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Monday Poll: Now That All Three Have Been Announced – Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, or RAZR?

A number of readers have been asking, so we decided to do it one last time. With all three of Verizon’s mega-phones receiving official announcements, it’s time to do the poll prior to them all hitting store shelves (hopefully they all do). You were all asked back in early October if the Galaxy Nexus was going to be your phone no matter what. Almost 60% of you were willing to say “yes” at that time, prior to it even being announced. Now that the RAZR and Rezound are also on the way – and possibly a couple of weeks before the G-Nex – has your mind changed at all? Tell us which phone will be your next.

Since all three phones are official, which are you choosing: Galaxy Nexus, Rezound, or DROID RAZR?

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  • Chad

    RAZR for sure. Had preordered it and after playing with one in the store for a bit I’m definitely glad I did

  • Jbunch07

    Looks like razr and rezound are a bust!

  • Caleb Martin

    I was really looking forward to the Nexus on Verizon, but I’m a bit disappointed in the camera. I like the specs on the Rezound, and the Beats Audio is a plus for me, but it doesn’t have ICS. However, my upgrade isn’t until the end of Dec., so I have to wait a bit anyway… if HTC/Verizon is being slow about getting the ICS update out then I may just go with the Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      what’s disappointing about the camera? have you watched the hd video footage shown, and the zero shutter lag?

    • Anonymous

      You plan on printing the photos?  If they are web only and/or prints up to 8×10 you’ll likely not notice the difference.  Especially for viewing on the PC, I run my monitor at 1920 x 1080 and that only equates to 2.1 MP. 

  • smj

    Nexus, but I’m pretty sure (just a hunch) that in 3 months Moto will unveil a refreshed RAZR with no buttons, and I’ll probably go for that.

  • The Rezound and Nexus beat out the RAZR quite easily, but I actually am still debating between the Rezound and the Nexus. As much as I want to get the Nexus, it’s got a pentile screen. The Rezound may have a more standard Super LCD, but it’s not pentile and has a higher DPI. It also has removable storage and faster processor. Once the phone is rooted and sheds the excess bloatware, I’m sure it will perform fantastically, not that it won’t right out of the box either. You could argue that the Nexus will always have the latest and greatest software from Google, and that’s true and a great selling point. I however don’t really care about NFC. I don’t know anyone who knows what it is and has a phone that’s capable of it, and I don’t live anywhere near any cities that I could use Google Wallet in. So in my book, the Rezound wins, but none of them are living up to what they should be.

    • Anonymous

      “and faster processor”

      just to let you know, that’s false. It has a *higher clockrate* processor, but it’s using an old architecture that isn’t as fast as the A9 cores in the RAZR/GNEX

      • Okay, so it has an older processor. While are on the subject, the GPU in the Galaxy Nexus is the same as it was in the Nexus S. It isn’t a bad GPU by any means, certainly better than the one that is in the Thunderbolt, which is supposedly what is also inside the Rezound. If that’s the case then the Nexus wins on that front. Knowing me I want a rezound, but will probably end up on the Galaxy Nexus anyway.

        • Anonymous

          uh no…the Rezound is using an S3 which means adreno 220…the Thunderbolt uses an S2 which means adreno 205. There’s quite a big difference. And if the Razr is running an omap4430 and the Nexus is running 4460 then indeed the Nexus’s only advantage is a somewhat higher GPU clock speed, according to the xda dev forums it’s 384 vs 304…though it’s got 4 times the amount of pixels to push on tat extra 80mhz so I’m not seeing a big advantage for the Nexus in that regard

          • So what has the best GPU Speed of the 3? From what you’ve told me so far the Nexus has a better GPU than the RAZR, but does the Rezound have a better GPU than the Nexus?

          • Anonymous

            Well if you mean clock speed, the S3’s gpu is running at 333mhz *according to wikipedia*
            I don’t know who’s got the best GPU, apparently adreno 220 gets better scores than Power VR SGX 540, when they’re both running at usual clock speeds and resolutions. Cept the Nexus’s is a little faster than some other SGX 540’s, though I think the Optimus 3D has a 4430 with the GPU overclocked also.

            Really I don’t know which has the best GPU, this is just stuff I’ve pulled from forums and wikipedia entries, I’m no programmer or engineer so I’ve got a very limited grasp of what any of it means. I do know there’s more to it than that though.

            I remember a video on youtube from some guy’s channel discussing how much more powerful the GPU in the Ipad2 was than the Geforce in the Tegra II, but the next week he reviewed a game on a Tegra II tablet that was also available for the ipad2, cept it looked better on the Tegra II because it was optimized for it. So uhh yeah, food for thought.

  • BJ P.

    if only HTC changes the processor..

  • Anonymous

    Galaxy Nexus FTW!

