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Samsung DROID Charge Review – Verizon

Ahhh yes, the first ever 4G LTE “DROID” has landed.  After a couple of weeks of delays to make sure Verizon’s new network was stable enough for it, the DROID Charge by Samsung is available for purchase at the arguably high price of $300 on a 2-year contract.  It’s a device we saw go nameless for months, but one that eventually found its way into our favorite brand of smartphones.  Can it live up to that exclusive name though?  Normally when a new phone comes out with the “DROID” brand on it, we expect it to dominate, so let’s see if the Charge can.  

The Good:

  • Screen:  There is no denying that the 4.3″ Super AMOLED Plus screen on the DROID Charge is a thing of beauty.  As the first device in the U.S. to sport one, you at least have that to brag to your friends about.  The colors are incredibly vibrant and do wonders even in outside light.
  • 4G LTE:  Who doesn’t love ridiculously fast download and upload speeds on their handheld device?  While in San Francisco last week for Google I/O, this and the Thunderbolt allowed me to continue to pump out stories while the spotty WiFi connections tried to bring me down.  As long as you are in a 4G LTE area, you are going to love having this in your pocket.  Oh, and they extended the free hotspot offer through June 15!

  • Battery:  Well, it’s not the greatest battery on the planet, but when we compare it to the Thunderbolt, it’s a winner.  My device suffered from signal issues for the first couple of weeks while Verizon tweaked their new network and the Charge cruised through it all.
  • Camera:  The Charge has an above average 8MP camera.  Someone tell Motorola to kang whatever Sammie is doing with their cameras, because it’s nothing but right.  Check out the two shots below which have been untouched aside from resizing.

  • HDMI mirroring:  The Charge has full HDMI mirroring and it definitely works well.  Plug in your device, switch your TV over and BAM!  In seconds you are up and running your device on your big ol’ screen TV.
  • Feel:  The weight of this device is pretty exceptional.  It’s definitely made out of 100% plastic which we’ll talk more about later, but in your hand anyways, it feels pretty good.  The size isn’t too intense coming from a Thunderbolt or DROIDX, and with it being lighter than both, it’s definitely manageable.
  • Notification pulldown:  This may sound like a simple little “Good”, but I love the fact that TouchWiz puts your toggles into the notification bar.  HTC is doing this with Sense 2.1+, but Samsung has been doing it for a while.  I still hate TouchWiz, but they at least got this one thing right.

  • Video chatting:  The front-facing camera on the Charge is 1.3MP and allows for pretty decent video chatting with friends.  We would have loved to see Android 2.3.4 and Google Talk on there, but only 1 device currently has that.  There are plenty of options out there to choose from though, so we have to give them props for at least going beyond VGA.

The Not-so-Good:

  • TouchWiz:  I know that many of you despise Motorola’s Blur, but I’m hear to tell you that nothing is as bad as Samsung’s TouchWiz.  It’s an iOS ripoff that makes even decent hardware chug along at a pace not seen since 2007.  It’s buggy, appears to be designed by a children’s book company, and can’t be masked by LauncherPro fast enough.  If there was a ever a reason to start the “We want stock only!” petition, this would be it.

  • Old hardware:  If this was worthy of the “DROID” tag, it should have had something other than the same guts as the Samsung Fascinate which came out in 2010.  Sure, they added a front facing camera and an 8MP shooter on the back, but the rest of it is all the same including that god awful RFS file system.  Where is the dual-core?  The massive amounts of RAM?
  • Plastic casing:  The device is made of plastic and isn’t going to last you 2 years.  I’ve had it for about a month now and already managed to scuff the edges from simply pulling it in and out of my pocket.  I haven’t seen this happen on any other device in the life of this blog.  At least when HTC makes a phone out of plastic, it almost feels like metal and not like something your 2-year old will crush in less than a minute.

  • Android 2.2:  As I’ve said with every Verizon device over the last couple of months, it’s almost sickening to see them launching with Android 2.2.  Gingerbread has been out for almost 6 months now, yet we’re releasing phones with one that came out a year ago?  Just wait and see how happy new Charge owners are going to be when the entire DROID lineup from Motorola has GB by the end of June and it’s still sitting at 2.2.
  • Verizon Bloatware:  The amount of bloatware that Verizon tossed onto this thing is intense.  I’m not sure I can even count that high to tell you the truth.  While we’re no longer surprised that they will continue to fill up Android devices with this crap, we’ll still point it out so that Big Red doesn’t forget how much we hate it.
  • Look:  This is a personal thing, but I’m not a fan of the Alienware-esque exterior of this phone.  The hump on the back doesn’t allow the phone to lay flat on a desk, the pointy shield speaker/camera housing/chin all remind me of something from Star Trek, and those massive physical buttons just seem well, silly.
  • “DROID” tag:  You get the feeling that since the original Bionic was delayed, that Verizon panicked because they no longer had a 4G LTE “DROID” and decided to slap the tag on this phone.  Sure, the marketing campaign is super slick, but this device should never have donned this elite tag.
  • Slow wake time:  It may sound like I’m nitpicking here, but when you press the unlock button on your phone, it shouldn’t take 3 seconds for it to come on.  Such is the case with the Charge and I still can’t figure out why.


YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


The Verdict:

I’m going to be perfectly honest and blunt here – this phone has no business having the “DROID” tag next to it.  Is it an above average device with a few stand out specs?  You betcha it is.  Is it capable of dominating the smartphone landscape for the next 1 or 2 years?  Not a chance.  While we came away incredibly impressed by the Super AMOLED Plus screen, camera, and battery, we struggled to come up with much else to love about it.  The alien-inspired look is not our thing (but may be for some) nor are the oversized physical home keys.  We’re also becoming increasingly sick of seeing phones launching with Android 2.2 which is now a year old and custom skins that make phones feel like they were manufactured by monkies.

