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Thursday Poll: Is Having Better Voice Integration on Your Phone Important to You?

With the announcement of the iPhone 4S and its Siri voice-integration followed by a couple of rumors that Google with introduce a similar service with Ice Cream Sandwich, we got to wondering how many people are actually interested in this type of software. Android has had Voice Actions for over a year now, but there have been other more advanced options on the market for just as long that don’t seem to get all that much love. With the unveiling of Siri, it seems like now this is the new cool thing because, well, Apple announced it. I personally have used Voice Actions or speech-to-text only when reviewing a service that has them and never in a real life situation other than to show it off as a cool feature to friends or family. I sort of get the feeling that I’m the minority.

Do I need to get with the times? Are highly-advanced voice-integrated services and apps the way of the future? Or are they the next gimmick like 3D on smartphones? Do we really have to watch the world walk around our streets talking to their phones as if they were a personal assistant? Maybe.

Is Having Better Voice Integration on Your Phone Important to You?

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  • If by Voice you mean Google Voice and by integration you mean being able to use other SMS apps or just an overhaul of the app then yes. I you mean voice commands…ehhh, I don’t really care.

  • Mr_Snrub

    When voice integration is able to successfully complete commands such as, get that girl’s phone number, find someone to mow my lawn for $10, and narrate my daily life with a Vin Scully voice, then and only then will I be interested.

  • babadush

    Driving. Otherwise I see no point

  • Anonymous

    I use voice inputs sometimes when I’m driving. I would feel like a db talking to my phone all the time in public – especially if it talked back.

  • I equate voice action programming to the old app “Prox Lite”.
    Pretty cool to show a friend, but otherwise rarely used.

  • Where voice activated features shine is in the car.  Road warriors in CA that by law have to use a hands-free devices really appreciate being able to hit a button on their earpiece and give commands.

    As a side note, this is why I would like a 5″ phone.  Leave it in the holster and use Bluetooth commands for normal operation, but have a multimedia powerhouse in hand when I want it. 

  • What’s more important is checking those two emails on your notification bar. They’re driving me crazy!

  • fused2explode

    I just find it absolutely hilarious when I hear people say that “Siri is a game changer”. This is not an opinion I hold by myself but one my I*hone-carrying friends are agreement with. Albeit I’m truly laughing, they’re doing to stop from shedding a tear or two.

  • Anonymous

    I would just like better sounding text to speach. Like a garmin would suffice…

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I love the concept and would use the hell out of it IF it was more refined and convenient. I use the hell out of the Sync in my Ford, so no different for my phone. 

    The real bummer is such a reliance on external servers to process commands so you need a 3G or wifi connection to really initiate the kick ass voice tools.

  • Why is the one feature being made such a big deal here Howe much are they paying you to hype best it?

  • SjB

    the only time i ever use it is with navigation. it’s just easier that way.

  • Anonymous

    Myself personally only have a need for it to show off or when in the car & don’t feel like using the touch screen. Granted I have an OG Droid & no bluetooth in my car (might get a bluetooth capabile stereo in the car soon, but that’s besides the point), but right now no need for it. That being said, it’s a nice feature to know you have & for those who need to use it (like those with vision issues), it’s a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    Give me Nexus, or give me death.

  • It’s extremely important to me because I have an on-the-go life style and I’m pretty addish so I forget a lot.  A lot of times I’ll be late to go to a place I never been to before and I didn’t look up the directions to the place or put them in my nav.  And I also hate texting.  Most people don’t even call anymore so what the hells the point.  Obviously I’m not going to be sexting girls in public with my TTS but it’s useful when you’re driving/bored/home/alone 

  • GotMoo

    only when I need to go somewhere: “Navigate to Beer Distributor” or need some food “Call Pizza”

  • Ray

    Its just a gimmick 

  • Dimmu

    Better voice integration is unimportant to me, I never use this feature on my phone so making the feature more advanced wouldn’t make a difference for me. I haven’t ever used the search key either so the implementation of ics now eliminating the search button makes the layout more appealing imo. Siri is a laughable feature to try and market when android has used similar technology since 2.1 from 2 years ago, but now crapple has adopted this technology and suddenly its something to rave about, he’ll no just another feature that has been ripped off from android.