  • Ray

    im about to go to my verizon store now and check out the Razr i really like the hardware but i want the nexus for the software i just wish the phone was a Nexus Razr lol

  • jimbob

    I’m waiting for quad-core.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t do it! Three months later, they’ll be shipping octo-core phones and you’ll be sorry. 

  • Jason Purp

    HTC needs to change the look of their phones and do a major overhaul of Sense.

    Motorola is trying pretty hard, but Verizon keeps f*cking things up with the bootloaders. Plus, it’d be nice if the screen was real HD.

    The Galaxy Nexus seems to have everything going for it. It’s just a question of what Verizon will do. Most likely, they will mess things up.

  • Anonymous

    without question the gnex, if i were getting a new phone post-bionic.  i’m still hoping to find $600 or so in my couch cushions between now and the release…

    • Anonymous

      Sell your bionic?

      • Anonymous

        yeah still, you figure that the retail price + tax would probably approach $700ish total to buy the g-nex outright.  i’ve pumped a good $100+ into bionic accessories.  i couldn’t see getting more than $300-$400 for this phone on ebay or craigslist.  which means i’d still be eating $400 or so at least.  sucks.

  • El El Kool J

    I’m ready to get some frostbite holding that delicious Ice Cream Sandwich in my hand….. 😛

  • Anonymous

    The longer they make us wait for the nexus may sway my opinion, the razr looks nice and seems to be getting decent batter life. Come on Google.

  • Anonymous

    The Galaxy Nexus has ICS, isn’t loaded with pointless bloatware, and will receive timely updates from Google. That and it’s the only phone here that actually is bringing something new to the table, namely a considered and unified software/hardware experience.

  • Anonymous

    Seems to me that people are sending a message to the manufacturers – We’re sick of your stupid skins and bloatware and ridiculous wait times for updates.

    • Anonymous

      Assuming the masses purchase in the same pattern as DL users.  Which I hope they do but not holding my breadth.

      • They won’t, average folks buy what is advertised and what salesmen push in the stores.  The RAZR will sell like hotcakes, followed by the Rezound.  Verizon is pushing both these phones hardcore.  The Nexus will be the best of the 3, of course, but will be reserved for nerds who understand why it’s the best.

        • Anonymous

          Agreed.  Unless Google steps in with a massive solo or joint ad campaign its not going to sell well compared to the others.  

        • Anonymous

          Considering it best is all relative.  I can understand that since the Nexus is unlocked and that is has ICS first that it is a developer’s paradise, but the next person might not consider it the best according to their needs.

    • Anonymous

      That’s ridiculous. If they end up creating and supporting wonderful products people will keep giving them money. Last time that happened they had to rent a storage unit so they would have a place to put all the cash.

      It was terrible.

      • Anonymous

        I understand what you’re saying.  Most people aren’t as informed or in tune to the Android world at large as we readers at DL are.  They don’t know that their phones are 2 major versions behind the latest software update.  They don’t know that all phones don’t ship with “VZ Navigator” or “Blockbuster” preinstalled.  They might even USE those apps.
        However, those of us who actually are informed consumers realize the excrement sandwich that a lot of vendors are selling these days – and we don’t like it.

    • Jcola

      And Verizon responds by saying, “If we can’t make you wait for the updates, we’ll just make you wait for the phone.”

  • Anonymous

    If my OG wasn’t on its last leg in September and I didn’t have to buy the Bionic, then I probably would have gotten the Nexus, just because it is Pure Android.  I’m not the biggest fan of Motoblur, but I love Motorola hardware.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Nexus or RAZR… need to hold both and see what I think. Most likely Nexus but the delays help me wait and see what else will get announced? Dinara anyone?

  • On a scale of 0 to 10, here is how each phone stacks up to me (10 being the best)
    Nexus: 10
    RAZR: 5
    Rezound: -1

    • John Guerin

      The Rezound has the best specs of any of these phones(except for the battery) and will be upgraded to ICS in January. HD Screen with 1280X720 Resolution, 1.5 Ghz Dual Core, Beats Audio integration. Maybe it isn’t super thin or coming with an NFC chip, but at least it’s got red accents and better specs…

      • Arodroid

        You are smoking some good stuff if you think HTC will update to ICS in Jan.

      • Anonymous

        With the Nexus Bootloader unlocked and the recent development of the Galaxy SII overclocked to 1.8Ghz I would speculate we may see the Nexus with a kernel clocked somewhere in the neighborhood a few weeks after launch. If you buy a phone for some crap marketed by Dr. Dre that can be accomplished by any DSPManager and colored buttons, than your decision to buy a device is a lot different than most people on this forum as is indicated by the poll results.  But to each their own.

      • Anonymous

        It doesn’t have better specs, it’s CPU is actually worse than the Nexus’. Ghz doesn’t mean nearly as much having a more advanced chip. Not to mention the Nexus’ is underclocked to 1.2, meaning we’ll OC it to 1.5 on day one.

