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Verizon Support Claims That Their Samsung Galaxy S II Will Indeed Have 4G LTE (Updated)

Official Verizon support just dropped the tweet you are seeing above which states that their version of the Samsung Galaxy S II will have 4G LTE.  We have all been speculating as to whether or not the device would launch on Big Red with 4G since it certainly seems like it will on every other carrier.  The idea of it launching so close to the Bionic though, had us doubting.  This would seemingly change those thoughts and is huge news, especially if we are to see the device in August.  Unless of course that in an hour they retract it to say that they meant “the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will have 4G.”  But for now though, we’re jumping up and down with joy.  

Update:  And as expected, the damage control has begun, although no one is necessarily denying that the phone exists or that it will or will not have 4G.  You’ll see in both responses that different support reps are scrambling…

Not exactly sure what “not in our website” is supposed to mean, but again, isn’t really a denial.

If this statement does indeed hold up, feel free to tell us in the comments what you plan on making your next device.

Cheers @sparty569!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Well, time to get ready for the 27 contradictory stories to come in the coming weeks about a release date and the confirmation of 4G

  • Schoat333

    This shouldn’t be a surprise. Samsung already has an LTE phone. Its arguably the best one too.

  • Anonymous

    If the SGS2 has LTE than the Droid Charge is also dead.

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure it ever really lived.  But another reason not to get too excited until it is official the SG2 has LTE.

  • maxican

    OMG!  Giddy as a school girl!!! 


  • Michael Mendlovic

    its not true guys… @BleackNeonBlack just tweeted @VZWSupport Samsung Galaxy S2 with 4G???? FOR REALZ?!? and the response was:

    @BleakNeonBlack Yes, great news! The Galaxy Tab 4G 10.1 is on our website here http://bit.ly/nz5dKw U can pre-order at the same link^CB


  • JB

    What I still can’t figure out is why Moto could launch the Atrix, then limp out the X2 and D3 on Verizon.  Apparently they weren’t they focused on delivering a flagship for Big Red and will pay a heavy price.  Now it looks like Samsung will pull the market right out from under them.  I’m a loyal OG user and was patiently waiting for the Bionic, but I’m over that now.  With the September launch and weak specs posted earlier they might as well give up on the Bionic and focus on their next device

  • bionic = dead

  • Kevin

    I can’t believe Moto is turning the Droid name into the Razr.  They need to be introduced to George Santayana.

  • Atst88

    GG Bionic?
    Depends on how terrible the pentile is…

  • Anonymous

    Definitely has me enjoying more patience in waiting for the Bionic. The cell phone muscle car era is looking good!

  • Rickymare

    OMG, I have such a raging clue right now

    • tjmonkey15

      Hahahaha that’s awesome!

  • Youmansk

    Good bye bionic.. Hello Galaxy S2…

  • kismet769

    But will it be Binged like the fascinate?

  • Anonymous

    That pretty much settles it for me.  There’s no PenTile in my future!

  • Bionowhatsamajig?

  • MFG

    Yes! Now, where’s that release date? 

  • Anonymous

    LTE but with keyboard still this much support?  Can’t imagine buying a phone with a keyboard right now.

  • Booboolala2000

    Too bad this means I will only get about four hundred for my charge on ebay. Oh well, just three hundred dollars out of pocket. Sounds like a deal to me.

    • Anonymous

      Its gonna cost $700?????

      Screw that. 

  • J Dub

    Tell me the boot loader is unlocked and that it has the Sammy chipset and I’m hooked.

  • Buckgrad

    If no slider, they’ve got a sale here at full price since my contract has a year to go!

  • Dukeuni

    We still have no firm date for release right?  Just the CEO saying in August?

  • What are the specs for the GS2?

  • bob32

    See ya Motorola!  No bionic for me! S2 will be sweet!!!

  • The only reason I am leaning towards the Bionic still is because I like the material, durability and look of Motorola phones compared to the i*hone home button that Samsung has put on its phone.

    It will be a close race between the two and I think each has its perks. Will be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks. 