  • Jason Purp

    I thought voice commands were originally for those who can barely see/old people?

  • I don’t have a lot of interest in talking to my phone. I think these voice commands are gimmicky and only useful in a handful of scenarios (like when driving). But I’m a kind of person who’d rather write an email than make a phone call…

  • kellex why are you wigging out about this so much? go to the google app of your choice, pop open the keyboard and talk to it. it does the same thing?

  • Anonymous

    Although technology is built on people saying ” I don’t see a use for that “, I have to agree here.  It’s been available for a while now and it hasn’t caught on.  Mostly because it’s simpler to just hit a button and achieve the same thing. 

    Maybe Iphone users think it’s a big deal because they can’t use widgets, so it could be helpful to them, but when you can have everything you want on your screens, what’s the point in talking to my phone and hoping it hears me when I can simply hit a button.

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if Siri was released as an app, would it be getting all this media attention? Probably, because Apple made it. Google makes a lot of awesome apps like Translate Conversation mode, navigation, goggles, etc., but never gets the recognition it deserves.

    • Actually, Siri *was* released as an app last year (iPhone-only).  It got a lot of media attention before Apple bought the company.  An important distinction, though: Siri at the time was limited in scope and couldn’t go OS-level.  The iPhone 4S implementation covers the entire phone and, obviously, is more advanced in some ways.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure others feel differently, but I just don’t care for the voice recognition features.  Maybe I haven’t given them a fair chance, but I’ve always had difficulty with my words being interpreted accurately, so I just don’t even bother.

  • coach

    it’s useful while driving since it’s hands-free, no one can overhear and there aren’t voices in the background. otherwise, i prefer to do my tasks silently. it’ll be fun to watch iphone users force it to seem useful, “when’s my mother’s birthday? when.is.my.mothers.birthday?”

  • Anonymous

    I played around with it when I found out about the pig latin feature.  But for the most part, it ends up messing something up and I just thave to edit it myself.  And I would feel stupid doing it in public.

  • Evil-D

    More than half the time you are doing something on your phone you are trying to do it discretely.  In other words talking at your phone is not the way to be discrete.  

  • Anonymous

    I use it for navigation and alarm all the time. It doesn’t work so well with calling or sending text messages.

  • Anonymous

    I am not THAT lazy

  • Murphy

    Just realized that ‘Set Alarm’  is also built into Google’s Voice Actions. Thank you Apple for making me wish I had that when I already do 🙂

  • Finger

    The main advantage of voice commands is in a car. I do a lot of deliveries for my work, so I’m constantly using navigation and listening to music. But most of the streets I end up delivering to have Spanish names, so the voice recognition will get them wrong, and I just end up typing them in myself. If voice recognition were improved, I would DEFINITELY use it a lot more in my car.

  • Bryan York

    BTW, the poll seems to be messed up for me, forced my vote to: “No, I never use voice-integrated apps. (31%, 127 Votes)” as soon as I loaded the page.

    I only use this feature when I’m in the car. I hate people that use this in public as it’s really annoying. However this feature is awesome over bluetooth in your car. I use vlingo now, as that’s the best option for me. I want to be able to do everything over bluetooth voice command in my car!

  • Definitely a gimmick, but I suddenly have the feeling that everyone will start using it simply because they made a big deal about it at the iPhone 4S launch.  There are some people on Engadget that were po’d because every iPhone had the option of downloading it, but once it was announced at the launch event, it’s now closed to everyone except 4S users.

  • EC8CH

    Honestly the only time I feel comfortable using it is when I’m by myself.

    *enter crude replies below*

    • Anonymous

      It’s OK; you can look up your WoW stats in public. People are already judging you by your Atari T-Shirt and the fact that you just played an hour of emulated N64 Goldeneye on your phone with a Wiimote and a classic controller at Starbucks, cackling like a madman all the while because you used that cheater, Oddjob.

      A little voice command won’t hurt the image you’ve already made.