        Beats audio is software, nothing else.

        We’ll see about the ICS update in January, I highly doubt it considering their past updating patterns.

      • Anonymous

        the rezound is a straight fatass yet has 20% less battery… I don’t care about its specs when its a paperweight… I gave up on HTC after the thunderbolt… I gave up more “battery saving” features like push notifications etc on my old thunderbolt than I did on my droid x (only feature I got rid of is having the built in motoblur facebook account signed in, the fb app is signed in) and I get 7am-7am with juice left to spare. My TB got 8 hours max… I’ll never go HTC again

        GNEX BABY

    • James

      Nexus:     9.5
      Razr:        8.5
      Rezound:  5

    • Superior1

      Really?????? That’s just ridiculous. 10,8,7 that would be more like it, lets be real and show them all some love.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry but the Nexus is nowhere near the “perfect phone.”

    • Anonymous

      LOL -1!  trololololo!

  • Beranimus

    That’s a tough choice for me to make ever since the the G-nex was announced to have a 1.2ghz processor instead of the originally rumored 1.5ghz. I still think the G-nex is the way to.go but it makes the Rezound a bit more tempting.

    • Anonymous

      I am going to assume you’ll notice the .3 GHz more in the battery life than performance, but I guess benchmarks will give us a better indication of that.

    • 1.5 on a Qualcomm is the equivalent of a 1.2 on an OMAP.

      • Guest


  • Anonymous

    Nexus, no question.

  • Dj

    hmm. Razer:Cute blonde that everyone wants. Hot body and tons of money. Rezound: cute brunnette who has alot going for her except she refuses to change her style. Or Nexus: Cute Brown head that will do whatever i want, whenever i want….

    • Arodroid

      More like the Razor: A hot blonde that everyone wants to Fck but once you do you regret it because she is a total idiot and brain freezes up and restarts every few hours.

      Rezound:  Brunette who is super hot and everyone wants to Fck but once you do you realize you have to feed her every 4 hours and she refuses to update her style.

      Galaxy Nexus:  The super hot girl of your dreams that will do anything you want, anywhere you want.

      • SugaShane

        Galaxy Nexus: My right hand. It’s always there, won’t let you down and doesn’t talk back. 

      • Anonymous

        This is completely unsupported, but maybe someone out there can help me, but I was talking with a friend this weekend, and he said since his T-Bolt has been getting updates to GB, he has seen his battery life go up from 4 hours to 24 hours.  Anyone else getting the same results?  I’m commenting on this b/c I don’t think any one of these phones are going to get the battery life we are used to see from our devices. Slamming HTC Rezound even before results are out b/c of the T-Bolt battery performance issues is premature at this point.

        • jason6g

          Oh the t-bolt…. every month and a a side of my screen becomes un responsive. During this time, i get to get a Fru, or CLNR, or refurbished tbolt from verizon. When i get the new device, i like to leave it stock for a day before re-rooting and romming away. Let me say, using it stock for a day makes me appreciate it modified that much more. The tbolt is great when it has decent software to make it worthwhile.

          what people bash HTC for, is that in stock form the past few phones have left plenty to desire. The inc2 has a horrible launcher in my mind, even allowing a tab to showcase the bloatware! The tbolt has horrendous battery life, doesnt connect to the network how it should, and when it does it has such low service. People are slamming the rezound as being a “so last year” device with nothing really awesome about it besides red keys.

          that being said, i like htc’s style and i like sense. if i get fed up with the tbolt anytime soon i would most likely hop on the nexus wagon as its nice having something just work and if you do want to mod it, there arent any major pain in the a** hoops to jump through.

          • Anonymous

            Fair enough, but I don’t see whats so great about the Razr. Only thing I see that isn’t “last year” is really the size when i look at the Razr specs. Nexus, I’ll give that credit, NFC,ICS, OMAP 4460 and slim design. Still has an older GPU. For me, I think the 4460 and the MSM8660 will perform equally with each other. Yes the MSM8660 has an older core, but its got a great GPU in it. With the way people use devices now adays, the GPU performance is crucial. As long as the cpu can keep up with the demand the GPU requires, the end user won’t have an issue with the MSM8660 being a little older. As for the OMAP4460, the SGX540 has been benchmarked slower that the Adreno 220, all be it in a slower OMAP design. I’ll be curious to see if the newer design allows the GPU to come up to speed with the Adreno 220 performance. So in the end, the only “last year” design point for the Rezound is its size, and NFC. I do wish it had a better screen, but I’ll never notice the difference. And as far as ICS, I don’t care, I’ll get it soon enough when one of the dev guys releases it.

          • Youllreachus

            Better or bigger?