So should you buy the DROID Charge?  At $300 on a 2-year contract it would be tough for me to tell you to do that.  If this phone launched somewhere around $199, I’d tell you to seriously consider it, but unfortunately that’s not the case.  The plastic exterior has me questioning just how long this device will stand up to daily wear and tear and of course there are still questions about Samsung’s OS update support.

Is it time for carriers and phone manufacturers to stop releasing last year’s tech with this year’s marketing slogan?  I’d say so.

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  • BigRed4X15

     I think Kellex came at this with a unique perspective of the Droid Brand instead of just a phone. I think if it was call just the “Charge” that people here would not be so critical. I went and played with the Charge the other day at Verizon and then I cringed as I visited and AT&T store to look at the Atrix. To be honest I didn’t see a speed difference. With all the hub bub about a dual core processor, you would have thought the Atrix would put me into a seizure with its screen switching so fast, but to be honest it didn’t feel any different from my Droid 2. I am sure that there are some things that dual core processor helps, but its certainly not Phone, Email, Messaging, Social Networking, Internet Browsing, and Angry Birds. That being said, I think the most important part of any phone is its screen. The screen quality on this phone is amazing! It may not have the resolution of the qHD display on the atrix, but it makes up for it with amazing colors and contrast. And this screen isn’t a battery hog. Arguably the price is a little steep, but if you want a good phone on a incredibly fast network that doesn’t require charging every four hours and has an amazing screen this phone is defiantly worth considering. C-Net and Endgadget have also reviewed this phone, and if your interested you should check them out.  worth considering. C-Net and Endgadget have also reviewed this phone, and if your interested you should check them out. 

    • Guest1A

      I fully agree.  I’ve checked out all of the other phones out there right now with “dual-core processors” and i didn’t notice a difference from my old Droid Incredible or the Droid Charge for that matter.  It’s not like people use their cell phones primarily to play 3D racing games. 

    • Anonymous

      Quote: “That being said, I think the most important part of any phone is its screen. ”

      I think you had one too many hits off that bong today. The most important part of any phone is the actual phone itself. And from the reviews I read, the phone part SUCKS. Samsungs are plastic, over-priced, never updated, fugly pieces of schiznit. I bought a Fascinate last year. I will never buy another Samsuck again.

  • Anonymous

     Just like I thought. Great screen, great camera, everything else is meh to crap.  Touchwiz sucks. RFS sucks. Plastic, BS build quality sucks. Bloatware sucks. 

    I would say that the DROID line has stopped meaning anything (and IMO it has ever since they started locking bootloaders) but the build quality of this makes it especially not worthy of the DROID line. If nothing else, can we at least make sure the phones are built with just a little pride and quality?

    This is another pass for me, just like the the DROID X, DROID 2, Fascinate, and Thunderbolt before it.  The Incredible 2 is too little, too late and IIRC its bootloader is locked and hasn’t been cracked yet (unlike the Thunderbolt).  Verizon has like 5 months before my contract is up and if they can’t get their game together before then I’m done. I’ll just wait until the next Nexus is announced and jump on it.

  • Anonymous

    Somewhere along the line we have all got wrapped up with specs. I’m more interested in how the phone experience is. Just because something has or doesn’t have a certain internal part doesn’t make it bad or not worthy of a branding. The Moto fanboyism on this site is getting really ridiculous. The bionic is such a great device it had to be totally scrapped! And hate TW all you want, but Moto blur is hardly better! You knock the physical buttons on the Charge, but they were cool on the Moto X? You knock the looks of the Charge, but the X maybe the cheapest looking device on the market! Yet it got nothing but praise last summer. Has Motorola even released a edge cutting device this year? Nope!
    Come to think of it, is there a device that is going to dominate the market for 1-2 years? Hell no..6 months if your lucky! We can always keep waiting for the next best thing, but if you live your life like that, you will always be waiting!

    • Grasshopper239

      +1 NO phone will dominate for more that 9mo-1yr. This year that phone is the SGS2 and its variants. It will give the i#hone5 more than its wants in global competition.  With HTC joining MOTO in locking down their devices, Samsung will get my next phone purchase, but it won’t be the Charge.  devices, Samsung will get my next phone purchase, but it won’t be the Charge. 

      • Anonymous

        I agree with you. I don’t even own or going to own the Charge! What bothers me is all the negative/biased reviews that tell us little or nothing about the phone. It’s been obvious for a while on this site that if it doesn’t have dual core and 4G or made by Motorola it s just not a good device… that’s crap! The dinc2 got a “pass on” recommendation even though is a great phone. It wasn’t meant to be a dual core or 4G, but is still a great option for some.
        I love droid life, but want to see some of the fanboy garbage that I hated about iPhone users stop.

      • Dean2359

        Any idea when verizons version of the SGS2 will be released?

    • i dont know if the x was the cheapest looking phone on the market, its weighty and solid and to some thats better than light and plasticky 

      • Anonymous

        Well I am not trying to rip on the X. It is a great phone, but imho it isn’t the best looking phone. My point is how much love it got last summer even though it was no game changer. The notion that this is a horrible phone, not worthy of the droid name is ridiculous. That was my point. I appreciate the review, but is obviously biased.

        • Jspencer

          It isnt worthy because of its specs…..sorry but that is just a fact. How do you explain how a phone that is supposed to be “next gen” BARELY beats my OG Droid (slightly overclocked and gingerbread) in Quadrant scoring? The Revolution is getting anywhere from 1800-2100, the TB gets in the area of 1800…..the Charge gets a PATHETIC 900+

          so you only get 2gb internal…..512 ram…..bad bench mark scoring….lag when moving screens….and it deserves the Droid tag??

