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Massive Samsung Galaxy Nexus Leak, Video and Much Much More

While you were dreaming about sugar plum fairies a Romanian tech site was busy posting a video about the coveted Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Interestingly enough, they refer to the phone as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime. Nonetheless, the 1:28 video is clean and for once not a blurry-cam, this looks to be the real deal folks.

Ice Cream Sandwich looks slick and as expected an evolution of Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The tech site is reporting that the device is running a TI OMAP 4460 dual-core 1.2GHz Cortex A9 processor with 1GB RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, a 5-megapixel rear shooter that can shoot 1080p and a 1.3 front facing camera. The 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD screen has a 1280×720 resolution, and of course this baby is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. These specs are identical to the ones reported yesterday from BGR, and confirmed by our overlord Kellex.

When you get this kind of news right when you wake up, you know you will be having a good day.

YouTube Preview Image

Via: Mobilissimo, Gadget.ro


    The guy was having a hard time pressing the app drawer and home buttons because he was probably right handed, but using his left hand to try and press those buttons, while holding a video camera with his right hand. Give him and the phone a break. It’ll be fine. Plus, the phone isn’t too big. If you want a small screen, buy the iphone. ; )

  • Deejay

    Wow. Never thought android could rape apple this bad. O.O

    • BTGGTR1

      Deejay, I think it’s the other way around. Apple is adopting Android ideas, in case you don’t realize that cloud based storage, dual core processors, and 8MP cameras have been Android ideas. Apple is trying to play catch up to Android. Get your facts straight, and have fun with the iphone 4S and it’s little screen, and hey, don’t set it next to the iphone 4, you might get the two confused, since it looks exactly the same. ; ) 

      • I’m pretty sure he wasn’t implying that Android was copying off of Apple. I think what he was saying was that Android just bent Apple over and showed them who’s boss. Which is what he meant by “raping” them.

  • Anonymous

    so fkin pumped…

  • Anonymous

    Do we know anymore about how the Prime will compare the Vigor?

  • Thechaostheory

    This phone is ugly as hell. NO THANKS!

  • Anonymous

    i think im going to sell my arm for this phone. but i feel that might be counter productive

  • am i the only one who noticed the model number is “tuna”

  • Brimssm

    Sorry, I was referring to the new bootloader video with the lockscreen

  • Comeon

    With all these supposed “inside sources” around, could we please get someone to ask if there are, in fact, two separate devices?

  • Guesty

    Home Button Fail.

  • Brett Burns

    When he turns the screen off toward the end, is that not the wrong side? From the side view, it just looks like it would be on the other side.

  • Yeah seriously….Can a non retard get their hands on one of these and make a video.  The only thing that video did was make me angry. I know this is small but I can’t understand somethings.  Why is the phone icon beveled?  and cheaply I might add.  Also why hasn’t google made 1 percent battery increments standard in the notification bar.  Maybe put the clock in the middle like miui.  I dunno maybe I’m just crying cause i’m upset about the delay.

    • Eric

      I was thinking the same thing. Why is it everyone who gets their hands on these devices seems to have no clue how to use them. lets try hitting back icon on the home page a few more times. Maybe it will do something different the 5th time.. UGH

  • tjmonkey15

    Cannot wait for this phone.

  • Some Random Dude

    you know what they say about big phones .. 😉

    • tjmonkey15

      Something about big hands, right?

  • Anonymous

    So how do you bring up the menu? O____o

    • Some Random Dude

       with your mind :O

  • Anonymous

    anyone noticed no more menu button?

    • Anonymous

      In Honeycomb, the menu button only shows up when its required by the app.

  • Anonymous

    im really liking the new look for android. it looks completely different from the last time ICS leaked.

  • Sockid

    The name doesn’t really surprise me but c’mon –‘Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime’– ??

    I was joking in my other post about the Droid Galaxy Nexus Prime by Samsung but may not be far off………..

  • Anonymous

    I love the bigger screens. The whole point is to find the sweet spot between phone and tablet(Gingerbread/Honeycomb=Ice Cream Sandwich). 4.3″ is the new 3.7 and 4.5/4.65 is going to be more common than you think. How can you really enjoy gaming or media on 4″ screen or smaller. It just doesn’t cut it in my book. 

  • J Dub

    It’s called a tripod. Also, I realize you don’t really want to talk on a unreleased device video, but some written notes would be nice.

  • Stormin Norman

    To make typing better/easier, you could use an app like Thumb Keyboard in which you have the ability to resize the keyboard and position it to one side or the other.  Rule the machine, don’t let it rule you.

  • Missthetrain

    If you’re going to copy somebody, copy Moto and not Apple. Reduce the f#$%king bezel…please. It makes it look like a V Tech toy.

    • My only complaint so far.  I hate bezels.

    • Anonymous

      seriously…the screen is already huge, i cant imagine how tall this phone will be in person. i think that may be the reason i dont get this phone.

  • meh

  • Anonymous

    I love the static search bar!

  • Mps623

    I say that this is nexus s 4G with a rom…
    notice how he is  care on not to show anything but the front of the phone

    • um notice how there are no captive buttons on the front?

      and when they are are on the display there are only 3 of them and when pressed they light up blue around them?

      • Mps623

        that is very easy to edit or cover up

  • blind

    I love the larger screen. As I get older which we all will, my eyes get worse. The large screen US a God send. All that a side that will be it. Might as Well carry a tablet and stick it next to your head


    You know what they say about people with small hands…

    Small feet.

  • Tfelty0
  • i love the size of the droid inc.. i think phones are getting to big.. not necessary ..

    • Anonymous

      The Inc 2 is a very nice phone. But I enjoy working with a larger screen. 