  • Listen, the google voice actions on android does pretty much all of the things that bitch siri can do.. They showed a video the other day using different actions with siri. I repeated them with my Droid, and was able to do about 80% of them. Most of the crap I would never even use.  iNerds made siri, just so they would have a girl talk to them!!

  • Peter Kelly

    On an OG Droid, sometimes it’s quicker to get a voice prompt than the Home launcher.
    I always keep the Microphone available on the extended-press Home button, just in case I need to make a quick call.  “Call Home”

  • Brady McEwen

    I already want to smack people who do this in public. Keep it to yourself people, we don’t want to HEAR you use your phone!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think you would use it a lot at first but eventually the stigma would wear off and you would be back to just the lousy ole touchscreen ways.

  • Anonymous

    Enter Jeff Bernard to defend Siri with a 4S benchmark and sales number in…5…4…3..2….

    • EC8CH

      that’s my line 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Kanged for sure.

    • Anonymous

      Wow! Haven’t heard you call someone out like that in a loooong time.

    • TheAndroid1

      Every time I see the 1 new comment posted at the top I click it thinking it might be him.

    • Must be a slow day for you if you are in the comment section. Hasn’t another phone manufacturer payed you to hype a crap phone for 2 months straight? Hasn’t any of your “trusted sources” confirmed a rumor that another “reliable source” will refute two days later so you can say “as we knew all along”? Don’t you have any great “insights” the day before the Verizon iPhone is released that its really a Windows Phone? You remember the one where you and your “insider” tried to deny until Tim Cook was on stage with a Verizon logo behind him. Are you all out of sales predictions which include the words “millions, MILLIONS”? OH i know you must be waiting for your Xoom to come back from the shop with its 4G radio, you know the one that you hyped for months straight only to turn around and admit was crap. Or was that the Bionic? I can’t keep it all straight. 

      • Oh yeah ZING!

        • Anonymous

          You have some serious mental health issues, I’d suggest getting some help.

        • Anonymous

          You, why are you alive?

      • Muddy B00ts

        Wow, for a site you clearly dislike, you sure come here a lot.  I can’t tell if you like being unhappy with your situation, or if you want everyone else to be.  Or both.

        Either way, I’m sick of your negativity.

        • Billy Jenkins

          I think its more of Jeff Bernard being in denial. He bought an Iphone 4 for a few hundred dollars because of all the hype it was getting as being the best smartphone ever. But then a few weeks later 10+ android phones were released with tons more features and he got mad that he was locked into a contract. So he figured he would pretend to dislike android on an android forum as an attempt to make himself feel better at making a poor decision in which phone to buy.

        • U mad bro?

          • Billy Jenkins

            I think u r mad bro

          • Dimmu

            What I can’t understand with you is why you take the time out of your day to search and blog on DROID life. Makes no sense to me why such a proponent of crapple would give a care in the world about android related info. I would never care to digest info about crapple in my day, because I truly don’t give a shit about their products nor would I ever put my hard earned money into anything they sell. So, you must really have a love for android to troll here everyday and rant your propaganda bs.

        • Anonymous

          Seriously have to seen the i*hone sites?  They VERY rarely have any posts worth reading.  Most of them are “What will they name the next i*hone,” “Will the next i*phone have … ,” “Guess who Apple sued today(Complete with special pictures to make Samsung look worse),’ and COUNTLESS videos about the wonder of Siri that most people will never use more than twice.  If I were an Apple fan I would visit here too.  Just to see what companies with innovative technological advancements are doing lol.  

      • Yeah, Android has had its share of mediocre hardware because it’s open and free – different manufacturers go in different directions, with varying degrees of success. But that’s the point: we get to choose, we get to customize, we get apps that no one approves of, we get to do whatever we want. I would trade having the best hardware for that, but thanks to Samsung, we don’t have to.

      • because all that was waaayyyy different than the blogs hype-beasting a non-existent iphone 5 right?

      • GetGood.

        Aren’t you defending a company that sued a small blogger for predicting the release of the iphone 4?

        • EC8CH

          They also pose as police to search people’s homes.

