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Massive Samsung Galaxy Nexus Leak, Video and Much Much More

While you were dreaming about sugar plum fairies a Romanian tech site was busy posting a video about the coveted Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Interestingly enough, they refer to the phone as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Prime. Nonetheless, the 1:28 video is clean and for once not a blurry-cam, this looks to be the real deal folks.

Ice Cream Sandwich looks slick and as expected an evolution of Android 3.0 Honeycomb. The tech site is reporting that the device is running a TI OMAP 4460 dual-core 1.2GHz Cortex A9 processor with 1GB RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, a 5-megapixel rear shooter that can shoot 1080p and a 1.3 front facing camera. The 4.65-inch Super AMOLED HD screen has a 1280×720 resolution, and of course this baby is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. These specs are identical to the ones reported yesterday from BGR, and confirmed by our overlord Kellex.

When you get this kind of news right when you wake up, you know you will be having a good day.

YouTube Preview Image

Via: Mobilissimo, Gadget.ro

  • Anonymous

    Unless his hands are massive, the device size looks surprisingly reasonable.

    • Anonymous

      The home, menu, etc buttons are part of the screen so that makes a difference.

      • Anonymous

        I know. Even with that, it still looks smaller than I expected it to. With all these pics and videos, you would think that someone would measure the damn thing already!

  • Gim2much

    I repeat, if this is the “real deal,” why is it that the lock button from the Samsung/ Google video is on the upper right or bottom left??? This phone’s lock button is on the upper left side…looks like 1 of those bumb Motorola phones for AT&T running ICS or a Rom (no offense). That’s why he never turns the phone.

    • If you actually watch the video, he has all four fingers on the side of the phone with his thumb on the opposite side for support when he turns the phone off to show the lockscreen. 1:11 into the video.

      That shows that the lock button is in the same place as the samsung render.

      • Gim2much

        Yes take a look again. He clearly locks the phone with his thumb, which is on the upper left side and is opposite from the Samsung render. I looked at this multiple times before commenting.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    So clearly all the rumored “correct” specs from “a more trusted source” yesterday were bunk and the original specs are more correct.. i.e., the 1.2 not 1.5 dual processor and 5 mp cam not 8, etc.

    • I had a theory yesterday that the bgr specs were the real deal. Then someone from “google” comes out with different specs to stir up some confusion, and it worked.

  • is it me or is the lag time  from unlock-direct-to-camera rather long.  Why does it need to go to the home screen first then to the camera.  Why not just make the long screen a new  “launcher” and launch the camera directly.  Maybe its just me being pessimistic.

  • Jack

    Consider the fact that the Galaxy Nexus and the Samsung Prime — that is, not a *Nexus* Prime, but a *Samsung* Prime — might be two different phones, not both of them being Nexus phones. So far know, IIRC, all of the listings of the word ‘Prime’ have been listed as *SAMSUNG* Prime, not *NEXUS* Prime.

  • Some Random Dude

    *Shrieks like a little girl*

  • Anonymous

    I don’t like the bottom of that phone.  Seems like it’s got a solid inch of wasted space, making it too big.  IMO, with a 4.5 or 4.65 screen, the build should leave as little space as possible surrounding the screen.  What are the the total dimensions of this phone?  And are the soft keys considered as part of the screen, or in addition to the 4.65?

    • Anonymous

      Same thing with the top actually… Looks like a lot of wasted space all the way around.

  • Blewis

    I am hesistant to think that this is the same phone that we saw earlier this week.  If you look at the top of the phone on the side view shot from earlier this week, it looks to be rounded, where as this phone looks to have a very distinct edge with the outside chasis.

  • Did anyone else notice the clock in the task bar seems dynamic now??? Notice when the phone is in the lockscreen mode, the taskbar clock is gone…

  • Roshan John

    1) y did the midget not turn the phone sideways?! I wanted to see  the profile in person!
    2) i will lose it if this thing is delayed like past next week. 

  • Also, why do some of these early video leaks come from people that don’t know how to operate the focus on a camera and seem to be mentally challenged when it comes to moving around in the Android OS? How do these monkeys get these early devices lolz

  • MikeyBotz

    Only 27% battery life and this was just posted this morning!

