Jealous Of Siri? Then Check Out These Android Apps

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When Apple announced that Siri was going to be baked right into their OS, then showed off how it worked and how smart it seemed, I was a bit jelly. We luckily have some great Android apps that act in just the same way for us on our devices. Speaktoit is a free personal assistant which can be found right on the Android Market and the app does basically all the things you might want it to. Update your Facebook status, look up directions and many many other things. You can choose an avatar with whom you speak with. It’s actually quite the neat little app. 

Speaktoit (free) | Voice Actions (free)

The next app we wanted to point out is called Voice Actions. One of our readers emailed us the perfect description:

It gives the user the ability to do a wide array of commands from setting alarms, creating reminders, checking weather, and just about any other Google command plus more.

After looking at the Market description, this almost seems like a must have for every Android owner on the planet. So there you have it. No need to be jealous of Siri and her wizardry. Look no further than your very own Android Market for the latest and great tech goodness.

Cheers Patrick!



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