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Samsung Nexus Prime Receives WiFi Certification

The Samsung GT-I9250 aka the Nexus Prime, received its WiFi certification today, meaning nothing more than that it exists and could be on schedule for a late fall, early winter release.  Rumored to have a an HD (1280×720) screen measuring in at around 4.5″ (possibly 4.65″) while sporting a next-gen 1.5GHz dual-core processor, this phone can easily be called the “must have” Android phone of 2011 for any mobile enthusiast.  It is expected (rumored) to be headed to Verizon and also as the first device to run Ice Cream Sandwich – the version of Android that will blend together the best pieces of tablets and phones.

With Big Red reportedly passing on the Galaxy S II, the Bionic receiving mixed signals from fans, and the HTC Vigor more than likely running a skinned version of Android, this may be the phone to hold out for.

Via:  Wi-Fi.org, Ameblo

  • Wow, that’s sound amazing but i read nexus prime specifications here:
    there haven’t mentioned something like this.

  • Wow, that’s sound amazing but i read nexus prime specifications here:
    there haven’t mentioned something like this.

  • Jj253

    this phone better come out next year releasing it for christmas is jus rushing it for the sake of sales like they did for the nexus s and look at how that turned out a phone thats worse than its predecessor if you dont believe me try running a nexus s rom on a nexus one nexus one runs it better than the nexus s

  • Anonymous

    If they put the 4 android buttons in the place as the D3 ill buy it

  • Anonymous

    Is either this phone or the Vigor expected to have a slide out keyboard? 

  • Anonymous

    Good move on Verizons part to not sale sgs2. If spec’s are true people will forget about that phone.

  • KNG60FT


    • Anonymous

      It’s not the RAM. They use a special filesystem made in-house for storage on the SD card. That filesystem is pretty slow. There’s numerous mods(for the droid charge) that change it over to using ext-4 and fix the lag.

  • Anonymous

    Any idea if this or the vigor will have a slide out keyboard?

  • Guest

    In for one!  Don’t f*ck this up, Verizon.

  • Sloathy

    Where does the HD fit in line with the release rumors?

  • Sirx

    So can we start bad-mouthing this phone now?  Or do we just HAVE to wait until it DOESN’T come to Verizon/gets delayed first?  I don’t quite remember how it works here ‘:-/

  • Tyczj

    will all this “headed to verizon” rumor hype about this phone, I am going to be even more pissed than I was about the galaxy s II if it also does not go to verizon

  • rrosotho

    Im definitely going to wait now!! Im excited about seeing ICECREAM on a possible 4.65′ screen. I was 100% and then 50 50 and now 20/80 on getting Bionic and after seeing Vigor and Prime is down the road to me its worth the wait. My only concern is will Verizon actually carry both phones?

  • Retrievers

    My OG got wet and Square Trade Warranty is sending me the retail price of the OG ($549.99).
    Meanwhile, I am using my old Moto E-815.  I need to decide whether to pull the trigger on a bionic or wait for the Prime…perhaps buy something on Craigslist to tide me over until the Prime is here.

  • Happy Happy Friday!  I’m so tired of this power button on my OG, I NEED more solid info like this to keep me from smashing it!

  • Fatboi

    Will be in line the first day.

  • Steenerk

    NexDroid = next Droid

  • Anonymous

    If VZW is getting the Prime, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t pass on the SGS2. 
    I say we all show up at VZW HQ in Optimus Prime outfits eating Ice Cream Sandwiches and protest until we get what we want!! 

    • That Sir…. Is a good idea!! if nothing else we got to dress up like OP and eat Ice Cream Sandwiches!!!

  • Jchammer123

    I agree 100% with the person that says Verizon needs to make this happen. I was going to get the Bionic until I saw reports and specs on this phone. I thinks it would be foolish to settle for any other upcoming phone once you see what this bad boy has! If Verizon passes on this phone too, that could be the last straw for me! I’m tired of seeing these phones that are really all the same on Verizon. Its time to show the Android lovers some real love, and what better way to do that then with a pure badass Android phone!

  • Sean Lee

    If this comes to Verizon, I am fairly certain that I will sell my Thunderbolt and drop full retail on a phone for the first time in my life.  Can you say dream phone?  DREAM PHONE!

    • Anonymous

      I am right there with you man. I was waiting for the Nexus One to come to Verizon, but got the Incredible when it was sadly cancelled. When I upgraded to the Thunderbolt from the Incredible, I knew that there would be some amazing phones coming to Verizon later in the year but I hadn’t anticipated a Nexus, if this does come out on Verizon I’m definitely going to sell my Thunderbolt and pay full retail for this.

  • Interstellarmind

    4.5″+ screen is what makes this phone really enticing to me. only thing that’ll make me pick this over vigor… well, that, and performance of cpu and camera sensor.

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  • Anonymous

    Lets face it, this phone will be revealed in January on CES, the who knows when it will be released after that.. March..?? April? You know if this a bog phone for Verizon it has yo be revealed at CES. And this is still a rumor anyway.

