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First Real DROID Bionic Pictures Make Appearance?

Yesterday’s news was all about the DROID3 and those 3 tutorial videos that it popped up in – today, it might become DROID Bionic leak day.  Are these the first real (non-render) pictures of the phone?  It sure appears that way.

You’ve all heard of this device by now after cancellation rumors which were followed up by a confirmation of delay from Motorola.  The phone itself has been the most anticipated phone on Verizon or really any carrier that I can remember over the last year and rightfully so.  What we do know is that it’ll sport a dual-core processor (likely an OMAP now), 4G LTE, front camera and qHD screen, but since it has been pushed back to undergo “enhancements” we don’t know much else.  Unless of course these pictures are of a real Bionic and then we can gather at least a couple of additional specs.

We’re seeing a definite front facing camera, new version of Blur (new icons and contact widget), an 8MP camera on the back (1080p recording), web-top capabilities, two separate speakers on the back, and a 4G LTE radio that should make everyone happy.  If this is indeed the Bionic, sign me up now.

There are two odd things here that we were expecting to see and wanted to toss them out while we dig for further confirmation on whether or not this really is the new Bionic.  We had heard a month or two back that it would include a hump as seen on the DROIDX, but with sleeker styling – this phone doesn’t appear to have a hump.  We were also told that it would sport a 12MP camera and this only has an 8MP.  It’s a sexy device, but we’re not ready to bet the world on this being it.   

The backside of the device:

A comparison to the previously leaked render of the device:


Closer look at that new 8MP shooter that can record 1080p video:

Via:  IT168MobileGearz

  • Carmen Diva

    I actually like the original Bionic i saw earlier this year

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I really want the Bionic, but right now I’m sportin Chevy’s new SS5.4GB ROM and well lets just say I can wait till the end of 3rd quarter with no problem….. ChevyNo1 Rocks!!!

    • nastysquar3d

      I 100% agree with this. SS 5.4GB is fantastic so far. Hands down the best GB I’ve used so far, and I’ve used a couple. It will certainly hold me over until the Bionic or the SGS2 is released.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like everythang I want on a phone, only thing I am hoping for is a nfc chip but with those sd cards they are currently making , I wouldn’t mind if it doesn’t have it

  • Anonymous

    All these moto android phones look the same. The people who design these phones must be the same morons who invented that shit blur.

  • dual core + 4g + ffc = still people crying

    how annoying….

    • Mr. Joe

      THANK YOU!

      This goes to prove my point over in another DL article.  IT doesn’t matter what they come out with people are still gonna bitch.

      It could have an unlocked Boot up your Butt loader and people would complain cause it has blur.

  • Anonymous

    In the inimitable words of former President Bush:
    Fool me once, Motorola, shame on you. Fool me twice . . . uh, you’re not gonna fool me a second time.

  • Amenemhat1

    Not too crazy about the DX hump. This is more of what I like.29 more days till upgrade time….. tic toc…. come’on Bionic! 

  • EC8CH

    I like it.

    Except for that stupid vz logo on the bottom right of the front.

  • Anonymous

    The Droid Bionic would be the my next phone also, except for that qHD screen everyone is complaining about.  My original Droid’s screen looked every bit as good as my buddies’s iPhone 4 retina whatever, except for the tiniest print. And if the content could be zoomed, then even that wasn’t a problem.   After my original Droid met with an unfortunate accident involving the front tire of my car, Assurion replaced it with a Droid X.   Pretty damn nice screen as well.   Maybe not quite my original Droid, but still pretty close.  So I don’t want to go backwards in that respect.

  • looks like a droid x2 but 4g, not bad. Nothing new though.

  • Corymcnutt

    Are we all that gullible?  “Looks thinner;” you can’t tell the thickness from these photos? It was confirmed it would have a bold, new look; this is “bold & new,” it looks like Moto’s other phones.  There is nothing in these photos that would make this the new Bionic…hey, I want this phone as much as the next guy (although, I am not happy about Webtop) but come on…this can’t possibly what all the hipe is about?

    • Tha’ts definitely the new Bionic. No questions about it. What more proof do you  need?

      • Picture of the Box and the words “Bionic”

      • Picture of the box with the words “Bionic” on it

        • Corymcnutt

          What picture, what box, with Droid Bionic on it?

  • I like the new look !!! soo sexy and slick not like the first 1 bulky cheap plastic

  • Seriously, can they just release this thing already.  I need a new phone now!

  • Droid Dizzy

    IMHO It really looks like the Droid 3 we saw in the videos yesterday it is a sexy device but maybe not the Droid BIONIC we’re looking for.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely not the Droid 3, its bigger and too thin to be a slider (look at the laptop dock pic. Also doesn’t havve the rounded lip for the slider. Does look like an Atrix cousin

  • T Hall

    Wow, now I have to convince myself to just be patient and wait for it 🙂

  • if i want a daily dose of whining, i love to read the comments on this blog…just relax guys really haha

  • This will be mine, OH YES, this will be mine

  • Anonymous

    Although, this device and the device shown in the D3 videos look similar, there are obvious differences in appearance.

    re:  The D3 videos…did anyone else find it interesting that the person holding the device, on the first video, seemed to be blatantly hiding the text on the center lower part of the back of the device?  Look at the 0:37 mark of the video.