          I dont think so…… This phone is a definite PASS

          waiting for the Function or Bionic myself…..THOSE are “Next Gen”

    • GoodNote

      [Quote]Come to think of it, is there a device that is going to dominate the market for 1-2 years? Hell no..6 months if your lucky! We can always keep waiting for the next best thing, but if you live your life like that, you will always be waiting! [END QUOTE]  . . . . Well said, Mr. Wildman!!!  

  • Tjharkness

    Contrary to what all yall HATERZ are saying I love my droid charge and its not slow at all….I switched from the htc thunderbolt and it was the best decision so f**k all da negativity its jus a phone

    • Waknatious

       You can post comments like this on Yahoo News somewhere.  The whole reason this site is here, is that to us it’s not “jus a phone.”
      Go away.

      • Tjharkness

         Stfu u go away

    • Dean2359

      What is it exactly you like over the bolt?

  • Dshel61

    THANK YOU! I was looking forward to this phone but I think I’ll take a pass. 

  • mxfox408

    yeah i still cant find anything i like better than htc sense ui. I still am using the incredible and waiting till december when i my final annual upgrade is available, id probly still hold off to see what htc brings to the table by then since verizon doesnt have anything i see from htc in the near future as far as this year goes. Hell verizon was sitting on the thunderbolt for about a year before releasing it, in otherwords its a slightly better version of the evo.

  • People keep saying they are waiting for the GSII but there is no evidence to show itll ever make it to verizon. I personally honestly doubht you will ever see the GSII on the VZW network.

    Now I went and got the charge and Ill say coming from my OG Droid this phone is just fine for me. I dont have one complaint about it, I have experienced no lag and phenominal battery life. Plus the bootloader is unlocked so its another root friendly phone something motorola doesnt have.  

  • Eric

    Excellent review that should have been out  been posted 2 WEEKS AGO!

  •  How many devices have officially received Android 2.3 over the past 6 months? Nexus S, Nexus One, SGS i9000, and SGS2, maybe 2 or 3 more? Less than 10 devices have it officially, yet it seems like it’s your biggest con. What is the DX2 launching with? How about the Atrix and Inspire 4G? Seems that nearly all phones are still launching with Froyo…

    • thebigmann

      It’s still a big problem, and therefore a con. Everyone else is doing it isn’t an excuse at this point. 

      • Carmen Diva

        Problem? Yes
        Big Problem? No

        It’s Android 2.3 which is not too much of incremental jump from 2.2

        It’s not like going from 1.6 to 2.3 

        • thebigmann

          A quick search:Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) supports the following features in addition to existing 2.2 features:New user interface design with new themes (Black themes save power)
          Extra Large Screen Size supported
          SIP Communication Supported (SIP Video and Audio Calling, In an operator point of view, this is feature will decrease their voice calling revenue where as user can call each other for lower rates or even free if they have good data connection)
          Supports for NFC (High Frequency High Speech Data Transfer in short range)
          Support for WebM/VP8 video playback, and AAC audio encoding
          New audio effects such as reverb, equalization, headphone virtualization, and bass boost
          Improved Copy and Paste functionality
          Redesigned Multi Touch Software Keyboard
          Audio, graphical, and input enhancements for game developers
          New sensors support (i.e gyroscope)
          Download manager for long running HTTP downloads
          Enhanced support for native code
          Improved power management and application control
          Support for multiple camerasYour comment is an insult to Google’s development. Google works hard to bring a more awesome Android experience to the masses as quickly as they can, and when companies drop the ball it is a big problem. I like hearing that Google has partnered with the major players, hopefully this trend doesn’t continue.

          • GoodNote

            I’m sorry bigmann …. it’s still only 2.2 to 2.3 ….  I am sure that all of these changes are good (as you note, Google engineers are pretty darn smart and are committed to improving their stuff), but not one of them is a deal-break for me.  

            I suppose that when you have a phone with 2.3,  the minute Google comes out with 2.4, you’ll be the unhappiest guy on the block until you get 2.4.  And once you hear about 2.5, you’ll be unhappy with 2.4.  Seems like a recipe for chronic unhappiness.

  • Cb2000a

    With the Sammie G2 coming soon why would I want to buy this phone?  

  • Count Chocula

     This is precisely why I’m going to wait for the Galaxy S II to come to VZW.  As much as I love Motorola, the GSII is f*cking sexy and fast to boot!

    • GoodNote

      Hey, there’s nothing wrong with waiting for the Galaxy S II … In fact, people should not rush out and buy a new phone just because it’s out.  But there are those of us (like me) who actually kinda needed (or at least wanted a new phone now and that’s the trade-off, like the old saying “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”  Well, to me the Droid Charge in the hand met my needs more than the Galaxy S II which won’t be out for months.  There’s no right or wrong here.  But just seems silly is people bashing the Droid Charge because it lacks some features or some specs that a future phone (which isn’t yet available) will have!