    • Anonymous

      You mean like all the other Nexii were?

  • Anonymous

    The nexus will light our darkest hour


  • I think its inevitable that this skill come to verizon..well I hope.

    I can understand why samsung wouldn’t want to have 2 “super phones” on the market for verizon in close proximity.

    I’d rather have the prime anyways instead of touchwiz

  • I think its inevitable that this skill come to verizon..well I hope

  • The Joker

    This will release in 2012…..book it.

  • CIFchamp24

    Exactly what I’m waiting for!

  • Anonymous

    And so it begins….

  • Anonymous

    Where did you get these specs? Pentile might make me cry

  • Anonymous

    2.4 and 5 GHz? Any other phones have this?

  • Pleasetellme

    so R we all ruling out the Bionic at this point?

  • SoWHATwhataboutIT

    nexus IS clocked up to 1.5ghz but what does that mean in real world performance? more battery drain?

    the gpu nexus prime will use an old clocked up powerVR 540 found on the gs1

    same amount of ram

    and here’s the thing with the super amoled HD- it is a higher
    resolution screen in terms of pixels but than it’s also based on pentile
    matrix. So I will reserve my judgement until I can compare it to the
    gs2 screen which uses a rgb stripe. All these pixels will require more
    power from the processors and battery.

    I really hope google
    didn’t rush ICS just so it can have an earlier launch date because than
    this could potentially be a really bad thing.

    Last thing is
    that there is NO confirmation (only RUMORS) on when the nexus prime will be launched
    and to which carrier. In my area ATnT and T-mobile suCs so if it goes
    there than I can’t get it.

  • BKM

    Let see..the Bionic was at the this stage almost 6 months ago??? Hell no, I am not waiting 3-6 more months for a phone to replace my OG Droid. I will be more than happy with the Bionic.. as far as Pentile screen goes… this is a PHONE..not my 55″ tv at home I watch Blu-Ray on…for a phone it will be fine. 

    • OG Droid

      I would love to get the prime, but to many unknowns at this point. The Bionic will get my money. I cant wait my og droid is about dead. Everyone in here thought SGS2 would be on verizon but no. I cant wait and get that kind of dissappointment. IF it comes great; I’ll sell the bionic and get the prime but not enough confimred at this point.

      • Mike

        Yup, Bionic unless the Prime or Vigor show up with some real, firm news regarding specs, release date, battery life, etc.

        I’m not going to play rumor-leak mill when I’ve already been waiting for the right phone to upgrade to for 3 months.  When a phone that meets the specs I want (which the Bionic does) comes out, if there’s nothing incredibly firm on the horizon, I’m going for it.

        So, Sammy has a chance with their big press announcement to maybe make me hold off for a bit.

    • Billyrouth2000

      In my opinion the pentile on my dx2 look fantastic

    • you’re talking about the bionic lol.

    • you’re talking about the bionic lol.

  • Guest

    The cry babies of sammy2 are so sad that they are choosing this device instead lol. The bionic will beat them all including the nexus.

    • The Observer

      Did you even look at the Nexus’ specs and compare them to the Bionic’s? The Nexus blows the Bionic out of the water.

      Whatever you’re smoking, you need to cut back.

  • Maybe google will buy out sprint and turn it into a beast network and free me from big reds tyranny =)

    • Jchammer123

      That news would absolutely make my day!

    • Jeff

      Best idea I have heard in a while….

      Someone is going to have to take the Duo-Monopoly of Verizon and AT&T down a notch and force theme to price their services more reasonably….

      • Tony Allen

        I’d be all for it, if Sprint wasn’t terrible in my area, AT&T/T-Mo are constant EDGE for at least 45 minutes in any direction. Verizon really is the only option for me.

        • Anonymous

          Mee too but I would hope Google would add LTE and expand the network if they did buy Sprint.

          • Zahhh

            wouldnt this make them very apple like?If it was exclusive carrier.

          • nah doubt it google is like the robin hood of the tech world.  steal from the greedy give to the nerds.

    • KG

      Brilliant!  Makes perfect sense.  That would complete the vertical integration of Software-Hardware-Carrier and give us a Sprint Moto Android beast of an experience!

  • Anonymous

    if this phone comes to verizon im almost positive they will preload all there vcast bloatwate garbage and ruin the stock experience

    • Anonymous

      Not if it’s a nexus. Google experience devices don’t get carrier bloat.

      • waiting

        that reason alone makes me believe that it wont hit verizon then..

        verizon is too power hungry to let a phone slip thru without getting some form restriction on it

        • Anonymous

          Xoom and iPhone being 2 exceptions of course. Which means it is possible.

          • While there is not much, there are a few uninstallable programs (Cordy, Dungeon Defense) that I am not completely against on the XOOM. Honestly, I wish you could uninstall ALL programs if you choose to do so. There is no need for (2) email clients, if you like another Calc/Calendar/ app. Or if you really dont want YouTube.

