DROID3 Tutorial Videos Leaked, New Version of Blur on the Way

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We always love a tasty afternoon treat on  Sunday, especially when it has to do with an unannounced and semi-secretive phone.  Making an appearance today in 3 video tutorials, we have the DROID3 by Motorola which as you probably know, is headed to Verizon some time this summer.  Most of us have this feeling that it’ll show up this month (June), but without a firm acknowledgement from Big Red or Moto, that’s basically just a behind-the-scenes-rumor-esque guess.  Seeing these video tutorials pop up this weekend sure makes things seem like we are getting extremely close.

There are a couple of things I did want to note though that have to do with a tip I received Friday night that will add to what you are seeing in these videos.  First, is the fact that the D3 will run a newer version of Blur than the one we’ve seen on the DROIDX and DROIDX2.  It’ll look similar with all of that blue, but we’re hearing there will be 3D animations similar to those we’ve seen from HTC.  The picture above sort of helped confirm this tip because that lockscreen is something we have yet to see on any Moto device.

The 8MP camera (which you’ll also see below) in this device has been greatly improved over the one featured on both DX devices.  We’re not sure what they switched out on it, but apparently Moto has finally realized that they need a new approach to cameras.  The device will also be webtop-ready just like the Atrix.

From the videos we get confirmation on the 5-row keyboard, 8MP camera that can shoot 1080p video, HDMI-out, and silver-black exterior.  It might be locked, but damn this phone is looking sexy.  Now we just await the confirmation on the processor, which we believe is an OMAP.

Videos after the jump!  

An overview of the phone:


How to add contacts:


Using the new 5-row keyboard:


Oh, and it’ll definitely be called the DROID3:

Via:  PhonePads, MobileGearz

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