  • Stephen D

    You obviously are a Moto fanboy and Samsung hater. Nothing they make is good enough for you. Blur makes the D2 and X lag like hell, but they aren’t conned for it. And as you say every other time, use a third party launcher. The D2 and DX are pretty crappy in comparison to this, and yet, THIS is the phone that doesn’t deserve the Droid branding. Yeah, right. Neither of them have the hardware to dominate for 1-2 years, the hardware is actually some of the worst. The Charge has a faster CPU and GPU, better screen, better touch panel, physical keys(which you always rave over, but not when Samsung makes a device with them), and a better camera. If this phone had Moto’s name on it, you’d love it. Oh, and it’s ok that the Thunderbolt uses tech from 2010, but not this phone because it’s made by Samsung. The look of the device is subjective, some people really like it, some don’t. And how you are scuffing the device already, I have no idea. I’ve had my Fascinate for months, completely naked, and it’s not scratched or scuffed at all. Maybe you should be less abusive. Plus, plastic keeps it from getting as hot. The fanboy-ism in your reviews and on this site is irritating, and Droid Life has definitely gone down in quality. You make excuses for everything wrong with Moto and HTC phones and nitpick at everything about the Samsung phones. You also didn’t mention the completely open bootloader and the fact that Samsung is the only manufacturer keeping them open. Meanwhile, the DX and D2 still don’t have root and neither does the Incredible S or 2 because they’re so locked down. 

    • Your an idiot your comparing the dx which is almost a year old….when the dx ca,me out there wasn’t dual core etc…this phone has specs of last year….and I’m pretty sure the x has custom roms etc etc….this phone like the thunderbolt is not a gamechanger.I played with the charge too nothing but an average phone and 300 way overpriced

      • Stephen D

        Once again, the irony in calling me an idiot. You used the wrong your. It should be “you’re” since you’re saying you are. Also, learn to punctuate, space, and capitalize. But you are right. This phone is overpriced, and like the Thunderbolt, isn’t a game changer and would be a waste of an upgrade. Verizon is really behind the other carriers. They keep releasing phones with older tech and an LTE radio, then overcharging for them. Whatever, they’re gonna be losing a lot of customers if they keep it up.

  • Anonymous

     I kind of like how it looks. A bit utilitarian (with the buttons and all) but smoother than the Droid X. I still like my Droid X’s unique look though.

  • Anonymous

     I got one and am very impressed with it, I understand you have your opinions but they aren’t everyone’s.  I got it for $249 by the way, discounts rock 🙂
    As for durability, there are things called cases, covers and protectors, they can be found in their native habitat of stores and ebay, and are easily and cheaply obtained.  If you just toss it in your pocket, don’t cry to us about your phone looking crappy.
    Oh, I didn’t know the Droid tag was some sort of elite honor, geez, these are PHONES, stop putting souls and faces on them.

    • Carmen Diva

      lol Verizon is encouraging elitism.

      It’s a Brand. Just like the Evo Line, The Mytouch Series, The G line from Tmobile.
      It’s just something marketing and sadly people take it as to mean that the phone
      with Droid should be and is more than a phone with NON Droid branding.


      • I would consider the Droid line to be Verizon’s version of the Nexus line.

  • Negativerxn

     Don’t tell me that’s Blue Moon…

  • Anonymous

    Anybody win one of these from that charge landing contest via email not long ago?

  • Anonymous

    What bar were you in when you took that picture @kellex:disqus ? Looks a bit like Kel’s? 

  • Gg101

    With this and the Thunderbolt, Verizon is reselling older hardware by throwing in an LTE radio.  It’s pretty disappointing as both HTC and Samsung have some amazing next gen phones on the way or already out.  This means we wont be seeing the Galaxy S II or some version of the HTC Sensation/Evo3D for quite some time on Verizon.  I have an upgrade available now, but I’m really leaning towards letting my contract expire in July and jumping ship to a carrier with better phones. as both HTC and Samsung have some amazing next gen phones on the way or already out.  This means we wont be seeing the Galaxy S II or some version of the HTC Sensation/Evo3D for quite some time on Verizon.  I have an upgrade available now, but I’m really leaning towards letting my contract expire in July and jumping ship to a carrier with better phones.

  • Joe12304

    I agree. This should never of gotten the Droid branding. I thought the whole reason the Thunderbolt didn’t get the Droid branding was because of it’s last gen specs. WTF.

    • Carmen Diva

      Did Verizon ever state that as being the reason it didn’t get Droid Branding or was this something that was speculation among the blog sites?

  • Carmen Diva

    Oops sorry hit post too soon.

    I [email protected]:disqus was a tad overcritical especially with the Android 2.2

    When 2.3 or anything else becomes the standard, I can see that being a Valid Complaint
    but seeing as nearly Every Android phone I hear being released is being released is still
    2.2 I don’t see much to complain about as it seems to be the standard.

    If a phone is coming out with 2.1 or anything below that I can understand that, however.

    • GoodNote

      Good point, Carmen.   It’s not like Android 2.2 is bad or dysfunctional.  Android 2.2 is great. Android 2.2 rocks!  Sure, now Google’s come up with Android 2.3 which is SLIGHTLY better.  But that doesn’t mean a phone with Android 2.2 is faulty!   

      I mean, is that how some of you guys live your lives? You move into a nice house, but the minute you find out the neighbor’s house has a slightly better kitchen, you freak out?  You find a nice girlfriend but the minute you spot a slightly prettier girl, you’re out of love with with the girlfriend?  You only drive the latest model car, god forbid you buy a 2011 Toyota that is missing one or two upgrade features that come with the 2012 Toyota?  

      C’mon, people, get some perspective.  I have the Droid Charge and I like it.  It is, in many respects, a SIGNIFICANT upgrade from the previous Droid phone I was using.  This glass is 80% full, and 20% empty, and that’s not bad. 

      And trust me, people, if you take a deep breath you will find that you can still survive with Android 2.2, and without having an immediate upgrade to Android 2.3  Please find some other problem in the world to freak out about; believe me, there are plenty!

  • Adam

     Traded my Thunderbolt in on a Droid Charge and couldn’t be happier. I could not take all the issues with the Thunderbolt. And I really wanted the TB, but reboots, dropping 3g, horrible battery, and brick-like weight were just too much. 