          • Anonymous

            Better, 4.3 is more than enough. I personally don’t fall in the category of those who need the biggest screen on my phone in order to enjoy it. I have a TV for that.

          • Anonymous

            Nope, the OMAP 4430 is faster in both GPU and CPU performance than the MSM8x60 even at slower clock speeds.

          • Anonymous

            I have mixed feelings about this. I’ve got a tbolt too, and while the whole weird connection issues is definitely an issue from what I’ve seen in forums, I really never experience it on my CM7 device. Perhaps I’ll be singing a different tune once we get 4G (on the 17th woot), right now though its just awesome to be able to talk on the phone and use a data connection at the same time. 

            I’m actually taking this convenience into consideration when talking about upgrading. I really would like to get the Nexus for ICS + future updates but I will miss the specialized little dual radio feature the tbolt has.

            And yes, battery life is crazy bad. Fortunately I got an extra battery and an external charger so I’ve always got a second fully charged cell to pop in around 3-4 in the afternoon and then rock till its time to go back and recharge my batteries and the phones’. 

      • Anonymous

        I don’t see why you  have to resort to that kind of language. For some reason I always thought of this as a family site. What is this Youtube? 

        • Anonymous

          Its the internet.

        • This is a blog not really what I would call a family site.

        • Youllreachus

          Class and sophistication are dead in America.  But I like when losers show their true colors because it makes it much easier to hit the eject button when they come sniffing around the daughters.

          • Anonymous

            Dude, what are you babbling about?

          • Bpscrapmail

            You can hit eject all you want but young girls absolutely LOVE losers.  Hit eject and launch that loser 10 miles away and your daughter will go running after him.

        • betch

      • i love these analogies.  for real.

      • Anonymous

        It will also give you a lot of gps and radio problems.

    • Anonymous

      Nexus: Except allow you to use external SD cards or replace the battery, and has a pentile screen (not necessarily a bad thing by default, but not a good start, and a relatively slow CPU.

      Seriously, I was hoping for an SGS2 with LTE, and we get this instead? So sad. At least the Rezound has the hardware to match… I am sure it will be rootable soon enough, then I’d consider it… until then, it’s “none of the above” for me.

      • The Nexus has a replaceable battery.  And for frak’s sake, is 32GB of internal memory not enough?

        • Anonymous

          Maybe not to some people, no.

          • J Dub

            With services like Dropbox and Google Music users should not need to store much on their phones. The 20,000 song cap on Google Music and 2 GB of free storage on Dropbox is more than enough. 32 GB of data room for offline movies and music is a lot. With movies at around 800 MB and full albums at around 80 MB you have say that that is a pretty good amount of offline storage. An 8 GB flash drive can hold about 100 albums. That would still leave 24 GB for other stuff. So you have 100 albums and 10 movies and still have plenty of room to spare and that is all locally stored. If you need more than that for offline storage that’s silly. I would say over 90% of the time I travel I have connection with VZW. So 10% of the time I need to run on phone storage only. I think that is fair enough. 

          • Anonymous

            And having an internal user-replaceable battery is way better than having removable storage. 32gb doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but is really is. And if you fill that up, you can always either uninstall apps you don’t need, delete files you don’t need, or just hook up the phone to your computer and back everything up, easy as that.

            But if you are away from a computer(like camping) for a few days, you’ll be glad you had those extra spare batteries for your Galaxy Nexus, ’cause with the RAZR, you’re up sh*t creek without a paddle.

          • Jason

            People are also pretty ridiculous with there music as well. Showing off the music collection is like showing off a new car or soomething. “look I have a 500gb of music! Even If I actually liked all this music and listened to it non stop for the rest of my life, I would still have not listened to all my music!” Like were supposed to go Ohhhhhhh! He is so awesome! People don’t really need all this storage space and not having an sd card isn’t that much of a pain. Most phones wouldn’t allow you have the memory of 32gb anyway. Yes you can have multiple SD cards but now your just a data hoarder.

          • TC Infantino

            One problem I see with assuming people can easily use cloud storage to suppliment local storage is that VZW is making people pay for tiered data usage.  For those of us lucky enough to be grandfathered in on the unlimited data, this is all well and good to use the cloud for extra, and for streaming music; but those who have limits they have to adhere to, well they probably want the data they use kept on their phone.  I haven’t even mentioned the possibility that you may be in a place that has poor signal and you are using your phone as a music player.  So yes, for some the 32GB internal storage is just fine, but for others…the option of adding in a larger memory card is a must have.

          • J Dub

            Do you really need that much offline storage? How many songs are you going to listen to back to back?

          • Anonymous

            Some people take the subway to work and can’t use the cloud during the commute.

          • J Dub

            Very true, but how long of a subway ride is it that 32 GB of offline storage isn’t enough? 32 GB should be more than enough for videos and music for even a week of subway rides.

