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DROID Incredible 2 Showcase App Hits Market

A new showcase app for the DROID Incredible 2 showed up last night and is usually a pretty good sign that the device will be here any day.  Actually, we already know that the current scheduled release date is April 28th, but as you all also know, we like to check things off the list as those dates approach – this being one of them.  This is similar to the showcase app we saw for the Thunderbolt, and includes mostly Tbolt videos, but it confirms the specs we posted for you over the weekend.

I wouldn’t recommend downloading this, as it doesn’t do much for you and makes your GPS constantly run in the background.  Just know that we’re getting closer.

Download Link

Cheers @jsprake1!

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  • Mr.Joe

    People need to stop bitching about the design. For what this app does (which I still don’t understand) it’s fine. I mean all the app does is tells you what the Inc 2 does.

    It’s a glorified pamphlet. The design is fine. Get off your high horses, I’m sure none of you could design it any better.

  • Whoever designed that app needs to be fired and shot. Whoever approved the design of that app also needs to be fired and shot. Twice.

  • i wish people would stop bashing this phone so much. it basically has all of the internals of the thunderbolt without 4G so your battery will last much much longer. and not all of us live in a 4G coverage area and not all of us want a big bulky beast of a phone. so for $50 less you get all the t bolt has w better battery life( which everyone in the world complains about) and a much better design id say

    • Anonymous

      But will your area have 4G in the next year or so?
      While I can see reasons not to buy 4G but unless you’re going month-to-month, a 2 year contract can be an eternity.

      • it may and ive seen the speed of 4G its pretty ridiculous but i know in my situation im happy with 3G its fast enough, the trade off for me is battery life. it will be interesting to see how the inc2 holds up

  • TheVerizonGuy

    Note that this is an app we use in the store on our demo devices to showcase the phone. It is NOT intended for consumer use.

  • Marty B

    It this a 4G Phone

  • Quite incredible the number of cell phone elite-ists. Tech is out-dated the moment it is mentioned now. Enjoy using your LTE phone that gets about 2 hours of battery life and waiting for the next year to two years for the Bionic…haha! I’m getting this phone because they probably improved from the original, and that is NOT a bad thing.

  • Anonymous

    Now if only I could care.

    “The Droid Incredible 2…with specs that aren’t much better than the Droid Incredible 1! COMING SOON!”

    • tjhrulz

      Its the nexus two all over again

  • Anonymous

    I can already feel my productivity chart tracking up and I didn’t even have to click on it. Hell, I wont even own an Inc2, that’s just how awesome it is…

  • Bear

    Does the Incredible 2 have a FM radio?

    • Anonymous

      The Inc 1 does, so one might assume????? LOL

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  • EC8CH

    VZ to announce an update is rolling out to Droid Incredible owners with this app preinstalled as an “enhancement” in 3… 2… 1…

  • og droid

    Nothing to see here, move along…..

  • That is the UGLIEST App I have ever seen. :

    • Anonymous


  • DroidzFX

    Download first