  • Anonymous

    Model number= tuna wonder where you got these from cough p3droid cough. I mean he has been talking about that various name for awhile on his twitter.

  • Anyone else notice they make a point to zoom on the fact that if you unlock the phone and go to the camera that the touch buttons do not light up.  Maybe that is the bug.  The softkeys are hosed up.

    • he was showing that the buttons are not there, and the camera takes up the whole screen

  • Anonymous

    Well looks like we have to wait awhile now since the announcement was cancelled. Whats new.

  • EC8CH

    Where did all the screenshot pics come from???

  • Anonymous

    I have been thinking about this phone way too much.  I had a dream that it came out and was so amazing that in order to compete apple announced a phone made of microfiber that you could roll up like a newspaper.  I don’t know why you would want that, but it was a dream.

  • Samsung + Google = Prick Teases

  • George Fayad

    either he can’t touch the buttons properly, or there’s an issue with the touch screen’s response…

  • Tyler

    The phone is clearly too big for the guy’s hands. He has a hard time controlling it. He has to contort his hand or keep adjusting his grip. Would have been nice if this thing wasn’t a brick.

    • maybe he’s not a lefty and its awkward? 

      • Anonymous

        I think that’s exactly the case. Plus he was working a cam with the other hand.

    • EC8CH

      The guys was holding a camera so he could only use one hand, but I almost always use two hand when using my phone. 

      • Abjit

        For me, if I have to use 2 hands to control a phone in portrait mode then it’s too big.

        • EC8CH

          what are you doing with your other hand?

          • Abjit

            Holding my coffee, ultraportable, paperwork, chocolate bar, sandwich, paper notebook, picking my nose or many other things that’s not what you’re thinking about.

          • EC8CH

            Honest question…. I don’t know what you’re insinuating.

            Maybe someone will come out with an accessory thumb extender for improved one handed operation on larger phones?

          • TJ Egan

            the day I need to put a thumb extender on my hand to reach across my phone is the day I take a long, hard look at myself in the mirror

          • Tony

            Anybody else notice the phone lagging? He had to swipe and push buttons several times to get it to do something. That is my biggest grip with my Droid. Seriously thinking of going to the iphone. All my friends iphones are very responsive but my Droid does more.

          • IntlGrizzly

            When he was swiping and there was no reaction on the phone it was because he was at the end of the home screens. If you look closely you can see animation showing that. I also noticed him pressing the back button when there was clearly no function at that time that the back button was needed for, so nothing happened. I saw ZERO lag on that video. It was unbelievably smooth.  

          • Jason

            Agreed, seemed more like he didn’t know what he was doing with more than the phone was lagging. Seemed pretty smooth to me when he got it right

          • Mike Majewski

            Which makes you wonder…why do people that have no clue what they’re doing always end up with these leaks?

          • EC8CH

            imagine the whole world standing over your shoulder while you’re taking a leak…

            might take you awhile to get a steady stream going as well 😛

    • TJ Egan

      Maybe he just has tiny hands


      • Anonymous

        Yeah the phone doesn’t seem that much larger than the nexus s. I just think he has small hands thats why it looks so big.

        • Anonymous

          That’s what I was thinking…. 

        • Taylor Davis

          I am 6’5″ with huge hands and I have to adjust to use the SGSIIE4GT comfortably. His hand is to small AND the screen is to large.  4″ was perfect but at the rate phones are going 4.3″+ is the new 3.7″. 

           I am happy with it though because I am huge and the SGSIIE4GT doesn’t looks so massive around me!

          • Leroy

            Thank you for this. For all the people making the stupid “small hand” joke, stop denying that you’re not awkwardly controlling your 4.3″ inch phones.

          • Anonymous

            never had an issue controlling my DX. 5’6” 160 with not so big hands.

          • Anonymous

            Just saying. Height and weight does not affect hand sizes. The same can be said about other places as well.

          • There is a strong correlation.  Don’t be silly

          • tjmonkey15

            Though correlation does not mean causation, I think it’s safe to say that larger people tend to have larger hands and vice versa. 