    • Carmen Diva

      Yeah I love my Droid Charge and I may keep it…even though i am desiring to try out the Xperia Play but this is a definitely good device and the wake time of 3 seconds is not something i have come across….

      Great phone 🙂 

  • Carmen Diva

    Ehh, I was pretty much in agreement till i got to the last part.

    I’m not understanding what qualifies a phone to be “Droid Worthy” in the eyes of Droid-life
    and it’s readers.

    Nor Do I i get why people are still harping on Samsung Support schedule for OS updates? When
    it seems to be the US carriers that are only like this.

    And I believe the UI should be subjective and not a con….I hate Stock Android with an absolute
    passion but i will still buy a device with stock Android as long as I like everything else. That is
    why we have those launcher replacements  that I know tons and tons of people are using if they
    hate the UI

    • Waknatious

       I can honestly say that’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone say they “hate Stock Android with an absolute passion”… wow.

      • Carmen Diva

        it’s boring and nothing interesting or appealing about it 

  • Anonymous

    I’m tired of hearing about people complain about not having Tegra 2 & LTE. I’ve said this countless times here. LTE is incompatible with NVIDIA’S Tegra 2.
    -” They say that the Atrix-alike’s Tegra 2 processor wasn’t playing nice with Verizon’s LTE baseband chips and had overheating issues too, and rather than expend more effort to fix the incompatibilities, Motorola simply gave it the boot.”

    Which explains why Moto began looking into TI’s chipsets for the TARNIC(Targa/Bionic). And why we don’t have both Tegra 2 & LTE in one phone. Normally I just pass over the complaints but they are increasing. So here you are. This is the reason.

  • Anonymous

     droid Charge is not worthy to hold the Droid name. This thing is so slow. My OG Droid blows it out of the water. 

  • Anonymous

     droid Charge is not worthy to hold the Droid name. This thing is so slow. My OG Droid blows it out of the water. 

    • Stephen D

      Um, what? The Hummingbird is the fastest single core Cortex A8 CPU, whereas the OMAP3 is one of the slowest…

      • Anonymous

        Yeah but the touch wiz slows the phone down incredibly. Have you seen the quadrant scores and bench marks? the dog fights against other devices. http://www.phonedog.com  

        • Stephen D

          That’s the file system, not the TouchWiz skin. 

          • Anonymous

            whatever it is it’s SLOW!!!! OH and did I forget OVER PRICED!!!!  OVER PRICED!!!! 

          • Stephen D

            Are you calling it slow based solely on benchmarks? Have you ever actually used one, especially with a third party launcher? The Droid can’t even come close to how smooth it is. Scrolling, pinch zooming, loading apps,etc, are all extremely snappy. And the GPU is unmatched and with it, you can play games and never dip below 60fps. 

          • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Are you getting this phone? If so, that’s cool if you like it’s just not for me. I’m going to wait for dual core cause all the comparisons I see on the web with dual and single core phones, for whatever reason the Dual core always seem to out perform the single cores.  

          • Anonymous

            Also it just looks to much like an Iphone. NOT diggin that…..You know what i mean???? 

        • Cause you know, Quadrant is the epitome of phone performance… It doesn’t have a good Quadrant score, so obviously it sucks. What’s the score you get with your stock OG Droid? of phone performance… It doesn’t have a good Quadrant score, so obviously it sucks. What’s the score you get with your stock OG Droid?

          • Anonymous

            My score is 1350 with CPU at 1GHz and if I lower my CPU speed to 600 it goes lower to about 895 …

          • Anonymous


  •  Great review. I was thinking of this, but I’ll wait for the Panda’s Motorola Nexus 4G.  #ThankfulforTipsters

  •  Great review. I was thinking of this, but I’ll wait for the Panda’s Motorola Nexus 4G.  #ThankfulforTipsters

  • Kevin

    Anyone else get the feeling maybe the Verizon marketing team was like “Ahh, screw it.. Everyone calls them all Droids anyway” and called this one a Droid just because (as was stated above) they didn’t have another 4G phone to slap the tag on?

  • I’m not going to believe any benchmark  using Quadrant. Why don’t you use Smartbench? It’s a little more trustworthy when comparing two different hardware platforms.

  • TheVoiceOfReason

     Awesome review, everything you said is exactly the same way I feel about this phone.  Completely agree with everything you said.

  •  Ugliest phone i’ve ever seen.

  • Guessa

    Touchwiz is worse than motoblur?!?! I tend to disagree… at least touchwiz has some useful additions like the notification bar toggles… and even dual cores can’t stop motoblur from lagging (ever seen real life performance on an Atrix?)

    •  You must be doing it wrong, no lag on mine.

      Must be an At&t thing.

    • Thunderatrix

      yup…i don’t see any advantage of a dual core Motorola phone…very laggy at times, don’t know why people are waiting for the bionic

  • Anuraj Bhatt

    Thanks for the honesty Kellex, that’s why I still come to your site after over a year and a half.

    I hope we get a device that can live up to the Droid moniker soon. And hopefully we gets some leaks on the Bionic/Targa!

    • DroidFan

      You actually mean thanks for your utterly biased review (this review was actually just a compliation of all the quotes that have been floating around the droid-life forums)…And you want to have man love babies with Kellex and Motorola.  Which happens to produce some of the glitchiest phones i’ve ever laid my hands on, all the way from the Razr up to the Droid 2. And yeah, Ive owned  an OG Droid, and a Droid 2 Global, both of which were glitchy, malfunctioning dissapointments (especially the droid 2 with moto blur). So, will I wait for the Motrola Bionic/Targa?  Heck no. Im through with Motorola and all the trumped up shit they produce.  I’m also through with this website.  They should just re-name themselves Motorola-Life and call it a day. 