      • Androiduser

        If you think this site is so full of crap info, why do you continue to read it, and comment about how much better you think you phone is, to an audience that largely doesn’t care about your opinion?  Android is clearly about choices, and Apple likes to keep their devices locked down.  Apple clearly has a very good device for many folks.  It’s good software on a good hardware, but limited to one current device, which explains why the iphone is the “best selling phone”, as you say.  Well, explain why there are so many more Andriod users?  Maybe if there was only one Android device available now, it might be the best selling phone.  But I’m glad it’s not, because I like the freedom to choose.  Regardless, the competition is good for the users of both platforms.

      • d3droid

        why follow the site if your just going to be a dick about everything? things change, kellex is reporting on the information he has at hand which keeps everyone in the loop. I personally appreciate a step by step breakdown of what’s happening in the android world.
        I understand your bored because you already changed the background picture on your iphone and have nothing else to do but stare at it and say how pretty it is, but take your bullshit comments somewhere else.

      • Anonymous

        iPhone 5 baby. I think that’s all any of us in the Android world need to say while laughing at the Appleverse.

    • KRSwon

      How long before an iBaby will be named Siri?

    • Justin Kos

      its always pretty funny seeing people talk to themselves, er their phones

    • Anonymous

      Very professional.

    • Anonymous

      Great job for getting rid of bad rubbish…sometimes you just have to clean house even if you don’t want to.

  • I use voice commands all the time. I would love expanded siri-like functionality on Android. The market options (speaktoit, etc.) are good, but feel gimmicky. If they were cleaner, more polished, and a bit more integrated they might get more attention.

    • if speaktoit and voice actions were the same, and were intergrated it would be better, unfortunately most people probably wouldn’t even know it’s integrated into their phones, unless google decides to get the word out more on new and interesting features in the new builds.

      i think the biggest downfall of android is marketing. we’ve had voice actions and text to speech long before IOS. yet this new iphoney (big fat phoney!) 4s is announced with  “SIRI!!!” and it’s all the buzz. 

      but for now i’m content with being the #1 mobile OS in the world.

  • Anonymous

    75% of the time, its faster to do whatever you are attempting to do without voice commands.

    The only time I could see it being useful is when driving. 

    • Anonymous

      Just wait til you hear a conversation at the booth next to you in a restaurant, get up to go to the bathroom to peep the voice of the attractive girl and see the dude is solo with an iPhone.

      • Anonymous

        Can’t wait.

    • Anonymous

      iOS doesn’t have widgets, though, so it’s a lot faster for those poor guys to use a “personal digital assistant” to update their twitter status.

  • Anonymous

    Nope…. Don’t care. I still think this is a gimmick in the same sense that they say I need 3D on my Plasma TV. I guess I can understand it’s use while driving but I also can wait 5 minutes to send the damn test message I have to send. 

  • Just to show iPhone Users that even Android can do this 🙂

  • EC8CH

    I don’t always talk to my phone…

    But when I do, I wish I didn’t look like a douche bag.

    • KRSwon

      I see what you did there..

    • Anonymous

      Ha! Stay douchebaggy my friends.

    • Anonymous

      If you get the i*hone 4S at least you will look like a trendy douche bag lol

      • EC8CH

        is there any other kind of douche bag? 🙂

  • I only use it for the Navigation. Other than that, I hardly ever use it.

  • jose cardona

    I only use it to starting up my navigation while driving. Other than that, it’s just a gimmicky show-off feature. In the real world, I can do most of these things faster myself.

    • shr1k3r

      idk, calling the local restaurant is pretty good, and fast

  • Goblueboy

    I don’t see the big deal. It’s fancy. But I just rather not use it. Where would it be acceptable to do it? Your home and car? What about the public?

  • EC8CH

    I talk to computers all the time…

    But I only do it while impersonating Jean Luke Picard.

    • Anonymous

      Hah…jesus. I have no comeback for that.

    • Anonymous

      Computer: App, fart noises. Engage.

      • EC8CH

        I had to read that twice, but after the second time… LOL

    • Tyrian

      the only time i talk to my computer is when im cursing it.

  • Anonymous

    If you’re gonna use it to call me, then sweetness! 😉

  • Kevinmills7

    Sweet, first vote 🙂