          • Anonymous

            you’re an idiot.. a droid x is millimeters larger than an iphone because there is almost no bezel on a DX.. I hold a DX better than my iphone actually because I don’t have to bend my fingers up as much


          • Mralexdsmith

            I could see above maybe, but i can barely care to use an Dinc or Iphone after using the 4.3 screen on my T-bolt. Much more comfortable anyone who doesnt have baby hands.

          • Anonymous

            I am huge too, but we don’t want to get off topic or make the ladies blush.

      • Anonymous

        Like +10000

      • Anonymous

        He may have tiny hands, but that is the longest post knuckle thumb I have ever seen!  It’s as long as the first half of his thumb!!!

    • AJSmith

      I agree, the phone is too big just like the rest of Verizon’s 4.3+ inch screen phones. Doesn’t matter how thin it is.

    • Anonymous

      Romanians are known for having small hands…

      • T4f5


        • Anonymous


          • Lastow

            That’s what racist and prejudice people say and apparently there are a lot of them here judging buy how many likes Mike91270 and you have.

          • Lol

            god damn it was just a joke, shut the hell up.  It’s politcally correct people like you who can’t take a little joke that are ruining things for the rest of us. 

          • EC8CH


            An really, do you honestly believe that comment was made to spite the Romanian people?

            Everyone loves Romanians… they taste like butterscotch.

          • Anonymous

            Dang Democrats

          • Anonymous

            You’re so stupid… tell me Mayans were big like Samoans, too… 

      • Anonymous

        Small hands, big phone!

    • Psychohellcat

      You fellas must have some pretty tiny hands. I have a 4.3 inch screen I am 170 pounds 6 foot 1 and have no problems. I just wish they would release the galaxy note. The conference will be worthless without the galaxy prime release.

      • EC8CH


        The “it’s too big” complaint is going to be a common complaint used to justify the small size of the i*hone.

        Good thing about Android… if it is truly too big for you, you have lots of choices for smaller phones!

        • Regza

          Too bad the smaller phones are crap. At least on Verizon.

          • EC8CH

            How small of a phone do you need.  The Dinc 2 is a nice phone with a 4″ display.

          • Tegal

            If the Nexus comes out to have the same specs as the Dinc 2 except with a 4.65 inch screen would you buy it? I wouldn’t. Seems like all new high end Android devices are only targeting customers who want big phones.

          • EC8CH

            I think that’s because the market has indicated a demand for big phones 😉

          • Anonymous


          • EC8CH

            …regardless of what the apple fanboys may say

          • Saks

            Nobody was talking about the i*hone being a good sized phone. I want a good sized Android phone and Verizon currently and possibly will have none.

        • Anonymous

          Exactly, or for people who need to convince themselves out of buying a new phone.

      • Danny

        Im 5’5 140 with tiny hands, and I dont have a problem with any 4.3″ screen’d phone. I love my bionic.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      he is right handed holding cam with right hand and trying to work phone with less dominant left he would never regularly use to manipulate a phone but has to to hold the cam

    • Pat

      Ya, I’m really getting tired of how how the high end Android phones are getting bigger and bigger.

      • Dan

        You won’t be disappointed with the 4.65-inch screen. When using a GSIIET4G compared to the Droid X the Epic Touch felt more comfortable in my hands. Samsung has managed to include these massive screens without going over board on the other dimensions of their phones.  

      • Henry Evetts

        I’m not. I love it. But if we get to 5in screens that would be the cut off

    • Anonymous

      I have a Droid X and I hate it’s form factor. 4.3 is perfect on a phone like the Thunderbolt where it’s made to fit easily in the palm without requiring any readjustment. The Droid X on the other hand is like a retarded long brick. 

      Companies have taken the whole “bigger is better” idea too literally. 

    • Anonymous

      Thinly veiled sarcasm, I hope.

    • Anonymous

      It’s because he’s using his left hand when he’s clearly not left handed.  You can tell by how awkward he uses his thumb to hit the home key, he misses it a few times. That’s a sign of using your opposite hand.

    • Anonymous

      He is also just trying to hold it in a way where you can see everything he is doing without his hand getting in the way. I think that accounts for some of the awkwardness

    • Anonymous

      It might be that he has small hands or….the guy is right handed and chose to use his left like an idiot. I noticed what you did too. Bugged me for some reason.