        • Anonymous

          I had heard it was non-replaceable… so that’s good news, then.

          As for the memory, 32GB is enough, but I am concerned with losing data. At least with a removable card, you can put it on a PC and pull off your data if the phone dies… with a built-in situation, there is no such option. I guess I am being a bit paranoid about device failure as well… I’ve never actually had an SD go bad on me…

          The other concerns are still valid… but I will admit this may make the Nexus a bit more desirable. Except that the price is still silly. The SGS2 Skyrocket (a better phone than this one, as in the above listed issues at least) is $100 cheaper if not more…

      • Anonymous

        “relatively slow CPU”

        In actuality the processor found in the Rezound is the Qualcomm MSM 8660 processor which is inferior to the under-clocked OMAP4460 processor in both MFLOPs, GPU Performance and core stepping.  Speed numbers don’t mean much.  Chip architecture is a better validation method for comparing performance.  Also, a GSII has already been overclocked to 1.8Ghz which I can assume that we will be seeing overclocked kernels for the Nexus phone within a few weeks of release.

        • Anonymous
          • Anonymous

            chip number wise this is correct but the SGX processors are the most mature and optimized for Android.  It will be close but I have a strange feeling even at a lower clock speed it may still perform better.  This thread here was an interesting read on the topic http://androidforums.com/samsung-galaxy-nexus/429607-nexus-prime-v-htc-vigor-dummies.html posts 6-7-8.

          • Anonymous

            Did you gloss over the differences in clock speed in those benchmarks?  The OMAP4 on the Optimus 3D is only 6 FPS or less slower at a full 500 MHz slower clock speed, that doesn’t translate well for the Snapdragon clock for clock (and no you can’t count the VSYNC off scores without doing the same on the other processors).  The SGX540 is capable of over 90 million polygons/s vs the Adreno 220’s 88 million.

            Here’s a much better comparison of the various GPUs.  http://www.anandtech.com/show/4686/samsung-galaxy-s-2-international-review-the-best-redefined/17

          • Anonymous

            Ok, so the SGX540 can draw more polygons, but what I look for is real world examples, i.e. Egypt and the like. This is where the SGX540 in the LG gets outperformed by the Adreno 220. I should note that both are above 30 fps, which to the naked eye means both should appear the same. Since I’m not a GPU expert, I can’t state how well the SGX540 will do with higher frequencies and new processors. I think the end user would be more than satisfied with both.

        • Except the overclocked GSII you are thinking of is running a snapdragon proc.

          • Anonymous

            Really maybe I should get my facts straight I swore that that one had the Exynos processor but I Could be wrong.  My comment was more directed to the open nature of the platform which gives developers direct access to begin working on kernel modifications.

      • monkeydroid

        You need to check up on your information because the Nexus DOES have a removable battery unlike the Droid RAZR. And the hell are you talking about? The Galaxy Nexus practically IS a SGS2 with LTE albeit a couple of specs. Sounds like you’re not happy with anything.

        • Anonymous

          The gs2 is better than the nexus. It has a better processor and a better amoled.

          • Processor, yes.  Personally I’d rather have a pentile 720p screen than an RGB stripe WVGA screen.  Still more subpixels in the AMOLED HD.

          • Anonymous

            I do agree with you, the display in the razor looks better than the gs2.

        • Anonymous

          As Angelface77 noted, it’s not the same. Check the specs more carefully… there are many corners that have been cut. I will admit the removable battery was a mistake on my part… the rest still stand. Plus, as I mentioned on another reply, the SGS2 is about $100 cheaper than the Nexus, even with these shortcuts.

        • Billyrouth2000

          The nexus does not have a removable battery nor does it have removable memory

      • Youllreachus

        I think it may already be rooted along with the razr.

      • Anonymous

        omap is better than Qualcomm.

        • Anonymous

          Exynos is better than both… the SGS2 (in many flavors) has the Exynos.

          • Anonymous

            Exynox is good to search on the web, but when it comes to games the tegra crushes exynos.

          • Anonymous

            That’s a pointless response since none of these has a Tegra. Try to stay on point.

          • Anonymous

            I was Speaking in general.

    • ReAp

      Wouldn’t the rezound be big boned?

    • well, that just settled it for me.

      and plus, i don’t like beats by dre.

      (hated the battery life on my thunderbolt, and my bionic lasted a day before i returned it…)

      some call me picky…i just know what i like.

    • Anonymous

      What a horrible analogy
      Brown head? Did you really forget you already typed Brunette 5 seconds before or do you not actually know what brunette means? Second, the Razr’s the one with the locked bootloader and the non removable battery so you would think that it would be the one that won’t change its style. 

      The Nexus fanboys are in double or triple the number of everyone else on this blog so obviously that’s the one everyone wants as well as the one that’ll let you do whatever you want…but those two qualities mixed together indicate a fling that’ll have you visiting the clinic. And no one in their right mind, or who’s ever been in a relationship, thinks a submissive woman is fun to be in a relationship with.