  • Anonymous

    Moto, you snooze, you lose! SG11 all the way baby!

  • Jak_341

    I. Must. Have. This. Phone.

  • virtualhuman

    Alas, poor Bionic. We hardly knew ye.

  • tech

    Apple just filed another law suit against samsung

  • Anonymous

    hopefully samsung will roll out updates more quickly with the S II and keep it up to date with the newest android releases.  that’s my only worry.

  • Very funny

  • OG Droid

    Damn…The Bionic is dead before it even made it to stores..

  • Anonymous

    In order of preference…
    1. Nexus Prime/3
    2. SGS2/Vigor – tied
    3. Bionic…

  • keeevin

    anyone else remember this runs TouchWiz? just dont come crying back to this blog when you complain.

    • Dave

      True. But by all accounts it’s not as atrocious as earlier versions. Also, if it has good dev. support, then custom ROMs will be inevitable.

    • Didn’t Samsung give the CyanogenMod Dev team a SGS2? 

    • Oddnumber003

      Haha really? And blur is any better? Touchwiz is not that bad. Beats the crap out of blur.

    • Anonymous

      If I was going to run stock I would agree with you 100%.

    • Christephor

      you complain about touchwiz but is has all the same features of launcher pro you just want something to complain about 

  • Yeap this seals for me. With the bionic seemingly being pushed to “next month” and news about the screen, I’m done with it. So after going from Razr to Razr2 to Droid, I’m ditching Motorola! Hello Samsung, may you bless me with quick updates (HA! maybe I should write quicker) and the awesome Super AMOLED plus screen.

  • Well if this is true I will be there the day its released to buy it.

  • Bye bye Bionic….

    This was the tipping point for me and now that it is “confirmed”, Samsung all the way.

    Side by side the Tab 10.1 kicks the Xoom’s butt, and I know the phone will do the same, not to mention bootloaders…

  •  My friend whos a manager at a verizon store just confirmed this for me right befpre it was posted here. Moto im sorry its just not working out….

  • Splicer78

    LTE was the deal breaker and Samsung just broke Motos face

  • Anonymous

    Sold… sorry moto, wait I am not sorry you did this all to your self.

  • See ya Bionic!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry bionic. This is my next

  • Gg101

    I’d imagine verizon originally intended to give moto the crown of lone dual core lte beast, but seeing as to how much they’ve bungled the release (not too mention the xoom lte debacle) any priority should have been lost. Verizon doesn’t really care which phone you buy and they can’t delay the release of the sgs2 without potentially losing customers to other carriers.

  • Gg101

    I’d imagine verizon originally intended to give moto the crown of lone dual core lte beast, but seeing as to how much they’ve bungled the release (not too mention the xoom lte debacle) any priority should have been lost. Verizon doesn’t really care which phone you buy and they can’t delay the release of the sgs2 without potentially losing customers to other carriers.

  • Anonymous

    Lets hope the can keep the battery life of the current SGSII.

  • Anonymous

    Android is busting heads open to the white meat!!! All these power house phones coming out!!!

  • So…battery life will be utter crap then?  I wonder if the battery will last enough for a LTE download.

  • El El Kool J

    What would be crazy is if the bionic was released with specs that were kept secret to us all..lol

    • Anonymous

      What would be crazy is if Moto would actually release the Bionic

  • collin ferreira

    Quick debate: Samsung galaxy SII with a tegra 2 or a bionic with an Omap….i think its debatable, im wishing samsung goes with the exynos but if they dont, and they go Tegra will that make enough of a difference to make  u think about the Bionic all over again?

    • Anonymous

      It won’t have a Tegra 2.

  • impact

    Sweeeeet.  I think my Bionic wait may now be over.  This may even beat the Bionic to the stores.  Moto deserves this!

  • Anonymous

    Game over apple!!! If all the carriers release this as a 4G phone and the new iphone is still 3g,then it’s going to be tuff for apple to contain a serious lead. Especially since the Icecream is right around the corner!!!!!