  • “When you get this kind of news right when you wake up, you know you will be having a good day.”

    Allow me to ruin it for you:  Samsung and Google postpone ICS and Galaxy Nexus:


    Sick of this shi*


      DROID LIFE, what up…the event has been canceled..check the blogosphere…you guys are behind the times!!


    • Anonymous

      Gotta wait no more event tues

  • thought the lock button was on the side?

    • GotSka81

      If you watch carefully when he locks the screen he uses his index finger and squeezes.  He just has an odd grip.

  • Anonymous

    Stupid question: galaxy nexus = nexus prime?

  • Anonymous

    I have to say that phone does look really long.  Bigger screen and as much or more bezel space than my DX at top/bottom.  Doubt it’ll be a problem but now more eagerly awaiting a true hands on.

  • THIS IS MY NEXT PHONE HANDS DOWN. All other comments are meaningless.

  • Dream

    That is one Awesome Piece of Tech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EC8CH

    I think it’s awesome how they got rid of the search button on the bottom and lock to Google search bar to the homescreens instead.

  • G.I.Ceo

    Oh yeah this is definitely my next phone.  I will wait I have no problem with that. And total props to the respect of Steve Jobs. As much as I don’t like Apple you can’t deny what the man has done for the tech world.

  • Anonymous

    Looks sweet, guess we’ll know in another few weeks.

  • Gim2much

    If this is the “real deal,” why is it that the lock button from the Samsung/ Google video is on the upper right or bottom left??? This phone’s lock button is on the upper left side…

    • Good eyes!!!

    • iawlael

      it’s not, he used his index, unless he briefly grew his thumb

  • JD

    Regarding event cancellation:
    Think about it logically. It is a mix of respect and business. Steve Jobs funeral will probably be in the next week or so. Google executives will most likely be in attendance. In order to ensure their availability for the funeral they have postponed the launch of ICS and the Nexus Prime. 

  • Tirsun25

    Is it this the new Android ICS ? Is very Ugly for me , I expected more from Google, IOS 5 looks a lot better than this, I’m very disappointed , Android has to do better. Note: I’m not an Apple fan.

    • DroidzFX

      Sure you are. You just haven’t came out of the closet yet.

    • WOW!! It is really really responsive. LOL

      • EC8CH

        WOW!! The i*hone 4S was really really updated. LOL

        Have fun with that tiny flat glass brick.

        We’ll all be enjoying this big curvy metal monster.

        • I just got my iphone in feburary so i am content waiting for the iphone 5. regardless i would never buy a phone that big. i suppose its personal preference but i prefer a smaller phone when i carry it in my pocket all day long. you keep yours in your purse so for you i can understand if that’s not really a concern for you.

          • EC8CH

            It’s a satchel and Indian Jones carried one!

            You’re right… I prefer a bigger screen and LTE.

            Maybe if you wait long enough *pple will grant you with the ability to choose that too.

          • Haha. man purse! LTE will be nice but right now with the lack of battery life and the fact that I am on wifi about 90% of my day, LTE just isn’t a make or break feature. Free text and photos with iMessage, seamless document sync between my MacBook and iPhone with iCloud, the revolutionary swipe down notification center :), video calls that actually work, iTunes, largest and highest quality selection of 3rd party Apps, 2 days worth of battery life and beautiful glass and metal design. Now those are features which interest me. The only thing i will give Android is superior Google Maps with turn by turn. Choice for the sake of choice means nothing to me. 

            p.s. to the guy who will ask “u mad bro?”  yes i am furious

          • EC8CH

            I’ve never said the i*hone isn’t a great phone for some people, that’s why I don’t troll *pple blogs.

            What are you doing here again???

          • trolling obviously. was that a rhetorical question?

          • Go Away J Bernard

            You are such a sad individual, Bernard.  You really need to get a life.

          • as long as people make profiles containing my name i will stay. i am flattered!