    • Craig

      Galaxy S2: Incredibly hot Asian model. She is petite and arrives without all the bloat of the US models. She adapts easily and works no matter where you take her as she is a global model. You never have to worry about unlocking her. She is incredibly loyal, respectful, and up to any task as long as you respect her. She is easy to maintain and won’t break your wallet if her battery dies. She supports removable storage assuring that she won’t be outdated the day you take her home 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I’ll take the Razr/hot blonde.  With the right moves, I’d still get everything I’d want.

  • Anonymous

    If only there was solid and confirmed details on what ICS meant for overlays.  If it’s the end of them and updates would presumably come much quicker I think the Nexus wouldn’t be as necessary for the non “real” dev crowd.

  • A better poll would be how many are still holding on to the OG Droid and waiting for one of these 3 to drop.  I am curious to see how many OG Droids are holding on for dear life.  Mine being one of them 🙂

    • I’m holding on for dear life. Not even considering the Razr or the Rezound.

    • Joe

      Me too.

    • Nobody

      One OG still limping along here, waiting for the Nexus.

      • Same here!!!!     The OG to Gnex      thats how u do it!   Skip over all that **** thats been coming out!

      • Vaphilly

        Same here…..

        • Rick

          Ditto. Og droid, project elite 2.2 = rock solid og. But….the time has come. Kinda torn between the 3… But leaning towards the nexus. Vanilla android trumps most everything, IMO.

      • J Dub

        Not sure what you mean by limping along. My OG is still very solid. Hardware is near 100% with no screen or body protectors for almost 2 years. I am on 2.2 still but only because my particular OG just doesn’t run GB quiet up to snuff. If I hit the home button I go straight home. No lag. No redraws. No waiting. 

        • jam120992

          me too but on gingerbread =p

        • TC Infantino

          Mine as well, OG in great condition…I have to admit that I have only had this one for about 2 months because I dropped my original one too many times.  The first one was still in great condition though and it was running like a champ rooted and ROM’d, fast as I needed it to be and doing everything I needed it to do, including watching streaming movies.  The replacement is of course in great condition, rooted and ROM’d as well, and I feel comfortable using it until Motorola comes out with a handset that truely wows me.  The RAZR is close, but I prefer a physical keyboard, I won’t say that the non-removable battery is a deal breaker, but it is helping me hold off to see what the Droid4 will be.

    • My Droid is running Cyanogen 7.1 and hanging in there.  But I’m looking forward to a new phone.

      • My Droid Incredible is running sense 3.5 and Android 2.3.5 :p. I can wait to see how they are liked in the real world before I make any hasty decisions. All phones have their problems, I kinda am glad I have to wait until July to pick. Maybe prices will be lower too.

        • Anonymous

          By that time these devices will be loooong gone.

    • try hanging on to a Droid Eris.

      • I am so sorry to hear that.  You def have it worst.  You rooted it of course right?

        • Of course, no way I could deal with it otherwise. CG7

        • Anonymous

          How do you live with the 256 of ram in the droid lol?

      • Oh dang,  woulda threw that away years ago!   Good luck!

        • Believe me, I would have but I was waiting for one of these phones, unlocking and rooting helps.

      • i respect your commitment.

    • Matt

      my og is running SS 5.6 but misses calls, texts are late, and google maps crashes halfway through navigation….hurry up Nexus!

      • Sounds all to familiar.  i am guessing the RAM just can’t keep up with the OS.  Seems like anything i do now causes redraws.

      • Nate Surber

        My OG’s Wi-Fi stopped connecting yesterday and shortly after every time I got a call it would ring once and hang up and not go to voice mail.  It’s sad to see my little buddy moving towards the light.

      • J Dub

        You need to do an SBF back to a stock OTA update. Then root and install a 2.2 ROM. The only thing you might miss is the copy and paste functions of GB. I have tried many GB ROM’s and none can really compare to the speed and stability of a 2.2 ROM. I recently SBF’d to stock, rooted, and installed Project Elite 4.2 which is OC’d to 1.1 ghz by default. Couldn’t be happier. Everything is super snappy even more so then when I ran PE 4.2 before. Using RSDLite and SBFing to a stock OTA update cleans the whole system up. Kinda like doing a fresh re-install of Windows on a PC. 

        • Jason

          What would be the easiet way to go back down to 2.2?

          • J Dub

            Backup, full wipe, install 2.2. ROM. Or if like me you want more out of your OG you need to flash a SBF file to really reset to stock. Re-root then install ROM Manager and flash through there.

    • OMG, my co worker and I are struggling holding on with the OG. My wife has the BIONIC and i’ve been such as hater since she got it. Just tapping my feet at VZW/Google/Samsung waiting on this Nexus!