    I know that everyone has been saying that the D3 absolutely “IS NOT LTE”…and I’m not saying that it will be.  But….. #stilldreaming.

  • ironick

    Looks like an OG without a keyboard. The boxey style.

  • GianniOD

    I wish this phone would come out already… its the only phone I deem worthy to replace my OG

  • Sparkimu5

    It doesn’t have a lip like the D3, it has a lip like the DX that is flush with the screen. Looks pretty sweet, but the D3 is my next upgrade. Keyboard > 4G I can’t use.

  • Anonymous

    A very, very nice looking phone.  Is Moto going to laptop docs for all of their dual core devices?  Will there be a standard docking port?

  • whats the differene between this and the Dx2? seems like the same phone to me :/

    • RonsterWVU

      Front camera, bump out, records in 1080p, 4g, web-top ready, capacitive button….

      This is just from looking at the pictures….

  • I for one am much happier with the angles on this device than the weird bubbled look of the original Bionic. Let’s just hope it is released soon enough to still be relevant. I’ve been waiting for this device for too long.

  • Roberto Taylor

    You guys need to learn how to rotate the pics before you post them. I hate having to tilt my head…lol

  • Anonymous

    This or the galaxy s ii??? I really can’t make up my mind…

  • Booboolala2000

    II’ll stick with my Charge. Works great, have a Motorola Xoom, but with their debacle with the sd card and lte update, will pass on Motorola from here on. Plus my Charge is easy hackabke. RIP Motorola, qhd display is a joke.

  • OMAP!! Please NO!!!

  • 4gshmoreg

    Is there any way we could get a side by side photo comparison of some Droid 3 screenshots vs. these recent pics of the mystery phone? I really think this a the D3.

  • 4gshmoreg

    Is there any way we could get a side by side photo comparison of some Droid 3 screenshots vs. these recent pics of the mystery phone? I really think this a the D3.

  • looks real stealthy.

  • Anonymous

    I wish someone would leak a release date already; I’m willing to wait a little longer for a phone, but I don’t want to wait so long that I lose my last NE2. 

  • Dean2359

    I also have been waiting for this phone. I’ve had the OG Droid,INC,the X and now the T-Bolt. But my friend just got the Charge,which by no means do I want ,but that super Am screen, WOW! it’s gonna be tough but I think now im going to wait for the Sam Galaxy S 2. Any thoughts?

  • How disappointing. Another black slab. I was hoping it was going to have some silver accents to at least make it look a little different from all other phones. I still may end up getting this but it doesn’t look much like the Targa designs at all which I liked. I almost like the old body of the Bionic better than this new one.

  • Not to mention it’ll be $500 for the webtop dock. 

  • I’m sorry but Motorola has run out of goodwill as far as i’m concerned.  I don’t think this phone could have any feature or specs that would convince me to buy it.  They have repeatedly showed that they don’t care about what their customers want.  My next phone will be an official Google “developer” phone running stock only.   Even if the specs are a little behind the curve.

  • If this is the Bionic then X2 here I come.

    …and thanks VZW and Moto for not showing up with top flight handsets once again. Specs can only get you so far. For a handset that was supposed to rival the iPhone 5 – it’s not even impressing us ‘Doid geeks.

    • Anonymous

      I fail to see in what way the X2 is better than this?

  • slappynutz

    bootloader locked check.. i will pass.

    im losing faith in motorola.

  • Rain_king46

    Moto, if that QHD screen is the same one that you are using on the DX2, keep it. I for one would rather deal with the crappy battery life but awesome look of an amoled screen. other than that, bring on that bionic!  Already looking for the 6 million dollar man sound for the notifications on mine…

    • Kierra

      Seriously, you’d take the crappy battery life??? Hmm ok

  • I’ve been waiting for this phone forever! Wish it has the look of the original Bionic especially the back of the original.

  • Oh My

    Here’s a real downer….could the Droid 3 and the Bionic be one and the same?

  • Oh My

    Here’s a real downer….could the Droid 3 and the Bionic be one and the same?

    • Anonymous


  • Ckochinsky0125

    Looks very similar to Droid 3 I like it though lets hope for aa July release that’s when I’m due for an upgrade.

  • Ckochinsky0125

    Looks very similar to Droid 3 I like it though lets hope for aa July release that’s when I’m due for an upgrade.

  • Joe

    Someone please tell me that phone icon isn’t real. It doesn’t go with any of the other icons!



  • Joe12304

    Pictures of Bionic?! I came bukkets!!

  • Yes it makes a difference. Love me the 1GB  of DDR2 RAM.


  • Yeah but these pics can’t be d3 due to 4G

  • Fd2blk78

    Droid 3 with 4g! I’m all in!

    • Ckochinsky0125

      Agree if the d3 had lte it would be a HUGE seller.