          • Relyks

            You serious with the ‘revolutionary swipe down notification center?’ android has had that from day 1, but google doesnt cry and suit everyone cuz they cant innovate, they do what they want. google+ makes everything seamless and video calls DO work so thats also false. the only thing high quality about the apps is that they look nicer, android has all the same exact apps or alternate versions that do the same thing. the only thing i’ll give is battery life cuz 2 days would be awesome, but with everything that the android can do all at the same time cuz its actually a SMARTphone, its understandable that the battery actually drains

          • Anonymous

            Did you get that fruit logo tattoo on your face yet? Btw, isn’t it time for your daily prayers to the lord our savior Stevo the great?

    • OG Droid

      Your ugly

    • Like everything in the tech world:

      If you want something that looks nice, buy Apple
      If you want something that has actual real world use, buy something else (In this case Android, or even WP7)

      • I thought real world use for a smartphone was making calls, checking facebook and email, looking up information on the internet. Pretty sure my iPhone does all that. Also, thanks for admitting Apple makes superior looking phones. 

      • Jessie Sumner

        Windows Phone 7 has a nice look to it.

    • Anonymous

      Better than what you have.

  • SherlockHomie

    Slight disappointed with the specs. I was expecting at LEAST the Galaxy S2 specs. Still, a worthy upgrade over everything else.

  • Anonymous

    I CANT effin believe this richard did not flippity flip the phone around and show ANY other freaking angles of that sexy mofo!  Commmmmme-onnnnnnnn!  Leave the screen flat the whole time, really??  Ugh

    • Nate Surber

      I know!  People in my office were asking me why I kept yelling “Flip it over!!!” 

  • EC8CH

    Nexus Kellexus Confirmed.

  • Camjcb

    Google and Samsung may have postponed the announcement out of respect for Steve Jobs. When is his funeral?

    • Anonymous

      I think they said his funeral is Tuesday

  • Anonymous

    The anticipation is palpable but I completely agree with Samsung and Google for the delay in respect to Job’s funeral.

    • Nate Surber

      Respect for his funeral, or they don’t want the news of their product release to be buried in a pile of funeral coverage?

  • Bewara2009

    All I have to say is oh my god someone please wake me up from this dream!

  •  After seeing the Real Racing 2 demo for the new iPhone 4s, I really hope Android shows off some amazing games for this phone.  We have an actual HD screen to go along with a very capable dual core cpu, so let’s see what it can really do for games please!

  • Anonymous

    Repeat post nevermind lol.

    • Anonymous

      No it is not pentile and yes it has a SD slot (and 32gig built in)

      • Anonymous

        Thank you. Now if you excuse me I’m going to eat an Ron Swanson… which is a turkey leg with bacon wrapped around it.

      • Anonymous

        Not at all true.

    • Balthazar B

      At 1280×720, do you *really* care? Can you actually see pixels that are microscopically small?

  • Anonymous

    Is the screen pentile or not? Also does this have an micro SD slot? These two things are the big deal breakers for me.

    • Sp4rxx

      You obviously didn’t read the article.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it’s pentile and no it most likely does not have an sdcard slot (though it could end up with one).

  • Anonymous

    I am slightly annoyed at the prospect of Verizon getting the lesser of the two Nexus phones. I understand it will still be an incredible phone. I just wish it was not going to be trumped in another month or two by the SAME phone with just better specs on all the other carriers. Dont lecture to me about how every phone becomes outdated, there is always a better phone on the horizon, etc. I just feel like Verizon is skimping on this by somehow allowing a lesser version of the same phone that other carriers will get.

    • Kris Brandt

      These phones are only going to be marginally be better than the last.  Right now, it’s a huge jump from the OGD to this phone (2x the speed, 4x the memory).  After the Galaxy Nexus, does it really matter to hold out for 2-4 months on a phone that is .3 Ghz “faster” ?  The difference is marginal.  Just bite the bullet and be happy that this phone is Vanilla ICS.

      • Anonymous

        Agree with everything you said, still slightly annoyed…

      • Anonymous

        look past the numbers. Its a better processor(not just faster, which .3ghz is really not much faster), a waay better GPU, better camera, and a way bigger battery. (1750 mAh vs 2050 mAh)

        • Kris Brandt

          Maybe for your “needs” you would rather wait it out.  For me, I don’t do much portable gaming on my phone so the GPU is kinda moot.  An 8 MP camera does not equate to better pictures.  There is plenty of evidence for that argument.  And just because it has a bigger battery doesn’t mean I will utilize it all.  I am almost always near an area where my phone can be charged while I’m using it (car, work, home) and I am very good at micromanaging my power consumption.