      It used to be computer monitors were all 15 inches. Now they are all in the 20’s. “of course you don’t have to carry them around in your pocket” 🙂

  • Garrett

    I’ve never had a hard time controlling phones with screens that size. Maybe you’re just holding it wrong. 😛 bahaha

  • derek connolly

    I think it looks amazing the phone and ICS, i’m very excited.

  • Trombone Dixie

    It looks like a combination of small hands and being lost with ICS. Reminds me of how I was the day I bought my first Android.

    Also the phone is receiving updates daily. I imagine there are still a kinks that need to be worked out. It’s not like the phone is going to be released the day after the announcement.

  • Joe Contois


  • So, we got Ice Cream Sandwich running on Tuna.

  • Tfelty0

    This looks a heck of a lot more like a Samsung phone (fascinate) than it does a nexus phone.  Don’t like that at all.  Also, in that video if that truly is a 4.65 inch screen, and it does have all the extra dead black space around it, the dimensions of this phone will be massive.  Wow…..I was pumped about it yesterday, but after seeing this video, it just might be way to big.  Guess we will have to wait and see.  Keeping my fingers crossed, this is not the phone.

  • David Bice

    Where is the search button?  I use it a lot for voice commands.

    • Stormin Norman

      There is a static search bar at the top of the home screens.  I would venture to guess you may be able to customize the ‘navigation’ buttons at the bottom to include the search button (vs. just the search bar).

  • Brandon Dellos

    Just for the record, I don’t think this will be the phone we see at verizon…

    • Nope, they are going to load it with our favorite apps! Blockbuster, Amazon MP3, City ID, Madden 2012, NFS Shift, Vcast Media Manager, and the best part….you can’t uninstall them!

  • Dannyborst

    Looks so nice!

  • Lopezb1331

    I love big phones. This phone looks perfect for my paws lol

  • Nnbadboy

    Did anyone else notice that he used his thumb to turn the phone back on. From the video that Samsung posted the power button is at the top right of the phone. Just a thought. And then mockup posted yesterday has the phone flipped also. Hmmmm

    • Could just be using his thumb for leverage to push the button on the other side.

      • Gim2much

        No, his thumb is the only finger that moves prior to locking the phone. I don’t think that they would play with the lock button location and put out a teaser video that clearly shows it on one side, unless this video is of an older build of the phone. Either way, there are key differences and this guy does not turn the phone to confirm it.

    • Gim2much

      I’ve been commenting on that difference. It’s not the same phone. Droid Life might not notice it, but I think it’s the Galaxy Nexus vs. the Nexus Prime vs. the Galaxy Prime. There’s more than one model out there.

  • Angelrod111

    I think it all depends on how big your hands are.  This screen size will separate the men from the boys.

    • Tfelty0

      I wouldn’t mind having a 4.65 screen if there wasn’t so much dead space around it.  Gonna make it too big for practicality purposes. 

  • Trombone Dixie

    Im glad I have big hands. 🙂

  • Whatever

    Can anyone explain the “No SIM Card” on the lockscreen? Why would it say that if this is the Verizon-exclusive Galaxy Nexus?

    • iawlael

      4g lte?

    • Rphillipps16

      LTE phones have SIM cards

    • Anonymous

      That’s because this ISN’T The phone meant for Verizon. This came out from ROMANIA, a European Country. Look at the baseband, and you’ll see GT-i9250, the same codename for the GSM Nexus phone that passed through the US recently. That’s why it says: ‘Missing SIM card’. This is the phone with the weaker specs: 1.2GHz SGX540. The SCH-i515 is the phone headed to Verizon. This SCH-i515 version is the phone with the specs reported in GSMArena: 1.5GHz Exynos with the SGX543M2. Think about this and it’ll make sense.

      • Interstellarmind

        dude. i’m totally praying that you’re right.

      • Bigups

        Now that’s interesting.

    • Juhs

      Because LTE devices use a SIM card…

  • Anonymous

    anyone else notice it said the model number was tuna?

  • … Anyone notice the updated Google+ widget, or was I seeing things?

  • Anonymous

    More leaks before launch please.  The talented devs will design launchers and roms based on the leaks and I can have the equivalent of “soy” ice cream while I wait.

  • Anonymous

    The Version demonstrated here on this leak is the GT-I9250, just look at the Baseband string. This is the GSM/Internanation/Non-Verizon Version. THIS is the reference TIP OMAP device. This is NOT the SCH-i515 that Verizon will be getting. The SCH-i515 is the BEEFED up version with 1.5GHz Exynos and 8MP Camera. Think about that for a bit.

    • Gim2much

      I agree. I think this phone is definitely different from the phone that we saw in the Samsung teaser, hence the less curvy figure and the different lock button location.

    • Anonymous

      who gets the exynos? Verizon or not? my og d1 needs a successor, and I want the exynos version.

  • jonathan caruso

    can anyone tell where the screen ends and the bezel begins on the above picture? It almost looks like the glass from the screen extends all the way to the bottom, but that part of the screen isn’t use?

  • Igotgame

    Guys something doesn’t look right here…we saw a brief glimpse of the new “Nexus Galaxy” when the guy showed us the 720p resolution.  Now we see the new image from the Romanian site, but look at the difference shown in these 2 images.

    • EC8CH

      good catch, but who’s to say they haven’t just been playing around with the look of the icons between builds.

      everything else matches up… ie the perimeter and shape of the phone

    • jonathan caruso

      i believe a lot of reports were calling the tiny bottom left corner pic a fake.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    what is with the HUGE black dead space bezel area below the screen and home/back “buttons”?

    • EC8CH

      area for the mic?

    • viewthis66

      i don’t know but i don’t like it… if that’s part of the screen maybe a custom launcher like Go will do away with it… if it’s part of the physical phone i don’t see how that screen is 4.6″ either… O_o