        • Brandon

          You’re probably right, which is sad.  I hope there’s some FACTS about this phone in the next few weeks.  I’d love to pass on the bionic but my OG droid is clinging to life.  

  • Anonymous

    as of just yesterday I am eligible for an upgrade. I will probably get this phone if it comes out this year, which it probably will. I just hope the screen size won’t be 4.65 inches, it’s a phone not a tablet, I would look rediculous with a phone that big in my pocket.

  • Grimjow X

    i have 2 upgrades and my wife dosent care about phones so im getting the bionic and prime for sure !!!!

  • I hate my current phone… So I’m ditching it buying the Bionic, then when this finally hits I’ll probably grab it for me and gift the bionic. 

  • Anonymous

    Verizon needs to make this happen!

    No doubt they have the best network, now get a phone that’s just as good.

    Stop playing around and get your shit straight big red!

    • EC8CH


      You carry the i*hone now Big Red… It’s time to balance the force and bring on the Prime.

  • Properndn

    Da king dingaling… been waiting since April w renew w a og droid. Bionic or prime.? Hate to wait anylonger and big red not get this. What the eff to do. ?? Prime is king . Rumors tho. Stuck here..

    • Anonymous

      Jesus. I hope your brain doesn’t actually process thoughts like that…

    • GOD

      This is God “GET THE VIGOR!” Have faith my son.

      • OG Droid

        I hate to tell you dude, but with som many people in here getting the bionic and waiting on the prime. I could see all the haters moving on to hate on the vigor

  • fingers crossed for verizon

  • I would wait on my last “New Every 2” for this BEAST!!! Even though it will have Wiz. Let’s just hope that my OG makes it that long!

    • Jason Purp

      YOU’RE SUCH A… silly guy. The point of a Nexus phone is to provide a pure Google experience.

  • Jason Purp

    Feed me more info

  • I want to upgrade my OG Droid so bad but now I reeeeeally want to wait for this.

  • Benjamin Mackie

    Am i the only one that is totally certain that Verizon isnt going to get this phone?

    • Anonymous

      I think most of us figure that this time around, we’ll get lucky.  Actually, we’ve essentially heard that the device is in testing on VZW, but truthfully, that doesn’t mean anything.  The Nexus One was moments way from landing on Verizon and for whatever reason was given the last minute axe.

    • Anonymous

      I think most of us figure that this time around, we’ll get lucky.  Actually, we’ve essentially heard that the device is in testing on VZW, but truthfully, that doesn’t mean anything.  The Nexus One was moments way from landing on Verizon and for whatever reason was given the last minute axe.

      • Benjamin Mackie

        I guess I just feel so burned by them not releasing the galaxy s2, that I have lost all faith in VZW. They are so ashamed that their ‘flagship’ phone has 6 months old technology in it, that anything better their not going to get for a while

      • Guest

        Kellex do you honestly feel that moto can built a nexus? I want to see that happening.

        • Wampa

          moto is not building the Nexus Prime, Samsung is

      • And Verizon, Motorola, and even Google is thankful, in a way, that didn’t happen.

    • Eric

      Nope. I am just as certain as you are that it is not.

  • Garrett

    I wish we could see it’s radio pass FCC so we could be for certain it had CDMA and maybe some LTE goodness

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that.

      • Carlito Pr787

        Ill give u something to Amen about lol, i just kid Kellex 😉

        • Guest

          i don’t get it.

  • Wyveryx

    Damn… Was seriously hankering for the Bionic, but this… 

    Hopefully it doesn’t turn into a Bionic Wait…

  • Anonymous

    Who has awoken the Hypebeast? 😛

    • Anonymous

      Pffft. 😛

  • Big Chris

    If this indeed comes to verizon, it’ll be well worth the wait and I could finally ditch my OGDroid. 

    • I’m right with you. Reading about the Galaxy S2 not hitting Verizon today, I was seriously considering picking up the Bionic just because I want to replace my aging OG, but after reading this… I’ll likely hold off. 

      Let’s all just pray that the same bull$#!+ that happened to the S2 doesn’t happen here as well.

      • Anonymous

        Lets just hope the same thing that happened with the N1 doesn’t happen again.

    • Why are we expecting a new Nexus so early when they first two were so much closer to Jan 1?
      Nexus 1 – January 5th 2010
      Nexus S – December 16 2010
      Nexus Prime – October ? 2011???

    • OG droid has been great thanks to peter alfonso…. but there comes a time and place (and another phone) to make things change…. thats the prime. had high hopes of the bionic. still think its a great phone, but ive been waiting for a nexus devise on verizon. sprint signal is shady, AT&T are just a$$holes, T-Mobile is death unless you live in a major city.

    • Anonymous

      Yea I am ready to upgrade right now but am waiting on more solid news of the next Nexus device. We would all be stupid to upgrade now with news such as this in the air! Kellex you are spot on.

  • Shit just got REAL!

  • Stephen DiJoseph

    This is my next phone.