  • Tdogandrus

    Today is a good day!

  • Mikehen08


  • This appears to be the phone I have been waiting for….

  • Welp supposed the event for Tuesday was cancelled so we will see what happens! 

  • Anonymous

    That good news has been ruined. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13506_3-20117161-17/samsung-google-postpone-galaxy-nexus-launch/

    • EC8CH
      • Anonymous

        It doesn’t make sense, since yesterday the android developers youtube site was setup. Something must have happened when this A) video and screen shots we’re leaked out or B) There was a bug, and it’s not ready to be introduced, 

        • Anonymous

          C) Steve Jobs died and the higher ups involved in the launch will probably be at the funeral.

          • Anonymous

            I saw that on a few sites, but no one has confirmed when his funeral is. 

          • Mctypething

            u mad bro?

        • Mctypething

          you mad bro?

          • Anonymous

            Yes this time I’m mad bro… 🙂  Yesterday I was set on my new Galaxy Nexus for next month.  I even changed my Avatar in anticipation. 6 months I will not wait…..  The Vigor was said to compare very well anyway, so I may end up shifting in this direction.

          • Roshan John

            hoa whoa whoa… who said anything about 6 months brooooo!? don’t toy with my emotions

          • Anonymous

            Don’t give in to the temptation.  I regret jumping at the Bionic and wasting one of my 3 upgrades.  (Although used Bionics are selling very well on eBay)  A delay wouldn’t hurt me.  I need the time to get my Bionic, Thunderbolt and Droid Inc sold so I can double fist that ice-y creamy goodness.  Any takers? 😀

          • Anonymous

            LOL I hear you but patience for these phones is a shortcoming of mine.

            Kinda like it is for you too 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I doubt it’s a real delay.  Maybe Job’s funeral is on Mon/Tues and a few of them want to attend.

      Or they realized they need an 8MP camera regardless if the 5 is good enough to win over the GeeBee and WiFi’s crowd.

      • Sp4rxx

        If that were true, most if not all of CTIA would be cancelled or postponed.  It’s probably bug related.

        • Anonymous

          Equally as likely, just guessing.  It would be nice if the delay was to update the specs of the phone to be released from the original ones to the newly leaked ones.

          • I think this is a ploy.  I agree with the above that CTIA is nearly worthless without this.  Maybe CNET didn’t get enough press passes and they are hoping some people will turn theirs in now.

    • Andrew

      Ah yes, the delays begin! Should be out by around the middle of next year based on verizons previous track record.

    • OG Droid

      It seems like its always something…….Damn it!!

    • Kris Brandt

      The article says that the unveiling of the device has been delayed.  I highly doubt it would affect the rumored Oct 27th launch date.  

      • Anonymous

        Yea, but who doesn’t want to see them announce it?

    • Anonymous

      Or they need an SD CARD SLOT! I don’t understand how they could leave this one out.


    • Anonymous

      I wake up to read this?  Son OF A….   Yesterday I went and changed my Avatar to reflect my new Galaxy Nexus phone. 

      For me this may change things. I will not wait 6 months for this phone. The Vigor may start to look better and better.

  • AcMonster

    But on a sad note, Google and Samsung have delayed their announcement.  Any insider news on this Kellex?

    • Anonymous

      They’re saying it’s not the right time in their releases. Probably out of respect for Steve Jobs? Maybe the funeral is Tuesday.

      • AcMonster

        Good Point.  Didn’t even think about that.

      • Anonymous

        Correct. Initial reports say the funeral is Tuesday. However it’s only the announcement that’s delayed, not the release date…

        • EC8CH

          Maybe they realized they need a bigger venue?
          One with enough room for a massive cage to hold back this monster.

          • Anonymous

            Let’s not go overboard…

  • Anonymous

    Except the announcement for next Tuesday is postponed. Might want to mention that…