  • Roogy

    Thanks for the blunt and honest review! The best I have heard about this phone from other sources is the better battery life. I will continue to wait for the future moto droid goodies.

  • Levi Wilcox

    hard to take reviews seriously when they have grammatical errors  ” …but I’m hear to tell you” PROOF

    • Anonymous

       You must be the only one then.  If you care more about the spelling then the content, I’m guessing you weren’t considering it anyway.

  •  To justify the price. You’d have to consider the Micro SD card, and the ‘plus’ screen. I’d have to agree that the Droid branding came due to the fact that the Bionic had to go back to the drawing board. I won the phone in the twitter hunt, so for free, this phone is Badass.

  • (In response to Streetlightman – Not sure why it didn’t show up under his response)

    I’m gonna have to be critical of your criticism:

    1) Many people would rather take on the extra half ounce (or whatever the extra weight is) for a sturdier device that doesn’t scratch so easily. 
    2) Just because no device on Verizon has it means that it’s acceptable. Like Kellex said, GB has been out for quite awhile now. 
    3) This is probably true, but any way you look at it, it’s a hindrance.
    4) To each their own on the look of this device.
    5) This deflates the perceived value of the Droid branding. It’s like Lexus coming out with a car that should have been a Toyota. 
    6) This device isn’t worth the price tag is the point he’s trying to make. Just because you can afford to spend $100 doesn’t mean you’re going to buy a pair of underwear with your $100.

    • Anonymous

       Regarding #5. Toyota owns Lexus. So every Lexus is essentially a Toyota. :]

      • Johnny

         yeah and verizon “owns” Droid. so every droid is a verizon android phone but not every verizon android phone should be a droid. just like not every toyota should be a lexus.

        • Anonymous

           Verizon “leases” Droid from Lucas films LTD. But I agree with the rest of your response. I was being funny.Hence the “:]”

  • Mr.Joe

     Does this sport SVDO?

  • Slow, ugly and overpriced.

    Sound like the miami heat. 

    • Anonymous

      This is the best comment EVER!!!!…. I wish i could “like” a thousand times!!!! DA BULLS!!! 

    • Anonymous

      This is the best comment EVER!!!!…. I wish i could “like” a thousand times!!!! DA BULLS!!! 

    • Anonymous

      HYSTERICAL =D!!!

      Maybe Samsung should combine CHARGE and Heat and call it the Droid CHEAT; since that’s what they’re doing to their customers anyway!

    • Nick

       Agreed.  Go Bulls!

    •  As a Cleveland fan, yes, I love the comment. Go Bulls! Go random player on the Bulls getting it on with LeQuit’s mom!

      • bmay

        Yeah Cleveland!

    • Clgraham86

       Haha nice comment, I agree about the phone though. It seemed cool at first…but I’ve had issues with it holding the Droid Tag the whole time.

      Oh…and Go Mavs!!!

  • CaptainHowdy

    Im just going to say my stock D2 constantly takes more than 5 seconds to come awake…. I keep hearing about DX getting GB soon but D2 seems to be lost in translation?

  • Anonymous

    @Kellex:disqus calling it like it is. Love it. World needs more brutal honesty. +1 my friend. 

  • Amazing review :]

  • Streetlightman

     i’m gonna have to be critical of your “cons”:

    1. plastic casing.  it makes it lighter so you aren’t carrying around a brick.  yea, it’ll scratch.  get a case
    2. android 2.2.  yea, gingerbread has been out for a while but NO verizon device has it yet.  it’ll come eventually
    3. bloatware.  80% of the people who read this blog are probably going to root their device and remove all this crap anyway
    4. look.   shouldn’t be a deal breaker
    5. DROID tag.  who really cares?
    6. price tag.  you shouldn’t complain about the price. its $249 on amazon and other phones normally cost $199.  so it’s $50 more.  it’s an investment.  if you can afford the $30/month for a data plan, you should be able to afford a one time payment of $50 and shouldn’t complain about it.

    • Anonymous

       I would not invest in this phone.

    • Anonymous

      1.  Plastic is fine, Samsung is using CHEAP plastic here.  That’s the difference.
      2. Just like the Fascinate would get Froyo “Soon” after launch?  It’s unacceptable that ANY carriers/manufacturers are still launching devices with Froyo when Gingerbread has been AOSP for over 6 months.
      3.  It’s a bad thing when a carrier makes it so you have to void the warranty to get rid of the crap on the device.  Bloat is a horrible thing and there is NO reason for it (especially at this price point)
      4.  Personal preference.  It’s a dealbreaker for him, your milage may vary.
      5.  Because Droid branded devices (with the exception of the Eris) were current/future gen devices that set the pace, not modified rehashing of old hardware.
      6.  And those same phones that are 199 usually are also cheaper on amazon.  This thing is more expensive than other phones with very few improvements over last years tech.  If this were a 4g version of the Galaxy S2, the price would be justified, but the Galaxy S2 is launching for $199.  There is no Purpose to have the price this high.  It’s not a question of affording it or not.  It’s an issue with the fact that Samsung is trying to make a moneygrab here with last years hardware when the S2 for Verizon is more than likely only a few months away.

      • The Truth Squad

        The S2 on Verizon went away a couple of days ago.  The rep said they don’t need it since they offer this piece of crap.  Verizon has not had a leading phone since the original Droid two years ago.  The Bionic won’t be pone either and I seriously doubt if ther Nexus Prime will come to Verizon.

