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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Page Goes Semi-Live, Mentions Verizon

Been wanting to see the backside of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus before it is announced tonight? One of our readers cruised over to Samsung’s site just a minute ago and searched for the device just to see what would happen. The screenshot above is what happened. Now, the actual page for it is not live yet, but we do at least get a beautiful shot of the back and side.

Update: I clearly overlooked this, but that is what our amazing readers are for. The site says “from Verizon” which is a pretty good indicator that they may have that exclusive few weeks after all.

Only 3.5 hours from game time! Live blog will start at 6:45 Pacific.

Cheers Tearminx!

  • Anonymous

    galaxy nexus video now available on endgadget guys

  • Watcher

    Have we considered that these photos may be placeholders only? Would Samsung tip their hand like that?

  • Anybody else notice no 4G or LTE markings?

  • Rob

    I have been waiting on this phone, the way normal people weight on a child.

  • Anonymous

    threw this together in ms paint. seems much thinner.

  • Dave

    Giiiivvvveee me!

  • I can hardly contain myself

  • Asdf

    and galaxy prime

  • Anonymous

    What did I tell you guys…is this the charge 2 or what, lol.

  • joejoe509

    I don’t see how you could think this looks like the Droid Charge. I mean… maybe a Samsung family resemblance but this definitely looks like it’s from the Galaxy line. NO question.

    • LiterofCola


  • Wait it pulls up Nexus Prime AND Galaxy Nexus!


    • joejoe509

      Nah. It still says “Galaxy Nexus from Verizon”. Search engine takes you to the same page.

      • Oh I see… but says Nexus Prime up top.  Didn’t read that.

  • Anonymous


  • Niemeyer_18

    It may be a beast, but it isnt that pretty…

  • So its official that’s what ice cream sandwich will look like, and there wont be any touchwiz skin on it?

  • Vaporware

    Its funny how people were blasting the Razr for “looking like every other Moto phone” and this thing looks like every Samsung phone thats been out since the beginning of 2010. Its getting to the point you cant even tell some of Samsungs apart from any other Samsung. Why aren’t we plasting Samsung for the same design over and over?

  • Anonymous

    Did you visit the “Galaxy Nexus” page yet?
    Oh god. That name is pretty much official now… Damn. I like the Prime

    • Samsung.com also pulls up Nexus Prime

      • Anonymous

        The biggest mystery at this event is the name…

        • Anonymous

          Maybe not.  I am thinking VZW didn’t get a Galaxy S2 so maybe the “Galaxy Nexus” name is reserved for Verizon, and the “Nexus Prime” will be the name released on the other carriers since they have already released a major “Galaxy” phone recently.  Not sure why they would do that, so it makes perfect business sense lol.  

  • Zxc

    Wow, what happened to the curved glass from the “something big is coming” poster? This thing is flat (and kind of fat)!

  • Corthney

    all i need to know is the type of screen quality it will have, 4g, hdmi port and how fast it will take pictures. because i am definitly assuming the razr is still going to take the same slow ass pictures as the bionic just because its still motorla but i want a bigger screen thought too

    • Super AMOLED HD.

    • Anonymous

      MHL capable micro USB. Basically HDMI over USB. Claims remote for HDTv will control some aspectsof the phone while mirroring. For example the volume on the remote controlling phone volume

  • Brian Wenger

    Sprint please………

  • nxusnow

    its whats under the hood that matters, although the backside is rather bland

  • Anonymous

    typical.  all the guys here are already judging this beauty after seeing its rear end. 

    • Anonymous

      but thats we guys do.. we are more interested in what the rear has to offer.

      • shdowman

        WRONG….I am more interested in the swiping and bouncing of icons up front…

        (I just lost IQ points there..)

  • Gonna wait till i see al the reviews 1st before I seriously consider it.

  • Xhaxol

    the bottom lip looks different than the other pics we have seen, it looks like the glass stops and there is still some lip, like the thunderbolt. I dont like that. 

    • nxusnow

      phones and lips dont go well together

  • John Mozelewski

    omg  i just searched it and it does say verizon on the samsung website holy sheit im so happy right now!!! omg

  • Anonymous

    This phone has the notification light on the bottom of the device right? I think i remember reading that somewhere. If its true it will be just like the nexus one.

  • Anonymous

    There is no 4G logo stamped on this phone?

  • Anonymous

    Verizon may get but.. DEV PHONES NOT EXCLUSIVE TO ANY CARRIER! Not Verizon. not skynet not Jesus himself.

    • Anonymous

      That’s OK…. It will mean more developers working on roms!

  • jose cardona

    OMG 304958409 n34908u c890&A(*C%& W$)(^*********%&()#@$&*()5

  • Anonymous

    IMMA BUYIN MA RAZR!!!!!! Just kidding I prefer vanilla Android and MHL over a micro HDMI port.

