockets a bit more.  When I say “no HDMI” I mean “No separate microHDMI port”.   Nearly every SoC out there now has HDMI output capabilties, I’m just criticizing the choice of interface.  MHL is a pointless, bastardized offshoot that I don’t care to support.  There’s a reason Moto has stuck to their vanilla HDMI guns. 

        #1 microHDMI cable plugs into TV & phone. Bingo.
        #2 MHL adapter goes into phone, a separate HDMI cable goes into MHL adapter and then the phone’s AC charger goes into the MHL adapter. Much too much crap to lug around in a travel bag for an impromptu presentation or quick fullscreen game. 

        RAZR’s GPU is sufficient for its screen resolution.   I think the Adreno 220 and the SGX540 both may suffer with 720p gaming but we’ll have to wait for production hardware and behcnmarks. 

    • Born

      FYI.There is no Blur on an HTC device HTCs UI is Sense.

    • Anonymous

      Yes there is definitely HDMI out on the G-Nex.  Look at the specs here.


      Especially “HDMI: Silicon Image MHD SiI9234 transmitter over MHL (same as Infuse 4G and GSII)”

      It uses an HDMI over MicroUSB chip. Also they are using a fortified
      glass and internal memory runs faster than removable… don’t debunk
      things until you got the facts.

  • The Droid Razr is just a bit shy of what Motorola should have offered, people are seeing these new phones with actual “HD” screens and may not see the DR 🙁

    That being said, It truly has me in a bind, between the 3 is quite possibly the best of the best being released all at the same time, and all being on the best network helps also, but if Sprint gets the Nexus again, I’ll more than likely be staying with, but by the time my Nexus S is outdated, the 4th Nexus will be out with 7 cores and capable of PS3++ graphics so here’s to conceding in the race for a while…. 


  • Anonymous

    All this poll tells me is that 80% of the people here have never owned a Android Samsung device before jjk

    • shdowman

      I actually owned the Fascinate since last November and I can tell you that I was ready to completely write them off.

      Since then, I think they have comes to terms with their failures and create some of THE best hardware around (the fascinate was the best hardware at the time, just crappy software). Leave it with a completely unmolested Android OS, and sign my happy a$$ up…

      • Anonymous

        They may be getting a little bit better. But my friends that have the Charge are experiencing the same GPS and radio problems I had on the Fascinate. I don’t think it is just a software issues with Samsung, but a hardware one too.

  • I’ll be getting a Nexus to replace my low on memory but still steady OG Droid, but I’m not going to be like the idiots that spend days in line waiting to be the first to get the device. Who the heck cares if you’re 1st? I’ll patiently wait 3 weeks after the release date for the price to go down at my local Frys and make my purchase there. No lines, no waiting, and the money I saved by waiting can go toward accessories. 🙂

  • Redsilver2

    If I didn’t look at this website … I’d never know the Nexus existed! That is really sad if you ask me… where are the ads for it???? HTC and moto are all over the place with ads

    • are you kidding? every web page i pull up has something about the G-N!!!

      Brought to you courtesy of Google Advertising!

  • I didn’t expect it to be that lopsided… GNex for me. SAMOLED HD screen, stock Android, the best SoC out of the bunch… I can’t find a single reason not to go with it.

    • Anonymous

      Gnex has a hd Pentile screen. The RAZR has the super amoled screen. Is that one reason? Lol

      • Anonymous

        Actually, G-Nex is super amoled. Super Amoled -IS- pentile. The RAZR is “Super Amoled Advanced”, with the “advanced” part having an unknown meaning.

      • We’re not sure if the RAZR is Pentile or not. It’s not SAMOLED+, it’s SAMOLED Advanced. We don’t know what the Advanced means. It could just be pentile, or not. Engadget’s review mentions a green tint to the screen, which would suggest Pentile.

        Plus, at higher pixel density, I don’t think Pentile would be as big a problem.
        Also, notice people didn’t complain about pentile nearly as much on the Galaxy S1. It’s just Moto pentile that seems to cause a problem.

        • Anonymous

          I stand corrected. Will have to wait and see one of each item guess.

          Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

          —–Original message—–

  • Brian Wenger

    The Nexus needs to come to Sprint. It’ll likely be $100 cheaper on Sprint, and have unlimited data (even though it’s slow shitty data).

  • Anonymous