    • Hamholla

      I’m going to be critical of your response…

      seeing as how this site is pretty much entirely based on the “DROID” tag, I’d say that this not-so-elite phone having the tag is a big deal to most of the people reading this blog. As far as your price argument goes, what’s another 100$ heck another 150$?? It’s the principle of the matter that i believe Kellex is arguing. This phone’s construction, feel, lack of superior hardware/software all contributes to the fact that this phone does not warrant a $300 price tag and the elite-branding of that which is DROID.
      The DROID tagline should be given to only the best Verizon has to offer. Sadly this phone does not fall into that category. 

      • I was thinking the exact same thing… I want a DROID iPhone 4 RIGHT NAO!!!!!!

        You can’t be serious. Go to Verizon. Browse their phones. Tell me this is not the best phone they sell. I will laugh in your face. The only difference between this and a GSII is the dual core processor (which, according to my tech friend, currently does NOTHING as android doesn’t recognize multi-threading) and a little bit of RAM. It is widely known that the GSII is by far the best phone on the market globally. This is like a GS1.8.

        • Thisguy

          The phone looks like crap, runs touchwiz, runs touchwiz over 2.2(!), has that crappy file system, and did I mention that it looks gay!  Even if it was dual core I still wouldn’t want it, there are plenty of phones on verizon I would rather have then this one, and I know I’m not the only person in the world who feels that way.

          Verizon – Where are the REAL 2011 android phones?!?

          I am still dreaming about a Verizon Nexus! 

          • All of the “cons” you listed are fixable by software, compared to the other phones you’d “rather have” which have hardware cons that can’t be fixed. And the shape of this phone is perfectly fine in my opinion, even more fine when you see the sAMOLED+ screen on this, it blows your LCD screen out of the water, throws it back in and drowns it.

          • Bob

            Every “Droid” Motorola I’ve looked at, IMO, is hideous- square and cheap looking. The Droid Charge, IMO, looks wayyy better then any of them.

        • Anonymous

          No, this is the samsung fascinate 2.   

        • Anonymous

          No, this is the samsung fascinate 2.   

      • Mr.Joe

        “seeing as how this site is pretty much entirely based on the “DROID” tag”

        Uh no.  This is FAR from the truth.  Wasn’t it last week we had an article about a Samsung AT&T phone? 

        • 2Ceedz

           GEEZ…. DROID-LIFE… not ANDROID-LIFE.. true, this site has been lacking in Droid info… but when was the last ‘real’ DROID launched?  This site kicks butt, but all you people who believe that any android phone is a droid, or that this site isnt dedicated to DROIDS just shows ignorance on the whole ‘DROID’ subject..

          Now i am a DROID fanboy, but Kellex keeps us informed of all the best VZW phones & devices…. IE: Thunderbolt & Xoom…. just because this site isnt 100% about DROIDS (how can it be… until the Charge, what was the last ‘real’ droid???!!!) its the best for the Big Red customers, as we can see the best that there is for them to offer.

          I really love how you bring up 1 article out of the hundreds, if not thousands of posts here.  Please, read and learn, then maybe you can post something informative.  (If i recall, he even stated that article was a 1 in a million thing).

          Go troll somewhere else please, all these ignorant (not stupid), uninformed posts are killing me.

          Kellex, your the man, keep it up!!

      • Booboolala2000

        My Reply to you is DROID Eris!!! Lol. Had one and reuturned for a real OG Droid. I feel that the Droid Tag now applies to phones that have more chargers and docks and such. Not specs. Look at the non LTE Droid 3, DX2. DROID was a trademark started by VZW to get people to not leave their network and go to AT&T for the iShit. They needed attention. Little did they know that at the same time they were breeding hyper-sensitive consumer base for the Android OS. This is a great phone and to me the screen and the battery life are pros enough to give it the Droid branding. My question is why didn’t the TBolt get it? I have both and the TBolt feels more Droidy, but the Sammy shines where the TBolt don’t.

    • Thisguy

      your an idiot 

      • Stephen D

        The irony… It should be “you’re” an idiot, not your, since you’re saying you are an idiot 😉 

        • Thisguy

          you’re an idiot

    • MikeP

       1.  So, they make it lighter by using plastic, and I’m supposed to then put a case on it to protected the cheap plastic…..which adds weight *and* bulk?  Great logic.

      2.  Fair enough.  All manufacturers suffer from this, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still compalin about it.

      3.  We don’t even know if this phone is rootable, so we aren’t sure if we can take off the bloatware or not.  The fact is that they shouldn’t be stuffing more and more on the phone.

      4.  Fair enough.  Personal preference.  Some care more about the look, and others less.

      5.  This blog is based on the Droid tag.  Of course it cares.

      6. The phone is in a competitive market.  Price matters no matter what.  It costs 25% more than the $199 phones without much of a competitive edge.  I don’t typically pay a 25% extra fee on an “investment” for no good reason.  I prefer good returns on my “investments”.

      • If by 25%, you mean 50%, then you’re correct.

        I hope you don’t actually “invest” with those kinds of math skillz.

    • Don

      Streetlightman, your response to the author’s CONS is well put.  I wonder how many posting comments here actually own this phone.  Well I DO!  And I have to disagree with a lot of the author’s jabs.  Is the phone absolutely perfect perfect perfect? Of course not, no device is.Contrary to the review, the physical home keys ARE NOT over-sized and I actually prefer them to the capacitive touch on most other phones.  Touchwiz is not so bad. YES! Get a case, and by adding the optional sleeve case sold in the Verizon stores you get a pop-out in the back to give it a kick stand and a belt clip.Granted, almost everyone will find something to complain about, but if you cruise the net for reviews on this phone BY ACTUAL OWNERS, you’ll see the positive reviews outnumber the negatives by about 20 to 1.

