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Marvel Comics App Now Available On The Android Market

All you comic lovers out there can head on into the Android Market and pick up the official Marvel Comics app which was just released through ComiXology. Users can browse and purchase tons of different digital comics from everyone’s favorite superheroes, some of which can be had for free all from your mobile phone, or Honeycomb tablet.

I think my favorite superhero might have to be Iron Man. Tony Stark is such a boss. Who’s your favorite?

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Via: ComiXology

  • Inous

    Iron man is my fav as well

  • Anonymous


  • Cuzelectric

    Wolverine!  He is pure animosity!

  • It really sucks that I can’t log in with the same username that I use for both ComiXology and DC. I would like to be able to sync the comics I’ve purchased from there.

  • It’s all about Kirkman’s Invincible! (And Crossed is pretty sick too [like, really sick])

  • tomNasty


  • I would have to agree.  Iron Man is pretty damn good

  • Holisk

    Warning if you have Marvel digital subscription, it doesn’t work yet. 

  • Alexander Garcia


  • Wolverine: Want some bub?

  • The Incredible Droid

    Make mine Cap!

  • JP

    The Hypno-Hustler, baby!

  • Guest

    The Hypno-Hustler, baby!

  • I can’t freaking wait for the Avengers movie.

  • Androidman

    Wolverine he’s practically invincible, he ages slowly, and he doesn’t take any crap.

  • Quailman.

  • Dr. Buttballs

    Not a Marvel character, but mine is Spawn. DEAL WITH IT.

    • Nick S

      +1 because Todd McFarlane is the man.

  • welcome to the party, pal

  • Jake

    What’s the difference between this and the regular ComiXology app? Arent’ Marvel, DC, and the other companies that ComiXology carries in the regular app?

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Does anyone know if this app works with the Marvel unlimited monthly subscription plan?

  • Mike Jones


  • Spider-man FTW.  Geeky kid turns hero.  Now if only he was in marching band…

    • Mak’nTosh

      You a band geek, bro?

  • Nate Surber

    Batman all the way.  Even named my son Kane as tribute. Yes mega-geek here!  

    • Mctypething

      You named your son after a comic book character? That sounds normal.

      • Nate Surber

        Um, Bob Kane, the creator of Batman.  The same one that has been mentioned in the Galaxy Nexus poem regarding the Nov. 3rd date.

    • Jason Purp

      Poor kid

      • Nate Surber

        No way dude.  Bruce Wayne was totally loaded.  When his parents were killed they left him like a bazillion bucks.

  • Derek Stiles

    Holy cow! It’s about freaking time!

  • I’m mostly a Marvel guy but, as you may have guessed, Batman is my fav.

    • Mctypething

      we didn’t guess, bro

    • JP

      Apart from the avatar, I might have guessed Ben Reilly…

      • Nick S

        lol Ben Reilly – I was a Spider-man fan before the “Clone Saga” story arc.

  • Nerds

    • Nate Surber

      We prefer the term Geek.

      • Some Random Dude

        we prefer the term Genius

      • Anonymous

        Are you kidding me? Nerd is a MUCH better term than geek. Nerd implies intelligence. Geek just implies being a social outcast. Plus, sounds too much like “gleek”.

        • Nate Surber

          The fact that you referenced the term “gleek” renders any of your input null and void.

          • +100

          • Anonymous

            That statement can be applied to your own comment.

            You just created a paradox.

          • Nate Surber