  • Theeohiostate

    does someone have the link to where i can watch this unveiling at?

    • Anonymous


      • Theeohiostate

        thank you kind sir

  • This phone doesn’t look nearly as nice as the RAZR. It’s definitely less busy, but the RAZR definitely has it. Hell, I could have designed the G-Nex. Hope the RAZR is as fast as the Nexus, and will get ICS in the very near future.

  • John Mozelewski

    If verizon messes this up im moving to apple if i gotta have locked bootloader i should just get apple product and jailbreak it

  • HELL YES, not 1, not 2, not 3 Verizon logos. WINNING !!

  • Ahsan


  • Anonymous

    That back looks a bit plasticy, like most of Samsung’s stuff. I was hoping for an aluminum casing, but, meh, aluminum is Moto’s bag, and I’m all but finished with their BS.

    • joejoe509

      It could be aluminum. But I’m fine with plastic anyway. Sure, it’s not the nicest feeling material, but it stands up to abuse pretty well.

  • I was thinking that you know how everyone thinks the power button is on the same side as the dock connector? Maybe that is a dedicated camera button and the power button is on the top.  Just a thought.

  • Watcher

    I like it… the curve was freaking me out some. Can’t wait to check the Razr, Nexus and Rezound (not a lot of hope that this one will prevail) side by side each other.

  • Is it just me, or does this look different than the leaked “official” photos from Japan this morning?  Might just be because the photo from earlier wasn’t the clearest photo ever, though…

  • King Kong

    I think the Razr design tops this actually.

    • Anonymous

      Luckily it’s not the design that’s important.

  • John

    that’s 1 sexy bitch


    LOL @ all the “Imma get a RAZR now” comments.  As soon as tonights event is over everybody will forget about the RAZR.

    Mind you, still going to give both a fair chance when I choose.  I’ll let you guys review them first. =)

    • Q

      Fandroids are fickle 🙂

      • shdowman

        We have more than one phone to choose from. We are fickle, because we CAN be. 😉

    • Anonymous

       I hope that turns out to be true.. that there are some mind blowing features in ICS that’ll me swing me back toward this device.. but until then.. I’m looking at razr.

  • I dunno why I just got a bad feeling.  Verizon will mess this up.  I just know it….I was so excited too.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, pretty worried there’s some “catch” here with this… locked bootloader, worse specs than the “real” global Nexus etc…  I don’t understand the 5MP camera when the GS II has the same 8MP one that’s in the 4S for one – newer phone has worse specs? Makes no sense.

      • Anonymous
        • Anonymous

          I’m aware that MP isn’t everything, but seriously, is anyone saying the iPhone 4S’s camera isn’t better than the 4?  That’s what this is here I assume – the G Nex has the old 5MP one that the iPhone 4 has…

  • partidroid

    Thats it?! This better be a beast to make up for that fugly design.

    • I disagree with you on that one – I think it looks great.

    • Anonymous

       didn’t you read the earlier droid-life article about how the benchmarks were too low?

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I’m not trusting those yet. For starters, we know nothing about what stage of development the phone was even in at the time of testing.

  • Ray

    have I told you how much I love Droid-Life i mean seriously group hug (no homo)

    • Anonymous

      No homo bro?

  • nxusnow

    im just too excited

  • Kinda blah, glad I didn’t wait

  • LiterofCola

    Now this is what a flagship device should look like

  • Anonymous

    Are you guys sure you want this? I mean ICS WILL come to the razr either officially or unofficially.
    the gpu on this device is disappointing to say the least. 

    • Anonymous

      it has the same processor as the razr so what makes the razr any different?

      • Anonymous

         Lack of ICS.. which I am concerned could be buggy (remember Honeycomb on Xoom?.. and stock UI of android.. which is not very appealing.. that green messenger icon sticks out like a sore thumb)

        • Anonymous

          So it’s the same processor so you will take a skinned ui that is most likely more buggy and won’t get updates anywhere near as fast.

          • Anonymous

            Motorola is not too shabby with updates.. plus.. the new motoblur on the bionic is not buggy at all… so it doesn’t seem a time and tested gingerbread with new motoblur will be buggy. Just saying…
            also, don’t forget the benchmarks on this device weren’t impressive.. the camera is 5 MP..(yes yes, it’s not all about MP).. plus, from what I understand.. the gpu is from an older generation.

          • Anonymous

            No the rezound has the older gpu. This has the omap 4460 which would put it the same if not better than the bionic.

    • LiterofCola

      Yeah, but the design of the Razr is disappointing to say the least.  That god-awful hump on the top sticks out like all hell

  • I am a Verizon customer so I am of course happy a Nexus device is finally coming to Verizon.  But at the same time this exclusivity with phones is bullcrap!!

  • Tearminx

    😉 It’s about time Verizon got some nexus love