      • Gerry

        I agree with all the positive comments thusfar. I own the phone, and while I agree the plastic case feels more like a SKIN than a case quality it is indeed in your best interest to get the sleeve case package. Verizon sells it in a kit with the beltpack and charger for $50. I tend to clip it on my belt and when sitting the phone can tend to come off the belt or pant material. I got in the habit of having the phone INSIDE the pants pocket versus outside if I am working. Regardless of phone performance, who wants to drop an expensive phone like this anyway??   I use the phone as a “substitute” for a tablet or laptop when showing photos and video for my wedding videography business. The AMOLED screen blows all current LCD displays away. The phone is bigger, yes, the buttons are JUST the right size for men with real size fingers not teenage girl fingers!!   I mainly use it as a phone, and have no qualms about its quality there. The interface for customizing is WAYY too limited as far as individual ringtones per caller.
        The supplied wallpaper and themes suck !!!  As for tech specs, yes its a single processor but currently dual cores aren’t supported by the O.S. so by the time they ARE, your phone will likely be out of date anyway. I also don’t like the 32 gig max storage capacity. They make 64 gig SD cards, but the specs don’t say whether the phone will recognize this card size. It seems that it’s all about marketing these days. APPS are selling the phone, O.S.’s are selling the phone, shouldn’t the phone be sold on its OWN merits?? It is like buying a Ferrari for the stereo and paint job !!  Verizon bloat is very unfair, and shouldn’t force you to root your phone and void the warranty from day 1 !!! No phone is safe from that, so you can’t fault the Charge.  Price was a little steep, but for the features, it is a bit easier to tolerate.
        My biggest complaint was battery time. I’ve used every power saving option provided by the OS and Verizon, and it will last 12 hours at best with making phone calls and some net surfing or video playing.
        When I bought the phone the larger capacity battery was on back order. I’m still waiting for it as of this writing.

    • roseylisa

      Also What about the memory card a 32GB they are 150. I paid 66. on line so their takes away your $100. or saves you $50.! through verizion and most phones only come with an 8gb card.that you can get for less than $10. bucks!

  • Trooper

    Nice review bro.  Bring on the Bionic!

  • Anonymous

     Thats a low benchmark!!!

  • Whitl103

     Ugh, I’m tired of vomiting in my mouth every time I look at the design of this Autobot.

    • Whitl103

      Aahhhh, fit the puzzle to unlock is sooo stupid!!  I have to go to lunch.  Maybe I’ll swing by Verizon and look at the Inc2 or Tbolt for a while to cool off. 

      • you can change the lock screen to a different setting where you just swipe the screen to unlock it. the lock screen is actually useful in that if you miss a call or text those additional puzzle pieces pop up. you then touch and drag either of the puzzle pieces and it takes you to your missed call or message. kinda nice. Things I like about Touch Wiz and Sense. But vanilla is the best and there aren’t any vanilla LTE options on VZW. Maybe next year we will get some sort of nexus. NOT! At least this should be less work to hack than my TBolt. Time will tell.

  • Anonymous

     Got one and LOVE it…That is all…

  •  Kellex, I’d like to thank you for writing a review that’s honest about this phone. My own review (I’m over at AndroidPolice) mimics your sentiments (admittedly, that’s probably why I like it).

    This phone is a marketing gimmick with a shiny plastic frame, a nice display, and teases you by offering access to Verizon’s 4G network (which is awesome, no doubt). At $300, it’s pure insanity. And yeah, it’s definitely not deserving of the DROID moniker.

    • Anonymous

      Reading yours now…and yep, we do feel quite the same, hah.  I think it really boils down to that $300 price tag. There is no other device on any carrier in the country with a $300 on-contract phone, yet many of them have dual-cores, 3D, and aren’t made of pure plastic.

      • Kevin

         Kellex/David. This phone, in my personal opinion, should be $149 on contract… TOPS. Even $199 is pushing it given the plasticy construction, year-old OS and overall weird look.

        • So the Thunderbolt should be what then based on that rational? Bad battery life, year old OS, poor screen, and like carrying a brick. Maybe $100 for it then?

          • Keithsmnr


          • Kevin

             Or even the same price as the Charge given the better construction, better Android skin and better chance of ever actually getting an OS udpate.

    • hkklife

      All of the first crop (ie the first-gen) of LTE phones are junk in one way or the other.  My advice? Stick with what you have not or get the DX2 when it comes out.  In 6-12 months’ time we should see some much better hardware sporting LTE. 

      • fillyo

        Count your coins and save.. in the meantime, I am enjoying my Thunderbolt, and with BAMF 1.6.3, battery life is much improved, the OS is fast as hell, and 4g is great.  

  •  LTE is not last years tech! 

    •  But Android 2.2 is. 

    • PyroHoltz

      If you polish a turd, it’s still going to be a turd.

      I haven’t played with the phone yet, but just because you toss in an LTE radio doesn’t make it cutting edge. Too many things about this phone scream…been there done that.

      Give me GB, dual core, at least 768MB of RAM, HDMI mirroring, a FF camera AND LTE…then I’ll bite. Just getting LTE on last year’s tech isn’t sufficient for current DROID owners. With many of us OG DROID users looking for the next thing, Big Red should have considered how much of a flop the Charge would have been to us.

  • Anonymous

     “I’m going to be perfectly honest and blunt here – this phone has no business having the “DROID” tag next to it.”

    I’ve been saying that all along. 

    Do I get a cookie?

    • Ace87


    • Anonymous

       two cookies

    • 100 cookies! 😛