      • Aww man common.  At least you kept it in the family.  My wife has an i*phone4… and i’ve been giving her crap for that.  My Dinc really shows that pos up now that it is running a nice custom rom…

        Oh, but the G-Nex.  That will end the conversation for good.  Plus her piece of fruit is starting to show its roots and issues are starting to pop up.  😉

        • jason6g

          Its funny isin’t it how even though its your wife, and (traditionally) you will end up paying for the issues, you still hope and *pray* the thing will suck it big time just for one day simply for the satisfaction lmao

          • Yes, very true.  I do get that little bit of satisfaction every time we try to stream netflix to the tv and mine gets a cleaner picture than hers.  I guess the DInc just has a better antenna than the i*hone…  🙂

        • J Dub

          My wife gets my phone scraps. I am always the first to upgrade and get the new phone as we have 2 lines. Not saying she is without a good phone, but she just doesn’t care too much about the hardware. I keep her happy. So I will be getting the G-Nex and may even upgrade her to one too if there’s a BOGO deal that goes live. Right now we both have OG’s. 

        • Jason

          I talked my wife out of getting the Iphone 4s and she ended up getting the bionic. She loves it and I’m totally jealous! I feel like that guy on the at&t commercial always using his buddies phone! lol My OG is a POS!

      • There’s a reason to be a hater on the Bionic, it’s an awful awful phone.  Why would you even let her buy that phone?

    • Mine doesnt get half the text messages sent to me.  Apps just decide they dont want to work.  Seems like every morning I have to fire up the paddles and shock it just to keep its heart going for one more day. Everything in me is saying GNex and I am sure that will be the phone I get, but I am really trying to be smart about it and look at the other ones.  I don’t know if I will like the plastic of the GNex…the look of the Razr is good…the Rezound has a couple of things I like too.  Overall tho, its still the GNex.

      • jason6g

        plastic – theres a video out of the gs2 being dropped from various heights and showing that it is darn durable. dont sell it short….

        also, i always wanted a solid phone, until i had something that was light. its nice being able to carry your phone around in gym shorts and not have it almost pull em off!

      • J Dub

        See my replay to Matt. Doing a full system wipe which means a SBF restore and starting from scratch as if you just got the phone makes a HUGE difference. I just did it after 1.75 years of flashing different ROMs. It makes one hell of a difference. I haven’t found a ROM as solid as Project Elite 4.2 yet. I have tried lots of 2.3 ROMs and they just don’t cut it. 

        I also run Launcher Pro+ with only 1 home screen. No widgets on that home screen just app shortcuts. Turn off all animated screen transitions and your phone is near instant between screens, apps, etc. 

        • Anonymous

          I agree in general however widgets make almost no difference in performance.  Also, use PE’s built in spare parts to make the transition animations much faster.  The animation speed really isn’t limited by the phone’s hardware, it’s just not the fastest animation by default.

    • Still have the OG… but will likely jump ship for the Galaxy Nexus.

    • Anonymous

      one og on his death bed, holding together like the millenium falcon in episode five.

    • Tsteege

      My OG droid is still kicking.  I know it will soon be time to retire it, I just hope the Nexus will be as good as my OG. 

    • Nick S

      Yep, still rocking the OG – the lock switch mechanism stiffened up over the weekend and there is a big crack running down the middle of the screen, but I’m hoping it will hang on ’till the G-Nex is released!

    • Anonymous

      already did it…you’re obviously not an avid DL  reader


    • Theandyplan

      Still going with my OG, but just barely. Little guy is limping along until the nexus comes around. There may or may not be a formal burial ceremony for my OG.

    • my brother had his until the droid 3….

      against what i was suggesting.

    • Mr. Chips

      Still running my OG and proud to say it’s working better today than it did when I picked it up back on November ’09.   Gone from stock Android 2.1 @ 550Mhz, unrooted on day 1 to fully rooted/rommed BuglessBeast @ 800Mhz today with about a bazillion roms in between.  Smooth as silk, like butter.  Doesn’t drop calls, all text/data functions better than new.  No case, so that the Metal bezel wears its dents/dings like battle scars.  Battery lasts longer now than when original.

      Gotta say, that even though I know a G-Nex is probably in my future, I really hate to put this beautiful beast out to pasture.  It’s like an old friend now…

    • Anonymous

      OG Droid here. It’s getting slow and cannot run Fruit Ninja well, but besides the random (like, umm, 3 times a day) force closes, it still is good. No scratches on screen. God I love Gorilla Glass, wish the Nexus had it.

    • Savan Ghetiya

      Ive got my OG droid still.. hanging in there by a thread but still functions like a BOSS .. ive dropped that phone so many times in so many different substances..its ridiculous..but the thing is a tank! 

  • shdowman

    Lets see how this ends up…*cough…Nexus…cough**

  • I just don’t know which one to get, they all have there flaws and perks.
    Razor, no removable battery and ports on the top of the phone. why? Blur, YUCK
    Nexus – no SD card. and Old graphics processor, ICS, YAY
    rezound – no hdmi……. drawing a blank….

    • Billyrohmjr

      Razr has the same gpu as the Gnex at a lower clock speed (300 vs 384)

      • Anonymous

        Unconfirmed.  Oh and both are still faster than the Rezound’s GPU.

  • YankInDaSouth

    Gotta have the Nexus!!! 

  • Anonymous

    Nexus…didn’t even have to think about it.

  • I just played with a RAZR at my local Verizon store and I gotta say I was very impressed. It was super thin, great build quality, light, very fast, nice screen and the camera was quick at taking pics. Definitely shouldn’t be overlooked. I definitely am jealous I can’t get one.

  • Nate Myers

    Its between the razr and nexus right now.  I wont be able to decide until i hold and use each one.  Looks like my purchase will be sometime in December.

  • I’m sure Verizon will see this and delay the Galaxy Nexus until January.

    • Anonymous

      Dear Verizon, I have $300. Want it? Give me the Nexus.

      • Anonymous

        Dear Verizon, I don’t have $300. Drop the prices!

        • Anonymous


          wait 2 -3 months and I’ll be $150 to $200
          4 -6 months and it’ll be around $100
          8 -10 and it’ll be free

    • JMac726

       Everyone vote for the Rezound!!

  • MFG

    Any self-respecting Droid-Life reader should pick the Nexus.

    • Meh, 4 hour battery life doesn’t appeal to me.

      • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        If it really has 4 hour battery life it’ll be a dev only phone.  However I would hope 4 hours is a stress test number, not real world usage.

      • Anonymous

        are you referring to the gnex dev unit where the reviewer ran the cpu at 100% and brightness 100% along with all other hardware (BT/LTE/GPS on) and got 4 hours of battery life and that doesn’t appeal to you?  I don’t know a single phone that could get that great of battery life running 100% maxed.  That would mean 24 hours no issue in normal person use… but unfortunately you have to take interwebz comments with a grain of salt.. but I pray he is right

        • I’m referring to black_man_x stating he is getting 4 hours on the battery with moderate usage.

          • Anonymous


          • Guest

            the same test he use 4 gigs in that time??  nice try!!

    • Anonymous

      Any self respecting DL reader should pick what makes them personally happy and STFU.

      • Thank you. I always look forward to seeing your comments.

      • aaah couldnt agree more

      • TJ Egan


      • Mr. English

        This post should be the tagline of all forums. +1000

      • Anonymous

        damn, mfg got pwned

      • gonnableedya

        Hell yea dude, well said. Besides, this is “D” life, as in “DROID”.   Nexus forums belong in Android Life

    • Anonymous

      While I want a Nexus I think that comment is ridiculous.

    • Steve Warren

      Any self-respecting Droid-Life reader should pick the one that has an Android OS regardless of who makes it as long as they like the way its built and designed. and last time I checked all 3 of the phones listed above has android OS.

  • Matt Ryan

    I keep pretending that I’m still considering the Razr…but I voted for the Nexus..

  • Kevin Lovan

    I am going nowhere near HTC Sense or Moto Blur.

  • Anonymous

    There should be a “rank these options” poll–I’d pick the Rezound solidly over the RAZR as my second choice in a sans-Nexus world.

  • Nexus + Verizon + 4GLTE. We’ve all been waiting on this, and I’ll be damned if I let it pass me by!!!

  • John

    easiest poll ever 😉

  • Tabe

    Where have you been? Everybody is waiting on that Quad-core HTC now! =P

  • Derp

    They all appeal to different groups of users.  I think this will be a strong holiday season for big red

  • dshizzel

    First to vote RAZR – yessssss!

  • Anonymous


  • If they’re on Verizon, none of the above.
    Not stepping up to the huge prices VZ charges for plans.

    • Anonymous

      if you’re not on verizon you don’t have a phone. You have a toy for $10 less a month.

  • tbaybe

    need a “i dont know yet cause im indecisive” option 

  • I voted for the rezound, it didn’t do my vote. I want a refund. 

  • Anonymous

    Razr baby!

  • Is this really a question?

    • Anonymous

      I know right? But I guess we all like different things. Plus it’ll leave a little more nexus units around for us to snag

  • Pubasnacks77

    Nexus all day

  • Guestuser

    No brainer. Galaxy Nexus FTW… if it is ever released…

  • Anonymous

    Leaning towards the SGN, although the Rezound has potential, especially when it gets ICS. Just wish it wasn’t so fat and had such a lousy battery.

  • ML

    That’s easy: Galaxy Nexus.

  • Hep